Is it true that all membership levels receive unlimited CE credits?
Yes, as long as you are a member in good standing, you will not have to pay for your CE credits via the AACN Online CE Center.
I have mailed in many of my CE applications in previous months, and do not see these on my transcript list? How come?
AACN has been able to export all of your ONLINE CE activities to your transcript dating back to January 2005. You must use the manual CE entry function (click on Add Contact Hours on the transcript screen) to enter any CEs that you sent via mail to AACN, or acquired from another conference or CE provider. Every CE activity that you complete in the new AACN Online CE Center will appear automatically on your transcript record.
I recently attended your NTI annual conference. How do I enter my CE credits to my transcript?
For now, we invite you to manually enter your NTI CE credits into your transcript. In the future, date undetermined, AACN will be able to automatically upload your NTI CE credits for you. Once this process is developed, the CE web site home page will announce this automated feature. You will not be able to retrieve CE Certificates for these NTI credits via the Online CE Center, but can request a duplicate if needed by phoning AACN Customer Care at 1-800-899-2226.
I am a member and did purchase a CE passport a few months before you opened the new CE center and offered members unlimited CE credits. Can I receive a refund on the unused portion of my CE passport?
Yes, you may contact AACN Customer Care at 1-800-899-2226 and either apply your remaining credit balance to extend your membership or receive a refund. Refunds will take up to 12 weeks to process so we do appreciate your patience.
If I am having trouble with the new CE center, whom do I contact for assistance?
Contact AACN Customer Care at 1-800-899-2226 or e-mail education@aacn.org.
I really like the transcript feature, but I can only see my last year of activities. I know there are more on there, so how do I find the entire list?
The CE transcript feature is new to the CE Online Center and has a search/sort function to tailor the transcript list to your specific needs. The default view for all transcripts is to show the current year of activity. However, using the sort/search function at the top of the transcript list, you can view your entire transcript history using the date sort feature. You may also sort your transcript by provider, and by CERP category.
My CE certificate shows some of my personal information in small case letters, such as the first letter of my last name and my city. How do I correct this?
Your CE certificate will display your name, address, city, state and zip code EXACTLY as you have entered them into the CE system at checkout (if you are an existing customer or member, this is not an issue). Be sure when you are completing the checkout form after purchasing a CE test, Passport or Membership, that you use capital letters where appropriate for your name, address, etc. This information is exactly what will appear on your subsequent CE certificate.
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