12 Lead EKG Boot Camp Series: Using Case Studies to Interpret Ischemia, Injury and Infarction
Theresa Sheehan, Tamera Gray
12 Lead EKG Boot Camp Series: Using Case Studies to Interpret Ischemia, Injury and Infarction : View Presentation
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Learning Objectives

At the completion of this program, you will be able to:
  • Compare and contrast the difference between a Q wave and non-Q wave MI and the EKG changes associated with ischemia, injury, and infarction.
  • Identify other causes of abnormal EKG’s, recognize STEMI Imposter’s and design a plan of care based on the implications associated with the EKG changes.
  • Identify the leads that reflect the anterior, inferior, lateral, and posterior surface of the heart and be able to describe what a normal 12 Lead EKG looks like.

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Critical care nurses provide care to patients who are critically ill with cardiac issues and problems requiring 12-lead electrocardiographic (ECG) monitoring and interpretation. Critical care nurses need to learn how to identify ischemia, injury, and infarction in the 12-lead ECG of their patients and be able to apply the correct treatment for these changes. The first 12-lead ECG series teaches the critical care nurses the different types of myocardial infarction (MI) using case studies in the critical care settings. The goal of this session is to increase the knowledge and competence of critical care nurses in 12-lead ECG interpretations and application. This session is for beginning critical care nurses who want to learn how to read 12-lead ECGs. The most important prerequisite skill for

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Funded in part by a grant from GE Healthcare
This webcast was captured at the 2011 NTI held in Chicago, IL

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