UltraScope Stethoscopes
 Booth Number:   1488

UltraScope Stethescopes were invented in 1987 by an Emergency Room Nurse to eliminate or reduce Ambient Noise...does that sound familiar? Please stop by our booth and listen to one our our stethscopes and hear for yourself the GREAT ACOUSTICS even in a noisy environment. We have over 100 designs to choose from that will make your stethesope unique. Everyone will know it is yours, and it certainly is less likely to walk away with someone else! Our LIFETIME Warranty is the simply the best in the market. Free lifetime replacement of all parts...no questions asked. Free replacement of tubing, eartips, diagphram, even your scope head if needed. The shatter proof scope design ensures it will last a lifetime! Come see our SHOW SPECIALS in booth 1488 and get your scope today!


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