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Below is a list of selected posters and presenters. Posters were selected from one of three categories in which they could enter: Chapter, Evidence-Based or Research Poster.

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CP130 - Mentoring with Confidence: Collaboration Helped to Breathe New Life into a Dormant Chapter!Yancy K Bolles-Clarkson, RN,CCRNChapter
CP132 - Saving the Planet and Staying Financially Solvent: The Mountain to Sound Chapter goes GreenDiana L Lodzinski, RN,BS,CCRNChapter
CP129 - Meeting our Members Needs: Quality and Affordable EducationMary Jo Kelly, RN,MN,CCNS, ACNS-BC,CCRNChapter
CP131 - Opportunities for Improvement: Solving Chapter Membership Opportunities with ConfidenceTeresa Hembree, RN,BSN,CCRNChapter
CP128 - Finding the "Lost Chapter" of AACN: Renewing and Revitalizing with ConfidenceDr M Cecilia WendlerChapter
CP127 - Collaboration: Providing an Avenue to Practice with Confidence through EducationKelly W Tanner, RN,BSN,CCRNChapter
CP126 - AACN Piedmont Chapter Initiative for Promoting Healthy Work EnvironmentsTina M Deatherage, RN, DNP,CCRN,CCNS, CNRN, NEA-BCChapter
CS84 - Improving Infection Control Practices of Nurses on a Telemetry UnitAllison K Perkins, RN,MSN, ACNS-BCCreative Solutions
CS82 - Hospital Nursing Staff Acting as Adjunct Clinical Instructors and the Impact on Nurse Vacancy RatesKatherine H Miller, RN,MN,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS99 - Nosocomial Infections? Get a CAT (Clinical Action Team)!Pamela A. Madrid, RN,CNS,MS,CCRN,CCNSCreative Solutions
CS95 - Mission Impossible? Decreasing Acquisition Rates of MDRO's in the SICUSharon P Dickinson, RN,MSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS81 - Herding CATs: A Nurse Managers Dream to Increase Quality of CareLouise Mary Jacobs, RN,MS,CNML,NEA-BCCreative Solutions
CS105 - Pressure Ulcer Prevention in High-Risk Post-Operative Cardiovascular Surgery PatientsJennifer L Drumm, MSN, RNCreative Solutions
CS107 - Rinsing Away Ventilator Days with a Peridex Protocol in an Abdominal Transplant ICUDeanna Mccaffery, RN,MSN,CCTNCreative Solutions
CS73 - Eating our Young is Over: Graduate Nurse Addition in a Large Tertiary Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Using a Team ApproachJena J. Sheeler, MSN,CCRN,CCNS,APRN-BCCreative Solutions
CS85 - Improving Patient Safety Outcomes through Increased Compliance with Patient IdentificationShelley A Knowlson, RN,msn,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS60 - Assuming Command: Using Simulation Training to Develop Leadership Skills for Resuscitation and Critical Care TransportWilliam M Hallinan, RN,MS,EMTPCreative Solutions
CS65 - Clinical Nurses Finding Evidence for Practice: Reducing Catheter Associated Urinary Tract InfectionsSusan M ReilingCreative Solutions
CS114 - The Impact of Evidenced-Based Practices in Reducing Catheter-Related Blood Stream Infections in a Pediatric CTICUNida Oriza, RNCreative Solutions
CS106 - Rapid Rescuers: Sepsis SurvivorsPatricia A McCabe, RN,MSNCreative Solutions
CS54 - A Quality Approach to Glycemic ControlCharles C Reed, PhD, RN, CNRNCreative Solutions
CS96 - My Back’s Hurt, Not My Brain! Making The Most of Light-Duty Critical Care NursesBeth LaVelle, PhD, RN-BC, CEN, CPPSCreative Solutions
CS108 - Strategies for Improving Daily Interrruption of Sedation by Nurses in the MICUMary K Hardy, RN,MA,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS62 - CCRN Program InterventionsMaria Dee Ginger-Wiley, RN,ADN,CCRN,TNCCCreative Solutions
CS119 - The Use of High-fidelity Simulation to Train an Inter-disciplinary Rapid Response TeamTimothy M. CarriganCreative Solutions
CS71 - Developing a Post-operative Pain Management Guideline for the Surgical NeonateMichelle A LaBrecque, RN,CNS,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS110 - Taking Orientation from Simulation to RealityJanice L Davis, RN,BSNCreative Solutions
CS103 - Preceptor Power-UpKarlyn E Pierson, RN,BSNCreative Solutions
CS75 - Evidence-based Enteral Nutrition Guidelines in the PICUHeather E SkillmanCreative Solutions
CS124 - You are What you Eat from your Head To your Feet-Translating Nutritional Therapy Evidence Into PracticeConstance A. Rickelmann, RN,BS,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS104 - Preserving Cognition in the Critically Ill: Our Educational Path to Improving OutcomeAlicia B Harner, RN,CCRN, PCRNCreative Solutions
CS89 - It's All About Me: A Patient-focused Communication ProjectCynthia D Rizzo, RN,BSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS51 - A Beacon Unit Provides an Environment where Critical Care Nurses Can Offer Palliative Care with ConfidenceVeronica A Clark, RN,BSNCreative Solutions
CS87 - Induced Hypothermia: Instituting Outreach Education to Feeder Hospitals & Transport TeamsCindy L Martin-Salinas, RN, BSN, CCRN-CSCCreative Solutions
CS70 - Creating Excellence in Palliative and End-of-Life CarePatrick R Shane, BSN, RN, CCRNCreative Solutions
CS52 - A Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Ambulator Reduces Length of Stay (LOS) and RecidivismMichele Zucconi, RN,MSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS97 - New Preceptor Selection: An Enhanced Process to Improve Orientee SuccessDonna L Davis, RN,BSNCreative Solutions
CS102 - Pediatric Emergency Team Training Using Multi-Dimensional SimulationMichael Nickerson, DNP, APRN, FNP-BCCreative Solutions
CS78 - Extending the Benefits of Interdisciplinary ICU Rounds to NightshiftMichele Zucconi, RN,MSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS80 - CSI: Challenges in Sharing Information in a Small Community Hospital ICUMartha C Gooding, RN,BS,CCRN,CRNCreative Solutions
CS57 - An Evidence-Based Study on the Minimum Volume of Blood Wastage from Arterial LinesWanda Rodriguez, RN,MA,CCRN,CPANCreative Solutions
CS67 - Community Wide Critical Care Training: Educating Beyond the Basics Using SimulationKelly L Rossler, Ph.D, RN, CHSECreative Solutions
CS94 - Mentoring beyond Structured Orientation: Simulation-Based Education to Enhance Critical Thinking SkillsJody Lynn Faldet, RN,BSNCreative Solutions
CS101 - Paving the Way to Staffing Success: Developing a PACU Internship ProgramBeth Pam CarrionCreative Solutions
CS93 - LISTEN to What I Say; So I Can SEE What I Need: Visual Aids Make the DifferenceLinda H LaTour, RNCreative Solutions
CS117 - The Medical Assessment and Treatment Unit: Providing Timely Care for General Medical and Critical Care PatientsMary Lu Daly, RN,MSN,CCRN,NPCreative Solutions
CS76 - Evidence-based Practice Project on Sedation in the Mechanically Ventilated Adult Patient in the Critical Care UnitJill M Montague, MSN,RNCreative Solutions
CS77 - Evidence-based Practice: Hyperosmolar Therapy in Neurocritical CareMarianne Hujcs, RN,MSN,CCNSCreative Solutions
CS92 - Kick the Fluff - Let’s Standardize: A Standardized Approach to Pediatric Parenteral Medication DeliveryTess M Idea, RNCreative Solutions
CS113 - The Development of an Evidence-Based Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Protocol in the Perioperative SettingDeborah K Clark, RN,MS,CPANCreative Solutions
CS111 - Terrific Tuesday: Building Confidence and Improving Outcomes through a Staff Driven Education ProgramJean E Bollinger, MSN, RN, ACCNS-AG, CCRN-CSCCreative Solutions
CS74 - Enhancing Knowledge of Evidence-based Practice & Integration into Nursing Practice through Use of EBP Workout SessionsSherri C Goldsmith, MSN,MBA/HC,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS79 - Fostering Success: The Facilitation of Learning and Understanding of Critical Care StaffValeria A. Pelly, RN,BSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS64 - Clinical Nurse Champions Improve Patient Outcome: Sustaining Catheter-Related BSI Reduction in Neurocritical CareMarianne Hujcs, RN,MSN,CCNSCreative Solutions
CS120 - There's a Kind of Hush.......Quiet Time in the MICUParvaneh Mostaghimi, RN,BSNCreative Solutions
CS118 - The Sound of Music: Integrating Arts & Humanities in a Progressive Care UnitStephanie A Niemchak, RN,BSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS90 - Jack's Crown and Jill's Hip: A Falls Algorithm to Optimize Best Practices and ResourcesDiane U Smith, MS, RN, AHN-BC, HTCPCreative Solutions
CS123 - Txt 2 Staff: A Beacon Unit Uses Simple Innovation for Staffing EffectivenessMaria F Scheutzow, RN,BSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS86 - Induced Hypothermia Post-Cardiac Arrest: Finding a Non-invasive Solution, Developing the Protocol and Tracking SuccessMichelle E Deckard, RN,BS,CCRN-CMCCreative Solutions
CS100 - Patient Transfer Hall PassPenny S Huddleston, PHD, RN,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS61 - Beyond the Basics of Training: Development of a Pediatric Cardiac Mentoring ProgramPatricia Jean Dillon, RN,BSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS69 - Creating a Culture Change: Tight Glucose Control in a Trauma/Neuro Intensive Care UnitSusan O'Neill, RN,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS112 - The Change Calendar: Enhancing Patient Safety amidst an Avalanche of ChangeBeth LaVelle, PhD, RN-BC, CEN, CPPSCreative Solutions
CS91 - Joining Forces, ICU and Acute Care Nurses Avert Disaster through Early Sepsis Recognition and TreatmentTisha Norman, RN,BSNCreative Solutions
CS63 - Charge Nurse Alerts: A Tool for the New Critical Care Nurse to Enhance Communication, Performance and SafetyLawrence G Healey, RN,BSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS59 - Are you Smarter than 5 CCRNs? Journey to CertificationAkiko Kubo, BSN, RN, CCRNCreative Solutions
CS109 - Surviving Sepsis League! Tackling the Sepsis Bundle on the MICU GridironAkiko Kubo, BSN, RN, CCRNCreative Solutions
CS121 - Three’s Company in New Graduate OrientationMegan P O'Connor, DNP, RN, NE-BCCreative Solutions
CS83 - Impact of a Dedicated IV TeamJulia M Wagner, RN,MSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS72 - Do your Best Quietly!Ariam Gebrehiwot, RN,MSCreative Solutions
CS58 - An Innovative Staffing Resource for Unpredictable Census and Acuity Fluctuations in Critical CareKaryl J Davenport, RN,MSNCreative Solutions
CS116 - The Link to Relevant Research: The Research Collaborative Practice Model and the Critical Care CNSFiona A Winterbottom, DNP, MSN,APRN,ACNS-BC,CCRNCreative Solutions
CS53 - A Nursing Intervention Database: An eICU Outcome ToolJoseph F DiMartino, RN,MSN,NE-BCCreative Solutions
CS68 - Confidence in Certification: Growing a Pediatric CCRN CultureHeather Maude, RN, BSN, CCRN, CNMLCreative Solutions
CS66 - Code Blue U: An Interactive Multimedia Teaching ToolChristina Canfield, MSN,ACNS-BC, CCRNCreative Solutions
CS122 - Time is Brain - Rapid Response Team for Acute In-Hospital StrokesMary K Hewett, RN,MSCreative Solutions
CS55 - A Team Approach to the Compassionate Withdrawal of Life Support on a Terminally Ill PatientLindsey L Robertson, RN,BSNCreative Solutions
CS98 - No Nurse Left Behind: Sharing The Lessons Learned after 4 Years of the Surviving Sepsis CampaignKirsten R Springer, BSN,CCRN, CNRN, SCRNCreative Solutions
CS115 - The Importance and Implications of Understanding Blood Glucose VariabilityCharles C Reed, PhD, RN, CNRNCreative Solutions
CS88 - Integrating Nursing Evidence-based Practice and Information TechnologyEloise V Catrett, RN,MSNCreative Solutions
Creative Solutions Poster PresentationsAmerican Assoc of Critical-Care NursesCreative Solutions
RES7 - Chest Radiographs Post Chest Tube Removal in ChildrenCathy S Woodward, DNP, RN, PNP-ACResearch
RES31 - Nurse Certification, Education, and Experience Improve Sedation ManagementMr DaiWai M OlsonResearch
RES50 - Working in an eICU Unit: Life in the BoxTrudi B Stafford, RN,PhDResearch
RES24 - Impact of critical risk factors on PTSD symptoms & salivary cortisol in PICU hospitalized children – A pilot studyRhonda M. Board, PhD, RN, CCRNResearch
RES10 - Describing Saline Lock Usage Patterns of Patients Admitted to a Telemetry Unit: A Retrospective StudySteven George Szablewski, MSN, CRNP, AGPCNP-BCResearch
RES5 - Central Venous Oxygen Saturation Levels in Patients with Severe Sepsis and Septic ShockSusan Pambianco, RN, MN, ARNPResearch
RES11 - Diffusion of Innovation for Documenting Asthma Severity Scores at Triage in a Pediatric Emergency DepartmentLisa Jackson, RN,BSN,MBAResearch
RES49 - Use of the Bispectral Index Monitor (BIS) when Extubating Cardiac Surgery PatientsLinda L Henry, RN,PhDResearch
RES41 - ST-Map ECG Software Improves Nurses’ Use of and Attitude toward Ischemia Monitoring and the Quality of Patient CareMarjorie Funk, RN,MSN,PhD,FAAN,FAHAResearch
RES32 - Oral Care Practices Survey for the Orally Intubated Adult Critically Ill PatientLaura L Feider, RN,CNS,MN,PhDResearch
RES37 - Reducing Indwelling Urinary Catheter Device Days and Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections in a MICUKathryn K McAndrews, APNResearch
RES43 - Survey Says: Nursing Values and Behaviors with End-Of-Life care in the ICUMeg Zomorodi, RN,PhDResearch
RES39 - Spontaneous Variability in Functional Hemodynamic Indices: Enhancing Interpretation of Hemodynamic ChangesSusan Pambianco, RN, MN, ARNPResearch
RES42 - SUGAR: Assessing the SUitability of Capillary Blood Glucose Analysis in Patients Receiving VasopressorsMyra F Ellis, MSN,RN, CCRN-CSCResearch
RES6 - Characteristics of Patient Readmitted to the Coronary ICU (CICU)Deborah G. Klein, MSN,RN,ACNS-BC,CCRN,CHFN,FAHAResearch
RES40 - Standardizing Oral Care Practice within Intensive Care Unit’s in Academic Teaching CenterCharles C Reed, PhD, RN, CNRNResearch
RES4 - Are Patients in the Medical-Surgical Intensive Care Unit Delirious? A Point Prevalence StudyOrla Marie Smith, RN, BScN, MN, PhD, CNCCResearch
RES8 - Decreasing Sepsis Mortality Rates With an Early Detection Computerized Auto-alert SystemDarlene D Baker, RN, MnSc, EdD, Alumnus CCRNResearch
RES2 - Accuracy and Precision of Buccal Pulse OximetryMarla J De Jong, RN,PhD,CCNS,ColonelResearch
RES36 - Radiographic Verification of Bedside Feeding Tube Placement Using an Electromagnetic Guided Placement DeviceJanice M Powers, PhD,RN,CCRN,CCNS,CNRN,FCCMResearch
RES23 - Impact of Antimicrobial Products (AMD) on the Infection Rate (HA SSI) in the CV Surgery PopulationKim Bernhardt-Tindal, APRN,MSN,CCNS,CCRNResearch
RES33 - Pain Assessment Tool in the Non-Verbal Critically Ill CPACU PatientMs Liza M MarmoResearch
RES29 - Multicenter Study Of Bacteria On Reused Clean ECG Leadwires: Are Monitored Patients At Risk For Nosocomial Infections?Nancy M Albert, PhD,CCRN,CCNS,CHFN,NE-BCResearch
RES46 - The Impact of a Comprehensive Oral Hygiene Program (COHP) on the Development of Ventilator Associated PneumoniaErin Sarsfield, MSN,RNResearch
RES20 - Examination of the Diaphragm Following the Infusion of Different Fluid Resuscitation Therapies Post-Hemorrhagic ShockDr Janet D PierceResearch
RES35 - Quease Ease© Aromatherapy for Treatment of PONVSheila Rhyne Reagan, RN,BSN,NE-BCResearch
RES14 - Effective & Efficient Glucose Management in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).Jennifer A Myers, BSN,RNResearch
RES38 - Secondary Traumatic Stress, Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Compassion Satisfaction in Trauma NursesMary A Murray, RN,BSNResearch
RES3 - An Exploratory, descriptive pilot study to examine the quality of hand-offs reports using the ISBAR technique.Wendy E Savarese, RN,MSN,NEA-BCResearch
RES19 - Evaluation of a standardized order set for planned withdrawal of life support in critical careFiona A Winterbottom, DNP, MSN,APRN,ACNS-BC,CCRNResearch
RES16 - Effectiveness of Bundle Implementation and Staff Education in Reducing Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) in the PICUHeidi D Haskins, RN,CCRNResearch
RES44 - Temporal artery scanning falls short as a secondary, noninvasive thermometry method for trauma patientsKathleen A. Marable, RN,BN,BS,CCRN,CRNResearch
RES9 - Delirium Assessment in SICUDiane P Pagano, RN,MSN,CCRNResearch
RES17 - Effects of a Rapid Reponse Team on Antecedents to Patient Deterioration : A Descriptive Study.Mary Jo Kelly, RN,MN,CCNS, ACNS-BC,CCRNResearch
RES48 - Universal Violence Precautions to Manage Violence from Patients and VisitorsGordon L Gillespie, II RN,PhD,CCRN,CEN,APRN-BCResearch
RES45 - The Beach Chair Position in the Intensive Care Unit: An Evaluation of OutcomesKelly Anne Lee, MSN, MBA, RN, CCRNResearch
RES30 - No Patient Left Behind: Universal Screening for Palliative Care Needs in an Integrated Health SystemMary P Hicks, APRN,MSN,CCRN,ANPResearch
RES27 - Interrater reliability of Japanese version of Richmond Agitation - Sedation Scale in various ICU patientsTakeshi Unoki, RN, PhDResearch
RES1 - A Comparison of Computer and Traditional Face-to-Face Classroom Orientation for Beginning Critical Care NursesPatricia A Anzalone, PhD, RNResearch
RES26 - Impact of the Use of Battery-Operated Toothbrushes for Intubated Patients on the Ease and Frequency of Oral CareNancy E. Brames, RN,CNSResearch
RES13 - Earplugs Improve the Subjective Experience of Sleep for Citical Care PatientsCarrie J ScottoResearch
RES15 - Effective Pain Management Promotes Positive Patient OutcomesRachael Rivera, RN,BSN,BA,CCRN,TNCCResearch
RES47 - Tight Glycemic Control: The effectiveness of a computerized insulin dose calculator.Cheryl Dumont, RN,PhDResearch
RES18 - Endotracheal Tube Cuff Pressure: Changes Associated with Activity and over TimeDr Mary Lou SoleResearch
RES12 - Early, Single Chlorhexidine Application to Reduce Oral Flora and VAP in Trauma VictimsMary Jo Grap, PhD,RN,FAANResearch
RES25 - Impact of Myocardial Injury in Patients after Subarachnoid HemorrhageJoyce Miketic, BSN,MBAResearch
RES28 - Little Kids + Little Bugs = Big Problems Eliminating CA-BSI in Pediatric Critical CareRebecca N Ellis, RN,BSN,CCRNResearch
RES22 - Hygiene and Health: Can Baths and Oral Care Reduce Cardiac Surgery Infections?Kathy L Armstrong, RN,BSN,CCRNResearch
RES21 - Family Presence during Procedures in the Pediatric Intensive Care UnitTammy S. Robertson, RN,ACNP-C,RN-BCResearch
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