NTI Poster Presentations

Below is a list of selected posters and presenters. Posters were selected from one of three categories in which they could enter: Chapter, Evidence-Based or Research Poster.

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Supporting Professional Development Throughout a Nursing CareerJeannette J Richardson, RN,CCRNChapter
Strategic Planning: Celebrating our Success!Carrie Stensrud Lewis, RN,BSN,CCRN-CSCChapter
A Chapter Collaboration with a Local Hospital System Results in Positive Outcomes for Each PartnerMary Ellen Strozak, RN-BC,MS,CCRN,CNSChapter
Critical Care Bowl: A Fun Way to Provide Education and Networking While Building Chapter MembershipMelissa Lowder, RN,MSN,CCRNChapter
Testing with Intention: Providing Structured Study Groups to Increase Certification Exam SuccessTheresa M Anderson, RN,BSN,CCRNChapter
Saving Time and Money: Use of Webex Technology for a Regional MeetingPamela A. Madrid, RN,CNS,MS,CCRN,CCNSChapter
AACN~Greater Long Beach & Orange County Chapter: Enhancing communication among members with Facebook group networkingCher A Hagaman, RN,MSN,NP,GNP-BC,CCNS,CCRN-CSC,PHN,AACCChapter
Chapter Education and Mentoring Through Poster Presentations at Annual Austin AACN Chapter SymposiumKaren A Jeffries, RN,MSChapter
The Stars were Shining; A Chapter Certification Celebration.Stephen C. McKeeman, RN,BSN, MBA,CCRN-K,NE-BCChapter
A Tale of Three Cultures: An Inter-Professional Specialty Nursing SymposiumChristopher T Walker, MS, RN, NP, CNS, CCRN, CENChapter
Managing Alcohol Withdrawal in a Community Critical Care UnitKathryn R Small, ACNP, CCRNCreative Solutions
A comparison of a behavioral and a subjective pain scale in a TCV-PO patient population.Marie Buffmire, MSN,RN,CCRN,RDMSCreative Solutions
Turning under pressure: Improving pressure ulcer rates in the Cardiovascular ICURosario P Macapagal, RN,BSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
Waste Not- Decreasing Wasteful Practices in the Coronary Care UnitFrederick R. Macapagal, BSN,RN,CCRN,Creative Solutions
Green, yellow, or red: Follow the signal to safely administer hazardous drugs.Darlene A Lovasik, RN,MN,CCRNCreative Solutions
The New Kid on Our Block: Evolution of an Adult ECMO ProgramShannon R Olwine, RN,MSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
Aspiring Nurse Leaders – Inspiring the Future of NursingMeghan F McCann, RN,BSNCreative Solutions
Making Room: Family Presence During Resuscitation Supports a Healthy Work EnvironmentDonna Prentice, ACNS-BC,CCRNCreative Solutions
CSI Newport Beach. Clinical Search and Investigation… Nurse Peer ReviewDeborah A Lepman, RN,MPH,CENCreative Solutions
Implementing the AACN Preceptor Challenge E-Learn for a Nurse Preceptor WorkshopElizabeth S Guernsey, RN,BSN,MACreative Solutions
Saving the Green: One Surgical Intensive Care Unit's Journey to Save Money as Well as the EnvironmentMary E Paciella, RN,MS,PCCN,CCRNCreative Solutions
Operationalizing Core Measures and EBP for Undergraduate Critical Care Nursing StudentsAngela R Leasure, RN,CNS,APRN,PhD,CCRNCreative Solutions
Tele-ICU Nursing Interventions: Impact on Patient Safety & Nursing PracticeConnie Barden, RN,CNS,MSN,CCRN-E,CCNSCreative Solutions
Thou Shall Not Fall: Falls Reduction and Prevention Strategies for Patients in a Progressive Care Unit.Tracey K Rankin, RN,MSNCreative Solutions
Get Bundled Up: Interventions to Prevent Catheter Associated Urinary Tract InfectionsOluwaseyi A Lawal, RNCreative Solutions
Reducing Pulmonary Complications and Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers in QuadriplegicsGary Gates, RN, MS, CNML, TNCCCreative Solutions
Enhancing Practice Through Unit Level Shared Governance: Targeting Unit Acquired Pressure Ulcers In The MSICUAnn Lauren Banda, RN,BSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
Moral Distress: Supporting Nurses during Patient & Family ConflictAnna Krupp, RN,MS,CCRN,CCNSCreative Solutions
Food For Foleys: An Incentive to Reduce Urinary Tract Infections in ICULois K Andrews, DNP, RN-BC, CNS, CCRN, ACNS-BCCreative Solutions
It’s Up To You! Creating a Self Directed Model for Professional Advancement.Theresa M Thompson, RN,BSNCreative Solutions
Failure is Not an Option: APNs Mentoring Bedside RNs to Promote Evidence-Based Care of Heart Failure PatientsJennifer M Ballard-Hernandez, DNP, FNP/GNP/CVNP-BC,CCRN, AACC, FAHACreative Solutions
Promoting Independence in Staff Research TeamsBradi L Granger, RN,PhD,FAANCreative Solutions
Multilevel Creative Approach to Increasing FamilyStephanie Vaupel-Juart, BSN,RN,CCRNCreative Solutions
A Cardiac Resuscitation Unit (CRU) Development: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Post-Resuscitation CareWilliam M Hallinan, RN,MS,EMTPCreative Solutions
ECCO - Can You Hear Me Now?Audrey Roberson, MS, RN, CPAN, CNS-BCCreative Solutions
Responsible Staffing: Assuring Patient Safety and Economic StabilityCheryl A Kutos, RN,ADN,AA,CCRNCreative Solutions
Pucker Up! How to Prevent Lip Pressure Ulcers from Endotracheal TubesAmanda OakesCreative Solutions
Can you hear me now? Nursing Presentation during Multidisciplinary Bedside RoundsHeidi A. Martin, RN,BS,BSN,CNRNCreative Solutions
Nursing Grand Rounds: Building Confidence and Improving Staff SatisfactionRochelle R Armola, MSN, RN, CCRN, TCRNCreative Solutions
Rest From Distress: Sedation and Analgesic Protocols For the Post-Op Cardiovascular Intensive Care PatientsTracy A Toews, RN,BSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
Cardiovascular Intermediate Care Unit Staff (CVIU) Expedites Discharge Teaching Through TechnologyNancy N Bouldin, RNCreative Solutions
Evaluating a Fall Prevention Program Tailored for a Telemetry UnitLori A Catalano, RN,MSN,PCCNCreative Solutions
The Infestation-- An engaging educational approach to the reduction of Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections.David J Rutherford, MSN,RN,CCRNCreative Solutions
Making an Impact: a Rapid Response Team’s (RRT) Proactive ApproachHeather Hicks, RN,BSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
Implementing research into a CNS residency: The impact of computerized triggers on early identification of sepsis.Lynne M. Bustraan, RN, MSN, CCRN, CCNSCreative Solutions
Improving Door to Balloon Time for STEMI Patients with a Cardiac Alert ProgramCandy C. Cross, MSN, RN, CCRNCreative Solutions
Charge Nurse Development: An Investment in Leadership Success and SatisfactionDebra Bradshaw, MSN, RN, NEA-BCCreative Solutions
Ethics Stewards – Enhancing a Culture of Ethical PracticeJulene B Kruithof, MSN, RN, CCRNCreative Solutions
Collaborating with Patients and Families: Creating an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) GuidebookAmy E Haverland, RN,BSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
Consistency, Communication and Coaching; the three C’s in the development and utilization of a Core Charge Nurse GroupLisa BlessingCreative Solutions
A Staffing Matrix Tool based on the Synergy Model to make nursing assignments in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.Tracy Pope Rojas, RN,MSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
A Creative Solution Using Innovative Collaboration to Reduce Door to Balloon TimeCynthia R Perez, RN,CNS,MS,CCRNCreative Solutions
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Patient and Family Advisory Council: Changing the Unit CultureKeri E Nasenbeny, RN,BSN,MHACreative Solutions
Are you as smart as a CCRN?: Developing confidence for certification testing.Andrea M Russo, RN,MSN,CCRN, BC-RNCreative Solutions
To Systemness and Beyond! A Best Practice StoryMs Lianne L DickersonCreative Solutions
Improved Patient/Family Satisfaction after Implementation of Family RoundsLinda A Byrne, RN,MSCreative Solutions
Everyone Deserves a Holiday: Increasing Knowledge of Daily Sedation Holiday Process Through an Educational ProjectCassandra L Narr, RN,BS,BSNCreative Solutions
Institution of a Nurse Mentorship Program in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)Kellie N Garth-Green, RNCreative Solutions
Authentic Leadership: Building Leadership Competency utilizing Blended Learning with ENMOVivian F Norman, MSN, RN, CCRN-KCreative Solutions
A collaborative solution to decrease unplanned extubations in the intensive care unitSusan L Schroeder, RN,MSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
Rapid Response Team: Kick it up a notch: From Reactive to ProactiveNancy E Christiansen, MSN,RN, ACNS-BC, CCRNCreative Solutions
Dramatic Mislabel Reductions in a Medical Intensive Care Unit Resulting from Unit Practice Committee InterventionsDonna Prentice, ACNS-BC,CCRNCreative Solutions
The “Dot” Board: An Accountability Chart for Mandatory Competencies and RequirementsJo Ann Schumaker-Watt, RN,BS,BSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
Patients and Families at the Center of Care Delivery–Relationship Based Care (RBC) within the Critical Care EnvironmentSherri A. Morris, MSN, RN,AGPCNP, CCRNCreative Solutions
What if Surgery started on time? A look at the overall impact of surgical first case on time starts…Lorraine Sunderland, RN,CCRN,CPANCreative Solutions
Pediatric Organ Donation: Creating a Culture of Best Practices in Donation RequestsJuliet Vaupel-Phillips, MSN,MHA,RN,CCRNCreative Solutions
The Year of the Unit Based Council: Transforming Shared Governance from the Bedside UpLaura LewisCreative Solutions
Shhhh! Putting emphasis on sleep and recuperation in the ICU.Miriam V Nguyen, RN,BAN,BSCreative Solutions
Inclusion in Care—Implementing Family Centered Care in a Small Community Hospital Beacon ICUMartha C Gooding, RN,BS,CCRN,CRNCreative Solutions
EYE SPY- Can YOU see the Improvement with Safety, Compliance and Improved Patient Satisfaction? Use of a simple bed tagTracey K Rankin, RN,MSNCreative Solutions
HELP…Is anybody out there?: Implementing a patient/family activated emergency responseSoudi Bogert, RN, BSN, PHN, CCRNCreative Solutions
Pandemic Staffing PilotChristina N. GoateeCreative Solutions
Impact of Cardiac Surgical Stepdown on Critical Care ReadmissionsKaren A Cepero, RN,MSN,CCRN,CENCreative Solutions
Maintaining VAD Competency on a Progressive Care UnitJules J Russell, BSN,RN,CCRN-CSCCreative Solutions
Mentoring with Intention: Helping New Charge Nurses Become Successful LeadersKaren J. Schulz, RN,MSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
After the Abstract Is Accepted: What Next?Rebecca W Johnson, RN,BSCreative Solutions
When Pigs Fly!: Establishing a Safe Environment for ICU Staff and Patients during an H1N1 OutbreakParvaneh Mostaghimi, RN,BSNCreative Solutions
Our Journey to the Pediatric Beacon Award for Critical Care ExcellenceJennifer M Hayakawa, DNP, PCNS-BC, CCRN, CNRNCreative Solutions
The Amazing Hospital RaceJimmy Dale Callicutt, RN-BC, BA, BSN, MSN, CCRN, CVNCreative Solutions
Can You Hear Me Now? Condition “H” Hears You And Rapid Response Is On The Way !Deborah A Lepman, RN,MPH,CENCreative Solutions
Journey to a Healthy Work Place: AACN’s Healthy Work Environments Initiative Provides Framework for Unit TransformationMary E Rehak, APRN CNS C, CCRNCreative Solutions
testGina L. KaneCreative Solutions
Critical Care without Borders - Critical Care Resource NurseMary K Hewett, RN,MSCreative Solutions
Patient and Family Centered Care Starting in the Pre-operative PhaseSharon R. McEwen, RN,MSN,CCRNCreative Solutions
High Expectations for Early ExtubationsDr Michael T McEvoyCreative Solutions
Minimizing Communication Errors During Patient Hand-Offs: Implementation of Nursing Sterile CockpitTammy L Uhl, MSN,RN,CCRN,CCNSCreative Solutions
: Drop a Bundle and Save: Reducing Surgical Site Infections Across Surgical PopulationsMischa Adams, MSN, RN, CCRNCreative Solutions
Meeting Educational Needs with Portable Technology: Adapting to the Next Generation of NursesCharles C Reed, PhD, RN, CNRNCreative Solutions
Nurse Empowerment: Professional Development through CertificationKathryn C McBroom, RN,ADNCreative Solutions
A New Screening Strategy Detects Sepsis and Prevents Septic ShockJillian P Riske, RNCreative Solutions
Crash Course: Resuscitating the Code Blue ProcessVivian F Norman, MSN, RN, CCRN-KCreative Solutions
Pain Management of Post-operative Open Heart Surgery Patients Utilizing Preemptive and Multimodal AnalgesiaMelinda S Fuller, RN,MSN,CCRN-CSCResearch
Patient Response to Therapeutic Mobility Activities: Molecules to OutcomesDr Chris WinkelmanResearch
Isolation Status Does Not Impact the Functional Outcome of Surgical IMC PatientsSandra Swoboda, RN,MSResearch
Cardiogenic Oscillation and Ventilator Autotriggering in Brain Death: Implications for Organ Donation.Richard B Arbour, RN,CCRN,CCNS,CNRNResearch
Nurses’ perceptions of the feasibility and the clinical utility of the use of the Critical-Care Pain Observation ToolCeline Gelinas, RN,DSN,PhDResearch
Comparative Evaluation of Minimally Invasive vs. Non-Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring vs. Pulmonary Artery PressuresJoya D Pickett, PhD, RN, ARNP-CNS, CCNS, ACNS-BC, CCRNResearch
Simulation training in emergency situation for the new graduate critical care nurses: A randomized controlled studySun Ju ChangResearch
Pain Assessment in Non-Verbal Critically Ill Adults Using the Behavioral Pain Scale: Part TwoBrandee A. Fetherman, MSN, RN, CCRN, SCRNResearch
Achieving sedation goals of physiologic stability and comfort at various sedation levels in the mechanically ventilatedMary Jo Grap, PhD,RN,FAANResearch
Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase-Facilitated Subcutaneous Versus Intravenous Rehydration Therapy In Infants And ChildrenDr. Philip SpandorferResearch
Predicting Fluid Responsiveness in Post Operative Liver Transplant PatientsLaura Sawin-Brown, BSN,RN,CCRNResearch
Impact of High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation and Chest Physiotherapy on Lung Function After Lung TransplantationAi Jin Lee, MSN, RN, AGCNS-BC, CCRNResearch
College Student Organ Donation Study (CO-ORGAN): Phase I ResultsShannon M Disena, RN,AA,PCCNResearch
Quantitative and Qualitative Examination of Nurses’ Attitudes and Decision-Making in response to Rapid Response TeamsJacqueline Wavelet, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, CNLResearch
Attitudes and Perceptions of Multidisciplinary Team Members Toward Family Presence at Bedside RoundsCecilia Santiago, RN,MN,CNCCcResearch
Comparison of High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation and Chest Physiotherapy on Pain and Preference Post-Lung TransplantSusan Patrice Sommer, RNResearch
Deficiencies in Nurses’ ECG Monitoring Knowledge: Baseline Results of the PULSE TrialMarjorie Funk, RN,MSN,PhD,FAAN,FAHAResearch
Comparison of the Use of a Compression Assist Device vs. Manual Compression following Arterial Sheath RemovalBeverly J Dressel, RN, MSN, CCRN, CMSRNResearch
Descriptive Evaluation of Patient Perception of Advance DirectivesRebecca W Johnson, RN,BSResearch
Critical Care Nurses’ knowledge and Perception of Fever Assessment and ManagementMary Beth H Leaton, MS, RN, CCRN, APNResearch
Substandard Quality of ECG Monitoring in Current Clinical Practice: Baseline Results of the PULSE TrialMarjorie Funk, RN,MSN,PhD,FAAN,FAHAResearch
Spontaneous Breathing Trials versus Weaning Parameters for Extubation in the Post Operative Cardiac Surgery PatientDawn J Gosnell, MSN,APRN,CCRNResearch
Observations of Care Interventions to Improve Care for Therapeutic Hypothermia PatientsRochelle R Armola, MSN, RN, CCRN, TCRNResearch
Benefits to Providing Acute Stroke EducationMr DaiWai M OlsonResearch
Activity Restriction After Temporary Epicardial Pacing Wire Removal: Does It Matter?Judith Schofield, RN,BS,MSNResearch
Parental Presence during Invasive Procedures and Resuscitation: Thematic Analysis of Post Intervention Parental CommentsKristan M Boutwell, RN,BSN,CCRNResearch
Comparison of Point-of-Care and Laboratory Glucose Values in Cardiothoracic Surgery PatientsQuin E Denfeld, RN,BSN,CCRNResearch
Pediatric Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Registry (VAPoR): A precise VAP detection tool.Jeni M Wincek, RN,MSNResearch
The Impact of Critical Care Incident Stressors on Critical Care Nurses and Their Work EnvironmentGary P. Yehl, RN, MSN, NE-BCResearch
Dangerous ST Depression Associated with Left MainVictoria A Barbara, RNResearch
Multifaceted Approach Successful in Reducing Central Line Associated Bloodstream InfectionsKaren L Guerin, RN,BSN,MSHA,CCRNResearch
Rapid Response Teams: Nurses’ Perceptions and Patient Outcomes in Monitored Versus Non-monitored Hospital UnitsJennifer A Browne, PhD, RN-BC, CCRNResearch
Effects of Family Witnessed Resuscitation after Trauma Prior to HospitalizationDr Jane B LeskeResearch
Pain Assessment in Non-Verbal Patients in Critical CareCarolyn Maidl, MSN, RN, CNRN, CCRNResearch
It Takes a Village: A Fully Implantable Heart Replacement SystemJennifer M Joiner, MSN, RN, APN, CCRN-CSCResearch
Early Progressive Mobility Program For Ventilated Adult Critical Care PatientsPamela S. Bills, RN,ADN,CCRNResearch
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