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Below is a list of selected posters and presenters. Posters were selected from one of three categories in which they could enter: Chapter, Evidence-Based or Research Poster.

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Rookies of the Year: 15 Years of Successfully Hiring and Retaining New Graduate RNs in Critical CareSara Kollman, RNEvidence-Based
Starting a Journal Club: Creating an Environment of Professional Growth and Enhancement of PracticeMarian Racco, MSN,RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Utilizing the Shared Governance Model to Improve Quality Outcomes in a Community Adult ICULiesel J Delamater, MS,RN,CCRN,ACNS-BLEvidence-Based
An Evidence-Based Approach to Creating a Restraint-Free Environment in the Pediatric ICU Anne K Pirrone, RN,BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Preventing Preventable Falls in Critical CareSabine Doenninghaus, RN, PhD, MA, BSN, CCRN, SCRNEvidence-Based
Evaluation of Specialty Linens to Reduce Pressure Ulcers in High Risk Intensive Care Unit PatientsRegina K Freeman, RN,MSN,ACNS-BCEvidence-Based
Synchronize Your Watches From A Random Sedation Vacation To A Structured Awakening TrialGeorge R. Brown, RN,MSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
PICU Success in Working a New Model for Competency AssessmentMichele M Schwister, RN,BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Improving Healthcare Provider and Staff Communication with Patients and FamiliesJean Ann Carraher, DNP, RN-BC, CCRNEvidence-Based
Integrating Multidisciplinary Palliative Care into the ICU: IMPACT-ICU ProjectJeannette M Meyer, RN,APRN,MS,CCRN,CCNS,PCCN,ACHPNEvidence-Based
Simulation-Based Mock Codes in a Tele-ICU PracticeSarah BellEvidence-Based
Reducing Healthcare Worker Injury: Safe patient handling protocol for repositioing patients in bed.Carol SchleffendorfEvidence-Based
Good Night, Sleep Tight: Active Sleep Promotion in the CTICUMyra F Ellis, MSN,RN, CCRN-CSCEvidence-Based
Place Atrium to Water Seal (PAWS) ProjectTamara Kruse, RN,BSN,CCRN,CSCEvidence-Based
Alcohol impregnated antimicrobial port caps versus alcohol swabs to reduce CLABSI rates.Jonathan Morgan, BSN,RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Conquering CAUTIChristine A Bradford, RN,BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Clean It Like You Mean It: Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection Prevention Hyein Kathy Lee, RN, BSN, CCRNEvidence-Based
RNovatorKC Project - AACN Chapter Kickstarts Innovative Nursing Ideas from the Bedside Akiko Kubo, BSN, RN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Perceptions of Implementing a Mobility Program in Acute CareLauren T Morata, MSN, CNS, CCRN, CCNSEvidence-Based
Courageous Care: Shifting the Focus from Intensive Care to Comfort Care in the ICUMarcia L Perkins, RN,BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Focus on Safety: Creating a Culture of SafetyHolly BechardEvidence-Based
The Courage to Reduce Inactionable AlarmJennifer Ann Laymon, MS,APRN,AACNS-AGEvidence-Based
Strategic Solutions to Bundle Pressure Ulcer Prevention in the Critically Ill Population Nancy R Pallais, MSN, RN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Implementation of a Nurse Driven Protocol to Reduce Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections Danielle D. Fraser, MS,RN,GCNS-BCEvidence-Based
The Implementation of Delirium Screening in Adult Intensive Care UnitsOdette Y Comeau, DNP,RN,CNS,CCRNEvidence-Based
Reinventing Alarm Management – Using Smart Phone Technology to Care for Telemetry PatientsKathleen Short, MSN, CNS, AOCNSEvidence-Based
Courageously caring for each other! Providing Pet Therapy to staff in a Surgical Intensive Care UnitStephanie Vaupel-Juart, BSN,RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Overwhelmed by the Noise!: Managing Alarms and Decreasing Alarm FatigueCeleste R Romp, MSN, APRN, CCNS, RN-BCEvidence-Based
Improving Sepsis Compliance: Using a Collaborative Team Approach Jan F. Shepard, RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Nurse Led Rounds Improves Communication, Collaboration, and Decision MakingCatherine A Gargan, RNEvidence-Based
Improving Outcomes With Low Fidelity Simulation in Annual competency TrainingSofia S Puerto, PhD.CCRN.MPH.FNPEvidence-Based
We need blood at the bedside STAT: Nursing’s role in massive transfusion Sharon K Wahl, RN, CNS, APRN, MS, CCRN, CCNSEvidence-Based
Ventilator Associated Pneumonia: Prevention in the Midst of ChangeTimothy Heckman, RN, BSNEvidence-Based
“Timer” for Change: Reducing Blood Product Wastage in the CTICUCatherine S Shuford, RN, BSNEvidence-Based
Using an interdisciplinary team to improve early mobility in the ICUAmanda Schooley, MS,RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Catch Them Early: Driving Sepsis Performance Improvement in the Emergency Department Jean E Bollinger, MSN, RN, ACCNS-AG, CCRN-CSCEvidence-Based
Crushing CLABSI: Collaborative approach to eliminate Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections Kimberly A Mattison, BSN,RN,PCCNEvidence-Based
Reducing the Rate of Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections in Intensive Care Unit PatientsKathryn Leah Elayda, MSN,RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Blood Conservation in Cardiac Surgery using Thromboelastography & Platelet MappingTeresa J Campanelli, RN, CCRN. CSCEvidence-Based
Improved Nursing-Lab Collaboration Results in Improved Staff Satisfaction and Efficiency Dawn Blindauer, BSN, RN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Bath basin elimination: The use of bathing cloths to reduce CAUTIRosalyn C Beswick, RNEvidence-Based
RED-BE-GONE: Reducing Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) in the ICU Using the Evidence!Beth A. Adams, RN,ADN,ASEvidence-Based
Decreasing Restraint Use in the Medical Intensive Care UnitLisa L Lynn, RN,MSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Have You Hugged Your Patient Today?: FASTHUG BASICSBarbara Pudelek, RN-BC ,MSN,ACNPEvidence-Based
PICU Structured Interdisciplinary Rounds Impacts Communication and Nursing/Family SatisfactionMichele A Wilson, RN,MSN,NP,CNS,CCRN,CCNSEvidence-Based
“How Sweet It Is”: Taking the Fear Away From Managing Insulin Infusions Joyce E. Kane, RN,MSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Extubate Patients When ReadyJacqueline Grau, RN, BSN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Strategies for Improving the Delivery of Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy in Pediatric PatientsJaime L O'Donnell, RN, MSN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Reducing Pressure Ulcers in the Delayed Sternal Closure Patient Lisa Q CorbettEvidence-Based
Advanced Care in Pediatric Hematopoietic Transplant: Use of High-Fidelity SimulationMarjorie Kjellin, MSN, RN, CCRN, CPHONEvidence-Based
Nurse Driven Hand-off from Anesthesia Care to Pediatric Cardiothoracic ICU: A Courageous Act?Nida Oriza, RNEvidence-Based
Utilizing an interdisciplinary team approach for improving sepsis careEmily Jo McClure, MSN RN CCRN-KEvidence-Based
Courageous CAUTI Reduction: Evidence Based Practice and EducationEric W Wickersham, RNEvidence-Based
Promoting Advanced Care Planning via Goals of Care Tab in an Electronic Medical Record Shervin Esfahani, RN,BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Using Lean Methodologies to Improve Sepsis Bundle ManagementAmy K Veenstra, RN,CCRN,CMCEvidence-Based
Implementation of Nurse Driven Rounding Checklist to Improve Communication and Quality OutomesNicole E Violett, RN,MSNEvidence-Based
Utilization of MEWS and Standardized Documentation to Improve OutcomesSheila M. Chucta, RN,BSN,MS,CCRN, ACNS-BCEvidence-Based
Medical Intensive Care Unit Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection Reduction InitiativeDonna Prentice, ACNS-BC,CCRNEvidence-Based
Survey Says! Increasing HCAHPS Patient Satisfaction Scores through Purposeful Rounding Heather E McKinney, RN,MSNEvidence-Based
Save Our Skin: Reducing Advanced Stage Pressure Ulcers in the PICUNicole T Diehl, MSN, CPNP, CCRNEvidence-Based
Caring around the clock: Proactive rounding by the RRT nurse using PeraTrendBlas E Villa, RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Safety Starts with Bedside Shift report: Empowering Nurses to Improve Patient Safety Bryna M RickettEvidence-Based
Life Beyond the Bundle: Strategies for Reducing CLABSI’sHeather Pena, RN, BSN, CCRN-CSCEvidence-Based
Using a CPR Feedback Device to Improve CPR QualityNicole L Kupchik, RN,MN,CCRN,CCNS, PCCNEvidence-Based
End-of-Life Nursing Education in Intensive Care Units: An Evidence-Based Practice ApproachMegan Shifrin, DNP,RN,ACNP-BCEvidence-Based
Encouraging Courageous Care through an Online Journal ClubAmanda Carney, RN,BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Relieving the Pressure: Reducing Unit Acquired Pressure Ulcers on Medical/Pulmonary StepdownTiffani D Lee, MSN,RN,PCCNEvidence-Based
Pole vs. Patient: Summary of EBP Research for pole versus patient mounted transducer placementCarolynn A. BitzerEvidence-Based
Not On My Watch: Implementation of a Falls Prevention Program in the Acute Care Setting That Works!Toni M Mingola, ARNP,NE-BCEvidence-Based
Integration of Best Practices for CLABSI Prevention into the Clinicians’ Standard WorkCarrie C Ogilvie, DNP,CNS-BC,CCRNEvidence-Based
Innovative Technical Solutions Improve Recognition and Response to Clinical Deterioration Kathleen A Burns, DNP, RN, ACCNS-AG, ACNS-BC, CENEvidence-Based
Breaking the Fall: Going Above and Beyond the Fall Bundle Sarah E Adamson, BSN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Courageous Collaborative Care-Value Improvement Teams Make a Difference on a Stepdown UnitMegan Smakulski, MSN,MBA,RN,PCCNEvidence-Based
To Transfer or Not to Transfer to the PICU: Is the use of PEWS Helpful in Pediatric Cancer Patients?Vicky Ng, DNP,CPNPResearch
Pilot validation of a behavioral pain assessment tool for critically ill adults with brain injuriesRebekah J Marsh, RN,BSN,CCRNResearch
Non-ventilator Hospital Acquired Pneumonia: The Hidden EpidemicKaren K Giuliano, RN,PhD,FAANResearch
Development of a Nurse Dysphagia Screening Tool for Extubated PatientsKaren L Johnson, PhD,RNResearch
ICU Patients Receiving Prolonged Life Sustaining TreatmentsMary H Peterson, RN,DNP,MSN,NEA-BCResearch
Survival in Chronically Mechanically Ventilated Cancer Patients Receiving Maximal Medical CareKelly Haviland, FNP-BCResearch
Development and Implementation of a Feeding Algorithm in a Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit JuYeon Uhm, RN,CNSResearch
Development of Standardized Inter-department Handover Protocol for Smooth Care Transition Eun Young LimResearch
The least discard blood volume from the arterial line, that does not influence the lab results.Noh MijinResearch
Predictors of Inflammatory Complications in Patients Who Received Component Transfusion After TraumaAllison Jones, PhD, RN, CCNSResearch
Hospital Window View, Light and Clinical Outcomes among Cardiovascular PatientsNancy M Albert, PhD,CCRN,CCNS,CHFN,NE-BCResearch
Developing critical care nurses views of family presence during resuscitation using online learningKelly A Powers, PhD, RN, CNEResearch
The impact of moral distress on perceptions of work environment and patient safetyCathy Hiler, RN,MSN,CCRN-CMCResearch
Critical Care Nurses Perception of Workload in Responding to Alarms: Whats all that Ringing about?Robin S Krinsky, DNP,MSN,CCRNResearch
Outcomes of Ventilator-Associated Conditions: Length of Stay, Duration of Ventilation, and MortalityDr Mary Lou SoleResearch
Surveillance: A nursing intervention for improving patient safety in critical care Dale M Pfrimmer, RN,MSResearch
Discrepancies in Measuring Bladder Volumes with Bedside Ultrasound and Bladder Scanning in the ICUDonna Prentice, ACNS-BC,CCRNResearch
A Comparison of Three IV Push Medication Systems: A Randomized Cross-Over Simulation Study Maureen E. Burger, RN, MSN, FACHEResearch
Evaluation of Post-Extubation Nursing Bedside Swallow Screening in Cardiovascular ICURegina K Freeman, RN,MSN,ACNS-BCResearch
Cardiac Nurses Perceived Self-Efficacy Regarding Patient EducationGayelynn AllenResearch
What Factors are Associated with Development of Pressure Ulcers in a Medical Intensive Care Unit?Lisa Harrison, RN, MSN, CCRN, AG-ACNPResearch
Risk Factors for Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Among Trauma Patients With and Without Brain InjuryAnastasia Gianakis, RN,BSN,CCRNResearch
Analgesia Based Sedation: Effects on Ventilator Days and DeliriumRyan J Robisheaux, RN, BSNResearch
Therapeutic Hypothermia Protocols after Pre-Hospital Cardiac ArrestJessica A Wyse, MSN, RNResearch
IV Smart Pumps: Impact of a simplified user interface on clinical useKaren K Giuliano, RN,PhD,FAANResearch
Factors related to nurses’ comfort managing pain at the end of life: A multicenter surveyLynn G Mackinson, RN, MS, ACNS-BC, CCRN-KResearch
Facilitation of Consistent Communication of New Medicines Lisa L Cossaboon, RN MSN CCRNResearch
Blended PC& MS Nursing Review Course:IncreasingCertification,Containing Cost, and Improving QualityPaul A. Wong, RN,MSN,DNPCCRN,CPANResearch
Implications of Inter-arm Blood Pressure Differences in Patients Admitted to Critical Care UnitsJayne S Rosenberger, RN,BSN,CCRNResearch
Identification of Risk Factors for Bleeding in Post PCI PatientsJoan A Pool, RN,BSN,CCRNResearch
Does the time of transitioning a patient off IV Insulin after cardiac surgery affect outcomes?Amy R Westbrook, MSN,RN,CCNS-APNResearch
Peer support for the Second Victim sponsored by the local American Association of Critical Care Nurses Chapter: A Pilot Study Sara B Warth, DNP,RNResearch
Breaking Bad News: A Novel Approach to Communication Training in AGACNP Intensivist StudentsMegan Shifrin, DNP,RN,ACNP-BCResearch
Using a New Evidence-Based Trauma Protocol to Improve Care of Patients with Blunt Cardiac InjuryIlean S Genrich, RN, BSN, BCResearch
Echocardiography in the ICU: An educational Intervention for Advanced Practice Provider studentsTonja M Hartjes, DNP, ACNP-BC, FNP-BC, CCRN-CSCResearch
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