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A Chapters Role in Promoting CertificationDeborah A Hurley, RN,MS,CCRN,CNLChapter
Reaching Beyond: Mile High Service to Community Theresa Nino, RN, MSN, CCRNChapter
Paying it forward: Serving Our GMAC CommunityJoan F Baker, RN,MSN,CCRN,CNRNChapter
Time for Change: CLABSI Reduction Associated with Central Line Dressing Maintenance Alison M Rodman, RNEvidence-Based
Reducing Bedrest Following Manual Removal Of Femoral Artery Sheaths After Diagnostic AngiogramLaura Mack, BSN, RN-BCEvidence-Based
Infection PreCAUTIon: Implementation of Nurse-Driven Foley Removal ProtocolMolly Gratti, RN, BSN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Stepping Forward for Patient Safety: Using TeamSTEPPs concepts to reduce medication errors in a Surgical ICUNoeleen O'Byrne, RN, BA Management. MSEvidence-Based
Stroke Volume or Central Venous Pressure: Examining the EvidenceElaine M Zobrist, RN, BSNEvidence-Based
Moral Distress: A Lesson for Advocacy in the Heat of the MomentJoanne Pileggi, Joanne Pileggi, RN, MSN, NE-BCEvidence-Based
Stepping into a new way of bathing: Decreasing HAIs in the wake of innovative integration of CHG bathingElizabeth Enfield, RN, MSN, CCNSEvidence-Based
Early Identification and Treatment of Sepsis Achieves Positive Patient and Hospital Outcomes Through a Multi-disciplinarRhonda GlucknerEvidence-Based
Smart Pump Wireless Technology: An IQ boost for the pumpCathy M Sullivan, RN,MSN,RN FNP,CCRNEvidence-Based
Beating Sepsis! Its a Sprint NOT a Jog!Sarah E Coleman, RN,AD,CCRNEvidence-Based
A System’s Approach to Improving Preoperative Antibiotic Timing in Congenital Heart SurgeryLeAnn Vela, RN, MSN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Evidence Based Practice of Using Syringe Size Less Than 5ml with Neonatal Peripheral Inserted Central CatheterLeora A Patton, BSN,CCRN-NEOEvidence-Based
Crossing the Lines: An Innovative Critical Care Cross-Training ProgramChristina L. Rose, RN,MSN,CCRN,CNRNEvidence-Based
Breaking Free From RestraintsKirstan T Baxter, RN, BSN, CCRN-CSCEvidence-Based
Title: A Pilot Program in ICU for Progressive Mobility (PM)Jennifer R. Chavez, RN MSN CCRN-CSCEvidence-Based
Lessons Learned in Caring for Patients Treated With Therapeutic HypothermiaCatherine H Swedberg, RN,BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
“First, Do No Harm:” Reducing Healthcare-associated Pressure Ulcers in the Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care PopulationMichelle Wasielewski, BSN,RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
First Dose Antibiotic Administration: Unit Practice Committee Stepping Forward To Achieve Best PracticeDonna Prentice, ACNS-BC,CCRNEvidence-Based
Use of Turn and Position (TAP) Device to Prevent Pressure Ulcers in ICU Cardiovascular Surgical PatientsMary L Luettgen, RN,MSN,CCRN,ACNS-BCEvidence-Based
Implementation of a Standard Protocol for Resuscitation of Cardiac Surgery Patients (CSU-ALS)Myra F Ellis, MSN,RN, CCRN-CSCEvidence-Based
Operation ZERO! Our Journey to Eliminating Hospital Acquired InfectionsSandra Simmons, MSN, RN, MHAEvidence-Based
Nurse Driven Practice Change in HAI ReductionBrandi L Holcomb, RNEvidence-Based
Using a TEAMwork Board to Engage Frontline Staff in Problem SolvingCara GallegosEvidence-Based
Utilizing Simulation for Skill Acquisition in Critical Care EducationMandi D. Walker, MSN, RN-BC, CCRNEvidence-Based
An Evidenced-Based Practice Initiative to Decrease CAUTI in the PICU Lisa M Morgan, RN,MSNEvidence-Based
Maximizing Alarm Management in a Tertiary-Care, Teaching Medical Center SICU and Telemetry Unit; Sharing Our Story.Laurie J Joyce, RNEvidence-Based
Sleep Hygiene in Hospitals for Patient Healing (S.H.H.H)Heather A Brand, RN,BSN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Early Mobility in the ICU: A Community Hospital’s ExperienceDanielle D. Fraser, MS, RN, GCNS-BCEvidence-Based
Evidenced Based Staffing: Using the Synergy Model to improve patient and nursing outcomes in the ICUStephanie R Sanderson, RN,CNS,CCRN,CCNSEvidence-Based
Going Beyond Zero CLABSIGemma C Sarmiento, BSN,RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Stepping Forward to Reduce Verbal Orders in the Pediatric Intensive Care UnitJamie L Sklar, RN, BSN, MS, CCRNEvidence-Based
Sustainable Practice Change: Reduction in Tracheostomy Peristomal BreakdownBrittany Beckmann, BSN, RNEvidence-Based
Achieving ZeroCandis Lee Kles, RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Mobilizing Pre Heart Transplant Percutaneously Inserted Axillary Intraaortic Balloon Pump PatientsFrederick R. Macapagal, BSN,RN,CCRN,HIT-CPEvidence-Based
Step Forward: Advancing the Scholarship of Pediatric Nursing through a Nursing Science FellowshipJean A Connor, PhD, RN, CPNPEvidence-Based
Some Like it HOT!Emily S RockafellowEvidence-Based
EICU in the Community: Keeping the patient closer to youMoriah Regan, RN, BSN, CCRN, PCCNEvidence-Based
Impact of standardized algorithm on timeliness to blood culture collection in sepsisErin Gasser, RN, BSN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Pre-Hospital to Discharge: Improving Cardiac Arrest Outcomes with a Team Approach to CoolingMs Diane K BarkasEvidence-Based
Its Time to Wake Up: Youve got to move it, move it!Stephanie R Sanderson, RN,CNS,CCRN,CCNSEvidence-Based
Team Approach for Inpatient Chest Pain Alert Protocol (CPAP) Leads to Successful OutcomesKathleen M Kamba, RN,BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Rapid, automated (<3 seconds), QT Interval Assessment for ProlongationJames BradleyEvidence-Based
Virtual ICU - Meeting the Need for Critical Care of Rural VeteransElizabeth M Marsh, RN,MSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Stepping Forward Together: Creating a Culture of Membership and Certification Rosemary Olivier, RN,BSN,CCRN,SCRNEvidence-Based
Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy: Creation and implementation of a clinical Practice ProtocolRosemary Olivier, RN,BSN,CCRN,SCRNEvidence-Based
Bedside Nurses Leading the Way Utilizing Evidence-Based Practice to Attain Better Clinical Outcomes For Fall Prevention Marty CanganyEvidence-Based
Assessing Pain in Critically Ill Patients Who Are Unable to Self ReportEmily A Pasola, MSN,RN,CNLEvidence-Based
Using a Structured Approach to Reduce Pressure Ulcers in Spinal Cord Injury PatientsKaren L Meredith, RN,BSCNEvidence-Based
Tele ICU Nurses Design a Program to Decrease Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections (CLABSI) Using Simulation Lynn Brayton Fitzwater, MSN,ACNS-BCEvidence-Based
Implementation of Continuous ST Segment Monitoring and Mapping Utilizing the EASI 12-Lead SystemLisa M Job, RN,MSN,APRN-BCEvidence-Based
Impact of Research Training Program on Nursing Practice in a Community HospitalTykeysha Thomas, RN,BSNEvidence-Based
Reducing Nosocomial Infection Rates with Outcome Champions in a NeuroMedicine ICUCatherine A Schmieder, RNEvidence-Based
Stepping forward by creating a unit recourse library to promote education, professionalism and certification.Deborah Giblin-Barber, RN,CCRN,SCRNEvidence-Based
Stepping Forward to Empower Nurses to Obtain CertificationAmanda Berube, BSN,RN,PCCN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Where Did the Nutrition Go? An Evidence Based Look at Enteral Nutrition PolicyLaura A Genzler, BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Reduction of Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)Tamara PowersEvidence-Based
Yes We CAM - Create A Culture of Delirium Assessment and TreatmentJustin H Di Libero, RN, MSN, ACCNS-AGEvidence-Based
Step Forward to Best Practice: Reducing RestraintsBridget Ryan, RN, BSN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Preventing Healthcare Associated Infections in Burn PatientsSusan R Brown, RN,ADN,AA,CCRNEvidence-Based
Happiness Matters Initiative, An Inspiration From NTI 2013Martha M Wilkins, RN,BSN,MED,CCRNEvidence-Based
Free to Heal, Restraint Free Initiative in CVICUMa Victoria S Caluag, RN,BSN,CCRN-CSCEvidence-Based
CIWA Real Soon: A Change in Practice for the Care of the Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS) Patient. Mary Alene Eschel, BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Dont Fall - Call! Development of a Falls Prevention Program in a Coronary ICUMichelle Berndsen, RN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Quite Alarming! Reducing the Incidence of False Alarms to Prevent Alarm FatigueSasha C Carr, RN,MSN,PCCNEvidence-Based
Unit Based Early Progressive Mobility ChampionAna Rona M Esteban, RN,BSN,CCRN,PCCNEvidence-Based
Walking the walk: Mentoring Staff Nurse Professional DevelopmentStephanie Vaupel-Juart, BSN,RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Our Beacon JourneyLaura K Mayover, RN, BSN, CCRN-CSCEvidence-Based
Enhancing Patient and Family Centered Care in a Surgical ICU: Improving consistency and communication among staffElizabeth I. Kozub, MS, RNEvidence-Based
Safe patient handling in a surgical intensive care untiNoeleen O'Byrne, RN, BA Management. MSEvidence-Based
Step Forward : Implementing Mobilization in the ICUElaine G Ngitit, RN, BSN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Ultrasound scanning for evaluation of skin integrity in the critically ill: Procedures for obtaining the best scan Mary Jo Grap, PhD, RN, FAANEvidence-Based
The impact of a nurse protocol for end of life care in the adult intensive care unit on nurse burnout and satisfaction.Karen Mccarthy, RN,BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Creating a Clinical Nurse Led, Unit Based Journal Club Paul C Heskin, RN, BSN, CCRNEvidence-Based
OR to PICU Hand-offsMary L Wintz, RN,MSNEvidence-Based
Use of Castile Soap for Indwelling Urinary Catheter Care in the Critically Ill PatientTeresa L. Panchisin, RN,APN,MSN,ACNS-BC,CCRNEvidence-Based
Burn Center Nursing Case Conference: Identifying Problems and Developing SolutionsRegina V Welch, RNEvidence-Based
Surgical Intensive Care Unit Centralization vs DecentralizationBrian Richard, RN,BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
A Three-year journey to decrease pressure ulcers in an academic MICUInge Smit, RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
An Interprofessional Feeding Tube Team steps forward to initiate early enteral nutrition in critically ill patientsRosario E McGrath, RN,BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Implementation of an Early Extubation Protocol for Cardiovascular Surgery PatientsCynthia C Briner, RN,MSNEvidence-Based
Saving Hearts One Minute at a Time: Reducing Emergency Department Door-to-EKG TimesKristen ClineEvidence-Based
Impact of nurse individual performance appraisal on healthcare-associated infection rateSeunghyo Hong, RN,MSN,CCRNResearch
Perception of Comfort, Knowledge Retention and Teamwork in CTICU Staff During Cardiac Surgery Advanced Life Support Lynn McGugan, RN,BS,CCRN-CSC,ACNP,DNPResearch
Feasibility and Safety of Implementing a MICU Short-Term Intubation Nursing Swallow Screen Following ExtubationPatricia A McCabe, RN,MSNResearch
Improving COPD Readmission RatesJulie W Cooke, RNResearch
Effects of Standardization of Comfort Management on Team’s Perception of Patient Care DeliverySandra Staveski, RN,MS,CPNP-AC/PC,CCRN,CNSResearch
Effects of ambulation and non dependent transfers on vital signs in patients receiving low dose Levophed in an ICU Rosario A. Nievera, RN,BS,BSNResearch
A Computer-Assisted ECG Measurement Intervention Improves QTc Documentation in Hospital Patients Receiving QT-ProlongingSue Sendelbach, RN,PhD,CCNSResearch
A Study Examining The Use of a 3 oz Water Test to Identify Patients at Risk for Dysphagia Post ExtubationMary Beth H Leaton, MS, RN, CCRN, APNResearch
Creating a Culture of Healthy Work Environment (HWE) in the MSICUDennis P Doherty, RN,BS,BSN,CCRNResearch
Validity and sensitivity of six pain scales in the critically ill, communicative and non-communicative intubated adultsMamoona R Arif, PHD,RN,CCRNResearch
Efficacy of Stool Management Systems for Preventing Environmental Spread of C. DifficileMikel Gray, PhD,FNP,PNP,CUNP,FAANResearch
A Balancing Act: ICU End-of-Life Decision Making Natalie S McAndrew, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, CCRNResearch
Backrest elevation and tissue interface pressure by anatomical location during mechanical ventilation Mary Jo Grap, PhD, RN, FAANResearch
Examining Nurses Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Palliative and End-of-Life Care for Patients with Heart FailureJennifer M Ballard-Hernandez, DNP, FNP/GNP/CVNP-BC,CCRN, AACC, FAHAResearch
Family Presence During Resuscitation after TraumaDr Jane B LeskeResearch
Non-Invasive Respiratory Volume Monitoring for the Safe use of Opioids: Addressing a Nursing ChallengeDiane Ladd, DNP, FNP-BCResearch
Predictors of Agitation in the Adult Critically IllRuth Srednicki Burk, PhD, MSN, RNResearch
Compassion Doesn’t End when the Heart Stops: Nurse’s Perceptions of Honoring Ceremony at End-of-Life Ms Diane K BarkasResearch
Advanced Cardiac Life Support Recertification: Comparison of HeartCode and Instructor-Led CoursesJeffrey J Bell, BSN, RN, NREMT-PResearch
Reported Practices of Nurse Recognition and Management of Patient Ventilator Asynchrony Karen G Mellott, PhD, MS, RNResearch
Factors associated with increased laboratory utilization in the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit (PCICU)Anna C Fisk, RN,CCRNResearch
Critical Care Nurses Report More Positive Attitudes and Readiness to Engage in Research and Evidence Based-PracticeLorraine S Evangelista, RN,PhDResearch
Inter-rater Reliability Testing in Assessing Patient Acuity using AACN Synergy ModelLisa M Gilmore, RN,MSN,MBA,CDEResearch
Examining the Predictors of Hospital Disposition and Functional Status Post Stroke Lisa LiconResearch
Quiet Time in a Busy CVICUSara A Bashyam, RN,MSN,CCRN,CSCResearch
The effects of open vs. closed endotracheal suctioning on lung injury in a rabbit model of ARDSHideaki Sakuramoto, RN, PhDResearch
Impact of a Multidisciplinary Diabetes Self-Care Class on 30 Day Diagnosis-Specific Recidivism and Patient PerceptionCarol A Copsey, RN,MSN,CNEResearch
Amiodarone peripheral infusion phlebitis: A nursing intervention to reduce patient harmMary F Spiering, RN-BC, MN, CNSResearch
Comparison of temporal artery temperature measurement to standard temperatmeasurement in critically ill childreKelly G Merrill, RN,BSN,CCRNResearch
The Effect of Carriers on Continuous Intravenous Drug Infusion Administration in Pediatric PatientsAmy Jo Lisanti, MSN, RN, CCRN, CCNS, PhD (Candidate)Research
Poor Nutritional Intake and Malnutrition in Obese Patients with Heart FailureLorraine S Evangelista, RN,PhDResearch
Adding Wheels to a Wish: The Palliative Journey HomeHarriett M Nelson, RN,BSN,CCRNResearch
The Perceptions of Adult Hospitalized Patients Regarding Family Presence during Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.Carolyn E Bradley, MSN,RN,CCRNResearch
Transitions from Cardiac Intensive Care to Home: A Psychometric Comparison of Generic and Disease Specific Measures Janet A. Kloos, PHD,RN,CNS,CCRNResearch
Cultivating a Healthy Work Environment Through Action-Based ResearchSharron P Jones, PCCNResearch
End-of-Life/Palliative Care in the Intensive Care Unit- Development of a Chart Review ToolMadalina V BoitorResearch
Evaluation of Temperature Intervention in Patients at a Trauma FacilityFrances M Grissom, BSN, RNResearch
ARE YOU in the ZONE?Ashley Danielle Deane, RN,ADN,AAResearch
Identifying Current Practice Patterns in U.S. Hospitals’ Therapeutic Hypothermia ProtocolsRoksolana Starodub, RN,BS,BSN,CCRNResearch
Using a “Rounding Nurse” Model to Reduce Mortality, Length of Stay, and Out-of-ICU Codes Daniel J Lantos, RN, MSN, CNMLResearch
Status of Current Bereavement Services Offered in Adult Intensive Care UnitsJennifer L. McAdam, PhD, RNResearch
Improving Intravenous Heparin Infusion Administration and Monitoring: A Multidisciplinary ApproachDeborah G. Klein, MSN,RN,ACNS-BC,CCRN,CHFN,FAHAResearch
Patient Migration Toward the Foot of the Bed Affects Torso AngleNeal Wiggermann, Ph.D.Research
Step Forward to Positively Impact Visitor Anxiety in the ICURobin H Fichuk, RN,BSN,CCRNResearch
Randomized Controlled Comparison AccuCath™ IV Catheter With Coiled Tip Guide Wire & Conventional Peripheral IV CatheterBette K Idemoto, PHD,RN,ACNS-BC,CCRN,CV-CNSResearch
Why keeping our post cardiac catheterization patients in bed for more than 4-hour?Sek Ying ChairResearch
Does a Blended-Learning Method to Achieve ECG Competency Ensure RN Capability at the Bedside 8 Weeks Post-Course? Carol Ann Brooks, RN,BSN,CCRN,CSCResearch
Self-described Nursing roles experienced during care of dying patients and their families: A phenomenological study.Richard B Arbour, RN,CCRN,CCNS,CNRNResearch