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Below is a list of selected posters and presenters. Posters were selected from one of three categories in which they could enter: Chapter, Evidence-Based or Research Poster.

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Rookies of the Year: 15 Years of Successfully Hiring and Retaining New Graduate RNs in Critical CareSara Kollman, RNEvidence-Based
Starting a Journal Club: Creating an Environment of Professional Growth and Enhancement of PracticeMarian Racco, BSN,MSNEvidence-Based
Utilizing the Shared Governance Model to Improve Quality Outcomes in a Community Adult ICULiesel J Delamater, MS,RN,CCRN,ACNS-BLEvidence-Based
An Evidence-Based Approach to Creating a Restraint-Free Environment in the Pediatric ICU Anne K Pirrone, RN,BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Preventing Preventable Falls in Critical CareSabine Doenninghaus, RN, PhD, MA, BSN, CCRN, SCRNEvidence-Based
Evaluation of Specialty Linens to Reduce Pressure Ulcers in High Risk Intensive Care Unit PatientsRegina K Freeman, RN, MSN, CNSEvidence-Based
Synchronize Your Watches From A Random Sedation Vacation To A Structured Awakening TrialGeorge R. Brown, RN,BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Improving Sepsis Compliance: Using a Collaborative Team Approach Jan F. Shepard, RN,BS,BSN,CCRN,CRNEvidence-Based
Nurse Led Rounds Improves Communication, Collaboration, and Decision MakingCatherine A Schmieder, RNEvidence-Based
Improving Outcomes With Low Fidelity Simulation in Annual competency TrainingSofia S Puerto, PhD.CCRN.MPH.FNPEvidence-Based
We need blood at the bedside STAT: Nursing’s role in massive transfusion Sharon K Wahl, RN,CNS,APRN,MS,CCRN,CCNSEvidence-Based
PICU Success in Working a New Model for Competency AssessmentMichele M Schwister, RN,BSEvidence-Based
Improving Healthcare Provider and Staff Communication with Patients and FamiliesJean Ann Carraher, MS, RN-BC, CCRNEvidence-Based
Integrating Multidisciplinary Palliative Care into the ICU: IMPACT-ICU ProjectJeannette M Meyer, RN,APRN,MS,CCRN,CCNS,PCCN,ACHPNEvidence-Based
Simulation-Based Mock Codes in a Tele-ICU PracticeSarah BellEvidence-Based
Reducing Healthcare Worker Injury: Safe patient handling protocol for repositioing patients in bed.Carol SchleffendorfEvidence-Based
Good Night, Sleep Tight: Active Sleep Promotion in the CTICUMyra F Ellis, MSN,RN, CCRN-CSCEvidence-Based
Place Atrium to Water Seal (PAWS) ProjectTamara Castanias, RN,BSN,CCRN,CSCEvidence-Based
Alcohol impregnated antimicrobial port caps versus alcohol swabs to reduce CLABSI rates.Jonathan Morgan, BSN, RN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Conquering CAUTIChristine A Bradford, CCRNEvidence-Based
Clean It Like You Mean It: Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection Prevention Hyein Kathy Lee, RN, BSN, CCRNEvidence-Based
RNovatorKC Project - AACN Chapter Kickstarts Innovative Nursing Ideas from the Bedside Akiko Kubo, BSN,RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Perceptions of Implementing a Mobility Program in Acute CareLauren T Morata, RN,MSN,CCRN,CCNSEvidence-Based
Courageous Care: Shifting the Focus from Intensive Care to Comfort Care in the ICUMarcia L Perkins, RN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Focus on Safety: Creating a Culture of SafetyHolly BechardEvidence-Based
The Courage to Reduce Inactionable AlarmJennifer Ann Laymon, RN,MS,CCRNEvidence-Based
Strategic Solutions to Bundle Pressure Ulcer Prevention in the Critically Ill Population Nancy R Pallais, MSN, RN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Implementation of a Nurse Driven Protocol to Reduce Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections Danielle D. Fraser, MS, RN, GCNS-BCEvidence-Based
The Implementation of Delirium Screening in Adult Intensive Care UnitsOdette Y Comeau, RN,MS,CCRNEvidence-Based
Reinventing Alarm Management – Using Smart Phone Technology to Care for Telemetry PatientsKathleen ShortEvidence-Based
Courageously caring for each other! Providing Pet Therapy to staff in a Surgical Intensive Care UnitStephanie Vaupel-Juart, BSN,RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Overwhelmed by the Noise!: Managing Alarms and Decreasing Alarm FatigueCeleste R Romp, MSN, ARNP, CCNS, RN-BCEvidence-Based
Ventilator Associated Pneumonia: Prevention in the Midst of ChangeTimothy HeckmanEvidence-Based
“Timer” for Change: Reducing Blood Product Wastage in the CTICUCatherine S Shuford, RN, BSNEvidence-Based
Using an interdisciplinary team to improve early mobility in the ICUAmanda Schooley, MS,RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Catch Them Early: Driving Sepsis Performance Improvement in the Emergency Department Jean E Bollinger, MSN,RN,ACCNS-AG, CCRN-CSCEvidence-Based
Crushing CLABSI: Collaborative approach to eliminate Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections Kimberly A Mattison, BSN, RN, PCCNEvidence-Based
Reducing the Rate of Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections in Intensive Care Unit PatientsKathryn Leah E ElaydaEvidence-Based
Blood Conservation in Cardiac Surgery using Thromboelastography & Platelet MappingTeresa J Campanelli, RNEvidence-Based
Improved Nursing-Lab Collaboration Results in Improved Staff Satisfaction and Efficiency Dawn Blindauer, BSN,RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Bath basin elimination: The use of bathing cloths to reduce CAUTIRosalyn C Beswick, RNEvidence-Based
RED-BE-GONE: Reducing Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) in the ICU Using the Evidence!Beth A. Adams, RN,ADN,ASEvidence-Based
Decreasing Restraint Use in the Medical Intensive Care UnitLisa L Lynn, RN,MSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Have You Hugged Your Patient Today?: FASTHUG BASICSBarbara Pudelek, RN-BC ,MSN,ACNPEvidence-Based
PICU Structured Interdisciplinary Rounds Impacts Communication and Nursing/Family SatisfactionMs Michele A WilsonEvidence-Based
“How Sweet It Is”: Taking the Fear Away From Managing Insulin Infusions Joyce E. Kane, RN,MSN,OCN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Extubate Patients When ReadyJacqueline Grau, RN,BSNEvidence-Based
Strategies for Improving the Delivery of Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy in Pediatric PatientsJaime L O'Donnell, RN, MSN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Reducing Pressure Ulcers in the Delayed Sternal Closure Patient Lisa Q CorbettEvidence-Based
Advanced Care in Pediatric Hematopoietic Transplant: Use of High-Fidelity SimulationMarjorie Kjellin, RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Nurse Driven Hand-off from Anesthesia Care to Pediatric Cardiothoracic ICU: A Courageous Act?Nida S Oriza, RNIVEvidence-Based
Breaking the Fall: Going Above and Beyond the Fall Bundle Sarah E AdamsonEvidence-Based
Courageous Collaborative Care-Value Improvement Teams Make a Difference on a Stepdown UnitMegan Smakulski, MSN,MBA,RN,PCCNEvidence-Based
Courageous CAUTI Reduction: Evidence Based Practice and EducationEric W Wickersham, RNEvidence-Based
Promoting Advanced Care Planning via Goals of Care Tab in an Electronic Medical Record Shervin EsfahaniEvidence-Based
Using Lean Methodologies to Improve Sepsis Bundle ManagementAmy K Veenstra, RN,CCRN,CMCEvidence-Based
Implementation of Nurse Driven Rounding Checklist to Improve Communication and Quality OutomesNicole E Violett, RNEvidence-Based
Utilization of MEWS and Standardized Documentation to Improve OutcomesSheila M. Chucta, RN,BSN,MS,CCRN, ACNS-BCEvidence-Based
Medical Intensive Care Unit Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection Reduction InitiativeDonna Prentice, ACNS-BC,CCRNEvidence-Based
Survey Says! Increasing HCAHPS Patient Satisfaction Scores through Purposeful Rounding Heather E McKinney, RN,MSNEvidence-Based
Save Our Skin: Reducing Advanced Stage Pressure Ulcers in the PICUNicole T Diehl, BSN,RN, CCRNEvidence-Based
Caring around the clock: Proactive rounding by the RRT nurse using PeraTrendBlas E Villa, RN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Safety Starts with Bedside Shift report: Empowering Nurses to Improve Patient Safety Bryna M RickettEvidence-Based
Life Beyond the Bundle: Strategies for Reducing CLABSI’sHeather Pena, RN, BSN, CCRN-CSCEvidence-Based
Using a CPR Feedback Device to Improve CPR QualityNicole L Kupchik, RN,MN,CCRN,CCNS, PCCNEvidence-Based
End-of-Life Nursing Education in Intensive Care Units: An Evidence-Based Practice ApproachMegan Shifrin, DNP, RN, ACNP-BCEvidence-Based
Encouraging Courageous Care through an Online Journal ClubAmanda Carney, RN,BSN,CCRNEvidence-Based
Relieving the Pressure: Reducing Unit Acquired Pressure Ulcers on Medical/Pulmonary StepdownTiffani D Lee, MSN, RN, PCCNEvidence-Based
Pole vs. Patient: Summary of EBP Research for pole versus patient mounted transducer placementCarolynn A. BitzerEvidence-Based
Not On My Watch: Implementation of a Falls Prevention Program in the Acute Care Setting That Works!Toni M Mingola, ARNP,NE-BCEvidence-Based
Integration of Best Practices for CLABSI Prevention into the Clinicians’ Standard WorkCarrie C Ogilvie, DNP,CNS-BC,CCRNEvidence-Based
Innovative Technical Solutions Improve Recognition and Response to Clinical Deterioration Kathleen A Burns, DNP, RN, ACCNS-AG, ACNS-BC, CENEvidence-Based
Surveillance: A nursing intervention for improving patient safety in critical care Dale M Pfrimmer, RN,MSResearch
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