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  1. (Poster, 1 pages, 2015)
    Product#: 100801
    The Critical Care Admixtures Wall Chart reports on the compatibility of IV drugs commonly administered to patients in a critical care setting and  ...(more)
    Member Price: $19.00 (Non-Member: $20.00)
    Members Save: $1.00 (5%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 22
  2. Author: American Nurses Association
    (Book, 60 pages, 2015)
    ISBN: 9781558105997
    Product#: 140325

    This is ANA's guide for carrying out nursing responsibilities in a manner consistent with quality in nursing care and the ethical obligations of the profession.

    Member Price: $29.85 (Non-Member: $33.95)
    Members Save: $4.10 (12%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 21
  3. Author: M. Ellis
    Editor: AACN
    (CD Rom, 2013)
    Product#: 300910
    This certification review course based on the 2012 test plan will equip you with in depth knowledge centered around the care and treatment of patients undergoing surgery for coronary artery revascularization, cardiac valve repair/replacement, and thoracic aorta repair.   ...(more)
    Member Price: $129.00 (Non-Member: $155.00)
    Members Save: $26.00 (17%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 6
  4. Product#: 300924

    Package includes:

    CSC Review Course on CD-ROM (#300910)
    Cardiac Surgery Essentials for Critical Care Nursing (#100257)
    Practice CSC Review Questions (item #200605)

    By purchasing all items together you get them for 10% less than you would by purchasing the items separately.

    Member Price: $206.84 (Non-Member: $240.95)
    Members Save: $34.11 (14%)
  5. Author: S. J. Brown
    (Book, 429 pages, 2012)
    ISBN: 9781449624064
    Product#: 150518

     A key resource designed to teach nursing students how to engage in evidence-based practice (EBP). This text provides basic knowledge regarding research methodology and gives students the confidence they need to appraise published research critically. Perfect for students and practicing nurses without exposure to evidence-based practice content, it addresses learning objectives using an organized, easy-to-read approach.

    Member Price: $93.00 (Non-Member: $97.95)
    Members Save: $4.95 (5%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 5
  6. Author: R. Keele
    (Book, 273 pages, 2011)
    ISBN: 9780763780586
    Product#: 150519

    Ideal for nursing students and practicing nurses who need to understand the language and significance of research and how to translate it into evidence-based practice. This innovative text provides a step-by-step guide on how to develop evidence-based practice proposals for the real world and focuses on analyzing all forms of evidence. With chapter objectives, tables, algorithms, and real-life examples of full evidence-based nursing practice proposals, this is the essential “how-to” reference.

    Member Price: $64.50 (Non-Member: $67.95)
    Members Save: $3.45 (5%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 4
  7. Author: B. Mackoff
    (Book, 210 pages, 2013)
    ISBN: 9780763785338
    Product#: 128683
    Nurse Manager Engagement: Strategies for Excellence and Commitment is based on the groundbreaking and highly regarded national "Nurse Engagement Study" project funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The book builds upon the key ideas in the study by including examples from Dr. Mackoff’s conversations and key teaching points from her work with several hundred nurse managers in the three years following this innovative study.  ...(more)
    Member Price: $76.95 (Non-Member: $80.95)
    Members Save: $4.00 (5%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 30
  8. Author: I. Byock
    (Book, 320 pages, 2013)
    ISBN: 9781583335123
    Product#: 800103
    It is harder to die in this country than ever before. Though the vast majority of Americans would prefer to die at home—which hospice care provides—many of us spend our last days fearful and in pain in a healthcare system ruled by high-tech procedures and a philosophy to “fight disease and illness at all cost.”   ...(more)
    Member Price: $45.00 (Non-Member: $60.00)
    Members Save: $15.00 (25%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 8
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