AACN Scope and Standards for Acute Care Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice

Editor: L. Bell
(Book, 53 pages, 2014)
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AACN Scope and Standards for Acute Care Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice

Current trends and developments in advanced practice nursing, in association with issues in health care delivery and an aging society, continue to drive the roles and responsibilities of the acute care clinical nurse specialist (CNS). The need has emerged for a provider with unique knowledge, skills, and abilities to manage a patient’s care across the full continuum of acuity and care services from wellness to illness. The acute care CNS in collaboration with his or her acute care NP colleagues is uniquely prepared to fill this need.

The purpose of AACN Scope and Standards for Acute Care Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice is to describe the practice of the acute care CNS, whether trained and certified to care for neonatal, pediatric, or adult-gerontology patients. This purpose is accomplished by describing the Scope of Practice, the Standards of Clinical Practice, and the Standards of Professional Performance.

Table of Contents:



    1. Purpose of this Document
    2. The Consensus Process and Title Transitions from Acute and Critical Care CNS to Acute Care CNS
    3. Definition and Role of Scope
    4. Definition and Role of Standards
    5. Framework for this document
    6. Need for the role of Acute Care CNS

Scope of Practice for Acute Care CNS

    1. Introduction
    2. Definition of Acute Care CNS
    3. Role of the Acute Care CNS
    4. Practice Population
    5. Practice Environment
    6. Educational Preparation
    7. Clinical Practicum
    8. Regulation
    9. Ethics & Advocacy
    10. Conclusion

The Standards

    1. Introduction
    2. Assessment
    3. Diagnosis
    4. Outcome Identification
    5. Planning
    6. Implementation
    7. Evaluation

Standards of Professional Performance

    1. Introduction
    2. Professional Practice
    3. Individual Practice Evaluation
    4. Professional Development
    5. Collegiality
    6. Ethics
    7. Collaboration
    8. Research/Clinical Inquiry
    9. Resource Utilization
    10. Leadership
    11. System Thinking

Current Issues and Trends

    1. APRNs and Health Care
    2. Consensus Model for APRN Regulation
    3. CNS Recognition as APRN
    4. The CNS and Certification




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Product Code: 128110

ISBN: 9780945812067

Editor:  L.Bell