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  1. Editor: K. Carlson
    (Book, 1599 pages, 2009)
    ISBN: 9781416032199
    Product#: 128250
    From AACN experts comes a resource dedicated to helping you oversee or care for critical care patients in any practice setting.  ...(more)
    Member Price: $113.50 (Non-Member: $126.00)
    Members Save: $12.50 (10%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 45
  2. Editor: D. Lynn-McHale Wiegand
    (Book, 1312 pages, 2011)
    ISBN: 9781416062189
    Product#: 128150

    Order 10 or more Procedure Manuals and receive 10% off of your order!

    The AACN Procedure Manual for Critical Care, 6th Edition presents procedures for the critical care environment in an illustrated, consistent, and step-by-step format. The Procedures and Patient Monitoring sections are presented in a tabular format that includes special considerations and rationales for each intervention.

    For more information about the institutional licensing version of the Procedure Manual, please contact Karen Delany, Account Specialist, Elsevier Inc., at 1-800-523-1649, ext. 3278 or and refer to ISBN 978-1-4377-6774-2.

    Member Price: $111.60 (Non-Member: $124.00)
    Members Save: $12.40 (10%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 70
  3. Editor: L. Bell
    (Book, 53 pages, 2014)
    ISBN: 9780945812067
    Product#: 128110

    Current trends and developments in advanced practice nursing, in association with issues in health care delivery and an aging society, continue to drive the roles and responsibilities of the acute care clinical nurse specialist (CNS). The need has emerged for a provider with unique knowledge, skills, and abilities to manage a patient’s care across the full continuum of acuity and care services from wellness to illness.

    Also available for purchase from the Kindle store (compatible with many mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android).

    Member Price: $10.00 (Non-Member: $25.00)
    Members Save: $15.00 (60%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 47
  4. Author: Advanced Practice Work Group
    Editor: L. Bell
    (Book, 40 pages, 2012)
    ISBN: 9780945812005
    Product#: 128102
    AACN Scope and Standards for Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Practice describes and measures the expected level of practice and professional performance for acute care nurse practitioners (ACNPs), incorporating advances in scientific knowledge, clinical practice, technology and other changes in the dynamic healthcare environment.  ...(more)
    Member Price: $10.00 (Non-Member: $25.00)
    Members Save: $15.00 (60%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 78
  5. Product#: ACNPCOD

    Special offer: Receive this review course free when you apply for the ACNPC-AG certification exam.

    This comprehensive certification review course is designed to assist the aspiring adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner (ACNP) in preparing for the ACNPC-AG certification exam.


    Member Price: $159.00 (Non-Member: $199.00)
    Members Save: $40.00 (20%)
  6. (Lapel Pins, 2013)
    Product#: 402900
    A symbol of excellence for those who hold ACNPC certification. Features the ACNPC log on a hunter green background.  ...(more)
    Member Price: $4.75 (Non-Member: $5.75)
    Members Save: $1.00 (17%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 83
  7. Author: M. McKinley
    (Book, 288 pages, 2007)
    ISBN: 9781416001560
    Product#: 128103

    Acute and Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialists: Best Practices presents the knowledge and tools the CNS needs to provide the best standards of practice and performance. It focuses on the role of the CNS in acute and critical care, emphasizing the relationship between critical care nursing, the patient, and the environment of care.


    Member Price: $85.45 (Non-Member: $89.95)
    Clearance Price: $68.36 (Non-Member: $71.96)
    Qty: Qty Available: 22
  8. Author: M. Leik
    (Book, 696 pages, 2013)
    ISBN: 9780826134264
    Product#: 304011

    The second edition of this acclaimed ANP review continues to promote efficient, time-saving study by synthesizing the key content needed to pass the NP Certification Exam into a concise, well-organized format.

    Member Price: $54.00 (Non-Member: $60.00)
    Members Save: $6.00 (10%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 8
  9. Author: J. Whetstone-Foster, S. Prevost
    (Book, 752 pages, 2012)
    ISBN: 9780803621626
    Product#: 128100

    Written by a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Clinical Nurse Specialists and CNS students, this text explores the expanding roles and responsibilities of the CNS from core competencies and theoretical foundations for practice to caring for the hospitalized adult to shaping the healthcare system through the CNS spheres of influence.

    Member Price: $105.00 (Non-Member: $120.00)
    Members Save: $15.00 (12%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 12
  10. Author: A. Hauser
    (Book, 308 pages, 2013)
    ISBN: 9781451112214
    Product#: 140353

    Easy-to-apply set of principles for selecting the right antibiotic.

    Antibiotic Basics for Clinicians, Second Edition, shows you how to apply your knowledge of pharmacology and microbiology in order to select the appropriate antibiotic. Rather than rely on rote memorization, you’ll learn the underlying rationale for treatment of common infectious diseases and pathogens.

    Member Price: $50.00 (Non-Member: $52.99)
    Members Save: $2.99 (6%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 27
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