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  1. Author: P. Grace
    (Book, 560 pages, 2014)
    ISBN: 9781449667429
    Product#: 140300
    Nursing Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Advanced Practice, Second Edition is a comprehensive textbook focused on advanced practice nursing ethics. The text proactively addresses challenges that span specialty areas well as issues unique to these areas of practice.  ...(more)
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  2. Editor: S. Burns
    (Book, 113 pages, 2006)
    ISBN: 9780763738259
    Product#: 170680

    Delineated evidence for using devices for noninvasive patient monitoring of blood pressure, heart rhythms, pulse oximetry, end-tidal carbon dioxide, and respiratory waveforms.

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  3. Author: S. Burns
    (Book, 320 pages, 2006)
    ISBN: 9780763740801
    Product#: 170685

    Guides clinicians' practice in the following categories: airway management, modes and methods of mechanical ventilation, weaning, sedation and neuromuscular blockade, nutrition support, and home care management of ventilator-assisted patients.

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  4. Author: AACN
    (Book, 200 pages, 2007)
    ISBN: 9780763748951
    Product#: 170690

    AACN Protocols for Practice: Healing Environments discusses the benefits of creating a healing environment for critically ill patients and their families and how changes to a patient's environment can promote healing. Family needs, visitation, complementary therapies, and pain management are also covered.

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  5. Editor: L. Littlejohns, M. Bader
    (Book, 216 pages, 2008)
    ISBN: 9780763741563
    Product#: 170695

    Provides clinicians at the point of care with the latest research findings in patient care in a format which is easy to understand and integrate into clinical practice. Each protocol guides clinicians in the appropriate selection of patients, use and application of management principles, initial and ongoing monitoring, discontinuation of therapies or interventions, and selected aspects of quality control.

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  6. Editor: J. Medina, K. Puntillo
    (Book, 59 pages, 2006)
    ISBN: 9780763740276
    Product#: 170900

    This protocol is introduced by case studies, followed by general information, competencies, ethical considerations, occupational hazards, summarizes of current research, future research needs, and practice recommendations. Recommendations are rated according to the level of evidence that is available to support the statement. Annotated bibliographies, suggested readings, and cross references provide guidance for learning more about the specific patient care issue.

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