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  1. Author: L. Littlejohns
    (DVD, 2006)
    Product#: 301513

    This DVD* offers a comprehensive review of the normal structures and pathways of the spine, spinal cord and supporting coverings. Potential pathologies and disease entities will also be identified as each area is examined.

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  2. (Poster, 1 pages, 2014)
    Product#: 100802
    The 2014 Critical Care Y-Site Compatibility Wall Chart reports on the compatibility of IV drugs commonly administered to patients in a critical care setting and includes antibiotics, vitamins, tpn and other drugs.  ...(more)
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  3. Author: T. Greenhalgh
    (Book, 256 pages, 2010)
    ISBN: 9781444334364
    Product#: 128614

    Describes the different types of clinical research reporting, and explains how to critically appraise the publications. The book provides the tools to find and evaluate the literature, and implement the findings in an evidence-based, patient-centered way. Written for anyone in the health care professions who has little or no knowledge of evidence-based medicine it provides a clear understanding of the concepts and how to put them into practice at the basic, clinical level.

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  4. Author: P. Gonce Morton, D. Fontaine
    (Book, 1321 pages, 2013)
    ISBN: 9781609137496
    Product#: 128450

    Fully revised and streamlined to include the most recent information, Critical Care Nursing: A Holistic Approach provides students with the theory and application knowledge necessary to fully prepare them for the highly specialized and complicated technical world of critical care nursing.

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  5. Author: ENA
    (Book, 108 pages, 2007)
    Product#: 120632
    The updated and improved third edition provides a comprehensive review of family presence during invasive procedures and / or resuscitation in the emergency department. This authoritative resource is a complete kit with all the tools to help you develop and implement a family presence program.  ...(more)
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  6. Author: S. DeBoer
    (Book, 156 pages, 2013)
    ISBN: 9781467547154
    Product#: 800101

    When in doubt... Take it out! But how do you take the jewelry out? Are you prepared for a patient with multiple body piercings? This step-by-step 156 page, full color pictorial guide will provide a visual overview of many common (and not so common) body piercings, as well as insights as to how, when, and if the jewelry should be removed.

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  7. Author: L. Neal-Boylan
    (Book, 350 pages, 2013)
    ISBN: 9781937554460
    Product#: 128756

    Many faculty members struggle as they watch students who were successful in school become discouraged upon entering clinical practice. The questions become, "Who is failing?" and "What can be done to better prepare novice nurses for the reality of today's nursing field?"

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