You are an inspiration to your patients who need the most care, who are in the most pain, with whom you experience some of life's most profound moments. You have the privilege of seeing and knowing things that most people never will. AACN is a community of nurses like you who understand the demands of nursing and are here to support you, applaud you, and inspire you in your professional journey. Download Community Guide

NTI Conference

As the premier conference for high acuity and critical care nurses, NTI provides an unmatched opportunity for committed professionals like you to connect with colleagues, gain new knowledge, refine practice skills and renew their passion. Attendees tell us the unexpected sense of inspiration, renewal, common purpose and heightened commitment is the most compelling takeaway.

AACN Communities

Your membership in AACN connects you to other acute and critical care nurses, creating a community that is greater than any individual nurse.


There are more than 240 AACN chapters in 49 states and 3 foreign countries. They are local communities of nurses collaborating to further their knowledge, advocate for what nurses and patients need, and support and encourage one another.

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