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Vol. 16, No. 10, OCTOBER 1999

AACN Prepares for Y2K

Although initial assessment indicates that the majority of AACN’s and AACN Certification Corporation’s systems will not encounter problems after Jan. 1, 2000, preparations to address Year 2000 (Y2K) compliancy are continuing to ensure that products and services will not be affected.

An inventory of all equipment, including computers, printers, faxes, telephones and scanners, as well as corresponding software, has been undertaken, and conversion, upgrade or replacement needs are being identified. AACN’s association management and financial system software vendor has confirmed that the system used is ready for Y2K. In fact, AACN and AACN Certification Corporation have already processed transactions that extend membership and CCRN and CCNS statuses into and beyond 2000.

In addition, AACN is working with its member-benefit partners, such as First USA, to determine that they have plans and processes in place that will allow their services to continue without interruption.

A Y2K task force, led by senior management at the National Office, is overseeing compliance issues. Business and support units are also represented on this task force.

Contingency plans are being developed in the event that any systems are discovered to be noncompliant.

A key component of the Y2K compliancy effort involves communication. A subgroup of the task force is responsible for communicating Y2K issues to those outside the National Office, including AACN members, chapters and business partners.

A variety of ongoing communication vehicles are being used to promote awareness of the Y2K issue and its potential ramifications. Regular meetings of the Y2K task force, internal newsletter articles, postings of updated information on the Y2K database keep the issue in the forefront at the National Office. In addition, information will be provided to members and customers via AACN News and the AACN Web site at http://www.aacn.org.

For more information about the Y2K plan, contact AACN, Year 2000 Task Force, 101 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656; e-mail, info@aacn.org (include Y2K task force in the subject line).

Revised Resource Catalog Available in November 1999

Are you looking for resources that will help enhance your practice or professional development? You can find these and other resources in the revised AACN Resource Catalog, which will be available in November 1999.

To request a copy, call (800) 899-AACN (2226), or e-mail info@aacn.org.

The catalog is also available online through the AACN Web site at http://www.aacn.org. Click on “Bookstore.”

The online version is easy to use, and allows you to search for resources by keywords, as well as to purchase items in a secure environment. Because the catalog is “live,” it is continually updated with new information or products.

Meet Your Public Policy Advisers

Members of the Public Policy Advisory Team (PPAT) are volunteers who are familiar with public policy trends in their regions. In this role, PPATS help to refine and implement AACN public policy initiatives, and help members to understand them. In addition, PPATs review and refine educational resources related to public policy. They also provide support and advice to chapters in their regions regarding public policy and community service.

Positions Available
Opportunities to volunteer as a PPAT representative are still available in four of AACN’s 19 regions:
• Region 1—Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont
• Region 11—Kentucky and Tennessee
• Region 16—Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming
• Region 17—Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah

PPAT representatives are appointed for terms of one to three years. Some travel is required. In addition to travel within their regions, PPATs meet together at least once a year. Communication with the AACN National Office, as well as ongoing communication with chapters and individual members via telephone, letters, fax and e-mail are important aspects of the position.

If you are interested in participating on this national AACN advisory team, contact Public Policy Specialist Janice Weber, RN, MSN, CCRN, (800) 809-2273, ext. 508; e-mail, janice.weber@aacn.org.

Getting in Touch
PPAT members are available via voice mail at the AACN National Office (800) 394-5995. (See e-mail addresses and extensions below.) Presented here are the PPATs by region, as well as contact information.

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