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Vol. 16, No. 10, OCTOBER 1999

Apply for a Chapter Circle of Excellence Award; Deadline Nov. 1, 1999

Don’t forget to submit your applications for chapter Circle of Excellence awards for 2000. The deadline to apply is Nov. 1, 1999 for all except the President’s Award and the CCRN Certification Drive Award.

Following are brief descriptions of the awards that are due Nov. 1:
• Pioneering Spirit Award—recognizes chapters whose contributions have influenced acute and critical care nursing in any setting. One chapter from each of four membership categories will be awarded $1000 toward the National Teaching Institute,™ May 20 through 25, 2000, in Orlando, Fla., or toward any AACN product.
• AACN Sharon Connor Excellence in Chapter Leadership Development Award—intended to promote the development of AACN chapter leaders by recognizing premier chapter leadership development plans, outcomes, and effective leadership transitions. The criteria include an assessment of the chapter’s support of the four “c’s”: communication, connection, consistency and contribution. One chapter from each membership category will receive $1000.

• Outstanding Chapter Communications System Award—recognizes chapters that exemplify effective communication and promote AACN’s messages in the chapter or the community. One chapter from each category will be awarded $1000.
• Outstanding Chapter Educational Program Award—recognizes chapters that exemplify team-teaching, program quality, and learning connection opportunities. Efforts by individual chapters, chapters working with other chapters, and chapters working with outside collaborators will be recognized separately. One chapter from each category will receive $1000.

For the CCRN Certification Drive Award, chapters must submit rosters as of Jan. 1, 1999, and highlight the members who are CCRNs; then submit a second roster highlighting members who have achieved CCRN status during the year, as of Dec. 31, 1999. This award recognizes chapters that demonstrate the value of CCRN certification by increasing the number of CCRNs in their chapters during the year. Chapters with the greatest percentage increase will receive five complimentary tickets to and be recognized at the CCRN luncheon during the NTI. Awards will be presented to one chapter from each membership category.

The President’s Award will go to the chapter or chapters that best exemplify the theme of 1999-2000 AACN President Anne G. Wojner, RN, MSN, CCRN, which is “Pioneering in a World of Innovation.” Applications are due April 1, 2000, and should cover activities demonstrated by the chapter, beginning July 1, 1999.

For more information about the Chapter Circle of Excellence Awards program or to obtain an awards guide, call (800) 899-AACN (2226) or visit the AACN Web site at http://www.aacn.org. Click on “Awards.”

Cultivate Chapter Leadership

A workshop to provide leadership development for chapters is planned prior to the National Teaching Institute™ in 2000 in Orlando, Fla. This new Chapter Leadership Development Workshop is scheduled for May 21, 2000.

Each chapter is invited to nominate its president-elect or another chapter leader to attend the workshop. The chapter’s nominee will receive complimentary airfare to Orlando and one night’s hotel accommodation.

Nomination forms will be mailed to chapter presidents in November 1999. Nominations are due Dec. 31, 1999.

For more information, contact Chapter Specialist Darval Bonelli at (800) 394-5995, ext. 234; e-mail chapters@aacn.org.

Note: NTI 2000 is scheduled for May 20 through 25. Watch for full program and registration information after Jan. 1, 2000.

Regional Educational Programs Remain

Two chapter regional educational programs remain. To find out about these and other educational opportunities, visit the “Events & Links” area of the AACN Web site at http://www.aacn.org. Click on “Get Plugged Into Upcoming AACN Programs.”

Region 5—Oct. 28 and 29; Durham, N.C., sponsored by Triangle and Greater Raleigh Chapters; contact Sidney Lange, (800) 394-5995, ext. 8805; e-mail, sslange@novanthealth.org

Region 11—Nov. 5 and 6; Galt House East, Louisville, Ky.; sponsored by Region 11 Chapters; contact Anita Stiles, (800) 394-5595, ext. 8811; e-mail, region11aacn@aol.com

Concern for Patients and Families

Mary Collison (center), administrative assistant at the Hospital Hospitality House of Saginaw, Saginaw, Mich., accepted a $100 donation from Denae Case (left) and Karen Provenzano, president and secretary, respectively, of the Northeastern Michigan Chapter of AACN. Hospitality House is a nonprofit corporation, which provides lodging and support services in a home-like environment to patients or their caregivers. The chapter also donated paper products to the operation.

Meet Your Chapter Advisers

The Chapter Advisory Team (CATs) provides an important link between members and chapters in each of AACN’s 19 regions and the AACN national leadership team. They are also a conduit for information sharing among chapters.

CAT volunteers keep abreast of chapter issues and trends in their regions and of national AACN initiatives. In addition to attending chapter programs and meetings, these advisers are available to help chapters in many ways. They can be contacted via voice mail or e-mail at the AACN National Office (800) 394-5995. (See e-mail addresses and extensions below.)

Presented here are the CATs by region, as well as contact information:
What's on Tap

CCRN Review Course
The Greater Evansville Chapter of AACN will offer a series of CCRN exam review courses on Oct. 18, 21, 25 and 27 and Nov. 1, 4, 8 and 11, 1999, in Evansville, Ind. For more information, contact Cathy Murphy at (812) 485-4839 or Lynn Schnautz at (812) 450-7172.

Changing Fall
The Rochester Chapter of AACN will present “The Changing Fall of Critical Care” on Oct. 28, 1999, in Rochester, Minn. Tom Ahrens, RN, DNS, CCRN, CS, is the keynote speaker. For more information, contact Dennis Clark, (507) 282-2584; e-mail,

CCRN Review Course
The Hawaiian Islands Chapter of AACN will sponsor a CCRN review course on Oct. 29 and 30, 1999, in Honolulu, Hawaii. For more information, contact Terry Evangelista, ((808) 679-0227; e-mail,

Personal and Professional
The Greater New Orleans Chapter of AACN will present “Quick Stop at the Body Shop,” a program about balancing personal and professional potential, on Nov. 2, 1999, in Mandeville, La. The speaker will be Michelle Deck, RN, BSN, MEd, LCCE-R. The program offers 1.0 contact hours of continuing education credit. For more information, contact Wendy Garretson at (504) 764-4385.

Certification Review
The Dallas County Chapter of AACN will sponsor a critical care certification review on Nov. 2 and 3, 1999, in Dallas, Tex. Robin Donohoe Dennision, RN, MSN, CCRN, CS, is the keynote speaker. A total of 15.5 contact hours of CE credit is available. For more information, call the chapter voice mail, (214) 712-1636.

Acute Stroke and Coronary Syndrome
The Foot of the Blue Ridge Chapter of AACN will present its fall symposium, titled “TPA—The Acute Stroke Patient and the Acute Coronary Syndrome,” on Nov. 9, 1999, in Rutherfordton, N.C., and again on Nov. 19, 199, in Sheeky, N.C. Janice Gasaway, RN, BSN, CCRN, is keynote speaker. A total of 4.0 contact hours of CE credit is available for each program. For more information, contact Audrey Weaver, (704) 487-3260, or Helen Camp, (828) 248-9643.

Spotlight on Critical Care
The Greater Washington Area Chapter of AACN will present “Spotlight on Critical Care ’99” on Nov. 10 and 11, 1999, in Greenbelt, Md. Keynote speakers are Anne Wojner, RN, MSN, CCRN, AACN president, and Dorrie Fontaine, RN, DNSc, FAAN. The program offers a total of 12 contact hours of CE credit, with additional CE units available through poster presentations. For more information, contact, Becki Fuzi, (540) 349-4811; Karen Kesten, (301) 340-6711; or the chapter, (301) 961-4542; e-mail, KSKes@aol.com.

Renal Teaching Day
The Capital Region Chapter of AACN will cosponsor its second annual Renal Teaching Day on Nov. 11, 1999, in Albany, N.Y. Cosponsors are St. Peter’s Hospital and the National Kidney Foundation of Northeast New York. The topic is multisystem organ failure in the critically ill patient. For a program brochure, call (518) 525-1703, or e-mail Krista VanPatten, RN, BS, CCRN, at

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