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Vol. 18, No. 8, AUGUST 2001

Connect With Colleagues at Regional Meetings
Learn About AACN Initiatives and Leadership Opportunities

Connect with colleagues from your area as you learn about AACN chapter and national initiatives during fall regional meetings scheduled throughout the country. These daylong meetings provide participants a chance to identify helpful resources and opportunities to develop leadership skills. Although Fall Regional Meetings are hosted by chapters, they are open to members who are not chapter members and to critical care nurses who are interested in AACN. In some regions, chapters sponsor educational programs in conjunction with the meetings.

Chapter Advisory Team members representing each region, as well as representatives of the AACN national leadership team, attend these meetings to answer questions and hear grassroots feedback.

Following is a list of the meetings that have been scheduled to date:

2001 Fall Regional Meetings

Region Date Location Host Chapter

Region 1 Sept. 21 Providence, R.I. Ocean State
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

Region 2 Sept. 22 University Hospital New York City
New York at Stonybrook

Region 3 Aug. 25 Bethlehem, Pa. Lehigh Valley
Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Region 4 TBA TBA TBA
Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia,
Washington, D.C.

Region 5 TBA TBA TBA
North Carolina, South Carolina

Region 6 Sept. 22 Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta Area
Alabama, Georgia

Region 7 Sept. 8 Orlando, Fla. Metro Orlando

Region 8 Sept. 21 Wisconsin TBA
Michigan, Wisconsin Oct. 26 Michigan TBA

Region 9 Oct. 4 Nashville, Ind. TBA
Indiana, Ohio

Region 10 Sept. 29 Chicago, Ill., area TBA

Region 11 Oct. 20 Memphis, Tenn. Greater Memphis
Kentucky, Tennessee

Region 12 Oct. 25 Lafayette, La. TBA
Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi

Region 13 Sept. 29 Iowa City, Iowa Eastern Iowa
Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska

Region 14 Oct. 10 Kansas City, Mo. Greater Kansas City
Kansas, Missouri

Region 15 Oct. 27 Houston, Texas Houston Gulf Coast
Oklahoma, Texas

Region 16 TBA TBA TBA
Montana, North Dakota,
South Dakota, Wyoming

Region 17 Oct 4 and 5 Reno, Nev. High Sierra
Arizona, Colorado, Nevada,
New Mexico, Utah,

Region 18 Sept. 29 Ashland, Ore.
Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho,
Oregon, Washington)

Region 19 TBA TBA. TBA

What's on Tap

The South Bay Chapter will present “Advances in Neuroscience Nursing” on Oct. 12, 2001, in San Jose, Calif. For more information, contact Yvonne McKenna at (831) 426-5665; e-mail, girLjani@aol.com.

The Atlanta Area Chapter will present “Infectious Disease Update” on Sept. 25, 2001. For more information, contact Mary Zellinger at (404) 712-4661; e-mail, mary_zellinger@emory.org

The Hawaiian Islands Chapter will present “Critical Care Systems Review/CCRN Examination Review” on Sept. 22, 2001, in Hawaii. For more information, contact Sharon Chun, RN, BSN, BS, CCRN, at (808) 833-7697; e-mail, cats@hawaii.rr.com.

The Northwest Chicago Area Chapter will present “Gene Therapy” on Sept. 19, 2001, in Park Ridge, Ill. For more information, contact Jodi Gunther, RN, MS, CCRN, at (847) 526-5865; e-mail, jlg3@gte.net.

The Northeast Indiana Chapter will present its fourth annual Critical Care Potpourri on Sept. 13, 2001, in Fort Wayne, Ind. For more information, call (219) 460-4747; e-mail Janbot@aol.com.

Region 12 chapters in Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas will present “Currents 2001” on Oct. 26 and 27, 2001, in Lafayette, La. For more information, contact Elizabeth Weber at (337) 984-7649; e-mail, Teek434@excite.com

The Puget Sound Chapter will present its 27th annual symposium, “Currents 2001,” on Oct. 22 and 23, 2001, in Bellevue, Wash. For more information, contact Pat Blissitt at (206) 447-9873; e-mail, pbliss@u.washington.edu.

Does your chapter have a program or special event coming up? Send the information to AACN News, 101 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656; fax, (949) 362-2049; e-mail, aacnnews@aacn.org.
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