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Vol. 19, No. 2, FEBRUARY 2002

Numerous NTI Events Spotlight Certified Nurses

Annual Conference Set for May 2002 in Atlanta, Ga.

Certified critical care nurses who attend AACN�s National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition May 4 through 9, 2002, in Atlanta, Ga., will again have a special place to gather, relax and share their experiences.

The Certification Oasis has been set aside in the Resource Center area to accommodate the special needs and interests of certified nurses. In addition to encouraging networking, the Oasis will provide certified nurses the opportunity to review certification resources and discuss certification issues with AACN Certification Corporation representatives, including national board members.

The lounge, sponsored by Indianapolis-based Clarian Health, will be available to certified adult-, pediatric- and adult critical care nurses (CCRNs), clinical nurse specialists (CCNSs) who are certified in acute and critical care, and acute care nurse practitioners (ACNPs).

Of course, the NTI has plenty of other activities and educational sessions that are geared specifically to certified nurses.

Always popular is the annual Certification Luncheon, where CCRNs, CCNSs and ACNPs come together to celebrate their achievements in an energizing and inspirational environment. Again this year, Atrium Medical Corporation is sponsoring the special memento mugs that will be given out at the luncheon.

The fee to attend this Monday luncheon is $25. Because seating is limited at this ticketed event, nurses who plan to attend are encouraged to make their reservations as early as possible.

In addition to concurrent sessions during the NTI, two preconference sessions are offered to assist participants in preparing for CCRN and CCNS certification exams.

The two-day Adult CCRN Review Course will be facilitated by Barbara Leeper, RN, MN, CCRN. Expert presenters will discuss various areas of the exam content.
A one-day CCNS Exam Preparation preconference on Sunday will be facilitated by Pat Moloney-Harmon, RN, MS. Experts will present an overview of information relevant to the test content outline.

�The Synergy Model: A Framework to Optimize Patient Outcomes� is the title of a special session that will be presented by Roberta Kaplow, RN, PhD, CCNS. The Synergy Model was adopted in 1995 by AACN Certification Corporation as the framework of the certification program.

For more information about NTI 2002 or to register, call (800) 899-2226 or visit the AACN Web site at http://www.aacn.org > nti. The discounted, early-bird deadline to register is March 26, 2002.

Take the CCRN or CCNS Exam at NTI

March 11 is the deadline to apply to take the paper-and-pencil version of the CCRN or CCNS certification exam on May 6, 2002, in Atlanta, Ga.

All three CCRN and CCNS exams�adult, pediatric and neonatal�will be administered from 2 to 6 p.m. that day, during AACN�s National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition. The fee is $150 for the CCRN exam and $250 for the CCNS exam.

Preregistration is required to take these exams. On-site registration will not be accepted.

Candidates who are also attending the NTI and who have not yet registered must return their NTI registration along with the exam application.

Although candidates should come ready to test, preconference sessions the weekend before the exams may be helpful for last-minute review. A two-part review course for the adult CCRN exam is scheduled for May 4 and 5. A full-day CCNS exam preparation course is scheduled for May 5.

For more information or to obtain application materials, call (800) 899-2226.

Missouri Nursing Board Recognizes CCNS Certification for Advanced Practice

Missouri has joined the list of states that now recognize CCNS certification as meeting the criteria for advanced practice nursing designation or licensure.

In addition to Missouri, the state boards of nursing in Alabama, California, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin have either approved the CCNS exam, or listed AACN Certification Corporation as an approved certification body.

AACN Certification Corporation has contacted the state boards in all 50 states to request recognition of the CCNS certification exam for clinical nurse specialists in acute and critical care. Depending on the wording of specific statutes or rules, each state that recognizes the CNS role for advanced practice status may have the option to approve the CCNS exam process.

However, though pressure from managed care groups, reimbursement issues and the desire to conform to the same practices as neighboring states seem to be influencing the move toward regulation of advanced practice, some boards of nursing do not have the statutory authority to establish or approve an advanced practice category. AACN Certification Corporation continues to monitor legislation in those states.

All nurses planning to use the CCNS to obtain advanced practice licensure should check the specific requirements of their state board of nursing before taking the CCNS exam.

Note: Certification obtained through AACN Certification Corporation is a voluntary process and is intended to test only for specialized knowledge. AACN Certification Corporation is not authorized to define qualifications of any person for nursing practice. The significance of certification in any jurisdiction is dependent on the statutes in that jurisdiction, and it is the individual candidate�s responsibility to contact the appropriate state board of nursing to obtain information pertaining to licensure requirements.

Article Was an Inspiration

Thank you for the article (�Chart a Course Toward Successful Certification�) in the December 2001 issue of AACN News. It was just what I needed to refocus on my path toward CCRN certification.

I have been a critical care nurse for three years, going directly into critical care after graduation. My certification is important to me, and I have been studying off and on for a couple of months, while also working on my BSN.

This article gave me avenues to check out. It was very encouraging. As I continue on my path toward this goal, I will remember that, when I finish, I will be proud of myself.
Stephanie Banda, RN
Fort Worth, Texas

Volunteers Sought for CCRN, CCNS Exam Appeals Panels

AACN Certification Corporation is seeking volunteers to serve on its adult, pediatric and neonatal CCRN and CCNS Exam Appeals Panels. Between six and eight volunteers are needed for each.

Appeals Panel appointees, who review and deliberate exam appeals, work primarily through written and electronic correspondence and participate in several conference calls that can be taken from home or work.

To volunteer, complete the application that appears on page 7 of this issue of AACN News. The deadline is March 1, 2002. The application is also available online at http://www.aacn.org > Membership > Volunteer opportunities.

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