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Vol. 20, No. 12, DECEMBER 2003

AACN Promotes Solutions to Nursing Shortage
Written Testimony Submitted to VA Subcommittee

If critically ill patients and their families are to receive optimal care, their nurses' must work in healthy environments staffed by sufficient numbers of expert clinicians who base their practice on the ethics and values of the nursing profession, and on accepted evidence-based standards for clinical practice. These environments must be safe, healing, humane and respectful of the rights, responsibilities, needs and contributions of everyone involved.

That was the position AACN promoted to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation regarding the impact of the nursing shortage and proposed solutions.

In a written statement submitted Oct. 2, AACN noted that the nursing shortage is more pronounced and expected to worsen in specialty areas, such as critical care.

"Having the appropriate number and mix of nurses is a critical factor in achieving positive patient outcomes in any healthcare setting," the statement read. "It is especially essential for patients who are critically ill. For these patients, and for the nurses who care for them, we must work together to mitigate the potentially devastating effects of this nursing shortage."

The complexity of the issue requires the combined efforts of all stakeholders in the healthcare industry to identify and implement strategies that will increase the supply of registered nurses and nurse educators, the statement continued.

As an active participant in forums collaborating to combat staffing shortages, including Nursing's Agenda for the Future and the Framing Options for Critical Care in the United States (FOCCUS) task force, AACN shared the following recommendations that have emerged from these efforts:

� Adopt characteristics of excellence as defined by national recognition programs such as Baldrige, AACN Beacon Awards, and Magnet Recognition Program to foster a workplace that respects and empowers nurses.
� Support nurse managers and executives, providing training where it is needed.
� Transform nursing work positively through the use of information and ergonomic technologies
� Set staffing levels based on nurse competency and skill mix relative to patient mix and acuity.
� Adopt zero tolerance policies for abusive behaviors.
� Foster an environment of professionalism by supporting continuing education and certification.

Noting that the nurse turnover rate in VA facilities is significantly lower than the national average, AACN commended the Department of Veterans Affairs for its culture of retention.

"We respectfully urge the department to maintain current initiatives in those areas � where it has begun work and to initiate work in those areas where attention and resources may not yet be focused.

AACN believes that creating healthy work environments is the one factor upon which rests the success of all other solutions to mitigating the nursing shortage. In response, it has made a Healthy Work Environment Initiative its top strategic priority.

As part of this initiative, AACN is seeking to underscore the danger that toxic work environments pose to patients, mobilize nurses in identifying the biggest challenges in their environments and encourage nurses to engage their colleagues in finding and implementing solutions to these challenges. Following are the interrelated areas that AACN believes must be addressed if a hospital is to create and maintain a healthy work environment:

� Effective communication
� Effective collaboration
� Meaningful recognition of nurses' unique contribution
� Nurses' participation in decisions that impact patient care
� Appropriate staffing

Critical Links Campaign at Halfway Point
Campaign Tops 2,000 New Members Recruited

AACN's Critical Links membership drive reached the halfway point in October, with 2,204 new members recruited to date. The campaign ends April 1.

Caroline Axt, RN, MS, of Oakland, Calif., continued to lead in AACN's Critical Links membership campaign as the recruitment drive passed the halfway point in October. Axt's total of 39 new members recruited held steady during the month, when chapters and individuals recruited a total of 433 new members.

The overall effort took the totals to 2,204 new members recruited since the campaign began May 1.
Ngozi I. Moneke, RN-BC, BSN, CCRN, of Freeport, N.Y., added nine new members during October to move into a close second place with 34 new members recruited.

Others at the top of the leader board were Delmar Imperial-Aubin, RN, BSN, of Houston, Texas, with 28 new members recruited; Kathleen M. Richuso, RN, MS, MSN, of Chapel Hill, N.C., with 26; Catherine P. Rodgers, RN, ADN, CCRN, of South Daytona, Fla., with 25; Carol A. Grube, RN, of Saxton, Pa., with 25; Stephanie C. Westbrook, RN, of Greenville, N.C., with 24; and Lori Ann Cox, RN, MSN, CCRN, ACNP, NP, of Johnstown, Pa., with 23.

Rewards Await Recruiters
The top individual recruiter when the campaign ends March 31 will receive a $500 American Express gift certificate. All individual campaign participants receive an AACN pocket reference when they recruit their first new member. After that, individual recruiters receive $25 gift certificates toward the purchase of AACN resources when they recruit five new members and $50 AACN gift certificates when they recruit 10 new members.

Each month, members who have recruited at least one new member during the month are also entered into a drawing for a $100 American Express gift certificate. Receiving the American Express gift certificate in the drawing for October was Doris J. Strother, RN, MN, MS, NP, of Birmingham, Ala.

In addition, all recruiters are eligible for prize drawings that offer round-trip tickets for two to anywhere in the continental United States, including a five-day, four-night hotel stay; round-trip tickets for two to anywhere in the continental United States; and four-day, three-night hotel accommodations in the continental U.S.

Note: To participate, recruiters must include their membership numbers on the referral line of the membership application. Individuals who also want their chapters to receive credit must include the chapter name.

Who Has Recruited New Members So Far?

Charlotte R. Abbott, Sakinah Abdulkhabir, Jennifer E. Abfalter, Mary Therese Crisostomo Acfalle, Eleanor Wilson Adamo, Christine E. Adams, Janet M. Adams, Rachel S. Addy, Geraldine Santos Aguila, Tammy M. Ahmed, Bethanne Algie, Fe Neri Almendras, Luis E. Almendras, Maria E. Alsop, Heidi Alton, Libby Leininger Anderson, Marie Anderson, Marlo Scott Anderson, Lois K. Andrews, Amy E. Antalick, Antonio L. Apostol, Judith Leigh Armstrong, Sharon Irene Armstrong, Betty Arnold, Kathleen Arnold, Kristina R. Arrington-Cherry, Dennis Scott Arthur, Judith A. Ascenzi, Ange Assion, Ponrathi Rosalind Athilingam, Angela Marie Aucoin, Karen K. Austin, Caroline Axt

Julie M. Baar, Rebekah L. Backowski, Louise Baclasky, Crystal G. Badgett, Dina Bailey, Luz Tabago Bailey, Mary Ann L. Bailey, Stephanie A. Baker, Marietta R. Balaan, Linda I. Ball, Rachel S. Ball, Shirleyann Balucanag, Rachel Banks, Christine M. Banta, Michelle L. Barkley, Beth Barranco, Jill E. Barrow, Tonya Marie Bartow, Jennifer A. Basler, Kathryn Basnight, Sheila A. Batiste, Susan L. Baughman, Lydia C. Bautista, Sherry E. Baxter, Alyce H.N. Beard, Kathleen Marilyn Bechtel, Jeffrey Reed Beck, Judi Beckman-Friedson, Jennifer Beckwith, Traci Beebe, Shelly S. Begue, Linda Majo Belkas, Sue A. Benson, John Bergen, Kim B. Bernhardt-Tindal, Annette Berning, Cristina B. Berthelot, Michael F. Beshel, Karen Christina Bishop, Sandra J. Bixler, Mara L. Black, Michael C. Blanchard, Zenaida D. Blanco, Cathy L. Blonski, Laura B. Boehm, Monica Bologna, Jeanne Ann Bolton, Charmaine Bond, Cynthia L. Bond, Janis E. Boterf, Darlene A. Boudreaux, Pamela M. Bowser, E. Lois Boyd, Becky L. Braddock, Celeste Braly, Cyndy E. Brasher, Marylee R. Bressie, Deborah L. Briese, Elizabeth A. Bright, Sue Bright, Hugh Brooks, Josee Brousseau, Anne H. Brown, T. Lynn Brown, Terry L. Brown, Holly J. Brunacini, Sandra A. Brunner, Megan E. Brunson, Matthew D. Bryant, Angela Dawn Bryant-Blount, Kelli M. Buchanan-Cassino, Linda Bucher, Christopher Brian Bucklew, Shelly A. Buck-Williams, Suzan L. Buetow, Mona Ruth Bullard, Barbara M. Bundage, Linda Louise Bunten, Larry Wayne Buntley, Marsha D. Buntley, Denise Buonocore, Laura Jean Burns, Kathleen M. Burton, Marilyn L. Byrne
Jean Gruber
Cabral, Karen M. Campano, Margie Lynn Campbell, Richard A. Campbell, Ofelia Alcala Canela, Alisa R. Caple, Catherine Caprio, Neal E. Carey, Yolanda W. Carilimdiliman, Allison Cecelia Carlson, Beverly Ann Carlson, Richard M. Carpenter, Maggie D. Carriker, Darlene Carroll, Dawn M. Caruss, Denae Case, Nancy M. Case, Diane M. Casperson, Robert William Cass, Lydia G. Casteel, Laura Elizabeth Caster, Debra Ann Catrambone, Pauline I. Caum, Julie Cavaner, Lauren M. Chadwick, Pamela J. Chapman, Margaret A. Chiappalone, Belinda A Childers, Jody L. Choate, Mi-jin Choe, Marcia L. Chorba, Deborah Anne Chouinard, Eun-joo Chung, Kim Cibulka, Monica Davila Cintron, Florina L. Cirujales, Deirdre M. Citro, Kathryn V. Clark, Kimberly A. Clark, Patricia Clark, Sara A. Clark, Sheri Lee Cleaves, Karen Y. Cliburn, Tracy L. Cline, Carol Cloud, Evelyn C. Coen, Denise Cole-Ouzounian, Jean Marie Collins, Marty J. Collins-Johnson, John P. Compton, Diane Lynn Cook, Virginia S. Cook, Beverly Cope, Josephine Corcega Delgado, Erin K. Core, Kelly Cornacchione, Randy J. Cornell, Patricia L. Cortez, Lisa L. Cossaboon, Kim Costello, Verna Jeanne Cotton, Michelle Marie Coughlin, Susan B. Covert, Laurene M. Cox, Lori Ann Cox, Stephanie L. Cranfield, Kim L. Crawford, Judith Marie Cremers, Mills E. Crosland, Marcus F. Crossan, Kelly C. Cullinane, Kathleen D. Culver, Cindy L. Cunningham, Bonnie L. Curtis, Teresa K. Cuthair, Jessica Czop

Lori A. Daughenbaugh, Ann Marie Davis, Martha K. Davis, Mary C. Day, Michael George Decker, Tammy Sue Dees, Carla J. Degges, Maria Emily DeGuzman, Violeta C. Del Rosario, Alice Dela Cruz, Jaime C. Dela Cruz, Lilia L. Dela Cruz, Connie Deloach, Genevieve F. Deltieure, Mary W. Dent, Glenn E. DePoy, Heather DeSalvo, Sandra S. Deschane, Kathy Dibbens, Diana Leslie Dietz, Crystal Diane Diggs, Julie Leraun Dobbs, Ricchi S. Domingo, Linda A. Donovan, Deri C. Dority, Sandra Douglas, Brenda G. Downs, Karen A. Droter, Victor A. Duarte, Michele Angela Dudley, Michael John Duffy, Linda F. Dunbar, Gail W. Duncan, Anne C. Dunn, Barbara M. Eachus, Kimberly S. Earl, Susan M. Earnhart, Fe Valledor Eguaras, Shirley M. Eiben, Marie A. Eidam, Grace A. Elaro, Sarah G. Elchos, Tonya L. Ellis, Karen L. Ellmers, Jean A. Endryck, Gretchen Lorraine Ennis, Deborah L. Erickson, Michelle A. Ernzen, Tracy Ann Esopa, Linda Ethier, Melissa S. Evans, Robyn S. Evans, Tracy R. Evans, Zorena Ewing

Madeline Faisca, B. Yvonne Fankhanel, Anthony E. Farmer, Bev Farmer, Maria Pilar Farzad, Beverly J. Felder, Arieta R. Fernandez, Ferdinand C. Ferrer, Jocelyn C. Fiedler, Marian A. Finehirsh, Lora S. Fink, Kathleen L. Finn, Deborah A. Fischer, Manuel A. Fish, Mary Jane Fleener, Nathalie M. Fleureau, Dorothy J. Flowers, Kelly Renee Flowers, Nancy M. Foley, Melissa Dawn Foltz, Sara Ford, Barbara A. Foster, Kathy A. Foster, Deslin Francois, Shantha V. Franks, Laura Leigh Frantz, Jennifer Lynn Franzwa, Kimberly C. Fritz, Kirsten F. Fritz, Nicholas E. Frusciante, Satomi Fujii, Becki L. Fuzi, Fred Gabriele, Karen A. Gaertner, Kathleen S. Gallichio, Vicki J. Galyean, Theresa Ann Ganoe, Maria Haydee Ramirez Garcia, Tara J. Garcia, Beverly E. Gay, Devon A. Geidner, Serena Geiger, Jane P. Gensaya, Stephanie D. Geraci, Patricia Ann Giesler, Jo Anne Gillispie, Lisa N. Gingerich, Jill S. Girard, Joan Marie Gleason-Scott, Barbara J. Glenn, Deborah Gloskey, Sylvia Gomez, Barbara A. Goodwin, Laurie Arnold Gorby, Mark C. Gosling, Shaunda R. Goss, Rose A. Goure, Katherine A. Green, Kim Green, Deborah L. Greenlaw, Karen Grevious, Rhonda L. Grose, Timothy Joseph Groth, Carol A. Grube, Sharon V. Grupp

Claudia A. Haile, Charlene A. Haley-Moyer, Lois Hamill, Karen J. Hamilton, Karen L. Hamilton, Leslie A. Hammond, Tamara K. Hand, Joy Hansel, Kim Hanson, Maria Molar Haque, Tara L. Hardinge, Kathy Hare, Lucinda S. Harmon, Evelyn M. Harris, Janet Harris, Patricia L. Harth, Kathleen Hartmann, Billie J. Hauanio, Cynthia Hawkins, Dawna Hawksworth, Tod A. Hazlett, Jeanne M. Heatlie, Donna J. Hegle, Derrick Michael Heldt, Richard A. Hemphill, Ma. Thelma C. Herrera, Noni Heywood, Peggy Jean Hicks, Cynthia S. Hielscher, Shawna L. Higgins, Alisa Marie Hilinski, Christopher D. Hillman, Laurie Hinz Gover, Mary D. Hoagland, Kimberly S. Hoang, Davy Dwayne Hobson, Deborah B. Hobson, Diane L. Hockett, Alfred Edward Hocking, Paula Hofmeister, Jeni Kate Holley, Kathryn Lee Holling, Vicki L. Holman, Steven Jay Hooker, Ellen Faith Hopkins, Michael J. Hoskin, Jana W. Hough, Fred Kenneth House, Paula P. House, Veronica Hudson, Helen Catherine Hughes, Zondra Hull, Carolyn M. Hunsche, Cheryce G. Hunsinger, Aaron C. Huston, Brian Hyland, Tina O. Ikwuezunma, Delmar Imperial-Aubin, Michael James Ingalsby, Paula A. Innis, Jean C. Isaac, Kathryn A. Jackson, Christy L. Jacobi, Annie P. James, Joseph Janosy, Christopher O. Jenner, Rhonda Rae Jensen, Robert F. Jezyk, Grace A. Johnson, Jeremy Johnson, Jodie G. Johnson, Kathleen M. Johnson, Barbara L. Johnston, Pamela J. Joines, Michelle M. Jonas, Delia Sablaya Jones, Melissa Douglass Jones, Messalina Charisse Jordan, Rachel A. Joseph, Mary M. Joyce, Meredith M. Joyner, Patricia M. Juarez, Cynthia V. Jugo, Basem M. Jumaa, Michelle A. Jurgensen

Marsha K. Kadner, Jennifer P. Kahler, Darcy Kalles, Kathleen M. Keane, Marilyn Keefe, Beryl E. Keegan, Melissa Keeton, Linda Kehn, Robert J. Kelly, Jodie L. Kennedy, Lori E. Kennedy, Frances Ann Kenney, Marcia Kent, Donna S. Kerner, Diane Myers Kessler, Karen A.Swisher Kesten, Patricia H. Kettle, Jennifer Ann Keuth, Becky Allyn Kiely, Jennifer A. Kilgore, Mabel Kuupua Kim, Ok Kum Kim, Betty C. King, Janis D. King, Kathleen J. King, Nancy D. King, Nancy C. King, Rachelle M. King, Anne M. Klahre, Marlene M. Klein, Janet A. Kloos, Kelly Marie Knapp, Debra L. Knight, Lori Susan Koethe, Terra E Koroll, Mary Grace Kostenblatt, Holly A. Kraft, Grant Carla Krahl, Dawn Kregel, Allan S. Kristiansen, Lisa N. Lacasse, Arnold Suguitan Lagoc, Deborah Lee Lalinde, Lou Ellen Anne Lallier, Mary Ann Lambert, Michelle Lambert-Webb, Lisa Lea Lampkin, Sheila A. Lanciault, Rhonda Lanclos, Julia E. Langan, Constance May Lanphear, Karen E. Lantier, Jennifer A. Larkin, Jose Ramil R. Lasala, MonicaPilar Lawrence, Scott M. Lawson, Maria A. Laxina, Bonnie L. Ledvina, Celeste Lynnette Lee, Patricia M. Lee, Melanie Jane Leepers, Peachy Delaflor Legayada, Mary T. Leidner, Patricia A. Lello, Kathy Renee Leonardo, Dawn LeQuatte, Jo M. Lerner, C. Preston Lewis, Robin L. Lillibridge, Kristi Anne Link, Janet M. Linton, Laura L. Lipp, Rena N. Litt, Theresa D. Loan, Cynthia A. Lockhart, Julie F. Locquiao, Karen J. London, Linda J. Lopazanski, Judith A. Losi, Sarah Elizabeth Love, Lisa Lovette, Terry L. Lucas, Maria Morena A. Luna, Tracey Lund, Kari Marie Lutz, Becky Le Ly, Nhieu Thanh Ly, Maxine E. Lyons

Karen M. Mack, Holly Macklay, Pamela S. Mages, Laura Diane Magos, Anne L. Maguire, Regina E. Mailey, Beverly C. Maloney, Laura Mamchur, Michele L. Manning, Neal E. Manuel, Loretta A. Marcantonio, Midge A. Marcy-Brennan, Lori E. Markham, Nicole A. Marks, Juliette Marrin, Amy S. Martin, Carolyn Ann Martin, Cindy Leigh Martin, Elizabeth Martin, Virginia M. Mason, Kelley Anne Mathews, Fe E. Matthews, Lindsey A. Maynard, Lenora M. Maze, Pamela J. McCabe, Christina McCarter Cantey, Kathleen A. McCarthy, Kathleen M. McCarthy, Michelle Kelly Mccauley, Patricia A. McCauley, Elizabeth McClure, Katrina D. McCurley, Kelly Marie Mccutcheon, Ryan W. McDonald, Jodi Patricia Mcduffie, Heather McEachren, Michael T. McEvoy, L. Jennifer McFarlane, Elizabeth L. McGarr, Cinthia Ann McGarry, La Donna Dale McGohan, J. Patrick Mcgovern, Sharon Lynne Mcgregor, Jeannie Theresa Mcgurran, Tracie Lynn Mckay, Joyce E. McKinney, Pauline J. McNeece, Dennise C.L. McPherson, Patricia A. McQuade, Theresa M. Meeks, Kirsten Meister, Darla J. Melander, Alpha Michele Rosario Mendoza, Maria T. Mendoza, Ann L. Mercer, N. Lynne Mercer, Alyson Faye Messina, Cary J. Metternich, Sharon Evelyn Meyers, Raul G. Meza, Lorraine Micheletti, Joann Mickelson, Dylan K. Miller, Jennifer L. Miller, Julie S. Miller, Leanna R. Miller, Patricia Miller, Kevin C. Millet, Cassidy R. Mincer, Margaret M. Mirabella, Jaclyn Melissa Mitchell, William Carson Mize, Magdalena Ella Monahan, Rachel E. Monday, Ngozi I. Moneke, Jeri Linda Monical, Barbara A. Montagnino, Lori A. Monte Besselman, Dianna L Moone, Kelly Moore, Laurie E. Moore, Mary Grace Moore, Susan Marie Morella, Jacqueline Ann Morgan, Jennifer L. Moser, Alice B. Moulton, Theresa Mulherin, Michelle Munro
Paulita D. Narag, Ami Nelson, Kirsten Nelson, Adalynn Celine Nesjan, Minnie Marcel Newbegin, Joseph R. Newsome, Sharon M. Newton, Rose Mary Nguyen, Linda J. Nicholson, Jayne Nickell, Bradley Dean Nielsen, Aminah Nitura, Sheri A. Norman, Vivian F. Norman, Nicole M Norris, Laura L. Northstrum, Immanuel U. Nwalupue, Christina Dale Nye, Silvia E. Oakes, Michele Jennette Oakins, Rita C. O'Keefe, Louisa P. Olmo, Lauren Deborah O'neil, Meghan A. O'Neil, Jeannette Orr, Marie L. Ortaliz, Cathy S. Osgood, Daisy L. Ostrowicki, Angela Dawn Ott, Amy J. Ottman, LaDeana Kaye Oueslati, Kathryn Owens, Catherine Pachorro, Gloria Palawar, Stephanie L. Palm, Vickie S. Palm, Deborah Panozzo Nelson, Julie Parisien, Michael Pasquale, Jennifer L. Patterson, Kathleen Klein Peavy, Trina M. Pecina, Dawn M. Peets, Pamela Ann Peine, D. Lyn Penton-Cooper, Evelyn De Peralta, Molena Peregrino, Elizabeth M. Perpetua, Nicole Ann Peter, Janet Peterson, Mary A. Pezzuto, Leslee Pfaff, Melissa L Pfeiffer, Leslie Vito Pham, Thu Lan Pham, Dorothy R. Phelps, Kelly M. Piasecki, Theresa Picione, Laura K. Pierce, James Edgar Pittman, Lorraine Plaikner, Colleen O. Planchon, Pamela Pleiter, Dawn Plouffe, Elizabeth A. Pollock, Erin Porter, Jodie R. Porter, Jeannette M. Powers, Susan Pozzuto, Cynthia Gail Price, Gail A. Principe, Lori L. Profota, Debra L. Pronitis-Ruotolo, Sofia S. Puerto, Lynn M. Purcel, Mary Lou Quattlebaum, Debra L. Queen, Juan R. Quintero, Kenneth Lee Quiroga,

Jennifer L. Rabalais, Melissa Radosevich, Rosalynn G. Rafols, Carol A. Rauen, Melinda N. Ray, Diane L. Razo, Cache Reed, Rhonda Reed, Rita Christina Regan, Kelly D. Reynolds, Marilyn Rich, Celeste B. Richards, Deborah Elaine Richards, Don D. Richards, Irma N. Richardson, Kathleen M. Richuso, Vicki A. Riddle, Sheri Ann Riggs, Helen T. Roach, Alina Mihaela Robert, Susan M. Roberti, Elin Roberts, Allyson Crawford Robertson, Frank Johnny Robinson, Faith Joy Rodenhouse, Catherine P. Rodgers, Sophia C. Rodgers, Aimee Johanna Rodriguez, Marlyn Deborah Rodriguez, Barbara C. Rogers, Margaret R. Rollins, Laureta Anton Rosario, David G. Rotz, Michael John Rouse, Marisue Rowe, Cecilee Marie Ruesch, Nancy J. Russ, Charlotte M. Ryan

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NTI Housing Bureau Now Open
You can now reserve your hotel for NTI 2004 in Orlando, Fla. The list of available hotels, as well as rates and descriptions of the properties, are available on the NTI Web site. NTI 2004 is scheduled for May 15 through 20 in Orlando, Fla.

Silent Auction Is a Fun Way to Grow the Scholarship Endowment

Popular Event Returns at NTI 2004 in Orlando

As you look ahead to Orlando, Fla., and AACN's 2004 National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition, you will want to also be thinking about one of the most popular and fun NTI events-the Silent Auction.

Set to enter its fourth year, the Silent Auction is just one of the ways that funds are raised for the AACN Scholarship Endowment Fund.

AACN awards $150,000 in academic and continuing education scholarships each year. These include the BSN Completion and Graduate Educational Advancement Scholarships. AACN also supports scholarships awarded through the National Student Nurses Association to beginning nursing students.

If you would like to donate a gift to the silent auction or have questions, contact the silent auction coordinator at (800) 394-5995, ext 8994, or e-mail .

Contributions Support Educational Scholarships for Critical Care Nurses

AACN's annual appeal for donations to support scholarships for critical care nurses is under way. The AACN Scholarship Endowment was established three years ago and has become one of the association's signature initiatives. The goal of the endowment is to reach a maturity level of $2 million to become a self-sustaining funding source. The scholarships will then be funded by the dividends of investments and interest instead of from AACN's operating budget.

For more than 20 years, AACN has supported members' education at every step of their professional career-whether they are completing a college degree, a graduate degree or obtaining continuing education. Included are Vision Partners scholarships that pair first-time National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition attendees with experienced NTI participants. In addition, AACN is the National Student Nurses Association Foundation's largest single scholarship sponsor, funding 10 of its entry-into-nursing scholarships.

In recognition of their generous support to this scholarship effort, donors of $50 or more will be invited to attend the President's Reception at NTI 2004 in Orlando, Fla., in May. This annual, invitational event celebrates the accomplishments and financial support of AACN's members, sponsors and special invited guests.

If you would like to help support the AACN Scholarship Endowment, call (800) 394-5995: e-mail,
Continuing Education Scholarships Apply to NTI

Do you plan to attend AACN's National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition, May 15 through 20 in Orlando, Fla.? Why not apply for an NTI continuing education scholarship? Three types of scholarships are available. Applications are due by Feb. 1.

Following is information about these scholarships.

Vision Partners
The AACN Vision Partners program grants $1,000 each to 10 pairs of NTI participants. One partner must be an AACN member, who will share the NTI experience and benefits of AACN membership with the other partner, a nonmember who has not previously attended the NTI. The nonmember also receives a one-year AACN membership.

The nonmember partner should be able to share a different perspective with his or her partner, such as a different cultural or ethnic viewpoint or another discipline or clinical practice along the continuum.

The Vision Partners scholarship application asks the partners to describe how they expect to benefit from the learning experience and networking at NTI. They will also commit to continuing to develop the partnership after they return to their workplaces.

Dale Medical Products Scholarships
Dale Medical Products, Inc., continues to support education scholarships for AACN members who are striving to balance their professional lives and family obligations with their pursuit of graduate degrees. Applicants must demonstrate that without the scholarship assistance they would be unable to attend the conference and describe how attending the NTI or API will assist them in reaching their professional goals.

Submit Abstracts Online for NTI 2005

The online abstract submission for NTI 2005 is now live. The process is easy to follow and allows the national office staff to more efficiently collate the abstracts for review. For additional information about online abstract submission, contact AACN Program Development Specialist Bonnie Baker, RN, MHA, at (800) 394-5995, ext. 537; e-mail,
ECCO Helped Hospital System Standardize Education

MedCath Corporation, LLC has 11 hospitals, each licensed as general acute care with a specific focus on serving the unique needs of patients with cardiovascular diseases. When the education coordinators within the affiliated hospitals wanted to standardize their educational curriculum, they looked to AACN's Essentials of Critical Care Orientation (ECCO) as one way to accomplish this.

The first hospital within the system to begin using the ECCO program was Arizona's Tucson Heart Hospital. Its clinical educator, Lisa Barnett, RN, shared that she was excited about the program, because it would allow her to spend more time on hospital-specific procedures and equipment and less time on lectures.

"Using ECCO enables me to be more hands-on than with previous courses, because I spend less time reviewing material like anatomy and physiology," said Barnett. "I spend a lot less time preparing for the course, because the content in the ECCO program is very thorough."

Barnett provided valuable insight to the other educators preparing to implement it. The first group of orientees met for six hours two days a week, spending four hours on computer learning and two on skills labs or reinforcing materials. Barnett was available during the computer time to answer questions as necessary. The orientees spent an additional two, 12-hour shifts each week with a preceptor in the ICU. The total orientation lasted eight weeks, but Barnett did not feel that 16 shifts at the bedside were sufficient to fully orient them to the ICU. The next group of orientees will have additional shifts in their orientation.

"Having the nurses work at the bedside at the same time they were taking class was beneficial," Barnett noted. "Even though ECCO is standardizing the orientation curriculum, it's also flexible enough to meet each hospital's own needs. An educator at another hospital in the system is giving orientees the choice to use ECCO at home or at the hospital and is scheduling a different number of hours for the whole orientation process."

Wanting to determine if using ECCO was beneficial when compared with the traditional program, Barnett said that the Tucson Heart Hospital orientees were given the Basic Knowledge Assessment Tool (BKAT) before and after using ECCO as a way to measure whether learning took place. Although not everyone achieved an 80% score, all test takers saw an increase in their scores. The hospital also conducted an educator and student evaluation of the program to critique different parts of the program, including using this kind of Internet-based education program as a methodology.

"Participants ranged from new grads to 20 years of nursing experience, including experience in the ICU." Barnett said. "Such a broad range of age and experience meant lots of different perspectives about computer-based learning."

In general, the orientees liked advancing through the content at their own pace, the freedom to do it at home, the ability to listen to or turn off the audio track as desired, and the immediate feedback on the module exam, including being referred to the exact slide within the content for reviewing the correct answer. The graphics and the support materials and charts that helped clarify information were also liked.

"We shared our feedback with the corporate office, and now other facilities are using ECCO," said Barnett.

Barnett likes the fact that both a new grad and a seasoned ICU nurse can benefit from using ECCO.

"The material may be new or may reinforce already known concepts to achieve further understanding," she said.

Because part of our mission, vision and values is high-quality care and continuing education, we hope to utilize ECCO for all our nurses."

HealthStream Joins ECCO Partnership

AACN is pleased to announce that the ECCO program is now available through HealthStream, a leading provider of e-learning solutions in healthcare.
"We are delighted to be entering into this relationship as it will enable us to greatly extend the reach of this vital educational tool," said Wendy Berke, AACN's director of Professional Practice.

"The addition of AACN's 64-contact-hour Essentials of Critical Care Orientation to HealthStream's library delivers a much-anticipated, high-caliber program of study to our hospital customers, who collectively represent 730,000 healthcare professionals," said HealthStream CEO Robert A. Frist Jr. "We are pleased to offer the ECCO program to the healthcare professionals in our network of hospitals."

For more information about purchasing ECCO through HealthStream, talk to your hospital's representative or call HealthStream at (615) 301-3127.

Share Your Experience With ECCO

Have you enjoyed using the ECCO program? We want to hear from you! Call us at (800) 394-5995, ext. 8870, or e-mail us at
Healthcare Professionals Embrace Patient-Focused Care

AACN joined hundreds of other healthcare providers in taking the Patient-Focused Care Pledge instituted by the American College of Chest Physicians. The pledge, introduced at ACCP's international scientific assembly in Orlando, Fla., forms the foundation for an initiative specifically designed to help hospitals, healthcare systems and healthcare education programs develop interdisciplinary models of patient-focused care.

"As medical professionals, we have been listening to the concerns of our patients, patient advocacy organizations and government institutions regarding the deficiencies of modern American medicine," said ACCP President Richard S. Irwin, MD, FCCP. "We are in the midst of a healthcare revolution, and it is time for all who provide healthcare to practice patient-focused care and recapture the respect and goodwill of the American public."

"This important initiative driven by our partners and colleagues at ACCP is a call to all physicians, nurses and other critical care professionals that our practice must continue to be centered around patient and family needs, even in these turbulent times for healthcare," said AACN president Dorrie Fontaine, RN, DNSc, FAAN. "Escalating financial pressures and alarming workforce shortages make it imperative that physicians and nurses actively work together to establish new patient-focused practice models. The combined efforts of AACN and ACCP will establish a strong leadership force in effecting meaningful change in our hospitals and heath systems on behalf of the critically ill patients we serve."

The pledge states:
The American College of Chest Physicians Patient-Focused Care Pledge: I will strive to provide patient-focused care wherever and whenever I have the privilege of caring for patients. I will also work to ensure that all healthcare systems in which I provide care are patient focused. Patient-focused care is compassionate, sensitive to the everyday and special needs of patients and their families, and based upon the best available evidence. It is interdisciplinary, safe and monitored. To ensure the provision of patient-focused care in my professional environments, I shall willingly embrace the concepts of lifelong learning and continuous quality improvement.

Scene and Heard

AACN continues to seek visibility for our profession and the organization. Following is an update on recent outreach efforts.

Our Voice in the Media
Journal of Nursing Administration and Nursing Management (October 2003)-An article titled "The e-learning answer," by Wendy Berke, RN, BSN, MHA, AACN director of professional practice and Tina Wiseman, AACN education resources specialist, appeared in the premier issue of "IT Solutions," a supplement to the October 2003 issue. "Rather than waiting for a scheduled lecture to occur, staff members can turn to e-learning programs-available every day, any hour. The �just-in-time' nature of e-learning means specialized training is available at the moment it's needed," the authors advised.

ED Management (October 2003)- "Support Grows for More Family Access" was the title of an article that was also featured in the Thomson American Health Consultants Hot Topics, NurseZone and NurseLinx. The article noted that "very few hospitals have policies that allow family access during resuscitation and other treatment in the ED, even though research has shown that the public overwhelmingly desires it and a growing number of emergency physicians and nurses support the idea." AACN President Dorrie Fontaine, RN, DNSc, FAAN, was quoted as saying that she sees a trend toward more willingness among clinicians to accommodate families in the ED, which she said was consistent with other efforts to allow families in treatment areas.

Indiana Business Journal (Oct. 6, 2003)-An article titled "Clarian Health unveils nursing practice model; Hospitals will reaffirm importance of patient care" featured the promotion of 62 nurses under a new nursing practice model at Clarian Health Partners. The healthcare system wants nurses to sharpen their focus on patients, and will reward those who do so under the Synergy Model. The new practice model takes into consideration two sides of nursing: patient care and mentoring, according to Ramon Lavandero, RN, MSN, MA, FAAN, AACN director of development and strategic alliances. AACN worked with Clarian to develop the model. Clarian is the first healthcare system in the country to implement the Synergy Model across its system, Lavandero said.

Nursing2003 (October 2003)-Fontaine was interviewed for an "Issues in Nursing" article titled "Mandatory nurse/patient ratios: a good idea or not?" Noting that AACN is opposed to legislated nurse-patient ratios for critical and acute care units, Fontaine explained that they fail to account for daily, even hourly, variations in patient acuity, staff skill and expertise, hospital resources, and support services. "It's not just about the number of available nurses," she said. "Equally important is the expertise and experience of those nurses. The competency of available nurses can't be mandated by legislated ratios."


QST (November 2003)-Mary Holtschneider, RN, BSN, MPA, a member of the AACN Board of Directors, was quoted in the National Association of Amateur Radio journal in an article titled "EmComm Classes Make the Grade: ARRL emergency communications courses provide students with the right tools to begin participating effectively in emergency public service work." Holtschneider noted that "hams just can't show up at a hospital or event site during a disaster without a predetermined emergency communications plan in place, preferably cemented by a memorandum of understanding." She suggested that hams interested in public service get involved with emergency nets and the National Traffic System, and participate in practices and drills.

Multimedia- "Medical Professionals Embrace Patient-Focused Care Revolution" was the title of an Oct. 26, 2003, news release that was featured in several publications, including the Los Angeles Times and NurseWeek, as well as on CBS MarketWatch and Yahoo.

Our Voice at the Table
AACN President-elect Kathy McCauley, RN, PhD, CS, FAAN, and CEO Wanda Johanson, RN, MN, met in Chicago, Ill., with the leadership of the American College of Chest Physicians, American Thoracic Society and Society of Critical Care Medicine to discuss mutual concerns regarding the shortage of critical care nurses and physicians, and to determine priorities and prepare a joint message to legislators and policymakers. AACN is taking the lead in defining how all four associations can address the nursing shortage through their respective organizations and through joint federal advocacy efforts.

Johanson attended the Nursing Leadership Academy for Palliative and End-of-life Care, a collaborative of representatives from 44 nursing organizations dedicated to ensuring all patients who need palliative care receive it. The group explored practice models to continue their work to integrate palliative and end-of-life care into the fabric of their associations.
Carol Hartigan, RN, AACN Certification Corporation director, and Roberta Kaplow, RN, PhD, CCNS, CCRN, a member of the AACN Certification Corporation Board of Directors, attended the American Board of Nursing Specialties meeting in Pittsburgh, Pa. Issues addressed included continuation of the ABNS research agenda to establish the value of certification and further discussion of the issues related to specialty vs. subspecialty certification.

Fontaine spoke to 300 nurses at the Cleveland (Ohio) Clinic regarding critical care in an era of nursing shortages and family presence at the end of life. She also toured the ICUs at this recently designated Magnet hospital.

Fontaine was the keynote speaker at the first pediatric conference at Stanford University Medical Center's Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, Palo Alto, Calif. Her presentation was titled "Rising Above: Reaching the Rainbow."

"Rising Above: Creating Possibilities for Critical Care Nursing," was the title of a keynote address Fontaine delivered to more than 100 nurses at the Currents symposium in Lafayette, La. In addition, she worked with Tina Covington, RN, MN, CCRN, CS, the Region 12 AACN Chapter Advisory Team representative, to facilitate a six-hour leadership conference for chapter leaders in that region. Fontaine also toured the ICUs at Lafayette General Hospital, which was recently designated a Magnet facility.


AACN board member Susan Yeager, RN, MS, CCRN, was the closing keynote speaker at Advances in Critical Care Nursing, an educational conference for critical care nurses in Columbus, Ind. Her speech, titled "Rootin' Around," focused on ways to renew the passion for nursing, personally and in the workplace.


AACN board member Caryl Goodyear-Bruch, RN, MSN, CCRN, spoke to the Pi Eta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International at Graceland University in Independence, Mo. Her presentation, titled "Evidence-Based Practice: Transformation Into Useful Practice," stressed that basic practice on the most current research is vital for efficiency, quality and outcomes. She also discussed ways to promote clinical inquiry and translate research findings into a package that nurses can use to direct care.


AACN board member Janie Heath, RN, MS, CCRN, ANP, ACNP, spoke to the Hill City Chapter of AACN in Lynchburg, Va. Her speech, titled "Political Action in Critical Care Nursing Practice: Spheres of Influence for Healthcare Policy," encouraged the approximately 200 critical care providers in attendance to find their inner "political will" and identify strategies to influence policy-making decisions.

Johanson and Hartigan represented AACN Certification Corporation at the Accreditation Alliance Meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing in Washington, D.C. The group meets semi-annually to ensure consistency in standards for accreditation of advanced practice nursing academic programs and in linking the education of advance practice nurses with their certification and licensure requirements.

While attending the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians in Orlando, Fla., Fontaine, McCauley and Johanson participated in a joint meeting with the leaders of ACCP, the American Thoracic Society and the Society of Critical Care Medicine to define joint advocacy and organizational initiatives to address access and quality issues and workforce shortages. At the request of AACN, all three of the physician societies enthusiastically supported signing on to the Americans for Nursing Shortage Relief Alliance agenda. The alliance advocates at the federal level for funding to increase and sustain the nursing workforce. During a panel presentation with the leadership group, Fontaine addressed AACN initiatives around recruitment and retention of nurses and supporting excellence in practice. She urged the membership of the medical societies to join with AACN in creating healthy work environments, to look for new, more effective models of collaborative practice, and to establish zero tolerance for abusive behaviors.

If you or your chapter has reached out to the media or other groups to promote critical care nursing, we'd like to know. E-mail your information to
Online Neonatal and Pediatric Courses Available

New Internet-based courses to prepare for neonatal and pediatric critical care nursing roles will be offered beginning in January 2004 by Indiana University School of Nursing.

The three-credit didactic component consists of 10 online modules that may be taken from any location.

The project is funded in part by a grant of nearly $1 million from the "Learning Anytime Anywhere Partnership," a project of FIPSE, the U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education. AACN, Clarian Health Partners and IUSON have provided additional support for the $2.1 million project. Courses were developed by national content experts directed by IUSON.

NTI Audio Tapes and CDs Offer CE Credit

AACN has released more than 50 cutting-edge topics from NTI 2003 as CE-approved audio tapes and audio CDs. Choose from an assortment of cardiovascular, pulmonary, ethics, leadership, neurology, pediatrics and multisystem selections. By purchasing a "bundle" of the selections, you can save 20%.

To obtain the list of topics and an order form, call AACN FAX on Demand at (800) 222-6329 and request Document #6052. The form is also available online.

Sepsis Education Program Available

Identification and Management of the Patient With Severe Sepsis," AACN's national sepsis education program for nurses, is now available in a self-paced CD-ROM format. Funded by an unrestricted educational grant from Eli Lilly and Company, this program is sponsored by AACN and is accredited for 5.0 contact hours of CE credit for single users.

Narrated by clinical expert Barbara McLean, RN, MN, CCRN, CCNS-NP, FCCM, the new program offers clinicians a comprehensive view of the latest information on the diagnosis and care of patients with severe sepsis.

The 170-page, audio/slide CD-ROM study guide includes pathophysiology of severe sepsis; identification of acute organ system dysfunction; antibiotics, source control and monitoring in severe sepsis, including investigational and newly approved therapies; hemodynamic, ventilatory, renal and other aspects of care; and nursing care of patients with severe sepsis. Case studies are also included in the presentation.

To order this cutting-edge learning program for only the $7.50 shipping and handling fee, call (800) 899-2226 and request Item #004060. Quantities are limited.

Do You Receive AACN's New Electronic Newsletter?

In an effort to provide the most up-to-date information in the timeliest manner, AACN now offers an electronic newsletter. Called Critical Care Newsline, this communication vehicle will be delivered weekly to the inboxes of members and others interested in the issues and concerns that affect nurses and the nursing profession.

If you have not received Critical Care Newsline, it's probably because we don't have your current e-mail address. To receive Critical Care Newsline, simply e-mail your current address to
Are You Committed to Healthy Work Environments?

Are you committed to healthy work environments? Join the growing number of critical care nurses who have pledged to help achieve just that by signing the "Act Boldly" commitment card online.

In her presidential address at the opening session of NTI 2003 in San Antonio, Texas, outgoing President Connie Barden, RN, MSN, CCNS, CCRN, urged participants to publicly promise to make a difference in sustaining healthy work environments by signing a card citing the following commitments:

� I will identify the most pressing challenge in my immediate work environment.
� I will initiate the dialogue with my colleagues to find solutions to this challenge.
� I will remain actively involved in the solutions until they are working.

AACN is continuing this effort by allowing members to make their pledges online.

Coming Up in the January Issue of the American Journal of Critical Care

� Using Bispectral Index Monitoring to Detect Potential Breakthrough Awareness and Limit Duration of Neuromuscular Blockade

� Effects of Acuity-Adaptable Rooms on Flow of Patients and Delivery of Care

� Oral Health and Care in the Intensive Care Unit: State of the Science

� Comparison of 3 Methods of Detecting Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Clinical Screening, Chart Review, and Diagnostic Coding

Subscriptions to Critical Care Nurse and the American Journal of Critical Care are included in AACN membership dues.

Looking Ahead

January 2004

January 15 Deadline to submit nominations for the AACN Clinical Inquiry Grant. For more information, visit the AACN Web site. To find out more about AACN's research priorities and grant opportunities, visit the AACN Web site.

January 15 Deadline to submit nominations for the AACN End-of-Life Palliative Care Small Projects Grant. For more information, visit the AACN
Web site.

February 2004

February 1 Deadline to submit applications for continuing education scholarships to attend the 2004 NTI and Critical Care Exposition in Orlando,
Fla. To obtain an application (Item #1099), call (800) 899-2226;

May 2004

May 15-20 National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition in Orlando, Fla. For more information, visit the NTI Web site.

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