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Vol. 20, No. 9, SEPTEMBER 2003

Meet Your Chapter Advisers

The Chapter Advisory Team serves as a key support and communications link between local AACN chapters and the national office team. Advisers are volunteers who are familiar with chapter issues and trends of their regions of the country, as well as informed about what is happening at the national level. They can be supportive to chapters and chapter leaders in many ways. Below is a list of current advisers: To leave a message for your representative, simply dial (800) 394-5995 and enter the extension number of the voice mail box listed below.

Board Liaisons

Deborah B. Laughon RN, BSN, MS, PhD, CCRN
ext. 8918
e-mail, Deborah.Laughon@aacn.org

Carol A. Puz
ext. 8980
e-mail, Carol.Puz@aacn.org

Region 1
Mary-Liz C. Bilodeau
ext. 8801
e-mail, region1@aacn.org

Serving Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

Region 2
Reynaldo R. Rivera
ext. 8802
e-mail, region2@aacn.org

Serving New York

Region 3
Janice M. Wojcik
ext. 8803
e-mail, region3@aacn.org

Serving Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Region 4
Becky Fuzi
ext. 8824
e-mail, region4@aacn.org

Serving Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Region 5
Mary "Cindy" Stewart
ext. 8805
e-mail, region5@aacn.org

Serving North Carolina and South Carolina

Region 6
Kathleen Klein Peavy
ext. 8806
e-mail, region6@aacn.org

Serving Alabama and Georgia

Region 7
Bonnie Anne Rice
ext. 8807
e-mail, region7@aacn.org

Serving Florida

Region 8
Beth Hammer
ext. 8808
e-mail, region8@aacn.org

Serving Michigan and Wisconsin

Region 9
Larraine A. Yeager
ext. 8809
e-mail, region9@aacn.org

Serving Indiana and Ohio

Region 10
Joy Mary Speciale RN, MBA, CCRN
ext. 8810
e-mail, region10@aacn.org

Serving Illinois

Region 11
Jackie Palmer
ext. 8811
e-mail, region11@aacn.org

Serving Kentucky and Tennessee

Region 12
Elizabeth "Tina" Covington
ext. 8812
e-mail, region12@aacn.org

Serving Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi

Region 13
William Mausser
ext. 8813
e-mail, region13@aacn.org

Serving Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska

Region 14
Carol Cleek
ext. 8814
e-mail, region14@aacn.org

Serving Kansas and Missouri

Region 15
Holly Weber-Johnson
ext. 8815
e-mail, region15@aacn.org

Serving Oklahoma and Texas

Region 16
Susan A. Nelson
ext. 8908
e-mail, region16@aacn.org

Serving Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming

Region 17
Deborah Pool
ext. 8817
e-mail, region17@aacn.org

Serving Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah

Region 18
L. Dianne Long
ext. 8818
e-mail, region18@aacn.org

Serving Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington

Region 19
Rosemarie Hirsch
ext. 8800
e-mail, region19@aacn.org

Serving California

What's on Tap

The Greater Phoenix Area Chapter will present a program on "Multiorgan Dysfunction Syndrome" on Oct. 11. For more information, e-mail Greater Phoenix Area Chapter Secretary Bobbie Wiles at dbwiles@worldnet.att.net.

The Santa Barbara County Chapter will present a "Nurturing the Nurse Retreat" Sept. 26 through 28 in Cambria. For more information, contact Celeste Richards, RN, MS, CCRN, at (805) 682-7111, ext. 3518; e-mail, crichard@sbch.org.

The San Diego Chapter will present a CCRN Review on Oct. 13 and 20, Nov. 3 and 10, and Dec. 1 and 8. For more information, contact Patricia Graham at (619) 462-9366 or visit the chapter Web site at http://www.sdaacn.org.

The Northwest Chicago Area Chapter will present a program titled "Necrotizing Fasciitis" on Sept. 17 at Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge. For more information, contact Andrea M. Kline at (773) 975-8835;
e-mail, akline@childrensmemorial.org.

The Greater Chicago Area Chapter will present a program titled "Leadership Skills: Harry Potter Style" on Oct. 14. For more information, contact Lori Marcantonio at (847) 854-8358; e-mail, gcac_aacn@yahoo.com.

The Northwest Chicago Area Chapter will present a program titled "Hemodynamic Case Studies" on Oct. 15 at Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge. For more information, contact Andrea M. Kline at (773) 975-8835; e-mail, akline@childrensmemorial.org.

The Northeast Indiana Chapter will present its 5th Annual Critical Care Potpourri on Sept. 25 in Fort Wayne. For more information, contact Janis Boterf at (260) 749-7515; e-mail, janbot@aol.com.

The Greater Evansville Chapter will present a CCRN Review on Oct. 22 and 23 at Deaconess Hospital. For more information, contact Lynn Schnautz at (812) 450-7172, Bev Farmer at (812) 450-2192 or Marlena Thweatt at (800) 852-7279 ext. 8519.

The Greater Louisville Chapter will present a program titled "Getting Intimate With Neuro: Assessment to Response" on Oct. 20 at the Heart-Lung Conference Center of Jewish Hospital. For more information, contact Sharon Ruhl at (502) 897-8832 or (502) 423-1569; e-mail, sruhl@bhsi.com, or Marlot Wigginton at (502) 629-7867 or (502) 339-7966; e-mail, marlot.wigginton@nortonhealthcare.org.

The West Michigan Chapter will present a "Critical Care Cram/CCRN Prep Course" on Oct. 8 and 9 in Grand Rapids. For more information, contact Maggie Carriker at (616) 752-7055; e-mail wmcinfo@aacn.org or Julie Kruithof at (616) 744-7795; e-mail, julie.kruithof@spectrum-health.org.

The West Central Ohio Chapter will present a CCRN Review Course on Oct. 4 and 5. For more information, contact Deb Patterson at debbiesue@greatnurse.com.

The Three Rivers Chapter will present its annual October Critical Care Workshop on Oct. 20 and 21 in Warrendale. For more information, contact Wendy Grbach, RN, MSN, CCRN, at (412) 647-3523; e-mail, grbachwj@msx.upmc.edu.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter is co-sponsoring a program titled "Trends in Critical Care Nursing" Oct. 21 through 24 in Philadelphia. For more information, call 800) 444-2326.

The Houston-Gulf Coast Chapter will present a pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support course on Oct. 10 and 11 at Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital. For more information, contact Wanda Lewis at (832) 237-1219.

The Peninsula Chapter will presents its second annual "Reflections on Critical Care" program on Oct. 27 in Newport News. For more information, e-mail Berylphlpskeegan@cox.net.

The Northwest Evergreen Chapter will present a CCRN Preparation Course on Sept. 12, 19 and 26 at the Pacific Campus of the Providence Everett Medical Center, Everett.

Is your chapter planning a program or special event? Send the information to AACN News, 101 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656; fax, (949) 362-2049; e-mail, aacnnews@aacn.org.

Learn While Networking at Regional Meetings

AACN fall regional meetings offer members and prospective members a chance to network with colleagues and learn more about AACN and its chapters. In some regions, chapters sponsor educational programs in conjunction with the meetings. Following are the meetings scheduled to date:

� Region 3 (Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania)�Sept. 13 in Pompton Plains, N.J. For more information, contact Chapter Advisory Team representative Janice Wojcik at (800) 394-5995, ext. 8803; e-mail, janice.wojcik2@verizon.net.
� Region 6 (Alabama, Georgia)�Critical Care Nursing: Visioning Beyond the Basics; Oct. 13 and 14 at Marriott Century Center, Atlanta, Ga. For more information, contact Carol Hinkle at (205) 877-1747 or Mary Zellinger
at (404) 712-4661.

� Region 8 (Michigan, Wisconsin)�Sept. 19 at Northwest Community Hospital, Arlington Heights, Ill. For more information, contact Region 8 Chapter Advisory Team representative Beth Hammer at (800) 394-5995, ext. 8808; e-mail, region8@aacn.org.
� Region 12 (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi)�Sept. 25 through 27 in Lafayette, La.
� Region 17 (Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah)�Oct. 10 at the VA Medical Center, Phoenix, Ariz. For more information, e-mail Greater Phoenix Area Chapter Secretary Bobbie Wiles at dbwiles@worldnet.att.net.
� Region 19 (California)�Sept. 20 in San Francisco, Calif. For more information, contact Julie McCorkle at (925) 370-7236; e-mail, jmccorkleRN@hotmail.com.

In the Circle: President's Award Cites Chapters That Embrace Theme

Editor's note: The President's Award is presented annually to the chapter or chapters that best exemplify the annual theme of the president of AACN. Following are excerpts from the exemplars submitted by the recipients of this award for 2003, when "Bold Voices: Fearless and Essential" was the theme of 2002-03 President Connie Barden, RN, MSN, CCNS, CCRN.

Palm Beach County Chapter
West Palm Beach, Fla.
Rare. Spontaneous. Unexpected. Bold. Resilient. Intuitive. Fearless. Audacious. Creative. Curious. Dynamic. Maverick. Unbridled. Soulful. Strong. Wise. Unwavering. Genuine. Brave. Unorthodox. Visionary. Dreamer. Yes, we are!

In September 2003, the Palm Beach County Chapter celebrated its 30-year anniversary. The tenacity of our leaders, past and present, in creating and maintaining a chapter and the steadfast belief in the mission and vision of AACN have made us a growing, strong and cohesive chapter.

By being brave, knowledgeable, wise, unwavering visionaries and dreamers, changes for the better had come to the offing. By being strong, soulful, spontaneous and genuine, life and all of its challenges did not get us down. How could we juggle family, children, soccer games, mandatory staff meetings, 12-hour shifts, 1-to-3 patient ratios, AACN deadlines, chapter meetings and project deadlines if we were not undaunted, creative and resilient?

Giving back to the community requires commitment and dedication. However, through collaboration, participatory leadership, empowerment, sisterhood/brotherhood and self-reliance, our values became the driving force to propel us to meet our goals and dreams.

We stand steadfast to reaffirm the value of nursing as a social force in improving health and meeting the needs of the people. We believe in rendering safe, quality patient care through the dissemination of cutting-edge information at our monthly educational offerings. We uphold the gold standard of critical care practice by endorsing and encouraging certification. We envision a well-developed, collaborative solution strategy to target nursing.

San Diego Chapter
San Diego, Calif.
The message of Connie Barden, incoming president for AACN, was clear during the closing of the 2002 NTI in Atlanta, Ga. It was time for nurses to publicly announce themselves to the public as educated, articulate and compassionate. We left Atlanta motivated and ready to have our voices heard.

Using "Bold Voices, Fearless and Essential" requires nurses to be well-educated, informed and inspired. It requires that nurses reach out to fellow nurses and to those who are interested in the nursing profession. It requires that nurses present themselves to the public as equal partners in the delivery of safe, quality patient care. Upon reflection, the San Diego Chapter feels that it exemplifies this theme on many different levels.

Education: Provides low-cost education programs for experienced nurses, an ICU training program used by area hospitals and preceptor education programs at no cost. In addition, annual CCRN review programs are provided, a $100 reimbursement is given to nurses who pass the CCRN exam for the first time, and educational scholarships are granted to nurses seeking entry level and advanced degrees.

Positive Image to the Community: Presentations are made at high school career days, instructional programs for elementary and middle schools, community education programs on designer drugs, charitable donations, and nursing research.

Communication With Members: A quarterly newsletter, chapter Web site and rejuvenated ambassador program are in place.

Communication With Representatives: Chapter members actively meet with state and federal representatives.

Honor Our Nurses: A video tribute to nurses and recognition during Nurses Week were planned.

Although we have not created a deafening roar, deafening roars do not occur without our multiple voices speaking as one. The San Diego Chapter is proud to add its voice to the national announcement.

Chapter Efforts Help Push Critical Links Membership Campaign

The Triangle Chapter of AACN in North Carolina more than doubled its previous number of new members recruited to move into a tie with the Volusia Flagler Chapter in Florida for the chapter lead in AACN's Critical Links membership campaign as of the end of July.

However, the Atlanta Area Chapter in Georgia, with 12 new members recruited, remained close to the top. And, the Ocean State Chapter in Rhode Island debuted in the campaign with 10 new members recruited.

The chapters recruiting the most new members and reporting the largest percentage increase when the campaign ends March 31 will each receive a $250 gift certificate toward the purchase of AACN resources. In addition, participating chapters are entered into a prize drawing each month for one complimentary NTI registration. The winner for July was the Atlanta Area Chapter.

Following are the recruitment totals for other chapters participating in the campaign:
9 First Coast Chapter, Greater East Texas Chapter and Capital Region Chapter
8 Tennessee Valley Chapter and Minot Roughrider Chapter
7 Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter, Greater Miami Area Chapter and Central Arkansas Chapter
6 Houston Gulf Coast Chapter, Washtenaw County Chapter, Los Angeles Chapter, Palm Beach County Chapter, Western Connecticut Chapter, Mobile Bay Area Chapter, Gulf Coast Magnolia Chapter, Peninsula Chapter and Suburban Cook County Chapter
5 Broward County Chapter, Greater Washington Area Chapter, San Diego Area Chapter, Siouxland Chapter and Coastal Chapter
4 Metropolitan Orlando Chapter and Brooklyn Chapter
3 Greater Birmingham Chapter, Piedmont Carolinas Chapter, Southern Arizona Chapter and Northwest Georgia Chapter
2 West Michigan Chapter, Northeast Indiana Chapter, Central Pennsylvania Chapter, Greater Reading Chapter and Inland Empire Chapter
1 Chesapeake Bay Chapter, Greater Twin Cities Area Chapter, Southeast Michigan Chapter, Three Rivers Chapter, Greater Wichita Area Chapter, Vermont Green Mountain Chapter, Spokane Chapter, Northwest Washington Evergreen Chapter, Heartland Chapter, Chattahoochee Valley Chapter, Central Ohio Chapter, Pacific Crest Regional Chapter, Houston Texas Chapter, Palmetto Chapter and Greater Akron Area Chapter

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