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Vol. 22, No. 4, APRIL 2005

NCSBN Approves CCNS Exam as Advanced Practice Criterion

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing has notified AACN Certification Corporation that the CCNS examination for clinical nurse specialists in critical care has met all advanced practice certification program criteria. This important milestone paves the way for additional individual state boards of nursing to approve the CCNS exam as a criterion for licensure.

Licensure requirements for advance practice nurses are inextricably linked to certification, and nearly half of the states require advance practice licensure for the CNS inclusive of an approved certification credential. With licensure, APNs have the ability to practice independently and collaboratively with physicians, including the authority to write prescriptions and diagnose and treat illness.

Important to the decision of the NCSBN was the implementation of new eligibility criteria for the CCNS examination by the corporation’s Board of Directors. These criteria include a master’s degree in nursing from an accredited program with specific coursework relevant to the practice of an acute and critical care CNS, including advanced pathophysiology, pharmacology, and health and physical assessment. In addition, 500 hours of clinical practice in all roles of the CNS within the master’s program are required. Provisions for CCNS candidates to make up the deficiency if their program does not provide for the required 500 hours were also defined and are effective until March 1, 2006. Additional information is available online at www.certcorp.org > CCNS > CCNS Exam Eligibility Requirements.

The CCNS exam is already approved as a criterion for advanced practice licensure in Alabama, California, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. Although New Mexico and Virginia also accept the exam, they do not have a formal approval process.

AACN Certification Corporation Looks Ahead

Flaming enthusiasm, backed by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.
—Dale Carnegie

By Jan Foster, RN, MSN, PhD, CCRN
Chair, AACN Certification Corporation

The envisioned future of AACN Certification Corporation is to be the undisputed leader in credentialing for acute and critical care nurses and to demonstrate that certification contributes to the achievement of optimal outcomes for patients and families experiencing acute and life-threatening conditions. Our mission is to provide comprehensive credentialing for nurses to ensure that their practice is consistent with established standards of excellence in caring for acutely and critically ill patients and their families.

The past year has been an accomplished one in pursuit of our mission. However, each of our achievements has been in the making for several years, with the enthusiasm and persistence of many who contributed.

Study of Practice
Many of you may have participated in the nationwide Study of Critical Care Nursing Practice, which was completed in the past year. The study was a powerful validation of our CCRN and CCNS certification exams. The results have provided us with a foundation for item revision and development of new items and exams.

This process is critical to compliance with industry standards and accreditation bodies in offering exams that are “psychometrically sound and legally defensible.” This means that certified nurses can assure their patients and families that their certification is relevant to current practice and is a valid means of demonstrating they hold a specialized body of knowledge for rendering safe care. A final analysis and report of this study will be published in the future.

Consistent with AACN Certification Corporation’s data-driven values, the PCCN certification exam for progressive care nurses that launched at NTI in May emerged from the national survey data. Because this is a new product, study materials are not yet available but are under development.

Subspecialty Exams
AACN Certification Corporation is gearing up for two additional exams. Both are subspecialty exams that will be taken after successful completion of another primary, nationally accredited certification, such as the CCRN, CCNS, FNP or CEN exam. One of the new subspecialty exams is for critical care cardiology nurses; the other is for critical care cardiothoracic nurses, with a slant toward surgical patients. Look for these exams in 2005.

CCRN Connection Online
Contributing to successful completion of the CCRN exam is the online Self-Assessment Exam, which is in revision now for a fall release. Also online is the opportunity for renewal, which has greatly streamlined the process.

Another product to facilitate certification renewal is the CE Passport, which allows you to prepay for either 25 or 50 contact hours of CE credit that can be used anytime at AACN’s Online CE Center. Inspiration for the discounted CE Passport arose from analysis of data for CCRN renewals.

CCNS Clinical Hours
The AACN Certification Corporation Board approved the 500 clinical hour eligibility requirement for the CCNS exam, which is consistent with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s Essentials of Master’s Education for Advanced Practice Nursing. As a result, the CCNS certification is now approved by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. (See related article, page 1.) Although AACN Certification Corporation is not a licensing agency as are the state boards of nursing, it is in alignment over protection of the consumer through education, competency and standardization.

On the Horizon
Potential developments for the future include entry level and other subspecialty exams. Refinement of a research agenda will also proceed, with continued distribution and promotion of the Certification White Paper, and environmental scanning of research and other data to support the value of certification. We are committed to demonstrating that certification contributes to the achievement of optimal outcomes for patients and families experiencing acute and life-threatening conditions. What better way to “Live Your Contribution” than by proudly wearing CCRN, PCCN or CCNS on your lapel?

Computer-Based Testing Available for New and Revised Exams

The new PCCN certification exam for progressive care nurses is now available nationwide for computer-based testing. A list of testing sites by states is available online at www.goamp.com > Company > Locations.

The newly revised CCRN exams and the CCNS exams are also available at these sites year-round.

Congratulations, CCRNs, for 20 Years of Continuous Certification

The following CCRNs marked 20 years of continuous certification during the past year:

Josephine E. Abalos, Sharon Aboulafia Oken, Nancy J. Ackerman, Susan R. Adams, Dianna S. Adams, Marie T. Aguiar, Nicolasa J. Agustin, Georgette Y. Akamine, Janice Ann Akin, Janice E. Albanese, Sharon E. Alexander, Nancy C. Alford, Linda Sue Alger, Teresita K. Almeda, Yvonne T. Ambrose, Shirley Ambutas, Maryjane Ameduri-Pantaleo, Nancy J. Ames, Regina Ancola-Upton, Nancy A. Andersen, Mary S. Anderson, Deborah R. Anderson, Karen E. Anderson, Paula M. Andrien-Riano, Angelita Q. Andrion, Janice G. Ankenmann, Christine A. Apel-Cram, Marietta F. Api, Milagros R. Aquino, James F. Armstrong, Angelina R. Arnejo, Barbara J. Artzner, Gloria E. Atkinson, Margaret M. Auble, Saralyn Prickett Austin, Susan D. Austin-Smith, Madeleine T. Austria, Rochella G. Avena

Jeanette Babbitt, Janet G. Backers, Helen B. Bailey, Kathy L. Bajamundi, Etta J. Baker, Evelyn M. Balangue, Sharon G. Bales, Stephen D. Ballinger, Shirleyann Balucanag, Andrea S. Barch, Sharon A. Bardele, Diane K. Barkas, Jane L. Barnes, Lillian J. Barnickel, Marie I. Barrentine, Nancy C. Barrett, Starr S. Barron, Jennifer M. Barrow, Stephanie A. Bartleson, Carol A. Basile, Yvonne D. Bass, Elaine L. Battuello, Lesli Lin Bauer, Judith P. Baxter, Danuta B. Baziuk, Sally S. Beach, Janice A. Beachly, Terry R. Beam, Marlyn R. Beard, Margaret Mary Beck, Melinda Jane Beede, Sharon W. Bell, Susan I. Bell, Roberta Bellow, Editha A. Bendico, Joanne K. Benkoski, Faith M. Bennett, Sandra L. Benton, Amor S. Bercasio, Cresencia M. Berdelao, Linda G. Berkland, Darcy Berline, Susan E. Beswick, Brigida P. Betguen, Deanna J. Bevans, Dee Ann Bidack, Elmer F. Bienz, Nancy J. Bishop, Kathryn S. Bizek, Elizabeth R. Blancaflor, Cristina A. Blanco, John W. Blazek, Heather A. Bledsoe, Lucy A. Bloomingdale, Ruth E. Blundin, Susan A. Boehm, Karen Ann Bogdan, Lynda Kaye Boggess, Mary Janelle Bohlier, Sofia Espada Bole, Colleen Bonnet-Wyllie, Beverly L. Boslet, Judith A. Boswell, Rosemarie T. Bovino, Christine M. Bowen, Claudia J. Bowers, Angela F. Bowles, John M. Bowles, Regina Boyd, Sheila M. Boyer, June P. Boyles, Darla J. Bradle, Kathleen A. Braman, Daphne Bramble, Abby G. Brann, Carol M. Brannigan, Ellen T. Branscome Plummer, Diane L. Brasse, Winifred J. Brent, Laurie L. Brentlinger, Barbara D. Bricka Gurney, Sallie Anne Brink, Deborah J. Brinker, Diane I. Brochu, Patricia A. Brown, Roxie A. Brown, Diane K. Brown, Hyacinth T. Brown, Monica J. Brown, Linda J. Brown, Dorothy K. Brownlie, Paula K. Bryant, Sherry L. Bucko, Marlane Budde, Corinne Budnick, Mary A. Bukowski, Mary L. Bullis, Jean M. Bunt, Jeanette M. Burk, Lillian J. Burkhardt, Patricia E. Burkle, Cynthia K. Burky, Jo Ellen Busby, Kathryn A. Bush, Vanessa J. Butcher, Margie A. Butler, Susan M. Butler, Mary A. Bylone, Nora E. Byrd

Diana S. Caballero, Helen Cabral, Amparita L. Cabrera, Wayne C. Cafiero, Myrna H. Calajate, Lucina Camacho, Lori L. Candela, Diane Cantella, Theresa C. Carillo, Jeanne A. Carnell, Judith G. Carter, Donna Ann Carter, Marcia E. Carter, Teresita Casanova, Katherine H. Casey, Cynthia A. Casey, Lissa A. Cash, Vincent Casillan, Jane E. Cates, Natalie M. Cates-Rudolph, Calinica M. Caudilla, Denise M. Cebrian, Mary L. Chance, Carol L. Chandler, Martha B. Chesworth, Ruth C. Christenbury, Jane P. Cino, Cheryl Ciocca-Howard, Lisa V. Claiborne, Kathryn A. Clasen, Debra A. Cleary, Peggy L. Clemons, Verna J. Cobern, Cynthia J. Coffel, Laurence R. Coffman, Mark C. Coles, Maria G. Coletta, Fran Conneely, Elizabeth Connelly, Donna L. Connolly, Nelda Sue Conwill, Margaret A. Copeland, Merlene A. Coronel, Shirley Wiley Cossey, Margaret A. Cote, Donna M. Coughlin-Soria, Carol L. Cox, Catherine Cox, Rosemarie C. Coyle, Rebecca J. Craig, Michael J. Cramer, Connie S. Craun, Laura M. Criddle, Patsy E. Crihfield, Scott R. Crowley

Carolann M. Daddio-Pierce, Kathy C. Daley, Susan E. Dalton, JoAnn Daugherty, Doris M. Davis, Shannon M. Davis, Susan B. Davis, Barbara L. Davis, Deborah K. Davis, Lota L. De La Torre, Patricia A. De Veer, Rosemarie Decker, Mary M. Deely, Sally M. DeFrancesco, Kathleen A. Delahanty, Aurora M. DeLeon, Imelda R. DeLeon-Oblea, Peggy L. Dell, Annette R. Dematio, Nancy J. Denke, Geri A. Derr, Sandra K. DeSalvo, Caroline L. Dettbarn-McFarland, Janet M. Wilson Dew, Diana M. Di Mattia, Benedicta P. Dickerson, Louise M. Diehl-Oplinger, Carol L. Diggs, Dorothea A. Dillman, Lorrie Jean Dilucente, Patricia A. DiMillo, Joanne Dimon, Elizabeth R. Dittmar, Dianne M. DiVita, Dorrell May Dixon, Sandra S. Dodd, Faye C. Dodd, Carol J. Doepke, Valerie Dolan, Ruth Donacki, Deri C. Dority, Mary C. Druding, Barbara A. Dubbert, Eileen M. Duffany, Juanita Duncan, Jodell L. Dunkin, Susan L. Duquette, Diana K. Duty, Jennifer S. Dwyer

Evelyn L. Easter, Lottie Ebersole, Victoria L. Eddinger, Anna Bella I. Edelstein, Kenneth J. Edwards, Mellissa M. Einspenner, Joyce L. Enders, Rita G. England, Victoria L. Erdman, Christine L. Erickson, Kay L. Erickson, Bonnie L. Ermakov, Mercy V. Escuadra, Enriqueta L. Espinosa, Josette Etcheverry, Donna J. Eubank, Conchita L. Evans, Catherine C. Evans, Catherine Fackovec, Jon J. Fakler, Linda L. Fallucca-Schneider, Teresa K. Fancher, Anne M. Fara-Erny, Marceil K. Farnum, Merrikay Fausti, Jeanne H. Favreau, Theresa A. Fazziola, Diana R. Feinsilver, Jo Ann L. Fellner, Lynn Marie Ferchau, Fe Fernandez-Garcia, Debra Lee Ferraro, Bernadette M. Fields, Laura A. Finn, Catherine A. Fiore, Rosalind J. Fischer, Peggy J. Fischer, Phyllis A. Fletcher, Mary F. Flora, Mary A. Flynn, Beatrice A. Foltz, Lynn M. Fontana, Myrna R. Fontanilla-Santillan, Christine M. Forsman, Janet G. Foster, Rebecca C. Foster, Kathy A. Foster, JoAnne M. Fox, Maria Y. Fox, Margaret J. Franckowiak, Kelly C. Franklin, Pamela Sue Frantz, Rita M. Freeman, Jean M. Fuller, William R. Fulton, Boydean G. Fussel

Gloria A. Gabertan, Maria C. Galaviz, Catherine A. Galvin, Michele Gann, Michelle L. Garcia, Nancy L. Garfield, Sharon C. Garner, Christine A. Gary, Cindy Gaspar-Rust, Pamela L. Gavin, Catherine M. Gegaris, Patricia S. Geiger, Viola E. Genadio, Evangeline L. Gennaro, Santamma George, Sosamma George, Sylvia Jean Gerald, Nancy H. Gilbert, Maureen Gillen, Jane A. Gisslen, Patricia M. Given, Eun H. Goldstein, Nelia C. Gonyer, Teresa T. Goodell, Martha C. Gooding, Debra K. Gordon, Mary P. Gordon, Judy A. Goreau, Elizabeth M. Gould, Lucia M. Graham, Joan Grande, Nancy M. Grant, Rebecca S. Graul, Lupe D. Grijalva, Josephine J. Guerrero, Lorie J. Guerrero, Chet J. Gujol, Patricia A. Gunning, Jasmin M. Guzman, Debra A. Hagler, Mildred F. Hall, Karen J. Hamilton, Jean F. Hamilton, Susan R. Hamilton, Linda J. Hampton, Janice H. Hanamura, Mary E. Hansch, Joelle D. Hargraves, Carole J. Harkins-Swift, Susan M. Harmon, M. Eve Harpster, Emma L. Harris, Jennifer D. Harris, Karen L. Harrison, Lizabeth A. Harrold, Janet M. Hartman, Lisa D. Harvey McClain, Olanda Marie Hathaway, Peggy Sue Haupt, Barbara J. Hayes, Janet E. Heffern, Shirley A. Hemminger, Kathleen D. Hendel, Gail D. Henderson, Patricia Ann Henderson, Jeree L. Hendley, Mary T. Hendrick, Robert J. Herman, Holly L. Herron, Joanne Hertkorn, Diane De Fusco Hertz, Patricia E. Heslop, Mildred A. Hess, Lucille Hicks, Carol A. Higgins, Deborah J. Hileman-Ford, James C. Hill, Betty J. Hill, Marian Hillyer, Julie R. Hilsenbeck, Virginia L. Hinkle, Jocelyn G. Hobbs, Steven D. Hobbs, Susan L. Hoffman, Beth A. Hoffman, Linda M. Hoke, La Nora H. Holcombe, Margaret Holden, Helen E. Holt, Gail M. Holtzman, Courtney C. Honeycutt, Anne G. Hopkins, Bernadette Horn, Deborah A. Horst, Janet C. Howard, Charlene L. Hoye, Joann Hubbard, Donna A. Hughes, Kathleen A. Hughes, Rosanne M. Hughes, Sue Hughes, Janeth E. Hughes-Schmidt, Christine L. Humes, Margaret A. Hurst

Walter Michael Iskra, Marilyn E. Izzi, William N. Jackson, Shirley A. Jackson, Dianne S. Jackson, James D. Jackson, Acharu S. Jacob, Sharon B. Jansen, Lourdes Januszewicz, Terri Lou Jauron, Jocelyn S. Javellana, Cynthia V. Jefferson, Valerie H. Jeffries, Sandra L. Jeffries, Geraldine A. Jenkins, Jan K. Jensen, Katherine L. Jensen, Trish Jensen-Maier, Carole Ellen Jenson, Soon J. Jeon, Sally A. Jeske, Bobbie Johnson, Darlene M. Johnson, Kay L. Johnson, Roberta M. Johnson, Linda L. Johnson, Brian C. Johnson, Florene C. Johnson, DeVota A. Johnson, Michelle M. Jonas, Margaret M. Jones, Linda S. Jones, Linda D. Jones, Texie A. Jones, Lois P. Jones, Agnes S. Jose, Maureen J. Julian

Kunjamma P. Kalathil, Eva M. Kalpins, Judith B. Kane, Alice W. Kanwisher, Katherine J. Keeley, Sonia K. Keem, Kathryn E. Keiper, Pamela M. Kelbley, Colleen J. Keller, Carleen B. Kelley, Kathryn J. Kelly, Catherine T. Kelly, Lori Kelty, Mary Alisa Kendra, Karen L. Kennedy, Carol L. Kern, Kathryn L. Kerr, Laurinda Mae Kettle, Parnarai Khamavichanurat, JoAnn Kiemen, Kimberly Kim, Deborah J. Kimble, Carolyn Y. King, Colleen M. Kirkholm, E. Anne Kirlin, Beverly J. Kiszella, Susan F. Klaus, Cindy L. Klein, Patricia A. Knowles, Jean A. Kollar, Susan Marie Kons, Joan E. Kopischke, Linda A. Kordos, Gayle F. Kordsmeier, Nancy Kostel-Donlon, Mary M. Kracha, Patricia L. Krebs, Nanette P. Krizenesky, Patricia A. Kruchten, Julene B. Kruithof, Virginia K. Kruse, Joyce W. Kubalsky, Sheila Marie Kupchick, Mary K. Kurian, Pasook Kuvantrarai, Preseli S. Laciste, Milagros A. Laja, Paige S. Landes, Andrea J. Landry, Lorraine C. Lang, Mary K. Lange, Teresita T. Lao, Wilhelmina F. Lao, Candace C. Lawrence, Shirley D. Layman, Deborah J. Lazzara, Luz Ledesma, Hee Young Lee, Jean F. Lee, Ji Yung Lee, Linda K. Lee, Leanne L. Lefler, Myrna E. Legaspi, Theresa D. Lehman, Sharon D. Lehman, Evelyn J. Lennon, Kathryn J. Leonard, Theresa Letang, Dianna H. Levine, Judith F. Lewis, Vickie K. Lewis, Patricia H. Liang, Jean E. Lind, Jane M. Lindblad, Lynda S. Lindemann, Kathryn K. Lindsay, Bonnie J. Lipscomb, Consuelo D. Liwag, May Ah Loh, Rebecca E. Long, Robin L. Longest, Jan C. Love, Patricia A. Lowry, Laura E. Luecke, Marie Voncina Lukin, Paula A. Lusardi, Joy A. Luton

Vicki L. Mabry, Barbara L. MacDonald, Catherine A. Madura, Sari D. Maenza, Wilhelmina L. Magyawe, Beatrice Maier, Barbara A. Maikut, Barbara E. Maines, Lauren L. Mainini, Kathleen A. Makara, Jean M. Maloney, Teresa A. Mandarino, Pamela A. Maniaci, Susan G. Mannerino, Letha E. Manous, Wilma J. Maranan, Karen J. Marberry, Rebecca V. Marcelo, Veronica Markuck, Stephen R. Marrone, Patricia A. Marshall, Debbie M.K. Martin, Marsha A. Martin, Juanita Martinez, Susan L. Mastroianni, Deborah S. Mastrolia, Mary T. Mathew, Constance J. Mathison, Connie R. Mattice, Dorina M. Mazzucchi, Mary M. McBride, Carol A. McCardle, Jeanne J. McCartney, Cathy Ann McCloskey, Katherine D. McCord, Mary B. McCullough, Suzanne M. McDonald, Nancy K. McDonald, Carmel M. McGann, Rosemary McGavin, Mary Jane E. McKee, Jeanne S. McKee, Yvonne L. McKenna, Patricia F. McKenzie, Nathalie J. McKenzie, Anne E. McKie, Elaine F. McLaughlin, Patricia L. McManamen, Linda J. McNeal, Lorraine S. McNeill, Karen A. McQuillan, Charlotte B. Melnichok, Beth M. Mendel, Mark Alvin Mendenhall, Marie B. Mendiondo, Elvira T. Mendoza-David, Mary Beth Menduni, Debra L. Menton, Mark R. Messner, Darcy J. Middleton, Shereen M. Miller, Barbara L. Miller, Brenda E. Miller, Linda J. Miller, Sharon M. Miller, Diana A. Mills, Theresa A Minerick, Vickie A. Miracle, Pamela K. Miranda, Judy A. Mitchell, Mary K. Mitchell, Jo Ann M. Modiest, Shahnaz Mogharabi, Melodiya F. Monje, Paula K. Montoya, Cynthia S. Mooney, Nancy L. Moore, Helen T. Moore, Brenda S. Moore, Diane Ruth Morgan, Marcia G. Morris, Arlette M. Moshier, Theresa A. Mostov, Flor V. Moya, Martha M. Mueller, Janet Decesare Murphy, Cynthia C. Myers, Kay I. Nakielny, Josefina A. Narvaez, Leonila C. Navarro-Mariazeta, LouAnn S. Neidigh, Sherry M. Nelles, Susan Mae Nelmark, Julia S. Nelms, Alison L. Nelson, Carola Neville, Teresa E. Newell, Linda M. Newens, Linda Newman, Lisa A. Nichols, Cheryl A. Nicosia, A. Kay Nippes, Rosilyn D. Nolan, Kathleen P. Nugent, Brenda L. Nyczepir

Isidita E. Oblepias, Ruth E. O’Daniel, Barbara J. Oddo, Nuala O’Halloran, Elizabeth A. O’Keeffe, Anita V. Olbek-Tooker, Sharon N. Oldham, Cheryl A. Oliphant, Linda L. Olson, Michael L. Olson, Barbara E. Opalewski, Susan A. Ordway, Christena A. Orwig, Julia L. Osborne, Patricia E. O'Shea, Mary C. Otis, Teresa G. Pacheco, Cecilia A. Pacleb, Nancy M. Pakutz, Diana Ann Palafox, Eileen B. Palmer, Suzann Kay Palmer, Jo Ann A. Palmer, Conni C. Papillon, Dawn L. Parham, Diane M. Parker, Katharine L. Parker, Monta Parkjitta, Neta F. Parkman, Oliva A. Pastores, Julie A. Patterson, Patricia E. Patterson, R. Eileen Patton, Marguerite J. Pawlowski, Verna M. Pearson, Martha E. Peck, Marissa G. Pedro, Alice Choo Neo Pek, Pamela J. Pelchy, Aeonie S. Pendlebury, Loraine M. Pepe, Nenita M. Peralta, Lysa C. Perez, Brenda Sue Perigen, Linda M. Perkins Netterville, Cynthia M. Perretta, Louise Perruzza, Ruth A. Peterson, Teri L. Pfeiffer, Catherine Pfeil, Barbara A. Phelan, JoAnne K. Phillips, Sylvia O. Pickich, Pamela L. Pierce, Mercedes D. Pineda, Margarette M. Pinto, Marilyn J. Plateau, Deborah R. Poeppelman, Nancy A. Pond-Bechtel, Linda E. Pope, Patricia C. Poserina, Catherine I. Povenmire, Kalynn B. Pressly, Barbara M. Price, Mary G. Procyson, Debra L. Pronitis-Ruotolo, Paulette K. Purchla

Sandra L. Qamar, Nenita A. Queliza, Mary H. Raffety, Pamela J. Ragan, Florecita Ragasa, Diane L. Rahtz, Evangelina Ramirez, Angela Capozella Rampy, Donna Esper Ras, Dian P. Ratcliff, Alice A. Ray, Lois Redden, Theresa M. Reilly, Helene E. Reilly, Kristine A. Rembis, Rita L. Renollet, Deborah L. Rexford, Cynthia L. Reynolds, Shelley D. Reynolds-Wacker, Nora R. Ribaya, Mary Anne Richert, Sally J. Richter, Virginia E. Rickards, Dorothy M. Rico, Rosalinda L. Rienstra, Carol R. Riggio, Emma H. Rimando, Shurley S. Robinson, Regina S. Robinson, Marianne G. Robinson, Ann F. Robinson, Roberta A. Robinson, Christie E. Rodriguez, Patricia A. Ronayne, Frances J. Rooney, Ruth A. Roorda, Adelaida F. Rosario, Barbara A. Rose, Diane M. Rosenkilde, Katherine M. Ross, Deborah K. Ross, Cheryl A. Rosselli, Lisa K. Roth, Margaret A. Rowe, Joan M. Rowley, Susan O. Royce, Jean B. Ruiz

Theresa Ryan-Shearman, Margaret M. Saai, Cathy J. Sabau, Concepcion A. Sacramento, Teresita B. Saethang, Silvia C. Sakamoto, Michele M. Sanders, Julie A. Sandstrom, Catherine M. Saniuk, Mary Ann Sarantos, Charlene F. Sargent, Leora M. Savage, Barbara A. Sawyer, Jane Lee Schafer, Cheryl A. Scheuerman, Sharon K. Schick, Asenath Victoria Schillen, Donna M. Schneider, Donna M. Schneider, Patricia A. Schornik, Evette M. Schulte, Mary L. Schultz, Nancy J. Schwabauer, Cindy J. Scribner, Maria E. Seavey, Denise E. Settle, Alma I. Severyn, Rondi J. Shafer, Rose B. Shaffer, Evelyn B. Shaikh, Jaime L. Shambaugh, Anne V. Shelton, Jocelyn T. Sherrill, Patricia F. Shingler, Kathy M. Shipley, Norbert M. Shockley, Teresa A. Shoultes, Laurel L. Shrontz, Jeanette T. Sica, Tessie D. Sicam, Patricia A. Sieber, Linda A. Siebert, Linda S. Sikora, Rebeca I. Simmons, Jennifer M. Sims, Myung Hi Sin, Evangeline A. Siruelo, Anita M. Siscoe-Hapshie, Patricia A. Slaughter, Sallie K. Smith, Ruth M. Smith, J. Lynne Smith, Sheila A. Smith, Deone A. Smith, Dana M. Smith-Ruggles, Edna M. Smull, Elizabeth K. Sobczyk, Tita Vecinal Somera, Barbara E. Soppet, Patricia A. Soriano, Freda A. Sornsen, Patricia K. Sorrentino, Jeralyn T. Spiegel, Linda M. Spoelma, Diana S. Sprengelmeyer, Lorelei A. Stanziale, Martha S. Starks, Cynthia M. Steckel, Deanna D. Steele, Mary Ann Steele, Annette M. Stefan, Catharine H. Stephenson, Mary T. Stetzel, Marianne Stewart, Sandra J. Stewart, Mary Janet Stout, Bradley Strecker, Betty K. Sturgeon, Deanne C. Styborski, Susan G. Sulser, Gayla L. Sutton, Mildred S. Swan, Janet M. Swenerton, Ana J. Sy

Brenda B. Taegder, Sherry Tay, Lorraine Taylor, Joyce Elaine Taylor, Nellie Taylor, Elizabeth S. Tejada, Andrea L. Tewari, Boonsom Thavanthana, Therese R. Thibodeau, Donna J. Thomas, Elizabeth A. Thomas, Kathleen A. Thomas, Doris A. Thomas, Susan Thomas, Maureen Ann Thompson, Sandra S. Thornhill-Alvarez, Rebecca G. Thurn, Karen L. Tice, Martha J. Tickel, Amelita C. Tiernan, Sarah M. Tierney, Rosemary A. Timmerman, Denise I. Todd, Carol Lynn Tollerson, Irene M. Tom, Tamara L. Tomes, Martha Ann Tompkins, Carol F. Toney, Crisanta R. Torres, Vivan K. Trager, Maureen E. Travers, Elizabeth E. Trembath, Deborah C. Trussell, Marie E. Tse, Denise A. Tucker, Sharon K. Tuggle, Cheryl Tuggle, Joanne F. Turka, Mary D. Turner, Bettye J. Tutor, Zenaida L. Umali, Evangeline R. Umengan, David W. Unkle, Ethel M. Utter Barbara A. Valencia, Dorothy M. Vancheri, Phyllis E. Varga, Lisa H. Vargas, Evelyn F Velasco, Renee M. Very, Eugenia A. Vess, Janice M. Viola, Candyce L. Voisey, Leanne M. Wachter, Dorothy J. Wagemester, Rosemary Wagner, Kathy A. Wales, Marsha R. Wall, Debra A. Wallace, Gary D. Wallace, Kristin A. Wallach, Lynn M. Walter, Michelle D. Walters, Mei Huei Wang, Ruby Iva Ward, Judy K. Ward, Joyce C. Warner, Lynne Diane Warner, Sue Anne Warren, Katherine I. Watkins, Kathleen M. Watrobski, Patricia J. Watson, Candice Gruver Watson, Susan Watson Evans, Rosella A. Weaver, Patricia L. Weber, Daniel R. Weber, Bessie L. Weiss, Charlene J. Welker, Sylvia J. Welter, Elizabeth S. Wendell, Betty L. Wenger, Patti A. Wengert, Deidre G. Wenzel, Linda L. Weston Kramer, Tamara S. White, Delaine White Bois, Brenda S. Whittaker, Rita J. Wienholts, Sue A. Williams, Denise I. Williams, Deborah A. Williams, Carol A. Williams, Sandy P. Williams, Carol J. Williams, Pamela A. Williams-Whitaker, Young Hoi Willingham, Bonnie Lee Willis, Jacqueline Wilson, John T. Winchell, Linda A. Windsheimer, Sandra K. Wisler, Sandra D. Witcher, Christine D. Wolf, Anita L. Wolfe, Adrienne S. Wolfson, Chenchen K. Wong, Susan B. Wood, Susan Trent Woodard, Charlene K. Woodard, Cindy H. Woren, Deborah A. Woy, Susan J. Wren-Carpenter, Rose Cowden Wright, Fay M. Wright, Ernestine Wright, Susan K. Wynn, Jackie S. Yon, Youngsook Yoon, Julie A. Young, Sharon K. Young, Linda B. Young, Chan Fee Young, Corazon C. Zamora, Karen L. Zeplin, Melanie G. Ziarkiewicz, Marian A. Zmuda.
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