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Vol. 21, No. 6, JUNE 2004

AACN Welcomes New Members in Annual Campaign
Recruiters Add 4,462 to Membership Roll


For the second consecutive year, a nursing education consultant from Oakland, Calif., was the top recruiter in AACN's Critical Links membership campaign.

Although Carolyn Axt, RN, MS, MSN, again receives a $500 American Express gift certificate for her efforts, her students are the ones who will benefit most. She plans to stack her awards and add $100 she reaped in one of the campaign's monthly drawings to purchase CCRN review resources to use with her students.

Axt, who recruited 69 new members, was a major contributor to the 2003-04 campaign, in which a total of 4,462 new members were recruited by 1,504 individuals and chapters. The new campaign, which will end March 31, 2005, is now under way.

As an employee of Kaiser Permanente, Axt is responsible for providing training to large groups of nurses in the northern California region. She conducted five, 14-day training sessions last year and six this year. All her recruits have come from those classes.

An AACN member since 1976, Axt said she has always espoused the benefits of membership in professional associations, but became more proactive last year.

She took advantage of the five-or-more�member discounted group rate and exposure to the journals to which AACN members receive subscriptions as part of their dues.

"The journals were really important in my practice early," she said. "I thought, �If I could catch my students early enough, get them the journals, hopefully they would stay.'"

Axt said that, when she entered the Critical Links campaign, her commitment had nothing to do with winning prizes.

"It's just been so easy," she said. "It hasn't been work. It has just fallen in my lap. I am just lucky to have so many contacts."

Other top recruiters and their totals are Becki L. Fuzi, RN, CNS, MSN, CCRN (50), Dinah L. Cooper, RN, CCRN (44), Kathleen M. Richuso, RN, MSN (43), Ngozi I. Moneke, RN, BC, BSN, CCRN (43), Catherine P. Rodgers, RN, ADN, CCRN (38), Delmar Imperial-Aubin, RN, BS, BSN (38), Stephanie C. Westbrook, RN, BS, MEd (36), Jackie S. Yon, RN, MS, CCRN, CCNS, ARNP (35), Doris J. Strother, RN, MN, MS, NP (35), Lori A. Cox, RN, MSN, CCRN, ACNP, NP (33), Beverly Ann Carlson, RN, CNS, MS (25), Carol A. Grube, RN (25), Yvonne L. Thelwell, RN (24), Paula A. Lusardi, RN, DNS, PhD, CCRN, CCNS (23), Patricia M. Tanzi, RN (23), Lydia C. Bautista, RN, BSN, CCRN (20) and Paulita D. Narag, RN, ADN, CCRN (20).

Prize Drawing Winners
The Critical Links membership campaign also offers recruiters a chance to win valuable prizes for their participation. The winners in the 2003-04 campaign were:
1st prize-Rachel Banks, RN, Miramar, Fla. (round-trip tickets for two to anywhere in the continental United States, including a five-day, four-night hotel stay)
2nd prize-Margaret Flickinger, RN, Galesburg, Ill. (round-trip tickets for two to anywhere in the continental United States)
3rd prize-Shona Patel, RN, BS, BSN, Durham, N.C. (four-day-three-night hotel accommodations anywhere in the continental United States)

In addition, Lucille Hicks, RN, BS, CCRN, of St. Louis, Mo., won the $100 American Express gift card in the monthly drawing for the final month of the campaign in March.

New Campaign
The new drive again offers valuable rewards to the hundreds of individual and chapter recruiters traditionally participating, including a $1,000 American Express gift check that will go to the top recruiter.

However, anyone who recruits just one new member receives an AACN clinical or practice-related gift. For every five new members recruited, participants receive a $25 gift certificate toward the purchase of AACN products or services. Recruit a total of 10 new members and receive a $50 gift certificate. In addition, recruiters are eligible for a monthly drawing to receive a $100 American Express gift check in each month that they recruit a new member. At the end of the campaign, every recruiter who enrolls at least five new members will be entered into three drawings for grand prizes of $500 American Express gift certificates.

To qualify for the prizes and drawings, new members must include the recruiter's name and chapter, when applicable, on the "referred by" line of the application.

Thanks for Sharing the Benefits of AACN Membership

Following are the members who participate in the 2003-04 Critical Links membership campaign:

10 to 20 Recruited
Stephanie Baker, Diane M. Bosen, Marylee R. Bressie, Megan Brunson, Denise Buonocore, Diane M. Casperson, Sandra J. Cornish, Victor A. Duarte, Regina C. Echetebu, Jean A. Endryck, Michelle A. Ernzen, Kathleen L. Finn, Dorothy J. Flowers, Deslin Francois, Carla J. Freeman, Kirsten F. Fritz, Kevin R. George, Katherine A. Green, Lucille Hicks, Michelle A. Jurgensen, Rachelle M. King, Rhonda Lanclos, Linda J. Lopazanski, Christina McCarter Cantey, Pauline J. McNeece, Inocencia G. Mendoza, Julie S. Miller, Joseph R. Newsome, Donna M. O'Neill, Kathleen Quattrocchi, Irma N. Richardson, Margaret R. Rollins, Marisue Rowe, Mary Karen Sands, Jacqueline D. Smith, Maureen Wood, Cynthia L. Zaletel.

5 to 10 Recruited
Judith A. Ascenzi, Rachel Banks, Angela J. Bentley, Cathy L. Blonski, Laura B. Boehm, Toni J. Boldy, Jeanne Ann Bolton, Cynthia L. Bond, T. Lynn Brown, Barbara M. Bundage, Ana M. Cabrera, Ma. Victoria S. Caluag, Yolanda W. Carilimdiliman, Nancy M. Case, Lydia G. Casteel, Evelyn C. Coen, Deborah J Conaway, Joan E. Cook, Bonnie L. Curtis, Tamie R. Davis, Mary Ann Degges, Anne C. Dunn, Barbara M. Eachus, Nathalie M. Fleureau, Barbara A. Foster, Barbara S. Frey, Tracy Gregoire, Sharon V. Grupp, Marci Hageman, Ma. Thelma C. Herrera, Jana W. Hough, Brian Hyland.
Kathleen M. Johnson, Beryl E. Keegan, Janis D. King, Betty C. King, Vivian M. Kish, Vicky K. Knapp, Dawn Kregel, Maria A. Laxina, Melanie Jane Leepers, Dawn LeQuatte, Brandi Lidikay, Julie F. Locquiao, Jann M. McCann, Michael T. McEvoy, Ann L. Mercer, Alice B. Moulton, Linda Ann Novak, Jennifer L. Patterson, Jill Poston, Lynn M. Purcel, Shawn E. Ray, Susan M. Roberti, Donna B. Sabash, Ian N. Saludares, Edna J. Schambers, Laura B. Seay, Teresa J. Seright, Eunice K. Simmons, Lynn Smith Schnautz, Angela St. John, Deborah L. Truitt, Paula J. Varhol, Barbara G. Wiles, Suzanne Williams, Sonia H. Wisdom, Teresa M. Yee.

1 to 5 Recruited
Charlotte R. Abbott, Christine L. Abboud, Sakinah Abdulkhabir, Charlotte A. Abercrombie, Jennifer E. Abfalter, Mary Therese Crisostomo Acfalle, Eleanor Wilson Adamo, Janet M. Adams, Christine E. Adams, Rachel S. Addy, Geraldine Santos Aguila, Tamkanat M. Ahmed, Gladys B. Alarva, Julie A. Albecker, Jerilyn Alexander, Bethanne Algie, Luis E. Almendras, Fe Neri Almendras, Maggie Alonso, Maria E. Alsop, Heidi Alton, Marie Anderson, Libby Leininger Anderson, Marlo Scott Anderson, Lois K. Andrews, Amy E. Antalick, Antonio L. Apostol, Aurea Theresa Arca, Vickie Armstrong, Sharon Irene Armstrong, Judith Leigh Armstrong, Kathleen Arnold, Betty Arnold, Dennis Scott Arthur, Michelle C. Ashby, Delia R. Askland, Ange Assion, Sonia M. Astle, Ponrathi Rosalind Athilingam, Angela Marie Aucoin, Marie Aue, Karen K. Austin.

Julie M. Baar, Charissa Gajete Bacena, Rebekah L. Backowski, Louise Baclasky, Crystal G. Badgett, Chad Aaron Bagley, Mary Ann L. Bailey, Luz Tabago Bailey, Dina Bailey, Beth M. Baker, Joan F. Baker, Marietta R. Balaan, Linda I. Ball, Rachel S. Ball, Robin M. Ballew, Shirleyann Balucanag, Christine M. Banta, Michelle L. Barkley, Sheila A. Barr, Beth Barranco, Darcy T. Barrett, Jill E. Barrow, Tonya Marie Bartow, Jennifer A. Basler, Kathryn Basnight, Sheila A. Batiste, Susan L. Baughman, Claire Bautista, Sherry E. Baxter, Esther H. Bay, Alyce H.N. Beard, Kathleen M. Bechtel, Jeffrey Reed Beck, Judi Beckman-Friedson, Jennifer Beckwith, Traci Beebe, Shelly S. Begue, Linda Majo Belkas, James C. Bell, Erin L. Bell, Deidre N. Belton, Ellen O. Bender, Jennifer M. Bengel-Dunn, Sue A. Benson, Donna M. Bent, Virginia Bentley, Debra J. Bercaw, John Bergen, Jason L. Beringo, Gail J. Beriswill, Kim B. Bernhardt-Tindal, Annette Berning, O'Re L. Berry, Cristina B. Berthelot, Michael F. Beshel, Chera-Lei Betts, Pamela Ann Bialczak, Janice K. Biros, Patricia A. Bishop, Kimberly G. Bishop, Karen C. Bishop, Sandra J. Bixler, Mara L. Black, Daniel J. Blair, Tracy L. Blair, Penelope S. Blake, Michael C. Blanchard, Zenaida D. Blanco, Bonnie L. Blankenship, Robert G. Bledsoe, Pamela I. Blee, Betty Nash Blevins, Tresa L. Bobbitt, Molly Bolinger, Monica Bologna, Charmaine Bond, Janis E. Boterf, Darlene A. Boudreaux, Theresa R. Boulos, Pamela M. Bowser, E. Lois Boyd, Becky L. Braddock, Celeste Braly, Jeannette Branham, Cyndy E. Brasher, Rosemary A. Bray, Deborah L. Briese, Sue Bright, Susan Bright, Elizabeth A. Bright, Debra L. Britt, Hugh Brooks, Josee Brousseau, Terry L. Brown, Anne H. Brown, Deitra T. Brown, Holly J. Brunacini, Sandra A. Brunner, Anna C. Bruns, Kathryn A. Brush, Matthew D. Bryant, Angela Dawn Bryant-Blount, Dorota Bryk-Winks, Michelle D. Bryson, Kelli M. Buchanan-Cassino, Linda Bucher, Christopher Brian Bucklew, Shelly A. Buck-Williams, Suzan L. Buetow, Beverly A. Bull, Mona Ruth Bullard, Linda Louise Bunten, Marsha D. Buntley, Larry Wayne Buntley, Madeleine M. Burke, Laura Jean Burns, Kathleen M. Burton, Jacquelyn C. Burton, Marilyn L. Byrne.

Jean Gruber Cabral, Deborah Cagen, Annette I. Calcote, Marie Callahan, Karen M. Campano, Karen Ann Campbell, Richard A. Campbell, Margie Lynn Campbell, Ofelia Alcala Canela, Alisa R. Caple, Catherine Caprio, Janis L. Carelock, Neal E. Carey, Candy S Carlsen, Allison Cecelia Carlson, Richard M. Carpenter, JoAnn Carr, Maggie D. Carriker, Darlene Carroll, Dawn M. Caruss, Denae Case, Robert William Cass, Gail Castelli, Laura Elizabeth Caster, Angela G. Cathey, Debra Ann Catrambone, Pauline I. Caum, Julie Cavaner, Lauren M. Chadwick, Pamela J. Chapman, Leanna Chau, Kristina Cherry, Patricia M. Chesmore, Margaret A. Chiappalone, Belinda A Childers, Jody L. Choate, Mi-jin Choe, Marcia L. Chorba, Deborah Anne Chouinard, Mary E. Christian, Eun-joo Chung, Vicki Lee Chupa, Kim Cibulka, Charlene J. Cink, Monica Davila Cintron, Florina L. Cirujales, Deirdre M. Citro, Nanette M. Clark, Sara A. Clark, Kathryn V. Clark, Kimberly A. Clark , Patricia Clark, Sheri Lee Cleaves, Karen Y. Cliburn, Tracy L. Cline, Carol Cloud, Patricia E. Cluthe, Donna Cochran, Kathleen M. Cohen, Denise Cole-Ouzounian, Caroline L. Collantes, Marcia A. Collins, Jean Marie Collins, Marty J. Collins-Johnson, John P. Compton, Karen M. Conover, Virginia S. Cook, Diane Lynn Cook, Kathleen D. Cooper, Beverly Cope, Josephine Corcega Delgado, Bonnie J. Corcoran, Erin K. Core, Gene B. Corliss, Kelly Cornacchione, Randy J. Cornell, Mary D. Cornish, Patricia L. Cortez, Lisa L. Cossaboon, Kim Costello, Verna Jeanne Cotton, Michelle Marie Coughlin, Susan B. Covert, Laurene M. Cox, Stephanie L. Cranfield, Iracema M. Crawford, Kim L. Crawford, Nancy Crawford, Kathleen M. Crecelius, Judith Marie Cremers, Sue Ann Crisp, Mills E. Crosland, Marcus F. Crossan, Jaydee Estacio Cu, Kelly C. Cullinane, Kathleen D. Culver, Cindy L. Cunningham, Mary Ann Cunningham, Elizabeth D. Curtin, Cheryl B. Cusac, Teresa K. Cuthair, Jessica Czop.

Margo D. Dailey-Filipkowski, Cynthia Ann Damboise, Carol Y. Damico, Elaine Daniel, Patti A. Daraskavich, Lori A. Daughenbaugh, Candice D. Davidson, Diane B. Davis, Judith P. Davis, Martha K. Davis, Ann Marie Davis, Mary C. Day, Evelyn B. De Peralta, Patricia E. Decker, Michael George Decker, Christina M. DeCoskey, Tammy Sue Dees, Carla J. Degges, Maria Emily DeGuzman, Bonnie L. DeJardin, Violeta C. Del Rosario, Leilani J. Del Valle, Alice Dela Cruz, Lilia L. Dela Cruz, Jaime C. Dela Cruz, Mely C.M. DeLeon, Connie Deloach, Genevieve F. Deltieure, Kathleen H Denihan, Mary W. Dent, Glenn E. DePoy, Heather DeSalvo, Sandra S. Deschane, Susan Devlin-Varin, Kathy A. Dibbens, Diana Leslie Dietz, Crystal Diane Diggs, Tammy B. Dingee, Julie Leraun Dobbs, Ricchi S. Domingo, Linda A. Donovan, Deri C. Dority, Sandra Douglas, Brenda G. Downs, Karen A. Droter, Michele Angela Dudley, Michael John Duffy, Edna A. Dukes, Linda F. Dunbar, Gail W. Duncan, Robin Duryee, Wayne A. Dwarica, Kimberly S. Earl, Susan M. Earnhart, Rachel T. Easo, Lisa Edwards, Fe Valledor Eguaras, Shirley M. Eiben, Marie A. Eidam, Meray El-Ahdab, Grace A. Elaro, Sarah A. Elchos, Krista L. Elliott, Joan M. Ellis, Karen L. Ellmers, Virginia Elminshamy, Gregory Shane Elmore, Gretchen Lorraine Ennis, Maria G. Erica, Deborah L. Erickson, Tracy Ann Esopa, Betty J. Etherton, Linda Ethier, Melissa S. Evans, Tracy R. Evans, Robyn S. Evans, Sheri B. Everett, Zorena Ewing, Nancy J. Exstrom.

Madeline Faisca, B. Yvonne Fankhanel, Bev Farmer, Anthony E. Farmer, Belinda Farrelly, Maria Pilar Farzad, Mary C. Fassett, Beverly J. Felder, Arieta R. Fernandez, Ferdinand C. Ferrer, Matt Ferriolo, Jocelyn C. Fiedler, Marian A. Finehirsh, Lora S. Fink, Deborah A. Fischer, Manuel A. Fish, Debra A. Fisher, Mary Jane Fleener, Margaret R. Flickinger, Kelly Renee Flowers, Nancy M. Foley, Melissa Dawn Foltz, Patricia D. Fonder, Sara M. Ford, Kathy A. Foster, Melinda Foster, Laura L. Fox, Shantha V. Franks, Tess Frankum, Laura Leigh Frantz, Jennifer Lynn Franzwa, Kimberly C. Fritz, Carolyn D. Frost, Nicholas E. Frusciante, Satomi Fujii, Fred Gabriele, Karen A. Gaertner, Ann M. Gagliardi, Johane A. Gagnon, Kathleen S. Gallichio, Vicki J. Galyean, Theresa Ann Ganoe, Betty R. Garber, Tara J. Garcia, Maria Haydee Ramirez Garcia, Michelle D. Gargiulo, Julia K. Garrison, Valarie Gatlin-Best, Annette L. Gee-Monahan, Devon A. Geidner, Serena Geiger, Jane P. Gensaya, Beverly E. George-Gay, Stephanie D. Geraci, Patricia Ann Giesler, Megan Gillespie, Marie C. Gilliland, Frances L. Gilliland, Jo Anne Gillispie, Lisa N. Gingerich, Jill S. Girard, Joan Marie Gleason-Scott, Barbara J. Glenn, Deborah Gloskey, Sylvia Gomez, Diane M. Gomez, Diane Marie Gomez, Girlynda Gonzales, Abbie L. Goodban, Barbara A. Goodwin, Jack W. Gootee, Laurie Arnold Gorby, Bernice E. Gordon, Michele A. Gordon, Mark C. Gosling, Shaunda R. Goss, Rose A. Goure, Patricia G. Graham, Patti Graham, Nancy M. Grant, Kim Green, Maureen T. Greene, Sy R. Greene, Deborah L. Greenlaw, Karen Grevious, Jerry A. Gronberg, Rhonda L. Grose, Ariana G. Gross, Timothy Joseph Groth, Donna B. Guthrie.

Kristine L. Hagans, Claudia A. Haile, Charlene A. Haley-Moyer, Lois Hamill, Karen J. Hamilton, Karen L. Hamilton, M. Beth Hammer, Leslie A. Hammond, Tamara K. Hand, Joy Hansel, Kim Hanson, Maria Molar Haque, Eileen C. Harden, Tara L. Hardinge, Kathy Hare, Lucinda S. Harmon, Paige E. Harriott, KellyJane Harris, Janet Harris, Diane Harris, Evelyn M. Harris, Patricia L. Harth, Eric Hartigan, Jane L. Hartman, Kathleen Hartmann, Teresa Hartseil, Billie J. Hauanio, Peggy Sue Haupt, Lisa Marie Hauss, Cynthia Hawkins, Dawna Hawksworth, Tod A. Hazlett, Jeanne M. Heatlie, Donna J. Hegle, Derrick Michael Heldt, Richard A. Hemphill, Lori D. Hendrickx, Belinda D. Henriksen, Cynthia C. Heroy, Susan Hession, Noni Heywood, Linda L. Hickey, Peggy J. Hicks, Cynthia S. Hielscher, Shawna L. Higgins, Linda M. Higgins, Alisa M. Hilinski, Amy K. Hill, Christopher D. Hillman, Margaret M. Hines, Carol M. Hinkle, Laurie Hinz Gover, Mary D. Hoagland, Kimberly S. Hoang, Deborah B. Hobson, Davy Dwayne Hobson, Diane L. Hockett, Alfred Edward Hocking, Bernadette Hoffman, Paula Hofmeister, Jeni Kate Holley, Kathryn Lee Holling, Sharna L. Holloway, Vicki L. Holman, Deborah E. Holman, Deborah M. Holmberg, Karen R. Hontucan, Steven Jay Hooker, Ellen Faith Hopkins, Michael J. Hoskin, Paula P. House, Fred Kenneth House, Veronica Hudson, Helen Catherine Hughes, Zondra Hull, Carolyn M. Hunsche, Cheryce G. Hunsinger, Aaron C. Huston, Donna Hyacinthe, Eden S. Ibay, Elena Icreverzi, Tina O. Ikwuezunma, Aida A. Imperio, Michael James Ingalsby, Sherry Inge, Paula A. Innis, Kathryn Irving, Jean C. Isaac, Kathryn A. Jackson, Annamma Jacob, Christy L. Jacobi, Annie P. James, Joseph Janosy, Natacha Jean-Noel, Christopher O. Jenner, Rhonda Rae Jensen, Robert F. Jezyk, Pamela S. Johnson, Vicki D. Johnson, Grace A. Johnson, Jodie G. Johnson, Jeremy Johnson, Jeremy L. Johnson, Paula Johnson, Barbara L. Johnston, Pamela J. Joines, Michelle M. Jonas, Karla L. Jones, Ronald L. Jones, Delia Sablaya Jones, Melissa Douglass Jones, Stephanie R. Jones, Teresita E. Jones, Mary Sheree Jordan, Messalina Charisse Jordan, Sharon V. Jordan, Leela J. Joseph, Rachel A. Joseph, Mary M. Joyce, Meredith M. Joyner, Patricia M. Juarez, Rosemarie Juergensen, Cynthia V. Jugo, Basem M. Jumaa.

Marsha K. Kadner, Jennifer P. Kahler, Darcy Kalles, Kathleen M. Keane, Marilyn Keefe, Mary J. Keegan, Melissa Keeton, Linda Kehn, Margaret M. Kelleher, Beverly J. Kelley, Ellen Kelley, Robert J. Kelly, Patricia Anne Kelly, Jodie L. Kennedy, Lori E. Kennedy, Frances Ann Kenney, Marcia Kent, Donna S. Kerner, Diane Myers Kessler, Karen A. Kesten, Patricia H. Kettle, Jennifer Ann Keuth, Becky Allyn Kiely, Jennifer A. Kilgore, Ok Kum Kim, Mabel Kuupua Kim, Kathleen J. King, Nancy D. King, Nancy C. King, Anne M. Klahre, Julie C. Klarich, Marlene M. Klein, Janet A. Kloos, Kelly Marie Knapp, Debra L. Knight, Lori Susan Koethe, Terra E. Koroll, Kathleen J. Korza, Mary Grace Kostenblatt, Holly A. Kraft, Grant Carla Krahl, Robert Kramer, Allan S. Kristiansen, Joanne M. Kuszaj, Christopher Douglas Kyle, Lisa N. Lacasse, Paulette M. LaConte, Pamela Lacy, Arnold Suguitan Lagoc, Deborah Lee Lalinde, Lou Ellen Anne Lallier, Mary Ann Lambert, Michelle Lambert-Webb, Lisa Lea Lampkin, Sheila A. Lanciault, Julia E. Langan, Constance May Lanphear, Karen E. Lantier, Dianna L. Lape, Jennifer A. Larkin, Jose Ramil R. Lasala, Stanley M. Lash, MonicaPilar Lawrence, Scott M. Lawson, Gretchen A. Lee, Patricia M. Lee, Jason C. Lee, Celeste Lynnette Lee, Peachy Delaflor Legayada, Mary T. Leidner, Patricia A. Lello, Kathy Renee Leonardo, Jo M. Lerner, C. Preston Lewis, Robin L. Lillibridge, Mary O. Lindamood, Kristi Anne Link, Janet M. Linton, Laura L. Lipp, Rena N. Litt, Theresa D. Loan, Cynthia A. Lockhart, Karen J. London, Carol A. Long, Juanita Lopez, Judith A. Losi, Jennie M. Love, Sarah Elizabeth Love, Lisa Lovette, Judith H. Lower, Terry L. Lucas, India S. Luke, Maria Morena A. Luna, Tracey Lund, Kari Marie Lutz, Nhieu Thanh Ly, Becky Le Ly, Andree F. Lybeck, Maxine E. Lyons.

Karen M. Mack, Dianne L. Mackert, Holly Macklay, Stephanie L. Macon-Moore, Pamela S. Mages, Laura Diane Magos, Anne L. Maguire, Susan Cathrena Mahoney, Regina E. Mailey, Andrea M. Maimone, Rosita Y. Maley, Beverly C. Maloney, Joyce L. Maly, Laura Mamchur, Gloria Mangaroo, Michele L. Manning, Neal E. Manuel, Judy A. Manuel, Loretta A. Marcantonio, Midge A. Marcy-Brennan, Lori E. Markham, Nicole A. Marks, Ruth Ann Marr, Juliette Marrin, Carolyn Ann Martin, Kimberly S. Martin, Amy S. Martin, Dea Ann L. Martin, Cindy Leigh Martin, Elizabeth Martin, Virginia M. Mason, Mary A. Mathews, Kelley Anne Mathews, Mary Ann Matteson, Fe E. Matthews, Lindsey A. Maynard, Lenora M. Maze, Loretta M. McBride-Fleming, Pamela J. McCabe, Kathleen A. McCarthy, Kathleen M. McCarthy, Mary L. McCarthy, Patricia A. McCauley, Michelle Kelly Mccauley, Elizabeth McClure, Katrina D. McCurley, Kelly Marie Mccutcheon, Ryan W. McDonald, Jodi Patricia Mcduffie, Heather McEachren, L. Jennifer McFarlane, Elizabeth L. McGarr, Cinthia Ann McGarry, La Donna Dale McGohan, J. Patrick Mcgovern, Sharon Lynne Mcgregor, Jeannie Theresa Mcgurran, Virginia Lynn Mcintyre, Tracie Lynn Mckay, Stephen C. McKeeman, Mary G. McKinley, Joyce E. McKinney, Cedric J. McKoy, Diane L. McLean, Dee A. McMichael, Dennise C.L. McPherson, Patricia A. McQuade, Petra McWhorter-Green, Theresa M. Meeks, Kirsten Meister, Elsa Mejia, Darla J. Melander, Maria T. Mendoza, Alpha M. Mendoza, N. Lynne Mercer, Lori C. Merrill, Alyson Faye Messina, Cary J. Metternich, Cheryl E. Meyer, Sharon Evelyn Meyers, Raul G. Meza, Lorraine Micheletti, Joann Mickelson, Estrella P. Mijares, Deborah J. Mike, Jennifer L. Miller, Julie K. Miller, Patricia Miller, Leanna R. Miller, Dylan K. Miller, Kevin C. Millet, Cassidy R. Mincer, Christine M. Mincey, Nicolette C. Mininni, Catrice M. Minjarez, Margaret M. Mirabella, Jaclyn Melissa Mitchell, William Carson Mize, Candice R. Mohar, Magdalena Ella Monahan, Rachel E. Monday, Laura Frances Monette, Jeri Linda Monical, Barbara A. Montagnino, Lori A. Monte Besselman, Dianna L Moone, Bonita L. Moore, Vicki D. Moore, Laurie E. Moore, Mary Grace Moore, Kelly Moore, Susan Marie Morella, Jacqueline Ann Morgan, Carol J. Morris, Valerie Morris, Susan E. Morrissey, Jennifer L. Moser, Theresa Mulherin, Cynthia A. Mullis, Michelle Munro, Paula Murray, Diana L. Mustacchio.

Robin Renee Narducci, Kirsten Nelson, Ami Nelson, Adalynn Celine Nesjan, Minnie Marcel Newbegin, Sharon M. Newton, Rose Mary Nguyen, Linda J. Nicholson, Jayne Nickell, Bradley Dean Nielsen, Theresa Nino, Aminah Nitura, Vivian F. Norman, Sheri A. Norman, Nicole M Norris, Laura L. Northstrum, John N. Ntagha, Immanuel U. Nwalupue, Christina Dale Nye, Martha A. Nykiel, Linda Nylander-Housholder, Silvia E. Oakes, Michele Jennette Oakins, Barbara Odin, Nicholas R. O'Hearn, Rita C. O'Keefe, Anna Olah, Louisa P. Olmo, Meghan A. O'Neil, Lauren Deborah O'neil, Jeannette Orr, Marie L. Ortaliz, Cathy S. Osgood, Daisy L. Ostrowicki, Prudence M. Osunero-Lanuza, Angela Dawn Ott, Amy J. Ottman, Susan M. Ouellette, LaDeana Kaye Oueslati, Carol J. Owens, Kathryn Owens, Lynn D. Owensby, Catherine Pachorro, Jane Brekke Paige, Sandra A. Pakulski, Gloria Palawar, Mary O. Palazzo, Vickie S. Palm, Stephanie L. Palm, Deborah Panozzo Nelson, Julie Parisien, C. Lorraine Parsons, Deborah A. Pascua, Michael Pasquale, Lance S. Patak, Sarah M. Pataluna, Shona R. Patel, Julia P. Paul, Roanna F. Payne, Kathleen Klein Peavy, Trina M. Pecina, Dawn M. Peets, Pamela Ann Peine, D. Lyn Penton-Cooper, Molena Peregrino, Lorena I. Perez, Linda A. Perkins, Elizabeth M. Perpetua, Nicole Ann Peter, Karen Y. Petersen, Janet Peterson, Mary A. Pezzuto, Leslee Pfaff, Melissa L. Pfeiffer, Thu Lan Pham, Leslie Vito Pham, Dorothy R. Phelps, Gemma S. Philbert, Kelly M. Piasecki, Theresa Picione, Laura K. Pierce, James Edgar Pittman, Lorraine Plaikner, Colleen O. Planchon, Pamela Pleiter, Dawn Plouffe, Patricia Rae Pollack, Elizabeth A. Pollock, Melanie C. Polzin, Jodie R. Porter, Jeanne M. Porter, Erin Porter, Myra K. Porthouse, Jeannette M. Powers, Susan Pozzuto, Barbara Lynn Presnell, Jan C. Preston, Cynthia Gail Price, Gail A. Principe, Bradley J. Prior, Barbara Proffitt, Lori L. Profota, Debra L. Pronitis-Ruotolo, Donna M. Proulx, Karen S. Provenzano, Diana M. Pryer, Sofia S. Puerto, Karen L. Pyle.

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Clare Marie Tack, Gloria Morales Taduran, Brenda L. Taft, Aleine C. Talladen, Christine M. Tanner, Susan Taylor, Amy Taylor, Edna Victoria Taylor, Jan H. Teal, Viviane L. Teixeira, Roxanne Telford, Gerry Tenn, Linda L. Terrano, Sarah Holt Tew, Cathy Jo Thalken, Martin L. Thiede, Linda C. Thomas, Lillie Ruth Thomas-pitts, Cathy J. Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Scott David Thompson, Anne Louise Thompson, Teresa G Tipton, Miriam Cacha Tivar, Marie T. Todd, Susan K. Tokh, Kathryn I. Toliver, Thelma J. Torri, Suzanne B. Tovar, Gina M. Traina, Debbie Travis, Storm L. Treanor, Stacey E. Trefts, Rebecca L. Trenkamp, Jennifer Trevena, Cathie J. Tribble, Jason L. Tricker, Nicole L. Trieste, Charlene T. Trimeloni, Michele S. Trinka, Teresa M. Truckenmiller, Jason Trudell, Barbara J. Trushaw, Melissa Tsay, Aida C. Tuason, Tracy A. Tullio, Jackie Turner, Irene D. Turner, Linda L. Turner, Robert G. Turner, Donna M. Tydings, Michael Uhl, Tristan E. Ulmer, Janette F. Ursolino, Ozzie Uruena, Jean L. Uy, Regina M. Vachon, Janine Vallen, Monica Van Staden, Valerie K. Van Valkenburg, Johnnilynn Vanboxtel, Debra M. Vanderkamp, Marsha L. Vaughan, Lynnith A. Velasco, Elaine M. Ventresca, Carolyn Verdejo, Leslie L. Vermilio, Judith A. Vezner, Paul M. Vicencio, Richard W. Vitrano, Valerie S. Vogeler, Ashley E. Voght, Laurie Jean Volkmuth, Leah Carla Wacksman, Sandra J. Wakai, Annette Walblay, Christie Margrette Walden, David S. Walker, Maria R. Wallace, Elissa Marie Walsh, Barbara K. Walsh, Kathryn Mary Walsh, Chris Claire Walsvik, Linda Walter, Sherry L. Walter, Billie Jean Walters, Jennifer M. Walters, Charlene L. Walton, Mary Kate Wargo, Cheryl Warren, Brian Scot Wasem, Barbara J. Washington-Knight, Eileen V. Weatherby, Sharman L. Weaver, Judy K. Webb, Rebecca M. Webb, Holly L. Weber-Johnson, John Crawford Welch, Candice Renae Wells, Carolyn Sue Welsh, Nancy E. Werren, Jennifer Lynn Wessol, Jill A. West, Sharon L. West, Paula Katrina West, Linda L. Weston Kramer, Christine G. Westphal, Jane C. Whalen, Arllys B. Wheeler, Anita J. White, Jennifer L. White, Bob Whitter, Melissa W. Whittington, Steve Brian Widmar, Maria Amor Wild, Linda Carole Wilkins, Judi I Wilkinson, Karen R. Willard, Sue A. Williams, Michael L. Williams, Elizabeth J. Williams, Sharlyn K. Williams, Vicky M. Williams, Douglas A. Willis, Naomi Dolores Willis, Martha Delle Wilson, Judith L. Wilson, Patricia L. Wilson, Jackie G. Wilson, Michael D. Windham, Annette T. Winkler, Susan J. Wirth, Jennifer Lynn Wisnefski, Jeanne W. Woelfel, Julie M. Wojtkowski, Barbara S. Wolfe, Charlotte L. Wolfe, Michelle E. Woodham, Paula A. Woodlief, LuAnn Woods, Kathleen B. Wright, Jodi M. Wright, Christine Elaine Wynns, Larraine A. Yeager, Elaine A. Yellen, Shelley A. Young, Linda I. Young, Erwin Yson, Kathryn Zarnesky, Jerry Zebrowski, Michael A. Zeiler, Mary Jane Zellinger, Jill S. Zemke, Julie Lynn Zepnick, April Yi Yu Zhuang, Sherry Lynn Zimmerman, Elaine Zimmerman, Pam Zinnecker, Carolyn Zinnerman, Karen R. Zwerneman, Dennis M. Zwilling.

NTI Posters Accessible Online

If you weren't able to attend this year's National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition, you can still sample some of the rich knowledge-sharing that took place by viewing the Research and Creative Solutions Posters online at www.aacn.org > Clinical Practice > Research.

Organized by category, the posters present information related to a variety of topics, including administration, cardiology, education, end of life, pulmonary, grants, direct patient care management, healthy and healing work environments, management, multidisciplinary rounds, orientation, patient satisfaction, precepting and mentoring, recruitment and retention, research awareness, and nursing students.

Sept. 1 is the deadline to submit Research and Creative Solutions abstracts for NTI 2005 in New Orleans, La.

Scholarships Support Continuing Education at NTI

A group of paired participants experienced the NTI as Vision Partners, a scholarship program under which an AACN member shares the opportunities available at the NTI and the benefits of AACN membership with a nonmember. In addition to the scholarship, the nonmember also receives a one-year AACN membership.

Following are the recipients of this year's AACN Vision Partners Scholarships:

Member Nonmember
Betty Kerr, RN, CCRN Fazila Di Giulio, RN
Lynchburg General Hospital Lynchburg General Hospital
Lynchburg, Va. Lynchburg, Va.

Beverly Maloney, RN, MSN, CCRN, CNS Kimberly Dillon, RN
Fairview Hospital EMH Regional Healthcare System
Cleveland, Ohio Loraine, Ohio

Rhonda Morgan, RN, MSN, CEN, CNRN Jennifer Lane, RN, AASN
Wellmont Holston Valley Wellmont Holston Valley
Medical Center Medical Center
Kingsport, Tenn. Rogersville, Tenn.

John Pozar, RN, BA, BS, CEN, CCRN, CFRN Leonard Begay
Guardian Air Transport Sacred Mountain Medical Service
Winslow, Ariz. Tuba City, Ariz.

Hildy Schell-Chaple, RN, MS, CCRN, CCNS Annette Stralovich-Romani, RD, CNSD
University of California University of California
Burlingame, Calif. Antioch, Calif.

Barbara Wroblewski, RN, MSN, MLIS John Nikitas, PhD
Cooley Dickinson Hospital Cooley Dickinson Hospital
South Deerfield, Mass. Belchertown, Mass.

Julia A. Nale, RN, BS Tammy J. Trulove, RN, MSN
Conway Medical Center Conway Medical Center
Conway, S.C. Conway, S.C.

Debora Green, RN, BSN Vanita Masters, RN
Mad River Community Hospital Mad River Community Hospital
McKinleyville, Calif. Kneeland, Calif.

Julene Kruithof, RN, MSN, CCRN Timothy Price, RN, BSN
Spectrum Health Spectrum Health
Kentwood, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich.

Tracy R. Larson, RN, BSN, CAN, BC Kathryn A. Haack, RN, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C
Mercy Medical Center Mercy Medical Center
Sioux City, Iowa Sioux City, Iowa

Dale Medical Products Scholarships

Dale Medical Products, Inc., also continued to support NTI education scholarships for AACN members who are striving to balance their professional lives and family obligations with their pursuit of graduate degrees. Receiving these scholarships this year were:

Diane M. Bosen, RN, MS, MSN, CCRN
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital-Oakland
Clinton Township, Mich.

Deona Willis, RN, BS, BSN, CCRN
Holland Community Hospital
Holland, Mich.

Christine A. Boev, RN, BS, BSN, CCRN
Coliseum Medical Center
Macon, Ga.

Nurse Competence in Aging NTI Scholarship

The new Nurse Competence in Aging Continuing Education Scholarship was funded by a grant from the John A. Hartford Foundation Institute for Geriatric Nursing. The recipient was:

Martha Smith, RN, BSN, CCRN
Bassett Healthcare
Cooperstown, N.Y.

She will write a brief article describing how the NTI experience and the knowledge acquired has improved her commitment or her practice in caring for acutely or critically ill older adults.

The five-year Nurse Competence in Aging initiative funded by an Atlantic Philanthropies (USA) Inc., award to the American Nurses Association through the American Nurses Foundation, represents a strategic alliance between ANA, the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the John A. Hartford Foundation Institute for Geriatric Nursing, New York University, Steinhardt School of Education, Division of Nursing.

Be a Part of the Circle of Excellence
Annual Award Nominations Due July 15

July 15 is the deadline to nominate yourself or a colleague for an AACN Circle of Excellence Award for 2005. The recipients will be recognized at AACN's National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition, May 7 through 12, 2005, in New Orleans, La. In addition, all recipients are presented a personalized plaque. Some also receive honorariums, monetary awards or complimentary registration, airfare and accommodations to the NTI.

Following is brief information about these awards. To obtain a Circle of Excellence awards application, call (800) 899-2226 and request Item #1011, or visit the AACN Web site.

Practice and Research Awards

Baxter Excellence in Patient Safety
Sponsored by Baxter Medication Deliver, this award will recognize patient-care teams that have made significant contributions toward patient and caregiver safety in acute and critical care. Recipients will describe innovative approaches used to develop new and revised processes that encompass safety and improve the quality of care at the unit, hospital or health system level. They will show clear evidence of active collaboration among team members validating their success by presenting evidence-based outcomes.

Excellence in Caring Practices Award
Presented in honor of John Wilson Rodgers, this award recognizes nurses whose caring practices embody AACN's vision of a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients and families. Recipients demonstrate how they have encompassed AACN's values and ethic of care in their practice.

3M Health Care Excellence in Clinical Practice Award
Sponsored by 3M Health Care, this award recognizes acute and critical care nurses who embody, exemplify and excel at the clinical skills and principles that are required in their practice.

Excellence in Clinical Practice-Non-Traditional Setting
This award is designed to recognize excellence in the care of critically ill patients in environments outside of the traditional ICU/CCU setting. Eligible applicants include, but are not limited to, nurses working in home healthcare, progressive care, telemetry, catheterization labs and emergency departments.

Excellent Clinical Nurse Specialist Award
This award recognizes acute and critical care nurses who function as clinical nurse specialists. Applicants must be CCNS certified and, in addition to demonstrating the key components of advanced practice nursing, illustrate how they have been a catalyst for successful change.

Excellent Nurse Practitioner Award
This award recognizes acute and critical care nurses who function as nurse practitioners. Applicants must be ACNP certified. In addition to demonstrating the key components of advanced practice nursing, recipients illustrate how they have served as a catalyst for successful change.

Excellent Nursing Student Award
This award recognizes nursing students whose activities during nursing school have promoted the value of nursing and reflect the AACN vision of creating a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients and families, where critical care nurses can make their optimal contribution. Individual students or groups of students are eligible to apply. Recipients receive a complimentary three-year AACN membership.

Excellence in Research Award
This award recognizes nurse researchers who are furthering the mission, vision and research priorities of AACN. Recipients of AACN research grants or NTI research abstract award recipients are not eligible for this award.

Research Abstract Award
This award recognizes research abstracts that display outstanding merit and particular relevance to critical care nursing. Recipients are selected from among the research and research utilization abstracts submitted for the NTI. Abstract submissions must be received by Sept. 1. Successful applicants receive $1,000 toward NTI expenses.

Leadership Awards

AACN Value of Certification Award
Sponsored by AACN Certification Corporation, this award recognizes contributions that support and foster the advancement of certified nursing practice in critical care. Recipients are also presented a $500 honorarium.

Mentoring Award
This award recognizes individuals or groups who develop and enhance another's intellectual and technical skills, acculturating them to the professional community, and modeling a way of life and professional achievement.

Excellent Nurse Manager Award
This award recognizes nurse managers who demonstrate excellence in coordination of available resources to efficiently and effectively care for acutely or critically ill patients and their families.

Eli Lilly & Company Excellent Preceptor Award
Sponsored by Eli Lilly & Company, this award recognizes preceptors who demonstrate the key components of the preceptor role, including teacher, clinical role model, consultant and friend/advocate.

Excellence in Leadership Award
This award recognizes nurses who demonstrate the leadership competencies of empowerment, effective communication and continuous learning, and the effective management of change.

Excellence in Education Award
This award recognizes nurse educators who facilitate the acquisition and advancement of the knowledge and skills required for competent practice and positive patient outcomes in the care of acutely and critically ill patients and their families.

Marsh-AACN Community Service Award
Cosponsored by Marsh Affinity Group Services, a service of Seabury and Smith, this award recognizes significant service by acute and critical care nurses, as individuals or in groups, in making a contribution to their communities that also projects a positive image of critical care nursing. Individuals or groups selected for this award may choose to receive either one complimentary NTI registration or up to $500 toward speaker fees for an educational symposium.

Datascope Excellence in Collaboration Awards
Sponsored by Datascope, these awards honor innovative contributions to collaborative practice by nurses who care for acutely and critically ill patients and their families. At least one of the collaborators must be an active AACN member. Each recipient is also presented a $1,500 honorarium. Applications are accepted in four categories
� Nurse-Physician Collaboration
� Nurse-Administration Collaboration
� Nurse-Family Collaboration
� Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration

Media Award
This award recognizes broadcast and Web-based media excellence in the portrayal of healthcare providers, especially acute and critical care nurses, contributing to a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients and families. Successful entries present relevant nursing and healthcare topics to large audiences of consumers, including the general public, patients and families.

Award recipients will be announced in AACN publications and at AACN's 2005 National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition, May 7 through 12 in New Orleans, La.

All recipients are presented a personalized plaque. Some also receive honorariums, monetary awards or complimentary registration, airfare and accommodations to the NTI.

For the Record

Cynthia Klein, RN, MSN, NP, was coauthor with Amy Schueler, RN, MN, MSN, CCRN, APRN, NP, of an article about submitting NTI speaker proposals that appeared in the April 2004 issue of AACN News. Klein's name was omitted from the byline on the article.

Scene and Heard

AACN continues to seek visibility for our profession and the organization. Following is an update on recent outreach efforts.

Our Voice in the Media
RN (April 2004)-The "AACN Update" featured excerpts from the "President's Note" column by AACN President Dorrie Fontaine, RN, DNSc, FAAN, who discussed the new AACN Practice Alerts that will set the clinical standard for all acute and critical care units.

Chest (April 2004)-A special report and corresponding white paper outlining the state of critical care medicine in the United States and strategies to prevent a crisis in the delivery of critical care services was published. The report was issued by the Critical Care Partnership, comprised of AACN, American College of Chest Physicians, American Thoracic Society and Society of Critical Care Medicine. A March 29, 2004 news release headed "Medical societies report critical care crisis in United States: Critical care societies make federal appeal to address impending health care workforce shortage" was picked up by several outlets, including PR Newswire, PR Newswire Europe, Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times, CBS MarketWatch, Dallas News, NurseWeek and chestnet.org.

Advance Online for Nurses (April 12, 2004)-An article titled "Infection of the Heart: Learning Signs, Symptoms and Prevention Strategies for Endocarditis" noted that AACN Certification Corporation has announced a change in the CCNS eligibility requirements. Effective March 1, all candidates for the CCNS exam were required to have 500 hours of academically supervised practice hours.

EXPO (April 2004)-Randy Bauler, CEM, AACN exhibits and sponsorships director, wrote an article titled "The Power and Influence of Exhibitions" for the official publication of the International Association for Exhibition Management. "The exhibition industry, which each of us is privileged to work in, should be proudly talking-indeed shouting-about the power and influence of exhibitions," he wrote, adding that exhibitions continue to be strong, results-oriented events that increase sales, marketing and education. Bauler is also a member of the IAEM board of directors.

Nursing Management (April 2004)-An article titled "A Vital Sign of the Time: CIS Software" cited a 2001 estimate by AACN that nurses spend up to 30% of their time-or 12 hours of a 40-hour week-attempting to obtain necessary information to provide patient care.

Chest Soundings (April 2004)-In an article titled "How I Would Like 2003-2004 to Be Remembered," Richard S. Irwin, MD, FCP, president of the American College of Chest Physicians, announced the collaboration between AACN and ACCP on a five-year project called "Partnership to Develop Interdisciplinary Models of Patient-Focused Care." AACN also joined the Board of Trustees of the Critical Care Institute, ACCP's repository for critical care educational products and functions. "With AACN joining the CCI as a member of the Board of Trustees, the CCI has the potential to become an important voice for critical care in the Untied States," Irwin wrote.

CardioDynamics News Release (April 22, 2004)-"CardioDynamics Co-Sponsors Inaugural International Acute Heart Failure Meeting" was the heading of a news release that announced the company's plans to exhibit its ICG BioZ systems at upcoming conferences, including AACN's 2004 National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition in Orlando, Fla., in May. Outlets publishing the release included Business Wire, Hoovers Online, Yahoo News and Verizon Online.

Our Voice at the Table
Fontaine was joined by AACN board member Janie Heath, RN, MS, CCRN, ANP, ACNP, Practice and Research Director Justine Medina, RN, MS, and Public Policy Specialist Janice Weber, RN, MSN, in attending the American College of Chest Physicians' 11th Annual Capitol Hill Caucus in Washington, D.C. Among the issues that representatives of AACN and ACCP addressed with senators, representatives and their health legislative staff were the critical care workforce shortage, COPD Caucus initiative to raise public awareness about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and promote policies that improve the lives of COPD patients, and FDA regulation of tobacco.

Certification Director Carol Hartigan, RN, represented AACN Certification Corporation at the Alliance for Nursing Accreditation meeting in Chicago, Ill. The meeting was cohosted by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and the National Certification Corporation for the Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing Specialties. The group meets twice annually to bring together faculty groups and certification organizations to discuss national issues related to advanced practice education and regulation.

Hartigan attended the National Organization for Competency Assurance annual Legislative Fly-In Day and quarterly board meeting in Washington, D.C. As a member of the NOCA Board of Directors, Hartigan met with representatives of the offices of Sens. John Edwards (D-Mass.), Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) to discuss the value of certification as well as issues facing critical care nurses.

Dave Hanson, RN, MSN, CCRN, treasurer of the AACN Board of Directors, delivered the keynote address at Bridging the Gap Symposium 2004. The title of his presentation was "The Unique Contributions of Critical Care Nurses: Weaving Our Stories in the Tapestry of Life." The Three Rivers and the Suspension Bridge chapters of AACN cosponsored this annual critical care conference.

AACN President-Elect Kathleen McCauley, RN, PhD, CS, FAAN, spoke on "ICU Nursing: The Scope of Practice in 2004" at the South Jersey Healthcare fifth annual Critical Care 2004 Symposium at Cumberland County College, Vineland, N.J.

McCauley presented the "Rising Above" keynote address for the Trends in Trauma/Cardiovascular Nursing conference, cosponsored by the Southeast Pennsylvania Chapter of AACN and the Drexel University Office of Continuing Nursing Education.

Heath represented AACN at the first National Summit of the Nursing Leadership Task Force on Tobacco Control at the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality in Rockville, Md. Approximately 30 national nursing leaders networked, shared ideas and developed action plans for their organizations to engage in tobacco control efforts.

Jane Kwilecki, president of the Volusia-Flagler Chapter of AACN, Kim Martin, secretary, and member Donna Griffis visited a community group to discuss the role of the critical care nurse, how to be a more effective consumer of critical care services and what to do if a family member is in the critical care unit.

AACN board director Nancy Blake, RN, MN, CCRN, CNAA, spoke on "Bioterrorism: What a Pediatric Nurse Needs to Know" during the General Session of the Society of Pediatric Nurses Conference in Las Vegas, Nev.

If you or your chapter has reached out to the media or other groups to promote critical care nursing, we'd like to know. E-mail your information to Judy.Wilkin@aacn.org.

What's Coming Up in the July Issue of the American Journal of Critical Care

� Strategies for Behavior Change in Patients With Heart Failure

� Critical Care Research: Weaving a Body-Mind-Spirit Tapestry

� Appropriately Timed Analgesics Control Pain Due to Chest Tube Removal

� Documentation on Withdrawal of Life Support in Adult Patients in the ICU

Subscriptions to Critical Care Nurse and the American Journal of Critical Care are included in AACN membership dues.

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Optimizing Hemodynamics:Quick Tips for Drug Titration
(#NCE3593703A or #NCE3593703C)*
Explains how preload, afterload and contractility are appropriately manipulated with fluids and drugs to treat hypo-
volemic, cardiogenic and vasogenic shock. Also describes the indications, actions, administration and nursing considerations for many titratable agents, including Dobutamine and Nitroprusside.
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Initials That Spell Disaster: ARDS, ATN, and DIC
(#NCE3553703A or #NCE3553703C)*
Analyzes and describes the normal stress response and the exaggerated response that occurs with ARDS, ATN and DIC. Also describes the role of the critical care nurse in caring for the patient with ARDS, ATN and DIC. Includes study guide and 3.5 contact hours of CE credit.
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Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection: Minimizing the Risk
(#NCE3133703A or #NCE3133703C)*
Describes the pathophysiology of catheter-related bloodstream infection, distinguishes between infection and colonization of central venous devices and lists two clinical interventions to minimize the risk of catheter-related infection based on current evidence. Includes study guide and 2.0 contact hours of CE credit.
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July 2004

July 1 Deadline to submit applications for funding by the AACN Small Grant Program. Available are the AACN Clinical Inquiry Grant,
End-of-Life/Palliative Care Small Projects Grant and Medtronic-Physio-Control Small Projects Grant. To find out about AACN's
research priorities and grant opportunities, visit the AACN Web site or e-mail research@aacn.org.

Through-July 12 CCRN certification examination unavailable at AMP assessment centers.

July 15 Deadline to submit nominations for AACN Circle of Excellence recognition awards. To obtain a Circle of Excellence awards
application, call (800) 899-2226 and request Item #1011, or visit the AACN Web site. The application is also available on Fax on
Demand at (800) 222-6329. Request Document #1011.

August 2004

September 1 Deadline to submit the Research and Creative Solutions abstracts for NTI 2005 in New Orleans, La. The application, guidelines and
resources are available online.

In the Circle

Award Honors Excellent CNSs

Part of AACN's Circle of Excellence program, the Excellent Clinical Nurse Specialist Award recognizes acute and critical care nurses who function as clinical nurse specialists. The award for 2003 was sponsored by Oridion Capnography. Nominations for this award for 2005 are due July 15. Following are excerpts from the exemplars submitted in connection with this award for 2003.

Indianapolis, Ind.
Clarian Health, Methodist Hospital
L. presented in septic shock from pneumonia. She was hypoxic, hypotensive, in renal failure, in respiratory failure, metabolic acidosis, hepatic dysfunction and DIC. With her profound respiratory failure, the decision was made to use kinetic therapy and prone positioning to improve her respiratory status. She had a pulmonary artery catheter and a Quinton catheter with CVVH, was hemodynamically unstable and on multiple vasoactive drips. She had improved significantly after being treated with Xigris. Unfortunately, due to purpura fulminans from DIC, she still did not have much perfusion to her extremities.

When it was apparent that she would survive this illness, a family discussion took place to discuss options for L.'s care; her family decided to continue with aggressive care. Unfortunately, she required bi-lateral above-the-knee amputations and bilateral below-the-elbow amputations. This presented major ethical concerns for the nursing staff. The overall theme among the nursing staff was that they would never want to live this way.

Despite the many ethical concerns with L., her physical condition did continue to improve. A tracheostomy was placed, and CVVH was discontinued as her renal status improved. L. was transferred to our pulmonary floor, her tracheostomy was removed and she was discharged to a local rehabilitation facility.

Before discharge, L. and I discussed her hospital stay, how close to dying she had come and the unfortunate outcome of losing her extremities. Commenting that she was happy to be alive, she didn't question anything. She believes everything happens for a reason. She thanked all the nurses and me in the ICU.

My role as a clinical nurse specialist offers the opportunity to not only impact patient outcomes across the system, but also to be involved in the complexities of managing extremely ill patients. As a clinical nurse specialist, I have the opportunity to impact patient's lives on a daily basis. This is truly an honor.

Nancy Richards, RN, MSN, CCRN, CCNS
Baldwin City, Kan.
Saint Luke's Hospital
Mid America Heart Institute
Kansas City, Mo.
H. was a 57-year-old, 270-pound man with end-stage cardiomyopathy. He had just experienced his second myocardial infarction and was on vasoactive medications, an intra-aortic balloon pump and ventilator. In speaking with his family about left ventricular assist device implantation, I used a mock device to demonstrate how it looked and other teaching aids to explain its function. Time was allowed to answer their many questions. Because he could be discharged with the device, I emphasized the role of family in his recovery and care.

Teaching began as soon as H. received his LVAD. Device basics were explained. We put H. in charge of infection control (don't let anyone touch you without washing their hands) and safety (keep your hand pump with you always). Staff continually explained what they were doing with the device, and by the time he was transferred to telemetry, he was ready to start caring for it himself.

The dietician included H. and his wife in meal planning for healing and weight loss. Physical therapy implemented strength training and conditioning routines. Nurses, transplant coordinators, the medical cardiovascular CNS and I worked with H. and his family to prepare for home LVAD management. His rural community was prepared with electrical readiness, and home safety was ensured; home health was arranged and local EMS training occurred.

H.'s goal was to be home for Thanksgiving-he was discharged the day before. After five months at home, his LVAD started to fail. A second LVAD was implanted. He recovered beautifully, and luckily a donor heart became available 12 days later. He was successfully transplanted.

H.'s success was due to a healthcare team providing quality, patient-focused care driven by the needs of a very special patient and his family. I am honored to have been part of that team.

Award Honors Nurse Practitioner

Part of AACN's Circle of Excellence recognition program, this award honors acute and critical care nurses who function as nurse practitioners. Applicants, who must be ACNP certified, demonstrate the key components of advanced practice nursing and how they have served as a catalyst for successful change. Nominations for this award for 2005 are due July 15. Following are excerpts from the exemplar submitted in connection with this award for 2003.

Kathy G. Supple, RN, MSN, ACNP, CCRN
Tinley Park, Ill.
Loyola University
Kathy G. Supple is recognized as a true expert in the field of burn care, not only within our institution, but also nationally. One of the most highly regarded members of the Burn Team, she is knowledgeable, possesses expert clinical skills and is enthusiastic and motivated in the field of burn care.

Kathy's contribution in the advanced practice role to the survival of T.G., a 35-year-old male burn victim, is immeasurable. T.G. sustained a 93% total body surface area burn after an accident involving a chemical solvent. His chances for survival were minimal, but Kathy had a different feeling about this patient. In addition to his young age, she recognized he had a huge support system, deep sense of spirituality and commitment among his family members.

Developing a special relationship with T.G. and his family, Kathy served as the liaison between the patient, family and Burn Team throughout each phase of his injury. During the emergent phase, Kathy's role was mostly supportive. Using her advanced burn knowledge, she was able to explain and teach the family about what was happening during the first 72 hours. During the acute phase, which lasted most of his eight-month hospitalization, Kathy demonstrated intense advanced practice skills.

Kathy orchestrated his care with all members of the Burn Team. She set up schedules for his dressing changes and therapy sessions, providing instruction to the nurses for his complex dressing change needs. She involved social work and chaplain services when necessary. Kathy also worked with the sales representatives from the company that provided the specialized autografts that were used. During the rehabilitative phase of care, Kathy coordinated his transfer to the rehab hospital and served as an ongoing resource to the rehab physicians.

T.G. was finally discharged to home after 10 months of hospitalization, and Kathy continued to maintain a close relationship with T.G. and his family.

Award Recognizes Excellent Media

Part of AACN's Circle of Excellence program, this award recognizes print, broadcast and Web-based media excellence in the portrayal of healthcare providers, especially acute and critical care nurses contributing to a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients and their families. Nominations for this award for 2005 are due July 15. Following is the exemplar submitted in connection with this award for 2003.

Surgical-Trauma ICU at Mission Hospital
and Pediatric ICU at Children's Hospital of Orange County
Mission Viejo, Calif.
Mission Hospital and CHOC at Mission
There are times when everything comes together to create an incredible outcome. A 17-month-old boy sustained a severe traumatic brain injury when he was run over by an SUV. Some say it was a series of extraordinary coincidences and others believe the power of prayer was impacting the events that day.

After the accident, the child was in cardiopulmonary arrest. CPR was started at the scene by a physician and nurse who were at a nearby library. Paramedics arrived quickly to stabilize and transport the child to Mission Hospital's Trauma Center. Members of the Mission Hospital surgical ICU and Children's Hospital of Orange County pediatric ICU were called to action. Arriving with a Glasgow Coma Score of 3, Anton was resuscitated while his parents were heard fervently praying in the hallway.

At the same time, the neuro CNS, who was at home, was overcome by an urge to call the hospital. Listening to the trauma ICU nurse describe the baby's condition, the CNS relayed important information on new technology capable of measuring brain tissue oxygen.

The team took the child to the OR, where intracranial pressure catheters and the innovative new oxygen monitor were inserted into his brain. The critical care nursing team from these two hospitals worked diligently to provide expert care, integrating the new oxygen monitoring into his care. Although the prognosis was bleak, the team never gave up in their quest to maximize Anton's recovery potential. The pediatric ICU nurses and neuro CNS assimilated the new technology into the child's care, providing his brain with critical oxygen delivery. Despite a 1% chance of survival, he emerged from his coma 12 days later and responded to his environment. His progress continued and he is a happy, normal toddler today.

This story was featured on a Lifetime TV show "Beyond Chance," Discovery Health Channel's "Medical Miracles," and in the Guidepost Magazine August 2002 issue. In each of these stories, the integral role of critical care nursing was highlighted. The nurses' goal was to optimize the outcome of a child and provide support to a family in which little hope of a meaningful recovery had been given. The stories provided the public with an inside view of the science and art of professional nursing practice.

Award Cites Initiatives to Meet Patient and Family Needs

Part of AACN's Circle of Excellence Awards program, the Innovision Award recognizes initiatives and programs that innovatively and collaboratively meet the needs of families of the acute and critically ill. Following are excerpts from the exemplar submitted in connection with this award for 2003.

Sentara Norfolk General Neurosciences ICU Team
Norfolk, Va.
Sentara Healthcare
The Neurosciences ICU at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital treats thousands of critically ill patients every year. Its expertise can be measured in decades, rather than years.

D. joined the unit in the 1970s, accompanied by her husband B., who had accepted a position in the uncommonly known practice of organ procurement. Both became revered leaders in their respective fields-he in organ procurement, she in nursing. B. became widely known around the world as a true pioneer in organ donation for transplantation.

One sunny afternoon, he hurtled into disaster. An automobile accident. Apparent neck injuries. Helicopter to the Trauma Center, and a transfer to the neurosciences unit. Despite a gifted team of talented souls giving it their all, B. succumbed to neurological death.

B.'s colleagues and employees were devastated, but made a pact to continue the miracle he had created in his life and sealed with the ultimate endorsement by giving his own organs and tissues for those who needed them.

The neurosciences unit now faced the difficult task of taking care of B. and his family and the staff who had spent many days over the last several years of their lives with or near him. The unit was thrust into the role of caretaker, despite their own personal loss, their own personal grief. Individually and collectively, the nurses had to put all knowledge and experience into one of life's most difficult tests: losing someone close.

The healthcare team provided the skilled critical interventions to which they are so accustomed.

Award Recognizes Nontraditional Settings

Editor's note: Part of AACN's Circle of Excellence recognition program, the Excellence in Clinical Practice-Non-Traditional Setting Award recognizes outstanding care of critically ill patients in environments outside of the traditional ICU/CCU setting. Nominations for this award for 2005 are due July 15. Following are exemplars submitted in connection with this award for 2003.

Karen Balonis Brewer, RN, BA, BSN
San Antonio, Texas
United States Air Force
As the cardiothoracic clinical nurse coordinator in a large medical facility, I thought I had seen every possible reaction a patient could have to diagnosis. Then I met M. When she was advised that the mass in her lung should be removed, she simply said, "I will be OK" and left the room.

My primary role is to manage, facilitate and coordinate care for critically ill cardiac and thoracic surgical patients. In M's case, I did not have the chance to conduct a complete pre-operative evaluation needs assessment during her appointment. I knew little about this patient, yet her simple words, "I will be OK," tugged at me. Without surgery, her cancer would spread. Did she really understand the severity of her diagnosis?

I learned that M's husband was terminally ill and that she was his primary caregiver. At the time she was diagnosed, her husband was being hospitalized for sepsis. I realized that M's main concern was for her husband.

Although M's husband was not a patient on our service, I became involved in his care. At the same time, I tried to talk with M about her prognosis. One day, she asked me, "Why are you so interested in my husband's health if you work in the surgery department?" "Because you are," I answered.

From then on, M and I talked about everything. Many personal issues were revealed in the weeks that followed. M had her surgery. Resectable lung cancer was the official finding. Arrangements for continued care for both M and her husband were made, always keeping in mind to include their valued wants, needs and beliefs.

The importance of addressing the patient's emotional and social concerns, not just her medical condition, was truly exhibited in M's case. Every day, nurses have an ethical responsibility to ensure that our critically ill patients reach their optimal health outcome. This can be achieved only by assuring that the personal needs of the patient and their family members are not overlooked. M strengthened my belief that to truly envision the future of nursing, we must always examine and treat the patient as a whole.

Mary Beth Earley, RN, MSN, NP-C, CCRN
Rochester, N.Y.
University of Rochester Medical Center
Our CHF Clinic has integrated many of the principles of critical care into an outpatient setting. We now safely administer IV diuretics, inotropes and other therapies, often allowing a patient to avoid a trip to the emergency department. Not having to carry out a barrage of unnecessary repeat testing saves the valuable time and efforts of several healthcare workers, and the patient saves hundreds of healthcare dollars.

Critical care nursing was my first love. The CHF Clinic is my new passion. The fact that a synergistic relationship exists between the two gives me a great deal of satisfaction. The fact that critical care nursing continues to evolve to meet the needs of our ever-changing healthcare system and population gives me a great deal of pride.

As nurses, it is our responsibility to help patients achieve and maintain their optimal level of health, and research-based, nurse-run clinics are an excellent way to meet this objective.

Jean A. Martin, RN, MSN, CCRN
Tucson, Ariz.
University Medical Center
Critical care nurses are challenged with patients not seen in traditional settings. My role as a neurosurgery clinical nurse specialist has evolved into multiple settings, including operating room, outpatient clinic, nursing units, emergency department and ICU. Our patient population includes brain tumors, traumatic brain injuries, advanced Parkinson's disease, essential tremors and intractable epilepsy. Patients seize in clinic hallways, arrest in MRI and develop arrhythmias as a result of these conditions.

VM, an 18-year-old intractable epilepsy patient who had been seizing since age 2 months, was referred for placement of a vagal nerve stimulator (VNS). During our pre-op interview, VM's mother stated that VM had developed high fever and "shaking all over" at age 2 months. The cause was undetermined during hospitalization. VM continued having seizures.

During follow-up, the doctor told VM's mother the seizures were volitional attention grabbers. Angry, VM's mother asked, "How does a 2-month-old baby do this on purpose?" At age 4, following multiple office visits and hospitalizations, an EEG revealed seizure activity, and anticonvulsants were begun. VM continued daily breakthrough seizures with maximum medications.

As VM's mother related her story, she became less angry. I realized that no one had previously allowed her to express her feelings.
VM was a good candidate for VNS. However, blood work revealed a bleeding time greater than 25 minutes. PT, PTT and INR were normal. Prolonged bleeding times occur in patients taking Depakote, but VM was not taking it.

The neurosurgeon requested hematology consultation but, in reviewing VM's activities, I discovered VM had been eating three to four baked garlic bulbs per week. Having read an article indicating excessive garlic intake can cause prolonged bleeding, I realized VM needed to stop eating garlic. Three weeks without garlic brought VM's bleeding time to normal. Surgery was rescheduled.

Critical thinking, combined with listening to a frustrated mom, resulted in a successful solution without expensive consults. VM did fine with surgery and for the first time was seizure free.
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