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Vol. 21, No. 5, MAY 2004

Volunteer Groups Contribute to Exam Development

Four Exam Development Committees met in March in Costa Mesa, Calif., to review and approve items for the revised adult, pediatric and neonatal CCRN exams and new PCCN for progressive care nurses. Select members of the committees worked on reviewing and approving core items in professional caring and ethical practice. They are RoseMarie Faber, Shannon Carefoot, Marthe J. Moseley, Karen K. Thomason and Claire H. Curran. Paper-and-pencil versions of the new exams are being given this month in Orlando, Fla.

Year-Round CCRN Testing Resumes July 12
Year-round computer-based testing for the CCRN exam will resume on July 12 at AMP assessment centers, following preparation and distribution of revised exam forms. Eligibility periods will be extended to allow exam candidates the full 90 days to schedule and sit for the CCRN exam.

PCCN Exam Available in August
The new PCCN exam is scheduled to be ready for computer-based testing in mid-August.

For more information about certifications offered by AACN Certification Corporation, call (800) 899-2226 or go online.

Members of the Progressive Care Exam Development
Committee are (from left, seated) Kathleen M. Stacy,
JoEllen Craghead (chair) and Robert Kaplow (board
liaison) and (from left, standing) Gerard B. Hannibal,
Susan V. Helms, Dawn Brooks and Carla Teresa Herndon.

Members of the Adult CCRN Exam Development
Committee are (from left, seated) Kim J. Llewellyn,
Barbara L. Miller and Claire H. Curran and (from left,
standing) Kimberly M. Tauscheck, Henry B. Geiter,
Shannon Carefoot and Marthe J. Moseley (chair).

Members of the Pediatric CCRN
Exam Development Committee are
(from left, seated) Rizalina V. Mauricio
and Christina M. Karaszewski and
(from left, standing) Karen K.
Thomason (chair) and RoseMarie Faber.

Members of the Neonatal CCRN
Exam Development Committee are
(from left, seated) Rachel A. Joseph
and Beth McCleery and (from left,
standing) Sarah K. Shingleton and
Beth Diehl-Svrjcek (chair).

CCRN Renewals Do Not Require Submitting CERP Logs

As a reminder to CCRNs due to renew their credential, the process no longer requires submission of CERP logs. The change applies to both online and paper renewals.
However, certificants must continue to keep a log of CERP activities and maintain evidence of achievement of the required CERP hours to satisfy an audit of CE records if selected. A CERP log form is included in the CCRN Renewal Handbook.

The new process requires certificants to complete an application and sign the honor statement, which indicates that they have completed the appropriate number of CERPs in each category. Certificants may choose to submit a paper application by mail or fax, or they may choose the online option, available on our website.

More than 4,000 CCRNs have taken advantage of the online renewal process since it was implemented in April 2003.

Self-Assessment Exam Online Undergoing Updates

The online CCRN Self-Assessment Exam has been suspended pending updates to match revisions to the test plan. The online SAE is scheduled to be available again in mid-September.
Additional information about this resource will be included in future issues of AACN News, the weekly Critical Care Newsline electronic newsletter and on our website.

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