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Vol. 21, No. 9, SEPTEMBER 2004

In the Circle
Award Honors Outstanding Communication Efforts

Editor’s note: Part of AACN’s Circle of Excellence recognition program, this award recognizes chapters that exemplify effective communication and promote AACN’s messages in the chapter and/or the community. Following are excerpts from exemplars submitted in connection with this award for 2004.

Siouxland Chapter
Sioux Falls, S.D.
Much of South Dakota has less than six people per square mile. As the only AACN Chapter, located in the extreme southeast corner, the Siouxland Chapter committed itself to reaching critical care nurses who did not have physical access to AACN.

The use of telehealth (aka telemedicine) is becoming more common in rural areas. Hospitals often send CT scans to be read at distant sites, provide follow-up for patients with a provider in another city or provide CE for nurses by distance. The Siouxland Chapter pursued the use of the Avera McKennan TeleHealth Network to reach critical care nurses who had not been involved in AACN because of distance constraints.

Through the work of the chapter president and chapter members from the Avera McKennan system, an interactive distance communication method was established. Monthly meetings and CE opportunities became available through the network to critical care nurses in several towns, enabling us to reach nurses without access to local chapters.

This interactive system allows remote attendees to see and listen to meetings, and to contribute to discussions, while the local site attendees also see those at remote sites. Microphones stationed throughout the room allow attendees to talk between the sites and ask questions. All of the speakers’ materials, such as slides or videos, are sent via the network and available in real time.

The Siouxland Chapter communication system has enabled several critical care colleagues to attend meetings and earn CE credit while in their own communities, reducing travel time, cost and time away from family and work. We believe that our innovative use of telehealth technology addresses access issues for rural critical care nurses in our state.

Greater Twin Cities Chapter
St. Paul, Minn.
The Greater Twin Cities Area Chapter of AACN works to increase communication to members of the chapter and to the community. We have a local newsletter, the Monitor, which is sent to the members four or five times per year. It contains information regarding upcoming events, information on board decisions, general information regarding the chapter and interesting critical care issues.

Hospital liaisons, nurse managers and nursing leaders in the Twin Cities area are encouraged to assist the chapter in providing information about national and local AACN membership benefits. We continue to expand our chapter Web site in coordination with the national AACN Web site. We post a schedule of upcoming events, a copy of our newsletter, a list of our current board members with their phone numbers, and a list of hospital liaisons, as well as any other pertinent information about our chapter. The local chapter has a voice mail and e-mail address that are utilized. The Membership chair sends welcome letters to new national members within a 50-mile radius with an invitation to join the Greater Twin Cities Area Chapter. The Public Relations chair arranges a yearly contribution to a charity organization.

A member of the board also attends Nurse’s Day on the Hill. We have the opportunity to meet with our legislators and discuss issues. We have time at our board meetings to dialogue about emerging issues and network about what’s happening in the metro area, state and nationally. Local chapter members are welcome to attend board meetings. We have the opportunity to share new learning and discuss community standards. In the past, we contacted a local TV station, and they did a news piece on the local AACN chapter. This helped broaden the awareness in our community pertaining to the local chapter and our focus. These are a few of the ways that the Greater Twin Cities Area Chapter communicates to its members in the community.

Access NTI Chapter Presentations Online

Are you a chapter leader or member who was unable to attend AACN’s 2004 National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition and the Chapter Leadership Development Workshop? Now you can access all the NTI chapter educational sessions and Chapter Leadership Development Workshop presentations online.

To access, simply visit AACN Website

Chapter Officers and Membership Lists Due to the National Office

Has your chapter submitted its chapter officer and membership lists to the AACN National Office? Chapters are required to submit both lists on an annual basis.
Providing the National Office current contact information for chapter officers and members ensures that they receive the most up-to-date information from AACN via e-mail and regular mail.

To submit your chapter officer list online, visit AACN Website. Submit your chapter membership list to Member Relations & Services Associate Mitzi Inman at AACN, Attn: Chapter Department, 101 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656; e-mail, Mitzi.Inman@aacn.org.

Welcome to the Heart of Georgia Chapter!

Welcome to the Heart of Georgia Chapter, chartered on July 15. Officers are:

President—Cynthia Loudin, RN,
President-elect—Thomas Fonner,
Secretary—Ruth Hunt, RN, BSN,
Treasurer—Leslie Swadener-Culpepper, RN, MSN, CCRN, CCNS

What's on Tap

Region 5
The Coastal Chapter will present the second annual Fall Seminar for Region 5 on Oct. 22 and 23 at the Crown Reef Resort, Myrtle Beach, S.C. Region 5 serves North Carolina and South Carolina. For more information, contact A. Messina, RN, BSN, CCRN, at (843) 347-8031; e-mail, CoastlAACN@aol.com.

The Greater Phoenix Area Chapter will present a program titled “Modern Modes in Mechanical Ventilation” on Oct. 23. For more information, contact Bobbie Wiles at (480) 988-3526; e-mail, dbwiles@worldnet.att.net.

The San Francisco Chapter will present a CCRN Review on Oct. 21 and 22 at the University of California-San Francisco Medical Center. For more information, contact Juli McCorkle at (925) 370-7236; e-mail, jmccorklern@hotmail.com.

The South Florida Gold Coast Chapters will present “A Wealth of Knowledge” on Oct. 7 and 8 at the Signature Grand, Fort Lauderdale. For more information, contact Diane Ogren at (954) 473-1992.

The Alabama and Georgia Chapters will present a program titled “Critical Care Nursing: Visioning Beyond the Basics” Sept. 26 through 28 at the Marriott-Century Center, Atlanta. For more information, contact Deb Erikson at (706) 774-8348; e-mail, dlerickson@comcast.net.

The Northwest Chicago Area Chapter will present a program on “Gastric Bypass” on Oct. 20 at Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge. For more information, contact Andrea Kline at (773) 975-8835; e-mail, www.nwcac-aacn.org.

The Greater Chicago Area Chapter will present a program titled “Current Trends in Critical Care Burn Therapy” on Oct. 12 at Resurrection Medical Center. For more information, contact Lori Marcantonio at (847) 722-4354; e-mail, gcac_aacn@yahoo.com

The White River Chapter will present a program titled “Pulmonary Nursing and Hemodynamic Monitoring Update” on Sept. 24. For more information, contact Carol Cairns at (765) 983-3193; e-mail, cairnsc@reidhosp.com.

The Pacific Crest Regional Chapter will present a program titled “Advances in Hemodynamic Monitoring” on Oct. 1 at Rogue Valley Medical Center, Medford. For more information, contact Judy Lang at (541) 488-1218; e-mail, judy.lang@providence.org.


The Cumberland Valley Chapter will present a program titled “Mastering Hemodynamic Monitoring and 12-Lead Interpretation” on Oct. 28 at the Orchards, Chambersburg. For more information, contact Polly McMullen at (717) 477-8267; e-mail, pmmul@peoplepc.com.

The Greater East Texas Chapter will present a program titled “Crisis Clues: Analyzing the Secrets of Lab Values” on Sept. 22 and 22. For more information, contact Julie Miller at (903) 531-4470; e-mail, julie.miller@pawstolearn.com.

The Mt. Rainier Chapter will host the Fall Conference and Region 18 meeting Sept. 16 through 18 at the Mountaineers, Seattle. For more information, contact Dianne Long at (206) 277-3651 (days) or (253) 964-1536 (evenings).

The South Central Wisconsin Chapter will present a program titled “New Directions: Critical Care 2004” on Oct. 13 and 14 For more information, contact Jane Hartman or Susan Meredith at (608) 263-6618 or (608) 263-8134; e-mail, jl.hartma @hosp.wisc.edu or se.meredith @hosp.wisc.edu.

Get Updates That Are Critical to Know

The Greater Chicago Area Chapter is hosting an educational cruise program Feb. 8 through 12. Titled “Updates That Are Critical To Know,” the program will feature Ruth Kleinpell, RN, PhD, CCRN, ACNP, FAAN. The course fee is $250, with cruise pricing from $399. For additional information, contact Sandra Scheitinger at (800) 422-0711; e-mail, sandras@tampabay.rr.com.

Is your chapter planning a program or special event? Submit your information online; e-mail, Mitzi.Inman@aacn.org.
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