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Vol. 22, No. 8, AUGUST 2005

Certification Speaks to the Public’s Trust Specialization Opens New Paths to Recognition

By Judy Verger, RN, MSN, CCRN, CRNP
Chair, AACN Certification Corporation

Developing the relationship between certification and quality healthcare delivery has never been more important.

As patients become increasingly knowledgeable about their healthcare needs, they depend on the profession to ensure that nurses consistently meet the appropriate standard of care. AACN Certification Corporation is committed to building that trust.

To quote Florence Nightingale, “No system will endure that does not march.”

With the advancement of specialties, many nurses are expanding and transitioning roles. AACN Certification Corporation has taken the lead in identifying specialty-based competencies and assisting nurses in all areas of acute and critical care to achieve visible recognition as experts. By developing needed new specialty exams, such as the PCCN certification exam for progressive care nurses, and subspecialty exams, such as the cardiac medicine certification (CMC) and cardiac surgery certification (CSC) exams, AACN Certification Corporation can further enact its purpose of ensuring consumer health and safety and influencing quality care through certification. The corporation also plans to develop an acute care nurse practitioner certification program.

The ongoing changes in the economics of healthcare and the already developing trend of demanding tangible evidence of excellence make certification important for every nurse.

The significance of certification as a critical component of consumer protection is clear. The corporation board’s overarching commitment to ensuring excellent credentialing programs is its primary strategy in protecting the public. The corporation’s contributions to consumer health and safety rely on the processes involved in the development and implementation of certification exams and its vigilant stewardship of the corporation’s resources.

When faced with an issue or care decision as a critical care nurse, the question I ask myself is, “Are my actions in the best interests of patients and families?” The essence of nursing is creating a climate that is driven by the needs of patients and families.

As a validation and recognition of excellence, certification has become my natural connection and personal passion. As an AACN member and CCRN for most of my 25-year nursing career, I am proud to serve as chair of the AACN Certification Corporation for 2005-06. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm with you about the value of certification.

Paper-and-Pencil Exams Offered at Fall Trends

Paper-and-pencil versions of the CCRN, PCCN, CMC and CSC exams are being offered at the Fall 2005 Trends Conference sponsored by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of AACN. (The CCNS is not being offered at this time.) Exam fees are the same as for computer-based testing, which is available year-round.

The exams at Trends are scheduled for the morning of Friday, Oct. 21 in Philadelphia, Pa. The special Trends exam handbooks are posted on the AACN Certification Corporation Web site.

Trends exam applications are due to the AACN National Office by Sept. 2.

Members Appointed to Examination Appeals Panels

Appeals panels serve by providing peer-review for formal appeal deliberations. Our thanks to the following volunteers who are serving on the appeals panels for the year.

CCNS Appeals Panel-Adult
Damon Cottrell, RN, CNS, MSN, CCRN, CCNS, CS, CEN, RN-BC
Linda M. Ikuta, RN, CNS, MNEd, AA, CCNS
Mary Lou Sole, RN, PhD, CCNS, FAAN

CCRN Appeals Panel-Adult
Pamela J. Bradshaw, RN, BN, PhD, CCRN, CNA
Henry B. Geiter Jr., RN, ADN, CCRN
Carol A. Knauff, RN, MN, MS, CCRN
Tujuana B. Land, RN, ADN, CCRN
Margaret M. McNeill, RN, MS, MSN, CCRN, CCNS, CNA, CNAA
Justin J. Milici, RN, MSN, CCRN, CEN, CFRN, TNS
Jane N. Miller, RN, BSN, CCRN
Mark V. Pavlick, RN, ADN, BS, CCRN, OCN
Joyce W. Roth, RN, MS, MSN, CCRN, CNA
Lynn M. Simko, RN, MSN, PhD, CCRN
Elliot M. Stetson, RN, MSN, CCRN, RN-BC
Tracey A. Stover-Wall, RN, BSN, AA, CCRN, CEN
Karen S. Todd, RN, BS, BSN, CCRN
R. Scott Weyland, RN, BSN, CCRN, CEN, CFRN

CCRN Appeals Panel-Pediatric and Neonatal
Eileen Briening, RN, MS, MSN, CCRN, APRN, NP-C
Annette M. Fleck, RN, BS, BSN, CCRN
Fran E. Iacobellis, RN, MS, MSN, CCRN
Lisa M. Marshall, RN, BS, BSN, CCRN

Frequently Asked Questions

I have dual certification as a CCRN-adult and CCRN-pediatric. Can I count the same CERPs for both certifications?

You must meet the 100-CERP requirement for each certification within the renewal period for that certification. If the CERPs fall within an overlapping time frame, you may count them toward both certifications.

I don’t know how many clinical hours were included in my CNS program. What can I do if I don’t have the 500 hours to meet the CCNS eligibility requirements?

The best thing to do is to contact your graduate program director and request that he or she complete Appendix F from the CCNS Exam Handbook. That will tell you not only the number of clinical hours you had in the program, but also if the program contained the courses required to be eligible to sit for the CCNS exam. You will then be able to determine if you need additional transcripted clinical hours or additional coursework. You have until July 1, 2006, to make up any deficiencies. You may be able to work out a transcripted clinical practicum with your original CNS program or find another CNS program that will be willing to work with you. Contact the AACN Certification Corporation at certcorp@aacn.org if you need a potential school contact for this purpose.

Schedule Exams Online

Because calls to schedule certification exam appointments are heavy at this time of year, you might want to take advantage of the online process.

Applicants who have e-mail addresses can schedule their certification exam appointments with an AMP test center. The appointment confirmation number, along with date, time and location of the exam, and instructions for what to bring will be e-mailed to the applicant.

Congratulations, CCRNs! 809 Mark 20 Years of Continuous Certification

Congratulations to the 809 nurses who have been certified as CCRNs for 20 consecutive years! The following list acknowledges these dedicated nurses who reached this milestone in the past year:

Lina Abad, Sharon L. Abdel-Khalik, Santhamma Abraham, Teresita Angeles Abrazaldo, Kimberly K. Acker-Fitzpatrick, Virginia C. Aclaro, Vicki L. Adams, Elisa F. Agpaoa, Judy A. Albanese, Diane E. Albertson, Auslim Ali, Julie A. Alkema, Lauren G. Allen, Joan M. Aloi, Lorraine F. Altmann, Susan E. Ammon, Nancy J. Andersen, Dianne H. Anderson, Denise M. Anderson, Connie P. Anderson-Stalcup, Ellen D. Andruzzi, Sarah Ellen Angermuller, Deirdre A. Apablasa, Patricia A. Aquilano, Agnes C. Aquino, Lilia S. Arboleda, Fe Tayag Arce, Diana L. Arendt, Susan K. Artman, Nancy D. Ashley, Bonita L. Austin, Lawrence C. Avalon, Cathy E. Axberg

Polly P. Bailey, Audrey J. Bakanauskas, Sylviann Baldwin, Jennifer L. Ballantine, Nanette B. Banosan, Karen L. Banta, Mila Nimfa E. Baral, Nancy I. Barnes, Doris E. Barreiro, Elizabeth A. Barrett, Shirley B. Bartolome, Margaret M. Bass, Patricia A. Batiste, Helen C. Bauer, Tamara J. Bauer, Rose A. Bawing-Nabert, Karen E. Beal, Robin L. Beardsley, Victoria A. Beatty, Ruth A. Beauchamp, Renea L. Beckstrand, Kelley H. Beglin, Mary Kay Bell, Norma J. Bender, Barbara N. Benjamin, Mary P. Benny, Christine B. Berding, Frances Berke, Nancy R. Bersey, Sally E. Betz, Joann M. Bezanis, Erlinda V. Bigalbal, Marina E. Bitanga, Penelope S. Blake, Willie L. Blinston, Shelley E. Bloom, Kathleen A. Boatman, Laura B. Boehm, Donna C. Bonacorso, Teresita C. Bongato, Susan B. Boppel-Marks, Pamela A. Borgman, Edward R. Borowy, Carol R. Boyd, Gay L. Brazill, Charissa A. Bredow-Shawcross, Christine P. Brietzke, Wanda B. Britt, Jane L. Brodsky, Beth A. Brothers, Laurie M. Brothers, Edy C. Brower, Linda R. Brown, Marion T. Brown, Lynn D. Brown, Helen E. Bruno, Linda D. Bryant, Sheila E. Buchanan, Pamela J. Bucks, Jeanne M. Burger, Holly P. Burgess, Diana H. Burgess, Natalie C. Burkhalter, Kim A. Bush, Josephine Bushnell, Susan M. Byrne

Nancy Ellen Caiazzo, Charlotte A. Cake, Miriam T. Candaroma, Lourdes M. Canlas, Alicia J. Capetandes, Jane C. Carew, Ruth P. Carpio, Stacy D. Carson, Jo Ann Carter, Cheryl M. Casperson, Linda N. Castano, Mary Ann Caswell, Paulette Ann Caudill, Kelly J. Cessna, Katherine L. Chadwell, Sandra G. Chambers, Donna M. Chase, Nemi B. Chavez, Sara L. Cheney, Jacqueline P. Chiang, Nita L. Childs, Mary K. Choe, Barbara C. Christian, Donna York Clark, Sheri L. Cleaves, Jane Elizabeth Clement, Alice H. Cochran, Frances M. Cocimano, Linda V. Cockerell, Ingrid A. Cockill, Ellen K. Coe, Ellen S. Coffay, Colleen M. Cognato, Coletta M. Coles, Jill Coltrain, Kathleen M. Connor, Vickie L. Cooperider, Patricia A. Corey, Linda C. Cornelius, Gyl G. Corona, Elvira E. Cortes, Margaret L. Cotter, Judy B. Cottrill, Jane C. Crable, Melinda A. Cronk, Rosalyn C. Crouch, Delite B. Cruit, Angelita N. Cruz, Lilibeth R. Cruz, Emma M. Cuenca, Linda J. Curtin, Elaine M. Curtis, John Dashman, Mary A. Davenport, Bonnie J. Davis, Sharon E. Davis, Eleanor C. De La Rosa, Dawn E. DeBoer, Sharon I. Decker, Constance C. Decker, Patricia A. Deely, Christine A. DeFigarelli, Beverly J. DeGrandchamp, Rosalinda R. Dela Rosa, Nenita E. Delacruz, Henly D. Delcarpio, Stephanie L. DeLucia, Mary T. Demana, Meliza D. Denoga, Darel-Ann DePompeo, Lynn Teeple DeRocco, Zenda A. Destua, Katie E. Detrick, Kathleen V. Dhundale, Patricia S. Dietrich, Kathy Jo Dietz, Sharon D. Dingus, Jessica A. DiPalma, Julia R. Directo, Elizabeth M. Diskin, Donna K. Dittmer, Rosalinda A. Dombish, Barbara L. Donnelly, Wendy B. Doran, Paula A. Dornan, Patricia Ann Draus, Catherine A. Draus, Betsey S. Dreher, Coral P. D'Rosario, Susanne C. DuBois, Cheryl L. Dudley, Cheryl L. Duer, Margaret M. Duffy, Fedelita A. Dumlao, Susan M. Duszynski, Karen O. Dynek, Barbara E. Dyszynski

Emily A. Edson, Mary P. Edwards, Claire M. Egan, Norma J. Emery, Lilia M. Espiritu, Christina A. Espiritu, Ann Evans, Diana E. Evans, Cheryl D. Fallon, Carolyn M. Faris, Claudine C. Farrell, Hildegard Farrow, Teresa A. Feldmann, Jeanette Feliciano-Valdez, Joann Ferrigno, Denise L. Fiala, Sue Ann Fickel, Annette A. Finkelstein, Christina L. Finnie, Margaret J. Fisher, Deborah Fisher, Amy L. Flannery, Mary B. Fleis, Dorothea I. Fleisher, Ella L. Flournoy, Laurie L. Flowers, Elizabeth Priscilla Floyd, Michael A. Flynn, Elvera M. Flynn, Kathleen M. Flynn, Mary Ann Foley-Mayer, Ann C. Foran, Brandon M. Foster, Lisa M. Fox, Maryann Fox, Debra L. Fraley, Barbara C. Francis, Emily L. Frasher, Cynthia R. Freeland, Barbara Furry
Carolyn A. Galante, Mary B. Gallagher, Lucille R. Gambrill, Phyllis E. Garbutt, Richard M. Garnek, Judith Garrett, Mary Jane A. Garvey, Ann B. Gaut, Hope D. Gerhardstein, Connie L. Gibbons, Cynthia H. Gibbons, Betty A. Gibson, Faith Diane Giersdorf, Myrna M. Gillespie, Melody B. Gilliam, Alice K. Ginn, Kathleen E. Glass, Tonnie J. Glick, Deborah Gloskey, Joyce A. Gonzalez, Lynne K. Goocey, Rosaline P. Graham, Rosina E. Grande, Dorothy A. Grasso, Frederick G. Gratta, Sharron L. Gray, Beverly A. Green, Susan L. Griggs, Debra A. Gross, Rosalie Gross, Patricia K. Grunwald, Barbara L. Grygotis, Dorothy J. Guidry, Janine M. Guinter, Jacqueline A. Gurnick, Dave G. Gurr, Jan C. Gustafson, Adina S. Gutstein

D’lorah D. Hadar, Christine F. Hader, Olivia H. Hagos, Linda R. Hale, Sandra D. Hall, Johanna M. Hall, Loan T. Hallock, Sheryl R. Hallstrom, Lisa R. Halvorsen, Kathryn B. Hamadik, Angela J. Hammond, Karen S. Hammond, Janet M. Hanley, Susan K. Hansen, Maria Molar Haque, Sharon D. Harding, Leslie Kae Hardison, Patsy A. Harger, Debra L. Harmon, Christine J. Harper, Lyn P. Harrison, Gayle W. Hart, Diana F. Hatton, Camille Haycock, Melissa J. Hayford, Tamra J. Haymans-Benedict, Annette Q. Haynes, Deborah A. Hebert, Teresa J. Heckley, Aneta M. Helmer, Marijane Henning, Corazon M. Hernandez, Shirley M. Herren, Infinita B. Heyn, Betty Jean M. Higashi, Reva J. Hill, Beatrice A. Hodovanic, Andrea L. Hofmann, Jo Anne R. Hogan, Cynthia A. Honess, Sherry Y.J. Hong-Grogan, Susan R. Hoobler, Lana M. Hood, Kay L. Hoppe, Kellie C. Horan-Kashka, J. Mark Horn, Paula P. House, Suzanne E. Hudson, Judith G. Hughes, Virginia E. Hullihan, Ruth S. Hunt, Valerie J. Hunt, Wilma B. Hunt, Mark D. Huston, Lan H. Huynh, Sonya B. Hyde, Martha A. Hyde
Eden S. Ibay, Carole Jacobs, Deborah L. James, Lucy F. Jamieson, Loma R. Janusch, Peggy J. Jenkins, Anne L. Jennings, Evelyn Nelson Jensen, Barbara E. Jewett Noyes, Mary Colleen Jockell, Connie I. Johnson, Rita J. Johnson, Nancy M. Johnson, Carol H. Jones, Judith L. Jones, Jo Ann Jones, Helen E. Jose, Regina M. Joseph, Janice H. Julius, Carol P. Just, Jane E. Justice

Marylyn R. Kajs-Wyllie, Minh T. Karlin, Margaret Teri Kebalo, Barbara E. Kehl, Anna M. Keim, Margaret M. Kelleher, JoAnn M. Kellermann, Cheryl A. Kelley, Mary Ellen Kern, Kathi D. Kesner, Teri Kessler, Jagjeet Kaur Khalsa, Sat Sansar K. Khalsa-Best, Myoung Hi Kim, Chung Sook Kim, Everly D. King, Kevin Scott King, Mike K. Kircher, Rosenda Kirpalani, Brenda K. Kiskaden, Janelle L. Kister, Elaine K. Klemzak, Joyce A. Klinski, Gregory L. Knutzen, Carole R. Kolet, Linda L. Komara, Penelope S. Kosht, Lisa R. Kosits, Julie B. Koupe, Jim L. Kovarik, Nancy A. Kozlowski, Mary M. Kramer, Karen A. Krowl-Denham, Stella J. Kwa
Sherry L. Lane, Carolyn B. Larrivee, Brenda S. Larsen, Diane E. Larson, Catherine E. LaRue, Marie E. Lasater, Kristy L. Lattin-Jackson, Deborah A. Lawler, Ann N. Leatherman, Sandra
J. Leathery, Monica A. Lee, Rita C. Lee, Lenora Nicole Lello, Deborah J. Lilly, Ruth A. Lindhagen, Paul K. Linneman, V. Linnemann-Castillo, Joseph E. Lis, Maria E. Lis, Deborah S. Little, Louise Ann Liverani, Darlene A. Livingston, Mary G. Lockhart, Marie-Helene Lofland, John Daniel Logan, Donna D. Long, Marietta P. Lopez, Patty J. Loveless, Susan M. Low, Frances M. Lowrey, Glenda L. Luce, Marjorie M. Lucey, Vivian G. Ludi, Marie L. Lynch, Rachelle D. Lyons

Katie E. Madsen, Maryse Maguet, Eunice Helena Maiorana, Barbara J. Malacaria, Joan M. Mallum, Margaret J. Malone, Leolinda O. Mangaoang, Shelby J. Manges, Dorothy J. Manner, Cynthia A. Manning, Karen S. March, Josie P. Mariano, Linda E. Markey, Melinda O. Marquez-Marteja, Diane K. Martin, Madeleine M. Martinez-Bigcas, Donna L. Martz, Reynaldo G. Marzan, Annamma C. Mathai, Alphonsa J. Mathew, Jane A. Matlock, Maryjane P. Matter, Terry E. Mauldin, Karen G. Mazzola, Linda M. McAndrew, Beth A. McCawley, Catherine E. McClard, Karen C McClellan, Elaine F. McClughan, Beth A. McGee, Theresa R. McGovern, Peggy S. McGowan, Suzanne McKay-Mahaffey, Katherine S. McKenna, Mary G. McKinley, Gail Marie McNally, Mary Frances McNally, Elizabeth E. McNeill, Marion E. McRae

Wendell B. Mefford, Joni M. Meiter, Ruth G. Melvin, Teresita B. Mendoza, Margaret A. Merkel, Edward J. Meyers, De Etta S. Miesen, Laura R. Miller, Debora K. Miller, Kathleen M. Mills, Diane S. Milton, Mark P. Mimnaugh, Young Hi Min, Dianne C. Minchew, Jane C. Misola, Kathryn C. Mitchell, Thomas H. Mitchell, Bonita L. Moore, Sara J. Moore, Patricia A. Moran, Alice A. Moriearty, Mary Anne Morith, Linda K. Mossey, Allison P. Mulholland, Patricia A. Mullen, M. Jane Mulligan, Shelley A. Mundy, Jearline Murray, Deborah A. Mursch

Roland D. Nadeau, Kyungza Namkoong, Donna A. Nayduch, Luzviminda G. Nazareno, Kathleen Neary, Wilma L. Nelson, Vicki Wilson Nesbitt, Laurie J. Nichol, Margie C. Nicolaus, Linda Nicolaysen, Leisa A. Niggel, Christy O. Nunn, Patricia M. O’Connor, Bonnie L. Odermann, Janet E. Ohm, Terry Lynn Olson, Martha A. Olson, Cynthia J. O’Neill, John Ospital, Mary B. Owings

Montie E. Pakowski, Florence E. Palmer, Janice L. Parker, Donna Lea Parks, Carol A. Parsons, Editha A. Pasion, Dannelle L. Paulson, Penny D. Paynter, Diane J. Peak, Diane L. Pemberton, Juliet B. Penacerrada, Francine C. Pennucci, Concepcion B. Perez, Dora J. Peters, Lynn C. Piacentini, Kristie B. Pillow, Randy K. Pisani, Phyllis A. Pitzer, Pamela Pleiter, Kimberley J. Poe, Carol Gansen Poelker, Mark Allen Pond, Patricia W. Poole, Josie S. Powe, Mona L. Powell, Anne H. Powell, Pamela Powell, Susan A. Pragacz, Sarojini Ramachandra Prasad, Margaret Mayfield Price, Jana L. Proctor, William E. Provine, Jancee R. Pust-Marcone, Margaret A. Putman, Madeline N. Querubin, Phyllis Quinlan, Irene S. Quinn, Juan R. Quintero

Diane S. Racht, Mary Ellen Radosevich, Florame M. Rafanan, Maureen Cullen Raffa, Hema L. Ramani, Maria C. Ramirez, Normita A. Ramos, Chitra S. Rao, Carol A. Rauen, Mary G. Rauter, Chalon Raymond, Donna L. Rea, Carol A. Rebert, Lolita Recile, Jane M. Recor, Martha Sandra Redditt, Krista L. Reichwein, Beth A. Reid, Elaine C. Reid, Lou E. Reid, Peggy J. Reu, Karen A. Reynolds, Patricia A. Richards, Deborah R. Richards, Majorie E. Richards, Eleanor G. Richards, Nancy M. Richards, Nancy M. Richards, Connie I. Richless, Janet M. Riggs, Gail Ann Riveros, Joyce E. Roark, Donna S. Roberts, Cathy R. Robey-Williams, Alice Marie Robinson, Patricia H. Robison, Betty J. Rodman, Linda M. Rohlman, Catherine M. Rose, Doris J. Rosenow, Lori E. Rosol-Myers, Pamela F. Ross, Lucinda W. Rossoll, Joyce W. Roth, Patricia A. Rowles, Emma J. Roy, Chris T. Royer, Evagay E. Ruado, Charmaine E. Rudy-Sent, Daria C. Ruffolo, Charlene L. Runyan, Katie M. Rush, Coral L. Rychener

Mary A. Saari, Marietta A. Sabido, Sara Rebecca Sadler, Barbara K. Sagel, Louise M. Sakraida, Erlinda C. Salcedo, Sandy A. Salicco, Eloisa L. Salinas, Julie S. Saltzman, Myra L. Sanders, Diane C. Sanders, Rosemary Laus Sanderson, Cheryl L. Sarna, Ann M. Saxerud, Nancy Sbarbaro, Catherine C. Schaberg, Frances M. Schaefer, Laura B. Schmalzried, John P. Schnatz, Vernon G. Schoen, Cynthia Silleck Schuch, Karen J. Schulz, Hannah I. Schwartz, Laurie J. Scocco, Susan S. Scott, Linda L. Scott, Cathy L. Scott, Jane R. Sederstrom, Reiko Seo-Hsia, Ann M. Sessoms, Peggy A. Severson

Julie L. Shannon, David Shargel, Evelyn Anne Sharland, Mary D. Shaughnessy, Brenda R. Sheffer, Amy L. Shields, Mary M. Shoenberger, Mary P. Short, Melanie H. Shuster, Arlene J. Sierchio, Sally J. Silva, Cynthia M. Silva, Jean M. Silverman, Elizabeth M. Simons, Nancy R. Simpson, Vicki M. Sinisi, Cecilia C. Sirio, Jane M. Skornia, Jamie L. Smirz, Jane A. Smith, Florence Irene Smith, Vickie A. Smith, Elizabeth A. Smith, Karen L. Smith-Sumrall, Cathleen S. Solecki, Sumatie M. Solomon, Carol Q. Soriano, Susan B. Souther-Sawa, Beatrice A. Spahn, Rita M. Spanier, Karen L. Spaulding, Bernadette S. Speiser, Diana T. Spokas, Fay Spragley, Bobbi J. Spring

Roger D. Staab, Jean V. Stafford, Marion M. Stager, Judy A. Stahlman, Glenna A. Stark, Melinda K. Steck, Carolyn E. Steed, Mary Diane Steele, Linda C. Stennett, Doris L. Stephens, Debra A. Stephey, Cheryl A. Stetz, Roberta A. Stewart, Patricia J. Stillians, Mary Jane Stillwagon, Diane M. Stites, Sue A. Stoltzfus, Marilyn Ann Stover, Susan K. Straub, Barbara A. Strauch, Rhonda M. Strawn, Marilou H Strider, Deborah R. Summers, Barbara J. Summers, Veronica R. Sumodi, Susan N. Surane, Mary F. Sutak, Joan E. Swanson, Andrew J. Swartzell, Virginia L. Swensson, Janet M. Sykes

Moonyean Gicana Tadiar, Jocelyn D. Taecharatkij, Maria E. Tangonan, Janice A. Taulli-Lasseigne, Anita V. Tayabas, Kathleen A. Tei, Roxanne Telford, Modesta C. Tenay, Margie J. Theibert, Mary M. Thomas, Jacqueline M. Thomas, Tanna R. Thomason, Elizabeth J. Thompson, Galen L. Thompson, Donna Jean Thompson, Sally Denise Thornburg, Betty Thornell, Eileen L. Tipton, Luann Tirelli, Windelina S. Tirona, Dianne M. Toczek Faulkner, Josephine Todd, Glenna R. Tolley, Elaine M. Tormey, Maria S. Torres-Burgos, Michele S. Trinka, Kimberley R. Trull, Linda K. Trundt, Barbara J. Trushaw, Marie E. Tuminski, Donna M. Tuncavage, Susan L. Twomey

Susan L. Ullrich, Julia M. Vaday, Darla J. Vale, Myriam J. Valenzuela, Donna F. Vallely, Maribel S. Valmocina, Douglas J. Van Houten, Sandra P. Van Iterson, Deborah J. VanEtta, Mary P. Vaughn, Caroline C. Ventrano, Felicidad G. Vicencio, Victoria T. Vitug, Jolene A. Volkens, Mary L. Vollmer

Elizabeth J. Wagner, Janice M. Wagner, Mary Elizabeth Walsh, Barbara K. Walsh, Jennifer E. Walton, Deborah L. Ward, Ellen M. Warinsky, Georgita T. Washington, Mariane Watkins, Kathleen P. Watkins, Beverly Watson, Heidi R. Weidlein, Kelly-Marie Weihl, Deborah Weinandy, Karen Weiss, Sybil A. Weitzel, Nirmala Welikala-Rasiah, Jeanne M. Wernsmann, Jane C. Whalen, Rose A. Whalen, Susan A. Wheeler, Lisa W White, Karen J. White, Cindy E. White, Margaret R. White, Anne T. Whitener, Editha R. Wickerham, Cheryl Ann Wieczorek, Diane Marie Wilger Bond, Debbie Kay Wilkinson, Susan A. Willcox, Sandra K. Williams, Rebecca B. Williams, Melanie K. Williamson, Linda P. Willnecker, Ellen G. Wilson, Judith A. Wilson, Robin S. Winiarczyk, Dyanne M. Witwicki-Bauman, Julia R. Wohlleber, Jane I. Wolfe, Virginia M. Wolff, Kathy M. Woloschuk, John W. Wood, Margaret S. Wood, Diane L. Woody, Martha S. Wright, Karen T. Wright, Janet M. Wright, Linda G. Wright, Pamela J. Wriglesworth

Lorna A. Yabut, Lyn Carnline Yamada, Lillian M. Yamada, Elizabeth L. Yarris, Teresa M. Yee, Susan A. Yelton, Cheryl L. Yeo, Janet J. Yoon, Laura S. York, LeRoy Young, Dan-Ching Young, E. Carol Zecca, Linda D. Zenitsky, James B. Zobell.

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CCRN 20-Year Milestone Pins can be purchased through AACN’s Resource Catalog or by calling (800) 899-2226. Request Product #402160.
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