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Vol. 22, No. 12, DECEMBER 2005

Calling All CATs
Jan. 6 Is Deadline to Apply for Regional Positions

The Chapter Advisory Team (CAT) plays a vital role in supporting and linking local AACN chapters and the national leadership team. AACN is currently inviting and encouraging past and current chapter officers to apply for the advisory team positions in 11 of its 19 regions (current and past chapter presidents are preferred). The chapter advisers will serve two-year terms, July 1, 2006, through June 30, 2008. The deadline to apply is Jan. 6, 2006.

The CAT is vital in ensuring effective communication between the AACN Board of Directors and National Office staff and local chapters on pressing issues chapters face. Advisers are volunteers who have expert knowledge on chapter issues and trends in their regions and who are well-informed about what is happening at the national level and how that affects chapters. They directly support chapters and chapter leaders in a number of important ways.

Chapter advisers are expected to:
• Serve as a liaison and spokesperson to AACN chapters and leaders in their region.
• Establish ongoing mechanisms for communication with chapter leaders.
• Work in partnership with AACN staff to identify individual chapter strengths and needs so that the National Office and chapter advisers can effectively support and service new and existing chapters.
• Develop and mentor local chapter leaders for future chapter and national leadership roles.
• Travel within assigned region.
• Attend two face-to-face meetings per year.
• Participate in conference calls and use electronic media and online communication tools and databases.

If you are interested in serving as a chapter adviser in your region but have questions regarding the role, contact Member & Chapter Associate Mitzi Inman at (800) 394-5995, ext. 365; Mitzi.Inman@aacn.org. You can also contact the current chapter adviser in your region. Contact information for chapter advisers is available online.

To apply, register online in AACN’s Volunteer Profile Database. Be sure to select both “chapters” under “area and/or topics of interest” and “advisory team” under the “specialty or type of role.”

Chapter Advisers Sought in Regions in Color

On the Prowl ...

Currently seeking CAT representatives in the following regions:

Region 1 Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont
Region 2 New York and Germany
Region 3 Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Region 7 Florida
Region 8 Michigan and Wisconsin
Region 9 Indiana and Ohio
Region 11 Kentucky and Tennessee
Region 12 Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi
Region 14 Kansas and Missouri
Region 16 Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming
Region 18 Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington

Managing Information Just Got Easier for Chapter Leaders
Online Database Provides Timely Access

A new online Chapter Administration Database makes updating and maintaining chapter records easier. The streamlined service allows chapter officers to manage their own chapter membership rosters and officer lists. Submitting hard copies of the information to the National Office is no longer necessary.

The new system also provides prospective member information to chapters in a timelier manner. Contact information for members who inquire about chapter membership is posted on a daily basis. In addition, chapter officers can now determine which of their chapter memberships are expired and due to expire. They also have the ability to monitor their members national AACN membership status.

Chapter members need to compare their records to the database and make changes necessary to reconcile the lists. Because this initial process may take some time, chapters have until Feb. 1, 2006, to complete the process.

Note: Only the chapter president, president-elect, treasurer and secretary have access to the new Chapter Administration Database. Chapters that have not submitted their current list of officers will not be able to log in until they have submitted the required information. To do so, they must contact the National Office at (800) 394-5995, ext. 365.

For more information about the new Chapter Administration Database, call Member & Chapter Associate Mitzi Inman at (800) 394-5995, ext. 365; Mitzi.Inman@aacn.org.

Chapter Recruitment Is a Critical Link to New Members

The Greater Portland Chapter moved into the lead of the AACN Critical Links member recruitment campaign at the end of October, adding seven new members to bring its total to 30 since the drive began May 1.

Not far behind, though, were the Atlanta Area Chapter, with 25 new members recruited; the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter, with 24 new members recruited; the Houston Gulf Coast Chapter, with 23 new members recruited; and the San Diego Chapter, with 20 new members recruited.

The campaign total of new members recruited by both individuals and chapters stood at 2,426 at the end of October. The campaign ends March 31, 2006. (See Association News for individual totals.)

Participating chapters are eligible for valuable rewards, including complimentary NTI registration in a monthly drawing among chapters that recruit one member during that month. Receiving the reward in October was the San Diego Area Chapter.

The 2005-2006 campaign offers chapters a revamped list of prizes that aligns with individual rewards.

This year, the chapter recruiting the most new members will receive a $1,000 honorarium check toward its treasury. In addition, each chapter that recruits five or more new members during the campaign will be entered into three drawings for $500 honorarium checks.

Note: For the chapter to qualify for prizes and drawings, new members must include the chapter name on the “referred by” line of the application. Chapters must be in good standing to be considered for prizes.

In the Running
Other chapters that have recruited new members to date are:

Abilene Area Chapter, Adirondack Regional Chapter, Alameda Contra Costa Chapter, Albuquerque Chapter, Ancient City Chapter, Bitterroot Chapter, Blue Ridge Chapter, Bluegrass Chapter, Brevard Chapter, Brooklyn Chapter, Broward County Chapter, Carolina Dogwood Chapter, Central Arkansas Chapter, Central Illinois Chapter, Central Indiana Chapter, Central Iowa Chapter, Central Massachusetts Chapter, Central Minnesota Area Chapter, Central Missouri Chapter, Central New Jersey Chapter, Central New York Chapter, Central Ohio Chapter, Central Pennsylvania Chapter, Central San Joaquin Valley Chapter, Central Savannah River Chapter, Charlestowne Chapter, Chattahoochee Valley Chapter, Chattanooga Scenic City Chapter, Chesapeake Bay Chapter, Coastal Bend Chapter, Coastal Chapter, Colorado West Chapter, Cumberland Valley Chapter

Dallas County Chapter, Delmarva Chapter, Denver Chapter, East Carolina Chapter, East Central Illinois Chapter, East River Mountain Chapter, Eastern Iowa Chapter, Emerald Coast Chapter, European Chapter, Fairbanks North Star Chapter, First Coast Chapter, Foot of the Blue Ridge Chapter, Foothills Chapter, Galveston Island Chapter, Gate City Chapter, Grapevine Area Chapter, Greater Akron Area Chapter, Greater Austin Area Chapter, Greater Berkshire County Chapter, Greater Birmingham Chapter, Greater Boston Chapter

Greater Charleston Area Chapter, Greater Chicago Area Chapter, Greater Cincinnati Chapter, Greater East Texas Chapter, Greater Evansville Chapter, Greater Flint Area Chapter, Greater Fort Worth Area Chapter, Greater Fox Valley Chapter, Greater Fredericksburg Area Chapter, Greater Joliet Area Chapter, Greater Kansas City Chapter, Greater Long Beach Orange County Chapter, Greater Louisville Chapter, Greater Memphis Area Chapter, Greater Miami Area Chapter, Greater Mid Cities Chapter, Greater Milwaukee Area Chapter, Greater New Orleans Chapter, Greater North Texas Chapter, Greater Phoenix Area Chapter, Greater Raleigh Area Chapter, Greater Reading Chapter, Greater Richmond Area Chapter, Greater Rochester Finger Lakes Chapter, Greater St. Louis Chapter, Greater Tampa Bay Chapter, Greater Toledo Area Chapter, Greater Tulsa Area Chapter, Greater Twin Cities Area Chapter, Greater Washington Area Chapter, Green Country Chapter, Hawaiian Islands Chapter, Heart of Acadiana Chapter, Heart of Florida Chapter, Heart of Georgia Chapter, Heart of Illinois Chapter, Heart of the Piedmont Chapter, Heartland Chapter, High Sierra Chapter, Hill City Chapter, Horizons Chapter, Indiana Hoosier South Central Chapter

Inland Empire Chapter, Jersey Shoreline Chapter, Lake Erie Chapter, Lehigh Valley Chapter, Luzerne Lackawanna Chapter, Merrimack Valley Chapter, Metropolitan Orlando Chapter, Miami Beach Chapter, Midland Empire Chapter, Mobile Bay Area Chapter, Mohawk Valley Chapter, Montana Big Sky Chapter, Monticello Chapter, Mt. Rainier Chapter
Napa Valley Chapter, Nassau County Chapter, New Jersey Capital Chapter, New York City Chapter, North Central Florida Chapter, North Central Pennsylvania Chapter, North Central West Virginia Chapter, North Central Wisconsin Chapter, North Valley Chapter, Northeast Arizona Chapter, Northeast Georgia Chapter, Northeast Indiana Chapter, Northeast Tennessee Chapter, Northeastern Ohio Chapter, Northeastern Wisconsin Chapter, Northern Arizona Chapter, Northern Colorado Chapter, Northern Connecticut Chapter, Northern Illinois Chapter, Northern New Jersey Chapter, Northwest Chicago Area Chapter, Northwest Georgia Chapter, Northwest Washington Evergreen Chapter

Ocean State Chapter, Oklahoma City Area Chapter, Old Salem Chapter, Pacific Crest Regional Chapter, Palm Beach County Chapter, Palmetto Chapter, Pee Dee Chapter, Peninsula Chapter, Piedmont Carolinas Chapter, Pioneer Valley Chapter, Presque Isle Chapter, Puget Sound Chapter, Red River Valley Chapter, Riverbend Chapter, Rochester Chapter
Sacramento Area Chapter, San Antonio Chapter, San Fernando Valley Chapter, San Francisco Chapter, Santa Barbara County Chapter, Shellcoast Chapter, Siouxland Chapter, Smoky Mountain Chapter, South Bay Chapter, South Carolina Mid State Chapter, South Central Connecticut Chapter, South Central Kentucky Chapter, South Central Oklahoma Chapter, South Central Wisconsin Chapter, Southeast Michigan Chapter, Southeast Missouri Chapter, Southeast Nebraska Chapter, Southeastern Massachusetts Chapter, Southern Arizona Chapter, Southern Maine Chapter, Southern New Hampshire Chapter, Southern Shore Chapter, Southside Chicago Area Chapter, Southwest Georgia Chapter, Spindletop Chapter, Spokane Chapter, Suburban Cook County Chapter, Suffolk County Chapter, Suncoast Chapter, Suspension Bridge Chapter, Susquehanna Valley Chapter

Three Rivers Chapter, Tidewater Chapter, Treasure Coast Chapter, Treasure Valley Centennial Chapter, Triangle Chapter, Tri-County Chapter, Tri-State Area Chapter, Tri-Valley Chapter, Upstate Chapter, Ventura County Chapter, Vermont Green Mountain Chapter, Volusia Flagler Chapter, Washtenaw County Chapter, West Central Ohio Chapter, West Houston Chapter, West Michigan Chapter, West Texas Chapter, Western Connecticut Chapter, Western Kentucky Chapter, Western New York Chapter, White River Chapter.

To see the complete list of campaign recruiters and their totals, visit the AACN Web site.

What's on Tap

The Emerald Coast Chapter will present “Critical Care Update” on Feb. 24 and 25 at the Four Points Sheraton, Fort Walton Beach. For more information, contact Carol Fountain, RN, CCRN, at (850) 862-1111, ext. 1827; carol.fountain@hcahealthcare.com.

The Greater Chicago Area Chapter is hosting a “CCRN Review Cruise” to the Bahamas Jan. 3 to 8, 2006. The cruise will leave from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. For additional information contact Sandra Scheitinger at (800) 422-0711; sandras@tampabay.rr.com; http://www.continuingeducation.net/coursedetails.php?program_number=290.

The Greater Chicago Area Chapter will present its Critical Care Symposium on Feb. 12 at Resurrection Medical Center. For more information, contact Lori Marcantonio at (847) 722-4354; gcac_aacn@yahoo.com.

The Greater Cincinnati Chapter will present its second annual CCRN and PCCN test preparation and certification celebration luncheon Jan. 23 through 25 at the Drake Center. For more information, contact Sheila Palmer at (937) 748-4873; SheilaPalmer@woh.rr.com.

Is your chapter planning a program or special event? Submit your information online.
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