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Vol. 22, No. 2, JANUARY 2005

Testing Under Way for New Cardiac Nursing Subspecialty Certifications

AACN Certification Corporation has launched computer-based testing for two new cardiac nursing subspecialty certifications: the CMC (cardiac medicine certification) and the CSC (cardiac surgery certification).

The initial group of candidates through Feb. 28 will receive special incentives, including a drawing for complimentary registration to AACN’s National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition, May 7 through 12 in New Orleans, La.

For more information, visit the AACN Certification Corporation Web site. The exam handbook and applications are also available.

Administration of Paper-and-Pencil Versions of Certification Exams Set for NTI

AACN Certification Corporation will offer its certification exams on Monday, May 9, during AACN’s NTI 2005 in New Orleans, La. The paper-and-pencil versions of the CCRN, CCNS and PCCN exams, as well as the new subspecialty CMC (cardiac medicine) and CSC (cardiac surgery) exams will be offered from 2 to 6 p.m.

Preregistration is required. To be eligible, candidates must submit their NTI exam application by March 29. The special NTI exam application and handbook is available online at www.certcorp.org.

Also at Trends
The paper-and-pencil versions of the CCRN and PCCN specialty examinations, and the CMC and CSC subspecialty exams will also be offered at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter’s Spring Trends conference in Philadelphia, Pa., on April 6. Preregistration is required. A special Trends exam application is available online at
www.certcorp.org. Payment of exam fees, which must accompany the application, is due by Feb. 22.

Activities for Certified Nurses Abound at the NTI

Certified nurses will be a prominent part of AACN’s National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition, May 7 through 12 in New Orleans, La. Following are brief descriptions of some of the events and activities that are geared to certified nurses:

Certification Celebration Dinner
Wednesday, May 11, 6 to 7:30 p.m.
For the first time, AACN Certification Corporation will host a celebratory banquet for nurses certified with the ACNP, CCNS, CCRN, CMC, CSC and PCCN credential, as well as CCRN Alumni. Comedian Taylor Mason will serve as master of ceremonies. A special CE Passport, allowing participants to earn up to 3 Category A CE credits online at their convenience through June 30, 2005, will replace the traditional CE speaker. The evening banquet format, which replaces the Certification Luncheon, will leave more event time for recognition, prize drawings and fun! Tickets may be purchased with NTI meeting registration for $35.

Building Item Writing Skills
Sunday, May 8, 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Lawrence J. Fabrey of Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc., will instruct participants on the development process of certification examinations, including the purpose of a job analysis, anatomy of an item, classification of cognitive levels of items, “test-wiseness,” and evaluating items from a content and psychometric viewpoint. Participants will have the opportunity to produce and evaluate items with their colleagues.

2-Day PCCN Review Course
Saturday and Sunday, May 7 and 8
Experts will provide an overview of selected patient care topics, including cardiovascular, pulmonary, endocrine, neurological, hematological-immunologic, gastrointestinal, renal and multisystem. In addition, professional caring and ethic practice content will be included.

Rejuvenate at the Oasis
Cosponsored by Clarian Health Partners and AACN Certification Corporation, the Oasis Lounge provides attendees who are ACNP, CCNS, CCRN, CMC, CSC and PCCN certified a place to relax between sessions, recognize award winners and enjoy light refreshments with colleagues. Individuals interested in attaining certification are welcome to stop in for information sessions or to speak with AACN Certification Corporation representatives. Informal sessions will be scheduled throughout the NTI to provide information on specialty and subspecialty nursing certifications, CCNS eligibility and the professional caring and ethical practices components of the specialty exams.

For more information about the NTI or to register, visit www.aacn.org or call (800) 899-2226.

Promoting Certification

Selena White, RN, created this display
at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital
In Pinehurst, N.C. A wealth of information
about the value of certification was provided.
The materials were on display during a
recent visit to the hospital by Mary Holtschneider,
a member of both the AACN Certification
Corporation and AACN boards of directors.

CNSs Can Augment CCNS Eligibility Clinical Hours
Scholarships Available

Clinical nurse specialists whose academic programs do not meet the requirement for 500 hours of faculty-supervised clinical practice to take the CCNS certification exam can make up the deficiency through a transcripted clinical experience. This experience must be through an accredited college or university that offers a CNS program in acute or critical care.

However, this augmentation option can be used only through March 2006.

To assist in the transition, AACN is offering Educational Advancement Scholarships to CNSs who are currently working to obtain additional clinical hours to meet the 500-hour eligibility requirement to take the CCNS exam.

Scholarship applications are available online at www.aacn.org. The application deadline is April 1.

Certification Documents Continued Competence for Kentucky Nurses

In Kentucky, the achievement of a national nursing certification serves to document a nurse’s competence equivalent to the 30 contact hours required for relicensure. The maintenance of certification requires certified nurses to document their continued competence by various methods. To exercise this option for license renewal, Kentucky nurses must either receive their initial certification during the earning period or maintain the certification through the entire licensure period.

Congratulations to Newly Certified CCRNs!


Congratulations to the following CCRNs who achieved certification as critical care nurses in adult care in 2004:

Nimfa Abas-Millan, Kurtis M. Abbey, Charlene C. Abendan, Chris P. Abeyta, Kirsten A. Ableson, Muhammad O. Abou-Harb, Shiny Abraham, Peggy J. Abrahamson-Syverson, Lisa Ackerman, Irwin L. Acosta, Cynthia P. Adams, Allison Adams, Susan K. Adams, Carol J. Adams, Dawn B. Adams, Bryan C. Adams, Linda M. Adams, Christina L. Adley, Lisa M. Adwell, Michele A Aemmer, Hedi Aguiar, Augustina N. Aguocha, Cynthia L. Ahart, Tamkanat M. Ahmed, Bimbola F. Akintade, Julio G. Alarcio, Marcia J Alarcon, Dawn A. Albury, Jenny Grace Alderden, Susie L. Alexander, Christopher D. Alexander, Kristen E. Alix, Heather D. Allen, Travis H. Allen, Angela K. Allen, Regina D. Allison, Kristine D. Allison-Hunt, Cathy Ann Allsbrook, Ziad Alsokary, Linda E. Ames-Somerville, Jeffery D. Ammons, Emilie Amundson,

Hyangsook An, Michelle Anasco, Debbie M. Anastasi, Taffy D. Anders, Ginger G. Andersen, Rita B. Anderson, Yvonne L. Anderson, Michael J. Anderson, Claire L Anderson, Tammy L. Anderson, Shelly M. Anderson, Kathryn J. Anderson-Pompa, Elva M. Andrade, Ronna R. Andrews, Christopher J. Angelucci, Paula A. Angrand, Hildegard S. Angus, Monica G. Ankney, Mary Annapoorna, Ruth Anne Anton, Raymond J. Antonucci, Judith G. Anuada-Gumban, Gina T. Aplicador, Martin N. Apopot, Lisa J. Apperson, Mary E. Applewhite, Geena T. Arackal, Edna H. Arenal, Erica R. Arend, David Ray Argo, Obiageli C. Ariri, Shelley K. Armour, Michele D. Armstrong, Laurie Arnzen, Carmen M. Arroyo, Heather Artman, Angela J. Arumpanayil, Kevin C. Arundel, Krista M. Ash, Maria L. Asidor, Ma Theresa L. Asperilla, Cheryl A. Atkins, Donna Lee Attar, Lance A. Attaway, Heather C. Auck, Caryn M. Augusta, Miranda R. Aust, Leila L. Azares,

Anthony R. Baca, Charissa Gajete Bacena, Luverne E. Bacud, Jennifer E. Baetz, Ann A. Bag-Ao, Andrea Baiardo, June A. Bailey, Gail M. Bailey, Stephanie A. Baker, Donald R. Baker, Rowell C. Balais, Pedro J. Balba, Patricia L. Balcom, Jane B. Ball, Jennifer Ballard, Amy L. Bandy, Donald P. Bankes, Aleina D. Barham, Lisa Thomas Barile, Linda J. Barnard, Angela M. Barnes, Jana M. Barnes, Jennifer S. Barr, Sheila A. Barr, Richard A Barrow, Arline G. Bartel, Christine M. Bartram, Debbie N. Basham, Mark C. Basnight, Robert L. Bassalin, Sherron Bassett, Stephen Bastian, Jacqueline Bates, Wendy A. Batschelet, Cecille L. Batto, Sylvie Baudart, Jaime L. Bauer, Dale E Baughman, Conchinita A. Bautista, Ron Bautista, Cynthia M. Baxter, Arthur W. Bean, Dana S. Beane, Jaime R. Bearden, Ester H. Beasley, Danielle A. Beaulieu, Summer Beausoleil, Deborah A. Beaver, David A. Beccue, Emily Jane Becher, Coleen Ann Beck, Christopher D. Beck, Heather C. Beck-Hamman, Jennifer I. Bedia, Lisa A. Behrend, Monica C. Belanger, John B. Belaya, Linda Majo Belkas, Morag J. Bell, Janet Bell, Kathy Ann Bell, Arlene M. Bell, Aaron A. Bellow, Leah Beth Belmares, Heather D. Belott, Deborah L. Bender, Abigail S. Bengco-Catalano, Margarito Benitez, David B. Benkley, Doris V. Bennett, Karen S. Bennett, Johanna Bennight, David F. Benson, Debra J. Bercaw, Jessica K. Bercen, Ann D. Bergman, Melinda S. Bernowski, Lori J. Berry, Connie J. Besco, Jose G. Betancourt, Michele Bettinelli, Carla M. Betzler, Kobrat Beuhler,

Aimee M. Bierbaum, Robert A Bird, June T. Birk, Anne K. Bistline, Ericka N. Bjorken, John H. Blabaum, Mellisa A. Black, Sarah A. Blackman, Kelley Leigh Blackwood, Helen T. Blair, Melanie L. Blair, Dianna L. Blake, Brenda S. Blake, Robert D. Bland, Martin R. Blaney, Thomas Blankenhorn, Gina M. Bleyenburg, Mary E. Block, Kathryn A. Blomberg, Stacey A. Blottiaux, Nichole Marie Blythe, Helen L. Bobo, Arline C. Bocaling, Caroline A. Bodner, Paul J. Boehm, Molly Bolinger, Louise M. Bolte, Connie L. Bolton, David B. Bommarito, Molly Blake Bond, Phyllis D. Boone, Eric J. Bopp, Scott L. Borchardt, Christopher A. Bordelon, Carmen R. Botti, Darlene A. Boudreaux, Anne E Bouffard, John F. Bourges, Holly L. Bowers, Vickie L. Bowles, Lorena G. Boyd, Tiffany A. Boysen,

James A. Brasier, Stacy L. Bratko, Matthew Brayton, Girlie P. Breis, David A. Breitenfeld, Darrell E. Breithaupt, Kimberly A. Bremer, Michael A. Brennan, Thomas G. Brennan, Jennifer L. Brennan, Nathan S. Brezovic, Janick I. Bridges, Jennifer A. Bridges, Christy L. Bridgford, George F. Brinius, Jill A. Brisbois, Roma L. Brister, David P. Brokenbourgh, Kendria S. Bronson, Scott B. Browar, Mary E. Brown, Diana M. Brown, George R. Brown, April Brown, Michael L. Brown, Renee Brown, Deborah H. Brown, Cynthia Brown, Randee J. Brown, Lauralyn M. Brown, Larry E. Brown, Vicki Lee Brown, Brandy M. Brown, Lindsey B. Brown, Sheryl L. Brown, Esther Bruce, Derek A. Brumley, Douglas A. Brundin, Robin L. Brunner, Debra L Bruno, Mary Ann Brus, Tammy Bryan, Jeffery Lee Bryan, Deanna S. Bryan, Matthew D. Bryant, Saovarot K. Bryant, Tricia L. Buchanan, Theresa A. Buchanan, Jill J Buchinger, Jill K. Buchle, Michael A. Bucknam, Carol M. Budgin, Kevin C. Buettner, Jennifer M. Buffum, David A. Bullen, Stacy R. Bullert, Barbara A. Bullock, LeeAnne Bunney-Johnson, Linda Louise Bunten, Gregory B. Burchett, Jimmy D. Burchett, Sabrina C. Burda, Frank J. Burgert, Erinn N. Burke, Sean Burket, Mary A. Burleson, Nicole D. Burnet, Jeremy Scott Burnette, Amanda E. Burns, Theresa A. Burrow, Chasity A. Burrows, Steven T. Burt, Debbi D. Bush, Naveena Bushan, Daina K. Butts, Abigail Butts, Stephanie A. Byerly, Audra S. Byers, Marilyn S. Byrne,

Maria Cielo A. Caacbay, Miriam Caban, Susan M. Cady, Jodi A. Caggiano, Rebecca A. Cain, Kristine M Caldwell, Phyllis M. Caldwell, Maritess Fernandez Callanta, Marietta Calleja-Baglieri, Christine M. Callesano, Jimmy Dale Callicutt, Julie A. Callison, Jeanette L. Callison, Kimberly J. Calvin-Raines, San Juanita Camacho, Emma A. Camarena, Elaine Camarillo, Rowena Camejo, Cornelio Y. Camino, Patricia O. Campbell, Mary D. Campbell, Donn C. Campbell, Pauline M. Canas, Efran Candelaria, Jason Cannady, Kenny E. Cantiller, Edgar J. Capalla, Eliessa F. Caplan, Michael A. Caputo, Elsa Caraballo, Robert Angelo J. Carambas, Dora M. Carcoba, Shelly Ann Carden, Clint P. Cardinas, Natasha Carew, Sandra A. Carey, Monica R. Carlino, Cornelia R. Carlson, Wendy Michelle Carlson, Esther A. Carlson, Christine Carlton, Secherre L. Carothers, Kimberly R. Carr, Timothy Carrick, Crisoforo Carrillo, Mary E. Carroll-Ambrose, Andrea C Carter, Kimberly A. Casali, Mary E. Case, Lisa Cashiola, Marie L. Cassalia, David M. Cassella, Amanda L. Cassens, Holly Castello, Creighton K. Cathey, Tania Clesie Cavallaro, Jill Kathleen Cavanaugh, Christine L. Ceglarek, Eden G. Celiz, Rosemarie Cerca-Williams, Adelaida L. Cereceda, Deirdre M. Cetra, Cindy A. Ceynar,

Grainer A. Chacko, Blossamma G. Chacko, Marc L Chadwick, Melanie M. Chadwick, David T. Chaffin, Lyne Chamberlain, Paula M. Chambless, Derek R. Chambless, Elissa Haulin Chan, Heather M. Chang, Regina R. Chapman, Suzanne R. Chartrand, Suzanne K. Chase, Marie J. Chauvette, Rogelio V. Chavera, Chun Ling Chen, Leila A. Cherara, Guyolette Chery, Kevin J. Chevalier, Wanna Chiamchittrong, Leanne Chicksen, Auriel Chin, Hak Keung Chin, Stephane Chirico, Sean David Christian, Mary E. Christian, Heatherdawn A. Christie, Kyle S. Christoffel, Lara A. Christy, Ma Honee Lo Lim Chua, Edward Chung, Leigh T. Clark, Valerie K. Clark, Stephanie Lynn Clark, Kristi L. Clark, James J. Clarke, Sharon A. Clawson, Jennifer L. Clayton, Lucy A. Clevenger, Lisa B. Clibourn, Gary P. Closas, Jennifer L. Cloud, Lorraine Coalmer, Lanny R. Coberly, Heather Leanne Coe, Heidi Ann Cogswell, Laurie Cokeley, Lynne M. Colbert, Christine M. Cole, Joan M. Coleman, Caroline L. Collantes, Bethany T. Collins, Michael E. Collins, Lisa A. Comis, Carol J. Conant, Francis E. Conde, Andrea M. Condon, Marit Lea Conklin, Ellen S. Conley, Glenda J. Conn, Christine L. Conrad, Sandra J. Conti, Claudia G. Converse, Edwin J. Cook, Nicole D. Cook, Marlene Lynn Cook, Mary L. Coolsaet, Scott A. Cooper, Sherryl L. Coote, Karen E. Coppin, Joseph E. Coral, Erin K. Core, LaTorya Cornett, Nyla J. Cornforth, Jennifer K. Cornwell, Lori A. Correia, Carmen R. Costa, Richard E. Costello, Lauren P. Cote, David E. Cothran, Laurie Cotnoir, Herbert A. Couch, Donald L. Coulter, Cassandra L. Courtney, Melissa Rose Coxey, Bernadette Coyle, Stephen L. Crabtree, Linda D. Craft, Trumon O. Craft, Charlene R. Crandall, Rosalyn K. Cranston, Christopher M. Craver, Teresa A. Crawford, Hannah S. Creed, Teresa L. Creighan, Michael D. Crider, Shirley A. Cristobal, Theresa S. Cron, Jennifer L Crosby, Angela Cross, James D. Crowson,

Carrie D. Culp, Sylvia C. Cummings, Brendan P. Cummins, Janet E. Cunkelman, Martha L. Cunningham, Lisa E. Curling, Owen T. Curran, Denise L. Curran, Sarah Curry, Darcella L. Curtis, Laura A. Curtis-Bohrer, Andrea N. Cushing, Ken L. Cushman, Myra B. Cusumano, Alice Cvik, Lisa M. Czekay, Mary J. Daack, Amy M. Dacillo, Jerry B. Dacoco, Senen C. Dadulo, Debbie Daeley, Kelly B. D’Agostini, Penelope A. Daigle, Amy Daley, Karin G. D’Amico, Karen E. Dance, Jo-Ellen Danna, Larry J. Dauffenbach, Peter K. Daust, Mark Davidson, Jeffrey D. Davis, Elizabeth M. Davis, Diane E. Davis, Julie Dawn Davis, Tamie R. Davis, Tally Lynn Davis, Deborah L. Davis, Sharon L. Davison, Roxanne Marie Davis-Yee, Jill E. Day, Tonyia Y. Daye-Blacknall, Mary Ann Z. De Vera, Karen M. Deal, May B. Dean, Tracie Dean, William K. Deans, Robin J. Deck, Michelle E. Deckard, Dayle L. Deer, Theresa L. DeFrance, Mylah D. Degala, Cara R. Deines, Twila A. Dekanich, Maiden O. Del Rio, Lupe T. Del Valle, Jessa Pomar Dela Victoria, Eden G. DelaCruz, Timothy Delasandro, Diane M. Deleon, Concepcion C. Deleon, Kenneth A. Delker, Heather Marie Dellacroce, Lisa G. Demos, Karen T. DeNucci, Laurie L. DePerno, Tracey A. Derby, Beverly A. Derby, Betty Ann Derco, Tripp A. Derouen, David W. Derrick, Kathleen Devine, Ruthie R. Dewitt, Keith W Dezan, Greg J Dial, Michelle D. Diana, Kimberly A. Dickerson, Tina Marie Dickinson, Crystal Diane Diggs, Warren R. Dill, Mark E. Dillon, Jodi M. DiMarzo, Susan L. Dixon,

Brett A. Dodd, Rachel B. Dodge, Jennifer L. Dodimead, Bernadette M. Doe, Denisa D. Dominguez, Kathryn M Donahoo, Gina D. Donini, Patrick Glenn Donnelly, Kaori Donohue, Colleen A. Donovan, Nancy Dooley, Gaynelle Dorrell, Stephanie Y. Doty, Teresa D. Dreher, Katherine R. Dries, Robert C. Drish, Patricia J. Drummond, Patrick S. Drummond, Sandra Ducharme, Kendra Lynn Duckstein, Marci L. Ducret, Anne K. Duffy, Kelly R. Dugar, Damian G. Duhon, Bryan James Dulock, Jennifer Dumrauf, Keesha Duncan, Henry B. Dunham, Donna D. Dunlap, April J. Dunlevy, Shane E. Dunn, Erin L. Duplechien, Chad Michael Dupre, Christina M. Durbin, Katherine M. Durning, Kristal E. Dye, Lisa A. Dzubinski,

Daniel P. Ead, Catherine J. Eagar, Keith A. Earl, Kristina L. Earle, Melinda W. Earnest, Melinda C. Eason, Delma Ebert, Patricia Urda Ecoff, Sandra A. Edgerly, Jana S. Edney-Poole, Maureen A. Edwards, Jacqueline Edwards, Jeannie M. Edwards, James A. Effinger, Denise M. Egerer, Jessica Marie Ehrat, Lisa J. Eidson, Brandon Eiman, Nancy J. Eisenhurt, Grace A. Elaro, Sarah A. Elchos, Shayla F. Eley, Ekambaram Ellan, Ethan A. Eller, Jean A. Ellis, Nancy Elmann, Debra L. Elmer, Wayne M. Elmer, Gregory S. Elmore, Adella P. Eltantawy, Lori Sue Enderby, Regina M. Epp, Daniel M. Eriksson, Kathleen Ernst, Douglas R. Erpenbeck, Tricia L. Erstad, Bonnie R. Ertel, Terree Ann Ertzman, Trisha C. Eshelman, Paul David Esmond, Jennifer Espine-Bilotta, Betty J. Etherton, Jean A. Evans, Dorothy Anne Evans, Dianne M. Evans, Amy E. Evans, Patricia Evans, Emily B. Evans, Kirstin M. Everts, James O. Ezell, Michele Fabris, Millie K. Factor, Raycor F. Faderugao, Christine L. Fadler, Aimee J. Fahey, Diane S. Fair, Becky L. Falkins, Adolfo T. Famas, Michael E. Fanelli, Kari L. Farmer, Christopher A. Farwell, Sherrie A. Faure, Scott T. Faust, Zuzana Faustka, Kathleen M. Fay, Eric James Feely, Amelia N. Felicitas, Jennifer Lynn Fellman, Tracey B. Ferber, Debra A. Ferguson, Kanan Fernandes D., Jennifer D. Fields, Heather L. Fincham, Lisa S. Findley, Kathleen C. Finn, Mary H. Fischer, Robert Fisher, Dinah N. Fitzgerald, Peter J. Fitzpatrick, Brandi D. Fleetwood, Tamarra Lee Fluty, Nicole C. Flynn, Kristina L. Foard, Michele A. Foley, Thomas E. Fonner, Wendy Fordham, John A. Forrant, Linda C. Forrest, Ann Marie Forster, Kimberly D. Foster, April L Foster, George B. Foster, Patricia H. Fountain, Isobel A. Fox, Bonnie L. Fragola, Karen E. Fraher, Presiliano Franco, Raymond A. Franklin, Angel R. Franklin, Shirley Fraser, Sadie L. Frazier, Puneet G. Freibott, Paul A. Freiss, Penny French, JoAnn T. Fritsch, Kimberly A. Froehlich, Ginger Fugate, Patricia A. Fuller, Jessica M. Fuller, Kathleen A. Fuller, Benjamin M. Furnas, Jennifer L. Furry,

David M. Gagne, Joy P. Gaitan, Miriam C. Galante, Myriam Galbraith, Tina Marie Galgon-Herr, Nancy M. Gallagher, Dominique Ganthier, Darrow Darlene Gantt, Catherine M. Garcia, Nicole M. Garcia, Carlos A. Garcia, Maria Haydee Ramirez Garcia, Erik A. Garcia, Erin May Garcia, Anne F. Gardner, Kristine Gardner, Amanda Gardner, Meridth Gargasz, Jennifer M. Garofalo, Julie L. Garrett, Leanne J. Garvie, Nicole Gater, Angela L. Gates, Gerald M. Gates, Pamela Gaviola, David P. Gay, Karen Gayle, Tracy L. Geiger, Valerie G. Geiger, Jeffrey A. Genevro, Judith M. Gentile, Sophie Geoffrion, Mary George, Elizabeth S. George, Jennie L. George, Vivian Lee George-Emmett, Athena Georgisdis, Dennis Z. Germano, Francis J. Geronimo, Rhoda Z. Gestosani, Valerie A. Ghanie, Gabriella F. Ghobrial, Ronald R. Gibson, Angela L. Gicewicz, Adelaide Gifford, Sherry L. Gifford, Timothy Giglio, Sarah A. Gil, Karen M. Gilchrist, Carolyn M. Gile, Frederick B. Gilhams, Gerald Gillen, Jill M. Gillespie, Penny L. Gilliatt, Thurayya C. Gillis, Carmen Rae Gilsrud, Gavin G. Gist, Kiva R. Gittings, Michael Scott Glass, Anna Glazyrina, Tami S. Glenn, Jennifer J. Glickman, Gidget S. Glover, Mary Gail Goble, Sandra K. Goblirsch, Denise E. Gochnauer, Girlynda Gonzales, Sergio Gonzalez, Eduardo P. Gonzalez, Karen R. Good, Denise M. Goodberlet, Erika E. Gooding, Angie H. Goodwin, Bernadette E. Gooney, Kathy S. Gordon, Laura G. Gordon, Laura M. Gossett, Kenneth H. Goudeau, Maureen Anne Gough, Michelle J. Gould, Thomas A. Graeser, Catherine J. Graham, Corey J. Grahn, Leslie C. Grant, Yolanda Grasing, Shannon S. Grass, Susan P. Grasso, Christina R. Gray, Bree A. Gray, Sheila D. Graydon, Gina M. Greco, Kim Justina Green, Debora A. Green, Jaclyn S. Green, Angela O. Greenwell, Angie Ruth Greer, Robert L. Gregg, Cynthia Diane Greider, Sherri B. Greif, Amy L. Gremillion, Jeanne A. Griffin, Laura J. Griffin, Constance M. Griffin, Penny L. Griffith, Cynthia Griffiths, Rebecca M. Griggs, Susan E. Grimm, Jody M. Grissom, Michael M. Griswell, Sheila M. Groover, Ariana G. Gross, Barbara A. Grote, Timothy Joseph Groth, David E. Groves, Donald Rocky Groves, Patricia S. Groves, Alisha M. Grubbs, Lisa C. Guertin, Michael R. Guest, Casey R. Guidry, Camella R. Gullick, Cara N. Guthrie-Chu, Lisa K. Guy, Donna B. Guy, Carrie S. Gwyer,

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Delores J. Smithbauer, Corinne L. Snell, Sylvia J. Snider, Ma. Teresita Melliza Sonquit, Jennifer Lynne Soper, Araceli I. Soriano, Deborah J. Sormaz, Desiree M. Soto, Anna K. South, Lynne M. Spadinger, Doug R. Sparks, Cathy Speaker, Kevin J Speyer, Karla B. Spitzer, Michael P Squillace, Gina E. St. Jean, Amy I. Stafford, Juanita L. Starika, Erich R. Starn, Sharon Stasica, David W. Stastny, Samuel T. Steele, Corinne Steiger, Carrie S. Stensrud, Richard Stephens, Jennifer Stephens, Susan P. Stevens, Kathy L. Stevens, Evelyn C. Stewart, Suzanna A. Stewart, Judy Stone, John Edward Stone, Barbara L. Storey, Adrienne C. Stovall, Edwin James Stow, Jessie L. Stringer, Susan L. Stroker, Piper A. Struemph, Sarah K. Sturm, Edwin R. Stutzman, Deanna L. Styron, Maria A. Suarez-Rebultan, Claudia Sullivan, Julie D. Sullivan, Gail Marie Summy, Myra A. Suntrup, Joan M. Supeau, Mary T. Super, Mary C. Sutton, Wendy A. Swain, Sharon M. Swan, Cynthia A. Swank, Teresa A. Swanson, Melissa K. Swanson, Kathryn E Swanson, Sylvia M. Swarner, Victoria M. Swatzell, Cathy Ann Sylvan, Theresa M. Symonette, Christina M. Szabo, Petra Szabo,

Narrane J. Taffe, Sandra L. Takach, Ivette Tal, Mabel Tang, Antonio C. Tangonan, Anne Marie Tasler, Robin D. Tate, Shirley A. Taylor, John E. Taylor, Nova L. Taylor, Ginger C. Taylor, JaAnna L. Taylor, Christina M. Taylor, Terry W Taylor, Sharon L. Taylor, Karol L. Techton, Louis Tejada, Loretta W. Tellier, Richard R. Tennesen, Gina Terrell, Kimberley G. Tester, Patricia Tewis, Jodie H. Thomas, Sheryl L. Thompson, Jennifer J. Thompson, Theresa H. Thompson, Evelyn C. Thomson, Richard A. Thousand, Albert H. Tinker, Bonnie L. Titre, Dominique Tleimat, Enrico E Tobias, Erin N. Tobias, Tomislav Todorovic, Rita J. Tomasewski, Karin Tomerlin, Laura M. Tondo, Dolores P. Toney, Susan A. Toolin, Penny M. Torian, Kathleen M. Torrence, Rosemarie M. Torres, Valerie J. Toulec, Nancy M. Towers, Sarah A. Town, Keila H. Townson, Christina M. Trachsel, Helen J. Trammell, Susan A. Tremblay, Sandra G. Treser, Brenda S. Trick, Pamela L. Triplett, Althea B. Trower, Cheryl Elise Troxtell, Rachel J. Truitt, Michelle M Trzesniowski, Larry G. Tschetter, Aida C. Tuason, Barbara E. Tucker, Dexter L. Turner, Maurya A. Tyler, Alison B. Tyson,

Judith Ulrich-Weaver, Mary C. Underbrink, Susan Underwood-Burr, Chantel E. Unseld, John Urbanski, Jennifer M. Urrutia, Deborah A. Utech, Manuel C. Valdez, Kelly M. Valdez, Daniel R. Valecko, Susan Valentine, Catherine M. Valenzuela, Jennifer K. Vallillo, Timothy J. Van Foorst, Peter C. Van Gutman, Monica Van Staden, Angela M. Van Weelden, Debra M. Vanderkamp, Steven C. Vandevander, Stephanie Vanhooser, Rebecca M. VanLanen, Kathy S. Varady, Shellie Varano, Kunjumol M. Varughese, Pablo J. Vasquez, Kathleen L. Vassaur, Leena Shaji Vattappally, Linda Ann Vaughan, Melissa H. Veenendaal, Elizabeth A. Veit, Raquel Alcancia Velasquez, Kimberly J. Vent, Alicia R. Vermeulen, Richard Verstraete, Richard L Viehmann, Jacqueline M. Viet, Phil J. Vilar, Evelyn Villanueva, Anthony P. Villanueva, Dawn A. Vilsmeier, Mary Anne M. Vincent, Maranda Lee Vincent, Mary A. Vitale, Patricia A. Vogelsong, Keith W. Volk, Regina Volz, Shayna T. Von Lehe, Alisa Mae Vroman,

Carol S. Wade, Mary Wadick, Tammie L. Wadlinger, Dana L. Wagenhauser, Ward F. Wagenseller, Dean S. Wagner, Kerri Wagner, Kimberly L. Wagner, Meredith Lynn Waldo, Tonya Y. Walker, Linda G. Walker, Laura K. Walker, Amanda B. Wallace, Sheila Walls-Paschal, Mary R. Walters, Gordon Keith Walters, William A. Walters, Kristina K. Walters, James V. Wambolt, Frances M. Wanchick, Tanya Ward, James E. Warnecke, Joette L. Warner, Sherri L. Warnke, Suzanne E. Warren, Michael J. Warren, Dartain Washington, Stephen Watkins, Page E. Watkins, Kelly J. Watson, Sharon I. Watson, Ann M. Watt, Christy H. Watts, Stacy J. Watts, Mary Ann Wavernek, Ann Weatherford, Carrie D. Weatherford, Melissa Faye Weaver, Olabisi D. Webber, Emily R. Weber, Catherine A. Wedgeworth, Karen A. Weeks, Cassi C. Weems, Rae M. Wegner, Sonja H Wehr, Rody H. Weis, Barbara Weis, Jui Ying Weng, Mindy E. Wenger, Barbara A. Wenning, Kenna S. Wenthold, Daniel M. Werdal, Virginia Lynn Werth, Eric P. Westbrook, Wendy Lou Westemeyer, Alice Westergaard, Kimberli Suzanne Wever, Ruth A. Weyant,

Julia M. White, Asha M. White, Vivian Lee Whitehead, Wendy L. Whiteman, Caroline B. Whiteoak, Julie Whiteside, Dana Whitson, Edith H. Whitten, Marc A. Wicker, Karen K. Wicker, Carey Ann Wickum, Tamiko Wilborn, Paula K. Wilderotter, Sabrina Carol Wilkins, Lance A. Wilks, Eric Will, Susan E. Willesen, Doreen Williams, Gerion L. Williams, Deirdre E. Williams, Deborah Arlene Williams, Natalie B. Williams, Michael G. Williams, Darci J. Williams, Nicole Q. Williams, Clive A. Williams, Jennifer J. Williams, Charles E. Williams, Margaret C. Williams-Maxwell, Paula L. Williamson, Marsha Williamson, Mindy J. Williamson, Kristine Willingham, Naomi Dolores Willis, Janice L. Willis, Teresa L. Wilson, Karen Ann Wilson, Jana L. Wimer-Kasperowski, Suetta J. Wingard, Monica Wininger, Judy Kay Winters, Janet M. Winters, Jo-Ellen C Wise, Miranda M. Wisilosky, Malgorzata B. Witczak, Janet M. Withrow, Joanna C. Woersching, Elvira C. Wohlers, William F.S. Wolfe, Diane L. Wolff, Phyllis A. Wolford, Carlamae R. Wolterstorff, Gail Wood, Brent Woodley, Teresa Bayless Woodrum, Michele R. Woodrum, Laurie J. Woodrum, Kerri E. Woods, Eileen K. Woolwine, Amanda Kay Workman, Elizabeth A. Worthan, Sheila L. Wright, Keely D. Wright, Elizabeth S. Wright, Jodi M. Wright, Don M. Wright, Marianne Wright, Lorene S. Wulf, Desiree D. Wyatt, Melissa B. Wyatt, Jill P. Wyrick,

Joan M. Yager, Mina Yasuoka, Peggy Yeam, Jacklyn F. Yeap, Dustin A. Yeary, Cathy A. Yee, Jill C. Yelle, Kim W. Yirinec, Jae Ook Yoon, Sohi Youn, Sarah K. Young, Hanna M. Young, Sheila Young, Kimberly Pitts Young, Jeanne A. Young, Debra J. Young, Mary Grace D. Yousef, Cristobal Yubeta, Susan L. Yuhase, Wilma F. Zaglool, Xandro Zamora, Matthew S. Zavarella, Dusica Zecevic, Christina J. Zensen, Wenmei Zhu, Kirsten F. Ziegler, Mary R. Zilaitis, Larion Zitsbank, Deborah A. Zotte.


Congratulations to the following CCRNs who achieved certification as critical care nurses in pediatric care in 2004:

Greta R. Adams, Tara M. Albert, Deanna L. Amoss, Gail R. Andrewski, Michele L. Avila-Emerson, Tracy Anne Avolio, Valerie K. Bailey, Babette E. Bailey, Michael W. Bailey, Paula M. Balestrieri, Joy Barker, Paula T. Barnes, Sam Beardsley, Melissa C. Beaudet, Lena Jo Bell, Anthony F. Bentley, Keri M. Blomgren, Marlene L. Bokholdt, Mary Ann Bolhuis, Kristine L. Bonde, Kristen Borgognone, Laura Artica Bower, Betty Brewer, Casey A. Brimmage, Brenda R. Buckner, Stephanie Bush, Renee J. Cain, Mary Ann Callejo, Jo-Ann Castanares, Mitzi M. Cieslak, Angela M. Cochran, Rebecca Cogburn, Paul E. Cowsar, Maria C. Cruz, Charlene J. Cunningham, Jimena Dagua, Heidi A. DaRe’, Susan K. Deckers, Anna Rucel H. Deluyas, Steve C. Desrosiers, Jeremiah D. Elliott, Dana C. Emmett,

Myra E. Franklin, Karen K. Fry, Lara E. Gallagher, Irma I. Garcia, Deborah A. Gogin, Barbara A. Gordon, Donna N. Gordon, Tricia A. Graff, Allyson B. Grooms, Mary K. Grosel, Emily Haskell, Joylyn K. Headings, Kelsey W. Hewett, Sheri A. Hey, April A Hicks, Nicole M. Higgins, Naomi Howard, Amy J. Howells, Kimberly Sue Hugo, Monica Hurtado, Nicola M. Irons, Tonya A. Jack, Emily F. Jackson, Antonio D. Jordan, Becky D. Jordan, Julie Kamens, Nicholas B. Keith, Sheila M. Kelly, Julie R. Kerth, Patty J. Kiely, Anne B. Kim, Tamara K. Kim, Sarah M. Kirchner, Jennifer R. Kravatz, Christine A. LaGrasta, Cecilia Lang, Terry K. Lanier, Judith K. Lazzara, Jeffrey L. Lemke, Sylvia Mae Lilley, Laura Loredo, Valerie G. MacLaurin, Margaret A. Malcolm, Mark S. Marohl, Suzanne L. Marquez, Tina M. Matingly, Bernadette V. May, Rehema K. Mazara, Lisa K. McClaren, Kim A. McDonough, Nancy L. McMahon, Joellan B. Mullen, Mary D. Norman, Leslie R. Oleaga, Susan M. Olkusz, Michael P. O’Melia, Susan L. Ottenfeld,

Rosemary S. Patterson, Joanne J. Paulson, Andrea M. Peculski, Jeffrey P. Peno, Maria J. Perez, Monique M. Pfluger, Serena Phromsivarak, Sherri L. Pierce, Marianne Plakas, Lucretia Quarterman, Jessica P. Randall, Lauric Ann Ray, Christina R. Raymond, Wendi S Redfern, Jennifer S. Reeves, Priscila P. Reid, Julia A. Resler, Frank G. Ricci, Debra A. Ridling, Cynthia Ann Rivera, Alicia R. Romance, Susan N. Romero, Jennifer L. Rose, Monica M Ryan, Heather A. Schmenk, Lucinda L Schorr, Kelly Q. Seeling, Kerry A. Sembera, Dana L. Shiderly, Heather C Shores, Sheri Michelle Shubert, Vickie S. Simpson, Russell W. Smith, Clint M. Smith, Elizabeth Ann Smith-Hilton, Deborah J. Soetenga, Jennifer A. Sosa, Steven Patrick Stanley, Charlotte M. Stuhr, Courtney M. Sullivan, John R. Swircek, Daniel R. Terry, Analyn V. Tesorio, Andra D. Theriot, Mona A. Thibeault, Maritza Torres, Sandra Trammell, Denise L. VanDusen, Ellan M. Vannoy,

Tracey L. Walker, Linda S. Wallenkamp, Angela Webb, Margaret A. Weisner, Sandra L. Wesolowski, Stephanie K. Wheeler, Marcie A. Wieder, Cheryl R. Wilkins, Susan E. Willock, Terry D. Wilmore, Kelly M. Wong, Tiffany S. Wrenn.


Congratulations to the following CCRNs who achieved certification as critical care nurses in neonatal care in 2004:

Rachel Aligaen, Terry Anstee, Lacey D. Bergerhofer, Anne Marie Bombardier, Caroline M. Burns, Jamie Lynn Buttner, Kristin A Canfield, Allison G. Chambers, Sandra L. Chelton, Lydia J. Conley, Catherine A. Curtis, Julie Ann Davis, Vickie A. Fazio, Irene Ann Gerdisch, Keryn M. Ghali, Patricia Ann Gunther, Mary J. Hahn, Maureen Halligan, Traci L. Hoffman, Mary K. Hostetler, Melissa A. Jackson, Kenneth C. Kirkland, Ann Gray Kubanda, Tamara L. Lee, Roslyn M. Mayers, Tim McClaren, Denise T. McCue, Susan A. McLeland, Ann E. McNeil, Patricia M. Melcer, Bertha M. Nichols, Rita R. Ortiz, Ronda M. Overdiek, Sara E. Owens, Sara Jean Peluso, Cynthia R Rice, Keri R. Rogelet, Susan M. Schubilske, Dawn M. Schwartz, Barbara Jean Scullen, Leigh Ann Smith, Mary Jo Snorek, Estrella M. Tabula, Kristine M. Tingley, Charise A. Tyner, Nicole L. Van Langendon, Nikki A. Wiggins, Carol Lee Williams.

Congratulations New CCNSs!


Congratulations to the following CCNSs who achieved certification as clinical nurse specialists in adult critical care in 2004:

Deborah K. Agarwal, Elizabeth M. Baker, Pamela J. Bolton, Lauren E. Brandt, Melissa L. Browning, Daphne M. Burnett, Emily L. Cabot, Melody R. Campbell, Christina Cantey, Anna M. Christensen, Mary June Cleaver, June M. Como, Natalie J. Correll-Yoder, Keith R. Dippel, Jennifer L. Elmer, Mary Jane Fleener, Mary E. Gniady, Diane J. Heinz, Karen Ann Hogan, Shirley A. Jackson, Karen A. Kesten, Regina Mae Ketts, Jacqueline A. Keuth, Rosemary Lee, John R. MacKenzie, Sandra D. Mahanes, Renee E. McHugh, Melissa D. McLenon, Pauline J. McNeece, Kari A. Miller, Nancy L. Miller, Maria Overstreet, Teresa L. Palmer, Jennifer Ann Raj, Norman H. Reeves, Joy E. Rexford, Cindy A. Schuveiller, Tonia R. Scoville, Elsie M. Selby, Julia N. Senn-Reeves, Kirsten N. Skillings, Mary A. Stahl, Julie A. Stanik-Hutt, Ruth Anna Strickler Tutor, Susan N. Surane, Hera Tashjian, Mary Ann Tate, Peggy B. Thomas, Ashley Brooks Trombley, Karen M. Van Beek, Tina M. VanBuren, Mary E. Walker, Cory M. Williams.


Congratulations to the following CCNSs who achieved certification as clinical nurse specialists in neonatal critical care in 2004:

Laura Marie Robbins, Carol A. Smith.

Congratulations New PCCNs!

Congratulations to the following PCCNs who achieved certification in progressive care nursing between Sept. 1 and Dec 31, 2004:

Jennifer L. Alcanter, Britany Ann Anderson, Jody Bock, Krista M. Breden, Kathryn L. Brick, Cathy D. Britton, Phyllis A. Cameron, Helen M. Camp, Janet M. Celli, Vivien Lourdes Cruz, Enid Daley-Espeut, Kristy L. DeCoste, Rita J. Ennis, James O. Ezell, Jane E. Flaherty, Stacey E. Fletcher, Marguerite Foster, Brian C. Foster, Lynn M. Garreffi, Mary Anne Grebis, Patricia A. Henry, Cindy J. Johnson, Rachel L. Kjelsberg, Janette K. Kottong, Robynn R. Midkiff, Wilma L. Miller, Rosemary Mundy, Lynn S Naugle, Wendy L. Ogden, Sabrina L. Parks Bent, Penny J. Parramore, Ann Perez, Katie M. Price, Marcia J. Roberts, Deborah Rohrbaugh, Carolyn L. Ruud, Randi N. Scharver, Ulla Maija Smith, Rebecca A. Stitt, Linda P. Tambellini, Eva Jo Tuttle, Tina R. Wendling, Susan Whitney, Audrey A. Wiggan.
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