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Vol. 22, No. 1, JANUARY 2005

Will We See You in New Orleans?
Make Plans to Attend NTI 2005 in May

Whether you are a bedside nurse, an educator, a nurse manager or an advanced practice nurse, you will want to join your colleagues from across the country at AACN’s 2005 National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition.

Scheduled for May 7 through 12 in New Orleans, La., and again featuring the Advanced Practice Institute, the NTI has long been the premier educational conference for acute and critical care nurses. This year’s event promises to extend that tradition with not only intense learning opportunities, but also a chance to network in a relaxing, fun environment.

From classroom lectures to independent study, CE credit is at the heart of the NTI experience. And, a slightly revised schedule of events has paved the way to offer more CE credit than ever. In fact, participants who avail themselves of as many opportunities as possible can earn up to 85 contact hours of CE credit.

In addition to the core curriculum, specialized content is focused in leadership development, progressive care, pediatric and emergency department pathways. API participants will also be interested in pharmacological opportunities with CE credit. Preconference sessions are also available, with half-day and full-day sessions planned.

In addition to the Opening Session keynote by AACN President Kathy McCauley, RN, PhD, BC, FAAN, NTI participants will hear from actress Marlo Thomas, author Joseph Grenny and AACN President-elect Debbie Brinker, RN, MSN, CCNS, CCRN, during General Sessions scheduled each day.

And, the annual Exhibitor-Participant Event will feature comedian Wayne Brady and jugglers the Passing Zone.

The early-bird deadline to register for the NTI at the discounted fee is March 29. For more information and to register, visit the AACN Web site or call (800) 899-2226.

Circle of Excellence Awards Applaud Exceptional Nursing

Every day, critical care nurses make a difference in the lives of acutely or critically ill patients and their families, and to critical care nursing practice in a variety of ways. And each year, many of these individuals or groups are honored as recipients of AACN’s Circle of Excellence awards.

Some of these awards applaud exceptional practice in the most intimate of settings. Others recognize lengthy and far-reaching contributions that are in step with AACN’s vision.

Why not nominate yourself or a colleague for one of these awards for 2006. The nomination process is open from Jan. 15 to July 15. Tribute will be paid to all recipients at AACN’s 2006 National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition in Anaheim, Calif.

Dale Medical Products Joins Awards Sponsors
AACN welcomes Dale Medical Products as the new corporate sponsor of the Excellent Clinical Nurse Specialist Award. The award recognizes CCNS-certified clinical nurse specialists in acute and critical care. Applicants also must demonstrate the key components of advanced practice nursing and illustrate how they have been a catalyst for successful change.

The first awards sponsored by Dale Medical Products will be presented at the 2005 National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition in New Orleans.
“We are happy to take advantage of this opportunity to honor the outstanding performance of acute and critical care clinical nurse specialists,” said Dale President John Brezack. “They are expert resources whose dedication to their work inspires their colleagues and all of us who work to enhance patient care.”

Dale Medical Products joins the Bronze Level of AACN’s Corporate Circle along with award sponsors 3M Health Care, Baxter Healthcare, Datascope, Eli Lilly & Company, Marsh Affinity Group Services and the Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories.

Be a Part of the Circle of Excellence

Annual Award Nominations Open Jan. 15

July 15 is the deadline to nominate yourself or a colleague for an AACN Circle of Excellence Award for 2006. The nominations process opens Jan. 15.
Recipients of these prestigious recognition awards will be recognized at AACN’s National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition in May 2006 in Anaheim, Calif. In addition, personalized plaques are presented to all recipients.

Some also receive honorariums, monetary awards or complimentary registration to the NTI.

Following is brief information about these awards. To obtain a Circle of Excellence awards application, call (800) 899-2226 or visit the AACN Web site.

3M Health Care Excellence in Clinical Practice Award
Sponsored by 3M Health Care, this award recognizes acute and critical care nurses who embody, exemplify and excel at the clinical skills and principles that are required in their practice.

AACN Value of Certification Award
Sponsored by AACN Certification Corporation, this award recognizes contributions that support and foster the advancement of certified nursing practice in critical care. Recipients are also presented a $500 honorarium.

Baxter Excellence in Patient Safety
Sponsored by Baxter Healthcare, this award recognizes patient-care teams that have made significant contributions toward patient and caregiver safety in acute and critical care. Recipients describe innovative approaches used to develop new and revised processes that encompass safety and improve the quality of care at the unit, hospital or health system level. They show clear evidence of active collaboration among team members validating their success by presenting evidence-based outcomes.

Dale Medical Products Excellent Clinical Nurse Specialist Award
The award recognizes CCNS-certified clinical nurse specialists in acute and critical care. Applicants also must demonstrate the key components of advanced practice nursing and illustrate how they have been a catalyst for successful change.

Excellence in Caring Practices Award
Presented in honor of John Wilson Rodgers, this award recognizes nurses whose caring practices embody AACN’s vision of a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients and families. Recipients demonstrate how they have encompassed AACN’s values and ethic of care in their practice.

Excellence in Clinical Practice—Non-Traditional Setting
This award is designed to recognize excellence in the care of critically ill patients in environments outside of the traditional ICU/CCU setting. Eligible applicants include, but are not limited to, nurses working in home healthcare, progressive care, telemetry, catheterization labs and emergency departments.

Excellent Nurse Practitioner Award
This award recognizes acute and critical care nurses who function as nurse practitioners. Applicants must be ACNP certified. In addition to demonstrating the key components of advanced practice nursing, recipients illustrate how they have served as a catalyst for successful change.

Excellent Nursing Student Award
This award recognizes nursing students whose activities during nursing school have promoted the value of nursing and reflect the AACN vision of creating a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients and families, where critical care nurses can make their optimal contribution. Individual students or groups of students are eligible to apply. Recipients receive a complimentary three-year AACN membership.

Excellence in Research Award
This award recognizes nurse researchers who are furthering the mission, vision and research priorities of AACN. Recipients of AACN research grants or NTI research abstract award recipients are not eligible for this award.

Research Abstract Award
This award recognizes research abstracts that display outstanding merit and particular relevance to critical care nursing. Recipients are selected from among the research and research utilization abstracts submitted for the NTI. Abstract submissions must be received by Sept. 1. Successful applicants receive $1,000 toward NTI expenses.

Datascope Excellence in Collaboration Awards
Sponsored by Datascope, these awards honor innovative contributions to collaborative practice by nurses who care for acutely and critically ill patients and their families. At least one of the collaborators must be an active AACN member. Each recipient is also presented a $1,500 honorarium. Applications are accepted in four categories:
• Nurse-Physician Collaboration
• Nurse-Administration Collaboration
• Nurse-Family Collaboration
• Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration

Excellence in Leadership Award
This award recognizes nurses who demonstrate the leadership competencies of empowerment, effective communication and continuous learning, and the effective management of change.

Excellence in Education Award
This award recognizes nurse educators who facilitate the acquisition and advancement of the knowledge and skills required for competent practice and positive patient outcomes in the care of acutely and critically ill patients and their families.

Eli Lilly & Company Excellent Preceptor Award
Sponsored by Eli Lilly & Company, this award recognizes preceptors who demonstrate the key components of the preceptor role, including teacher, clinical role model, consultant and friend/advocate.

Excellent Nurse Manager Award
This award recognizes nurse managers who demonstrate excellence in coordination of available resources to efficiently and effectively care for acutely or critically ill patients and their families.

Marsh-AACN Community Service Award
Cosponsored by Marsh Affinity Group Services, a service of Seabury and Smith, this award recognizes significant service by acute and critical care nurses, as individuals or in groups, in making a contribution to their communities that also projects a positive image of critical care nursing. Individuals or groups selected for this award may choose to receive either one complimentary NTI registration or up to $500 toward speaker fees for an educational symposium.

Media Award
This award recognizes broadcast and Web-based media excellence in the portrayal of healthcare providers, especially acute and critical care nurses, contributing to a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients and families. Successful entries present relevant nursing and healthcare topics to large audiences of consumers, including the general public, patients and families.

Mentoring Award
This award recognizes individuals or groups who develop and enhance another’s intellectual and technical skills, acculturating them to the professional community, and modeling a way of life and professional achievement.

Scholarships Support Nurses Pursuing Academic Programs
Eligibility Criteria Revised to Accommodate CNSs Needing Clinical Hours to Take CCNS Exam

Applications for AACN BSN Completion and Graduate Completion Educational Advancement Scholarships for the 2005-06 academic year are now being accepted. The deadline to apply is April 1.

For this year only, the eligibility requirements for the graduate scholarships have been amended to accommodate clinical nurse specialists who need clinical hours to be eligible to take the CCNS certification exam. The one-year eligibility revision responds to the educational need that some CNSs have to enroll in courses or independent study programs to comply with CCNS certification exam eligibility requirement changes that were effective early last year.

AACN awards Educational Advancement Scholarships to help advance the art and science of critical care nursing and promote nursing professionalism. AACN members who are registered nurses completing a baccalaureate or graduate degree program in nursing or who are enrolled in a faculty-supervised clinical practicum arranged through an accredited college or university to obtain necessary clinical hours for the CCNS exam are eligible to apply.

Each recipient receives $1,500 for the academic year.

Applicants for these scholarships must be RNs, be members of AACN and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. They must be currently working in critical care or have worked in critical care for at least one of the last three years.

Applicants for the BSN Completion Scholarship must have junior or upper division status for the fall semester. Applicants for the Graduate Completion Scholarship must be currently enrolled in a planned course of graduate study that leads to a master’s or doctoral degree or in the clinical practicum. At least 20% of the scholarships are allocated to qualified, ethnic minority applicants.

Scholarship funds may be applied toward tuition, fees, books and supplies, as long as the recipient is continuously enrolled in a program accredited by the state board of nursing in the recipient’s state.

For more information or to obtain an application for BSN Completion or Graduate Completion educational advancement scholarships, call (800) 899-2226 and request Item #1017, or visit the AACN Web site.

AACN Funds Scholarships for Nursing Students

AACN supports 10 $1,500 scholarships through the National Student Nurses Association for nursing students who do not hold an RN license. Applications for these scholarships must be received by NSNA no later than Jan. 22. To receive a scholarship application, contact the National Student Nurses Association, 45 Main Street, Suite 606, Brooklyn, NY 11201, or call (718) 210-0705.

On the Agenda

Following is a report by AACN board member John F. Dixon, RN, MSN, on discussions and actions that took place during the board’s November meeting.

Agenda Item: FY06 Volunteer Work Groups
The board reviewed the progress of current work groups and determined the groups and charges for FY06. The process followed establishment last year of the Volunteer Profile Database that provides just-in-time opportunities to address needs that arise throughout the year. The board approved the continuation of the Advanced Practice Work Group, Ethics Work Group, NTI Work Group and Research Work Group. In addition, a new work group to address AACN’s Healthy Work Environments initiative is planned. The call for volunteers as well as any revised charges for these groups is scheduled to go out in February. AACN’s success is attributable directly to its volunteers, from the board level to individuals who share their expertise on specific initiatives.

Agenda Item: Audit and Finance Reports
The audit report by the independent accounting firm of Langan Associates was presented and approved. According to the firm, the association’s consolidated financial statements for FY04 fairly present the financial positions of AACN and its subsidiaries. Changes in net assets and cash flows conform to generally accepted accounting principles. The board also approved the finance report as of Aug. 31, 2004. The board monitors financials on a regular basis to ensure that the association can adequately fund current and long-term activities and needs. The association remains strong financially.

Agenda Item: Operations Report
As part of an ongoing process to ensure that association initiatives remain relevant in advancing AACN’s mission, the board discussed and approved the Operations Report. Following are highlights from that report:

Certification—The board reviewed the AACN Certification Corporation’s plans to implement new resources, based on the comprehensive job analysis. Applications for the PCCN exam for progressive care nurses continue to increase, and the new subspecialty exams in cardiac medicine (CMC) and cardiac surgery (CSC) were launching in January. A new Educational Advancement Scholarship for clinical nurse specialists to complete clinical hours required to take the CCNS certification exam has also been established.

Healthy Work Environments—Plans to introduce a new resource, titled “AACN Standards for Establishing and Sustaining Healthy Work Environments: A Journey to Excellence,” were detailed. AACN’s Healthy Work Environment initiative, part of the association’s Bold Voice campaign, is an effort to engage nurses, employers and the nursing profession in recognizing the urgency and importance of working collaboratively to improve the environments in which nurses work.

Online journals—Expanded, fully searchable Web sites for the American Journal of Critical Care (www.ajcconline.org) and Critical Care Nurse (www.critical-care-nurse.org) were ready to launch. Plans were to provide free access to content for the first two months (through January), after which time the content would be available free only to AACN members and journal subscribers.

NTI 2005—The NTI Work Group reviewed and scored more than 1,000 abstract proposals submitted for presentation at the NTI May 7 through 12 in New Orleans, La. The group selected dynamic, diverse sessions. More than 400 poster abstracts were also evaluated.

Web site—Efforts are under way to enhance the search function and make the site more user friendly. Launch of the new site is expected early this year.

Making Critical Links
Member Recruitment Campaign Nears 2,500 Mark

With five new members added during November, Barbara S. Frey, RN, ADN, AA, of Corpus Christi, Texas, boosted her leading total in AACN’s Critical Links Member-Get-A-Member campaign to 51.

Stacey Bigenho, RN, ADN, of Paducah, Ky., was in second place with 33 new members recruited. But close behind with 29 new members recruited was Becki L. Fuzi, RN, CNS, MSN, CCRN, PCCN, of Warrenton, Va., whose 29 new-member recruitment total included 11 recruited in November.

However, leading the recruitment effort in November was Karen T. Haigh, RN, CCRN, of Voorhees, N.J., who recruited 22 new members for a total of 24 in the campaign. She is in fourth place. Sandra J. Cornish, RN, BSN, CCRN, of Concord, Calif., also has recruited more than 20 new members.

The campaign, which began May 1, ends March 31. To date, 2,486 new members have been recruited by 731 individuals and chapters.

The Rewards
The Critical Links campaign offers valuable rewards to participants, including a $1,000 American Express gift check that will go to the top recruiter. However, anyone who recruits just one new member receives an AACN clinical- or practice-related gift. For every five new members recruited, participants receive a $25 gift certificate toward the purchase of AACN products or services. Recruit a total of 10 new members and receive a $50 gift certificate.

In addition, recruiters are eligible for a monthly drawing to receive a $100 American Express gift check in each month that they recruit a new member.
Karen T. Haigh won the gift check for November.

At the end of the campaign, every recruiter who enrolls at least five new members will be entered into three drawings for grand prizes of $500 American Express gift certificates.

Note: To qualify for the prizes and drawings, new members must include the recruiter’s name and chapter, when applicable, on the “referred by” line of the application.

Other Efforts
Others who have recruited five or more new members are:
LaVern Allen, Caroline Axt, Amy L. Bandy, Jill E. Barrow, Lydia C. Bautista, Sharon A. Bettinger, Zenaida D. Blanco, Robin E. Blauser, Betty Nash Blevins, Mary Beth F. Bobyarchick, Lorraine D. Boehm, Carolyn M. Bowen, Denise R. Bragg, Megan E. Brunson, Erica Burket, Yolanda W. Carilimdiliman, Nancy M. Case, Andrea K. Castilla, Kristina L. Cervantes, Charlene J. Cink, Kathryn V. Clark, Romulo B. Co, Mary M. Colanero, BettieLou Conerly, Dinah L. Cooper, Sandra J. Cox, Melissa W. Craft, Sue Ann Crisp, Kerin A. Da Cruz

Michele L. Deiterich, Laura E. Dolloff, Cheryl S. Duran, Peggy Lynn Ennis, Camilla Dawn Fisher, Patricia H. Fountain, Deslin Francois, Jacquelyn Free, Janice L. Gasaway, Katherine A. Green, Ariana G. Gross, Erica A. Grosseibl, Valerie Grossman, Cyndie J. Hampton, Catherine A. Harmer, Ma. Thelma C. Herrera, Pamela R. Hulme, Lauretta M. Joseph, Michelle A. Jurgensen, Cindy D. Kamara, Fredda Kermes, Vicky K. Knapp, Dawn Kregel, Joanne M. Kuszaj, Shelia D. La Point, Maria A. Laxina, Doris V. Levin, Rebecca S. Lindberg, Paula A. Lusardi

Marcia K. Malone-Tedder, Krista M. Marz, Catherine L. Maurer, Linda S. May, Elaine D. Mayo, L. Jennifer McFarlane, Vicki McKimmey, Pauline J. McNeece, Sharon Millan, Magdalena Ella Monahan, Ngozi I. Moneke, Janet Lynn Moore, Norlynn M. Nelson, Maria A. Nicasio, Ruth M. Norrell, Phillip Y. Parcon, Kathleen M. Richuso, Elin Roberts, Judith C. Roberts, Catherine P. Rodgers, Margaret R. Rollins, Stephanie R. Sanderson, Eulogio Romualdo Santaromana, Alda Savite, Cathy H. Schuster, Charlene Schwinne, Nancy Seskes, Lynn Smith Schnautz, Doris J. Strother, Leslie A. Swadener-Culpepper

Amy M. Taylor, Yvonne L. Thelwell, Kenneth R. Thompson, Laura J. Tucco, Angela Turner Konrath, Ruth I. Vermace, Norma S. Vesey, Holly L. Weber-Johnson, Maria Amor Wild, Jackie S. Yon, Faith Y. Young-Gouda, Cynthia L. Zaletel, Pam Zinnecker.

Additional information about the Critical Links campaign and a list of recruiter totals are available online at www.aacn.org.

Scene and Heard

AACN continues to seek visibility for our profession and the organization. Following is an update on recent outreach efforts.

Our Voice in the Media


NBC Nightly News With John Seigenthaler (Nov. 28, 2004)—Immediate past AACN President Dorrie Fontaine, RN, DNSc, FAAN, was interviewed for a segment on family presence. The segment focused on Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, Mass., and a young boy who was undergoing surgery. It showed his parents comforting him before the surgery and at his side as he awoke from surgery. The NBC report noted that this new trend in family visits, allowed by 5% of hospitals, is not without controversy, including overcrowded bedsides, increase in lawsuits and family interference. However, as the segment concluded with the boy waking up after surgery to the sight of his parents, the NBC commentator said it was “the best medicine in the world.” The story was also featured on MSNBC News.

Nursing Spectrum (Nov. 1, 2004)—An article titled “New Board Members, Welcome!” noted that AACN CEO Wanda Johanson, RN, MN, is one of four new members of Nursing Spectrum’s national advisory board. Saying that the new members bring “a wealth of talent, expertise and experience,” the article quoted Johanson as saying, “Collaboration among organizations within the nursing community is a strongly held value and something I have worked toward most of my career.” A photo and information about Johanson’s nursing experience were included. The article also appeared in the Nov. 15, 2005, issue of NurseWeek.

CBS MarketWatch (Oct. 26, 2004)— “American College of Chest Physicians Announces New Critical Care Institute” was the headline of an article about ACCP’s new center of excellence for critical care programs and initiatives. The article noted that AACN is a founding partner of the institute. Richard Irwin, MD, FCCP, immediate past president of ACCP, was quoted as saying, “Through the combined talents of ACCP and ACCN members, and other healthcare organizations, the ACCP-CCI will develop and support educational and advocacy initiatives that focus on the specific challenges facing critical care professionals and patients and American medicine as a whole.” The article also appeared in other outlets, including EurekAlert, Seattle Times, Yahoo Finance, Dallas News, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, RN.com and hospitalnetwork.com.

Journal of Nursing Education (November 2004)—An article titled “Where Are the Leaders?” noted that AACN is among clinical organizations that have identified the need to develop leaders within the profession. In light of the worsening shortage of nurses and nursing faculty, which has accentuated the current and future shortage of nurse leaders within clinical and educational settings, these associations have developed programs by which individuals can develop their leadership abilities for use in practice settings, according to the article.

Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America (September 2004)—Two AACN board members wrote articles for this issue. President-elect Debbie Brinker, RN, MSN, CCNS, CCRN, wrote an article titled “Sedation and Comfort Issues in the Ventilated Infant and Child” and Suzanne Burns, RN, MSN, RRT, ACNP, CCRN, FAAN, FCCM, wrote an article titled “The Science of Weaning: When and How?” Burns, who was a guest editor, also co-authored an article titled “The Experience of Four Outcomes Managers: An Institutional Approach to Weaning Patients From Long-Term Mechanical Ventilation,” In addition, AACN Certification Corporation Chair-elect Judy Verger, RN, MSN, CCRN, CRNP, wrote an article titled “The Pragmatics of Feeding the Pediatric Patient With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.” The journal’s consulting editor is Suzanne Prevost, RN, PhD, CNAA, immediate past chair of the AACN Certification Corporation board.

Palm Beach Post (Nov. 7, 2004)—An article titled “Hospitals Opening ER Doors to Families” noted that both AACN and the Emergency Nurses Association support family presence during emergency procedures. “I think what we’re starting to see is pockets of success, and those pockets of success are starting to grow,” said Justine Medina, RN, MS, AACN director of Professional Practice & Programs.


AHC Newsletter (Nov. 1, 2004)—An article in this American Health Consultants publication, titled “Pediatric Corner: Are you comfortable caring for seriously ill children?,” discussed ways emergency departments can ensure appropriate care for pediatric patients. “If you can’t obtain funding for off-site education or a course is not available in your area, consider taking the online program Essentials of Critical Care Orientation, offered by Aliso Viejo-based AACN,” the article advises. AACN board member Nancy Blake, RN, MN, CCRN, CNAA, explained that ECCO includes the basic critical care content necessary to care for pediatric patients.

ONS News (October 2004)—“Expert Skills Blend When Critical Care Meets Oncology Nursing” is the title of an article in this Oncology Nursing Society publication featuring AACN board member Roberta Kaplow, RN, PhD, CCNS, CCRN. Kaplow said she views herself as having two specialties—oncology and critical care—and continues to blend these clinical passions. A sidebar titled “Patient and Family Needs Drive Nursing Competencies in Synergy Model” noted that the book Kaplow wrote with fellow AACN member Sonya Hardin, RN, PhD, CCRN, APRN, Synergy for Clinical Excellence: The AACN Synergy Model for Patient Care, is premised on patient and family needs driving nurse competencies. The article provided a link to AACN’s Web site to learn more about the AACN Synergy Model for Patient Care.

NDSUSpectrum.com (October 2004)—In an article titled “Nursing Students Receive Resources,” North Dakota State University announced that its lab for nursing students received a donation of state-of-the-art oxygen monitoring equipment and other resources from AACN, the American Organization of Nurse Executives and Nellcor/Tyco Healthcare. “When students use the oximeter prior to encountering it in an actual patient care setting, their ability to understand its use is facilitated and their effective use of the instrument in assessment of status is enhanced,” said Maggie Lee, assistant professor of nursing. “We are very grateful that we have the oximeter to use as a teaching tool.”

Nursing Management (October 2004)—An article titled “Ones to Watch” announced new members of the AACN and AACN Certification Corporation boards of directors.

Our Voice at the Table

AACN Certification Corporation Director Carol Hartigan, RN, MA, Certification Specialist Karen Harvey, RN, MSN, and board Chair Jan Foster, RN, CNS, CCRN, PhD, attended the 2004 National Organization for Competency Assurance Annual Meeting and Educational Conference in Miami, Fla. NOCA promotes excellence in competency assessment by providing expertise and guidance, developing and implementing standards for accreditation of certification programs, providing educational and networking resources, and serving as an advocate for certification issues. Topics addressed during educational sessions included strategic thinking, performance-based assessment, certification as a predictor of quality and accountability of certification boards. Hartigan serves on NOCA’s board of directors.

Brinker toured 15 critical care units at Bridgeport Hospital and Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut. Topics discussed included AACN resources, using ECCO in their critical care residency program, staffing issues and certification. AACN board member Denise Buonocore, RN, MSN, CCRN, APRN, BC, former board member Bertie Chuong, RN, MS, MSN, CCRN, and South Central Connecticut Chapter members Barbara Phelan, RN, DNS, MS, CCRN, and Vicki Ramik, RN, MS, CCRN, APRN, APRN-BC, helped to facilitate the tour. Brinker and Buonocore also presented an AACN update to the South Central Connecticut Chapter.

Burns gave two presentations at the South Florida Gold Coast Chapter conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. One presentation, titled “Weaning From Mechanical Ventilation: It's Not Just What You Do With the Ventilator” focused on the knowledge and skills required to wean patients from prolonged mechanical ventilation. She said that knowledge of many facets of care is as important as knowledge of the ventilator. The other presentation, titled “Clinical Research: Part of What We Do,” was a plenary session and an inspirational talk about nursing research. Burns discussed the importance of doing clinical research from the clinician’s perspective and used video clips of clinician testimonials.

Buonocore presented two concurrent sessions at the American College of Nurse Practitioners meeting in Philadelphia, Pa. Her topics were “Women and Diabetes: Silent, Deadly and on the Rise” and “New Perspectives in Tight Blood Glucose Control in the Critically Ill Patient.”

Buonocore presented a lunchtime patient education session at the Bridgeport Community Health Center, Bridgeport, Conn., on hypertension and cholesterol management and prevention.


Mary Holtschneider, RN, BSN, MPA, EMT, AACN board secretary, presented an update on AACN at a Greater Raleigh Area Chapter meeting in Raleigh, N.C.

Kaplow visited the Heart of the Piedmont Chapter in High Point, N.C. and spoke on “The Synergy Model: A Framework for Optimizing Patient Outcomes.”

Holtschneider presented an AACN update at the Region 5 meeting in Myrtle Beach, S.C. She focused on the PCCN certification exam for progressive care nurses and the two subspecialty exams in cardiac medicine and cardiac surgery, which are launching this month (see page 1). In addition, Cindy Stewart, Region 5 Chapter Advisory Team representative, updated attendees on regional activities.

If you or your chapter has reached out to the media or other groups to promote critical care nursing, we’d like to know. E-mail your information to Judy.Wilkin@aacn.org.

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Each week, Critical Care Newsline delivers updates on the latest news and important information via e-mail. You’ll find links to articles and Web sites on a variety of topics to keep you informed on issues that affect nurses and the nursing profession.

If you are not receiving Critical Care Newsline, simply e-mail your name, street address and e-mail address to enewsletter@aacn.org. Please indicate whether the street address is for home or work and, if for work, the name of the business.

AACN Journals Now Searchable Online

You can now search Critical Care Nurse and the American Journal of Critical Care online. Simply visit
www.critical-care-nurse.org for Critical Care Nurse or www.ajcconline.org for the American Journal of Critical Care.

All issues from 2002 forward are available. Users will be able to print PDFs of articles.

These enhanced Web sites are accessible to anyone until mid-January, after which time they will be available only to AACN members and journal subscribers. Subscriptions to both journals are included in AACN membership dues.

The Web sites are hosted by Stanford University’s HighWire Press. In addition to AACN journals, visitors will be able to search the more than 300 medical journals hosted by HighWire.

Get Answers to Questions About ECCO

A list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding ECCO, AACN’s Web-based Essentials of Critical Care Orientation program, has been developed as part of ongoing support efforts.

The FAQ document, which has been e-mailed to site administrators and managers, includes information on such areas as site license renewal, common technical issues and how to make additional purchases.

The FAQs were created in response to a recent survey showing that ECCO customers wanted more support information.

The document is also available on the ECCO Web site and from the opening page of the ECCO program itself.

What’s Coming in Critical Care Nurse for February

• Sleep Problems in Family Caregivers of ICU Patients

• REACH for Cardiovascular Health

• Family Presence During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

• Culturally Competent Nursing Care for American Indians

• End-of-Life Education in the Pediatric ICU

Subscriptions to Critical Care Nurse and the American Journal of Critical Care are included in AACN membership dues.

Looking Ahead

January 2005

January 15 Deadline to submit applications for AACN Vision Partners NTI continuing education scholarships. Apply online at www.aacn.org or call (800)
894-5995, ext. 204, for more information.

January 15 Deadline to submit applications for Clinical Inquiry Grants and End-of-Life/Palliative Care Small Projects Grant. Additional information is available
online at
www.aacn.org or e-mail research@aacn.org.

January 18 New CMC (cardiac medicine certification) and CSC (cardiac surgery medication) exams available. Information about eligibility and the exam
application handbooks are available online at www.certcorp.org.

February 2005

February 1 Deadline to submit applications for Mentorship Grant and Critical Care Grant. Additional information is available online at www.aacn.org or e-mail

February 22 Deadline to apply to take paper-and-pencil versions of CCRN, PCCN and new CMC and CSC certification exams on April 6 during Trends
conference in Philadelphia. For more information or to register for the exams, call (800) 899-2226.

March 2005

March 1 Deadline to submit applications for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Grant. Additional information is available online at www.aacn.org or e-mail

March 29 Early-bird deadline to register for discounted NTI 2005 fees. For more information, visit the AACN Web site or call (800) 899-2226.
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