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Vol. 23, No. 4, APRIL 2006

Take a Virtual Tour of NTI

AACN’s National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition is the world’s largest educational conference and exposition for nurses who care for acutely and critically ill patients.

This exciting event is known for offering the most comprehensive curriculum of formal, self-paced and interactive sessions covering a wide spectrum of clinical and professional enrichment. This year, it will all happen in sunny Southern California from May 20 through 25.

If you have never attended an NTI and want to learn more about what to expect, check out the “behind the scenes,” interactive, audiovisual tour. Covering all facets of the NTI, this virtual exploration will benefit veteran attendees as well as first-timers.

The NTI 2006 Tour is divided into seven sections, so you can sit back and enjoy any portion at your leisure.

You’ll learn quite a bit about what NTI has to offer by viewing the following chapters:

• Introduction to NTI 2006
• Nuts and Bolts
• The NTI 2006 Program
• NTI Critical Care Exposition
• The AACN Marketplace
• NTI Events
• Checking Out at NTI

To take a brief trip through the NTI experience, go to the AACN Web site. The tour was recorded using a WebEx player that provides sound and graphics. The player automatically downloads when you click on any of the chapters.

Find out why NTI is the one educational conference you’ll want to attend this year!

Hot Topic at NTI: Avian Influenza

NTI is the place to hear about the latest topics in healthcare. This year, one of the timely sessions will be a presentation titled “Update on Avian Influenza” by John Beigel, with the Office of Clinical Research, National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md.

Avian influenza, or “bird flu,” is a contagious disease of animals caused by viruses that normally infect only birds and, less commonly, pigs. Avian influenza viruses are highly species-specific, but have, on rare occasions, mutated and crossed the species barrier to infect humans. Such mutation can start a deadly worldwide epidemic. Since the Hong Kong outbreak, the bird flu virus has spread across Asia, and in October 2005 was discovered in poultry in Turkey and Romania.

This session will give participants the most current information about Avian Influenza and how the spread of this infectious disease could affect their

AACN Invites Nominations for Leadership Posts

Do you want to help lead AACN in achieving its mission and vision, or do you know someone you think would provide strong and effective leadership?

Consider the national leadership positions that are available on the AACN Board of Directors and AACN Nominating Committee. Terms begin July 1, 2006. Because of a change in terms, there are no openings on the AACN Certification Corporation Board of Directors for this term.

Following are the positions for which nominations are being sought. Reimburse-ment for travel as well as other expenses are provided for all of these national volunteer positions.
Nominations close June 2, 2006.

AACN Board of Directors
(3 positions open, 3-year terms)
• Establish the vision, mission and values statements for the association
• Ensure effective organizational planning
• Effectively manage the association’s
• Determine, monitor and strengthen the association’s programs and services
• Uphold legal requirements and ethical integrity
• Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance
• Ensure effective communication between AACN and AACN Certification Corporation and other subsidiaries of the association
• Active membership in AACN
• Active commitment to and understanding of AACN and its mission, vision and values

AACN Nominating Committee
(3 positions open, 1-year terms)
• Ensure the election process is in accordance with established procedures, policies and bylaws
• Conduct comprehensive interviews of nominees
• Review, synthesize and analyze nominee applications, references and interview
• Through group process, select candidates
• Communicate the committee’s decisions and feedback to the nominees

If you are interested in nominating yourself or a colleague for one of these open positions, simply complete the nomination form that is inserted into this issue of AACN News or that is available online at www.aacn.org > Call for Nominations .

Nominating Committee Report: Where Does That Annual AACN Ballot Come From?

By Jackie Yon, RN, ARNP, MS, CCRN, CCNS,
and JoAnne Phillips, RN, MSN, CCRN, CCNS

Each spring, the call for nominations for the AACN Board of Directors and AACN Nominating Committee is sent out to the membership. It may seem like just one more thing to think about, but now that we have experienced the Nominating Committee process, we will never think so simplistically again.

The nomination process seems like a simple one—any AACN member may nominate a colleague who displays the characteristics and competencies needed for these important positions. Members can even nominate themselves.

What characteristics are important? The AACN Leadership Framework answers that question: ambassador skills, intellectual skills and integrated skills. A member who has been nominated may or may not choose to complete the process. It is truly an honor to be nominated, to know that one of your colleagues believes you have the characteristics to serve and lead the organization.

Our participation on the Nominating Committee provided a great opportunity for us to give back to AACN. Our charge: to review a massive amount of information collected through telephone interviews and written applications to identify a slate of candidates from which our membership selects their Board of Directors and Nominating Committee.

In January, we traveled from all parts of the country to California to begin the three-day process to select those who would move on to the national slate. Our common goal: to select the best candidates for the organization. During the first two days, we reviewed each candidate’s strengths and discussed their abilities in the areas of ambassador, intellectual and integrated skills. After two days of open, honest communications, we selected an outstanding group of critical care nurses for the ballot.

What a challenge! All the applicants were outstanding. We were humbled by the many contributions all our members have made to critical care nursing. It was an honor to interview such outstanding nurses representing our profession.

Now it is your turn. Take time to review the information (available with the ballot) and consider who you think should lead our organization to continued greatness. Engage and transform our organization. Vote.

Promoting Healthy Work Environments
Meaningful Recognition Topic for May Audio Conference

Meaningful Recognition, one of six essential standards in the AACN Standards for Establishing and Sustaining Healthy Work Environments, is the topic that will be discussed at a May 11 audio conference cosponsored by AACN and Joint Commission Resources. The presentation, including time for questions, is scheduled from 12:30 to 2 p.m. (ET).

Representing AACN as a co-presenter is Gladys Campbell, RN, MSN, assistant administrator of Nursing and Patient Care Services at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, Providence Health System, Portland, Ore. She is a past president of AACN.

Representing JCR is Roberta Fruth, RN, MN, PhD, CNA, CNAA, a JCR consultant and a past AACN board member.

The May event is the third in a series of 90-minute audio conferences focusing on the AACN Healthy Work Environment Standards. Each features two expert presenters, one representing AACN and the other JCR.

The other standards scheduled to be addressed are:
• July 13 True Collaboration
• Sept. 14 Appropriate Staffing
• Nov. 9 Effective Decision Making

Patient Safety and Quality of Care
In addition to the Healthy Work Environment Standards series, AACN and JCR are collaborating on a series of audio conferences that focus on patient safety and quality of care in acute and critical care.

Future sessions are scheduled:
• June 8 Family Presence and Participation
• Aug. 10 Palliation and End-of-Life Management
• Oct. 12 Clinical Implications in Managing Pain and Sedation
• Dec. 14 Intensivists, Hospitalists and Advanced Practice Nurses

All are also scheduled from 12:30 to 2 p.m. (ET). A moderated question-and-answer period follows each of the presentations.

Participants can sign up to participate in the audio conference as individuals or with multiple attendees using one telephone line in a conference room. The price is $249 per connection.

For more information about these audio conferences, call (877) 223-6866 or visit the JCR Web site .

New Corporate Circle Member
Krames Supports Technology for Nursing Schools

Some of the most prominent corporations in healthcare partner with AACN by providing direct financial support for AACN initiatives.

Based on the level of support, companies become members of AACN’s Corporate Circle. Companies whose support is less than $10,000 for NTI and AACN initiatives are recognized as Corporate Circle associates. Corporate Circle members and associates benefit from recognition in AACN publications and at AACN’s annual National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition, including in the Program and Proceedings and NTI News.
For its support of the AACN Technology for Nursing Schools initiative through the donation of electronic print-on-demand patient education systems to prominent nursing schools, Krames has entered the Corporate Circle at the Bronze level. The Technology for Nursing Schools program offers corporations the opportunity to partner with AACN to create unique, forward-reaching contributions that help nursing students work with current patient-care technology before they begin their clinical experience.

Krames is a market leader in the development of patient education, wellness and safety content. The company’s material is used by more than 80 percent of American hospitals, more than 1,000 health plans and employer groups, more than 300,000 physicians and nurses in hospitals and private practice, and many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. The Krames On-Demand system provides Internet-based, informative HealthSheets that can be customized for patients and printed as needed. Within the system are 2,200 topics, in both English and Spanish, created in conjunction with practicing specialists to provide accurate, up-to-date information on health-related information ranging from conditions and procedures to self-care and preventive care.

The AACN Corporate Circle member identifier will be prominently displayed on many promotional materials and exhibits at NTI 2006 in Anaheim, Calif. When you see this icon, you’ll know companies that display it actively support critical care nursing through their contributions to AACN.

For more information about AACN’s Corporate Circle program, contact the AACN Development Office at (800) 394-5995, ext. 333; development@aacn.org

Voting Under Way Online; Ends April 16

Voting for positions on the AACN Board of Directors and AACN Nominating Committee is now under way online (www.aacn.org).

The process is simple. All you need to log in is your eight-digit member number (including leading zeros) and your last name. Online ballots must be completed by 11:59 p.m. (CST) April 16.

No Web access? No problem. Simply contact AACN at (800) 394-5995, ext. 331, or e-mail pat.mallette@aacn.org to obtain a paper ballot.

Candidate information is available online and can also be accessed directly from the ballot.

Visionary Leaders Will Receive Recognition Awards at NTI
Circle of Excellence Program Embraces Contributions

Each year, the highest of AACN’s Circle of Excellence awards honor individuals who have made a difference in critical care nursing. Among these are the Marguerite Rodgers Kinney Award for a Distinguished Career and the GE Healthcare-AACN Pioneering Spirit Award, presented to individuals considered to be Visionary Leaders. Recipients of both awards are selected by unanimous vote of the AACN Board of Directors.

This year’s recipient of the Marguerite Rodgers Kinney Award for a Distinguished Career is Ellen B. Rudy, RN, PhD, FAAN. GE Healthcare-AACN Pioneering Spirit Award recipients are William A. Knaus, MD, FACP, and Myra J. Christopher. The awards will be presented at AACN’s National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition, May 20 through 25 in Anaheim, Calif.

Marguerite Rodgers Kinney Award for a Distinguished Career
The Marguerite Rodgers Kinney Award for a Distinguished Career recognizes individuals who are completing or have completed an extraordinary and distinguished professional career. The recipients show consistent and exceptional contributions throughout a career that has enhanced the care of acutely and critically ill patients and their families by furthering the mission and vision of AACN.

The award is named in honor of its first recipient, AACN past President Marguerite R. Kinney.
This year’s recipient, Ellen B. Rudy, is a senior consultant for the National Institutes of Health and a visiting professor at Ohio State University. Prior to her 10-year tenure as dean and professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing, she was the first faculty member appointed as the Edward J. and Louise Mellen endowed chair in acute care nursing at Case Western Reserve University’s Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, where she also served as associate dean for research.

During her tenure as dean at the University of Pittsburgh, the school established one of the first acute care nurse practitioner programs in the world and repeatedly received high rankings for NIH research funding. A renowned researcher, Rudy has been principal investigator for numerous studies including five funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research. Her early investigations focused on endotracheal suctioning, evaluation of a special care unit for the chronically critically ill, and women’s health issues. More recently, she has studied hospital- and community-based nurse managed care and the factors that affect patient outcomes.

Anticipating by seven years AACN’s Healthy Work Environments meaningful recognition standard, her emergency room sabbatical—a unique experience for the chief executive of a university school of nursing—prompted the University of Pittsburgh to establish in 1998 the Cameos of Caring recognition program for excellence in bedside nursing. The program now involves 37 Pittsburgh area hospitals, and at least three other universities have established similar programs.

Rudy has published widely in professional journals and co-authored several text books. She served on the editorial boards of three journals, and continues to speak at nursing conferences and consult with universities and hospitals nationwide.

An AACN member since 1974, she has served on eight committees and task forces, and the boards of directors for AACN and AACN Certification Corporation, and received a lifetime membership in 1992.

Rudy received a bachelor’s degree in nursing cum laude from Ohio State University, a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Dayton, a master’s degree in nursing from the University of Maryland and a doctorate in nursing from Case Western Reserve University. She is an elected fellow of the American Academy of Nursing. She also has been recognized by the Kidney Foundation with a Trustees Award, by Ohio State University College of Nursing with the Outstanding Alumni Award for Excellence and by the Ohio Nurses Association with the Award for Excellence in Nursing Research.

GE Healthcare-AACN Pioneering Spirit Award
The AACN Pioneering Spirit Award recognizes significant contributions that influence acute and critical care nursing. Successful applicants demonstrate a far-reaching contribution that exemplifies a pioneering spirit and influences the direction of acute and critical care nursing. The contribution must be clearly defined and have a regional or national effect. It must be timely and address or resolve a significant issue facing acute and critical care nursing, and must be related to the mission, vision and values of AACN.

AACN welcomes GE Healthcare, a Gold Level member of the association’s Corporate Circle, as the new annual sponsor of the award.

Following is information about this year’s recipients:
William A. Knaus
William A. Knaus is an experienced physician, scientist and administrator with a stellar record of accomplishment in developing and promoting innovative approaches to education, research and provision of healthcare services.

Knaus is widely recognized by nurses for two extraordinary contributions to critical care. The first was developing the APACHE (Acute Physiology Age Chronic Health Evaluation) severity of illness scoring system. The second was the 1986 publication of a breakthrough article in the Annals of Internal Medicine where risk of death among more than 5,000 patients in intensive care units was compared with treatment and environmental variables such as coordination and communication. The study confirmed that the degree of coordination of intensive care, a primary function of nurses, significantly influences the risk of death.

The impact of the APACHE scoring system on clinicians’ ability to measure severity of illness is undeniable. Knaus developed and tested the APACHE system within a clinical research intensive care unit that he created and directed at George Washington University, where he also served as professor of medicine from 1978-1995. The unit’s program of research focused on developing a severity of illness and prognostic scoring system for critically ill, hospitalized patients.

He supported and expanded the research unit with public and private grant funds. Developing databases in Europe, Australia, South America, and Japan and establishing the APACHE system as the international standard for evaluating and predicting outcomes of patients treated within intensive care units, he expanded an initial database of 500 cases to more than 1 million worldwide.

While at George Washington University, he designed and successfully managed the largest, most well-funded clinical trial of physician decision making ever completed—the SUPPORT (Study to Understand Prognoses, Preferences, and Outcomes from Treatment) Trial. The SUPPORT Trial is widely credited with initiating and defining the ongoing national debate and re-examination of how care is provided to seriously ill and dying patients in the United States.

In 1988, Knaus founded APACHE Medical Systems, Inc., one of the first commercial decision-support software and outcomes management companies in the world, in order to disseminate and support the APACHE approach to risk assessment and outcomes evaluation.

Following initial start-up financing, he attracted venture and private funding totaling $15M over five years. Serving as the company’s chief scientific adviser, he recruited corporate business managers to assure the company’s success while directing the strategic aspects of product development. APACHE received a Smithsonian award for innovative contemporary software design.

Since 1996, Knaus has served as professor and founding chair of the Department of Health Evaluation Sciences at the University of Virginia. He developed strategic and business plans, and recruited an executive director, division directors and initial faculty. He initiated external research and contract partnerships, negotiating contracts with healthcare informatics, managed care and biotechnology firms. Notably, he attracted the first clinical genetics research grant at the University of Virginia for development of a clinical risk assessment software application. The 10-year-old department has 34 full-time and 40 associate faculty members with external funding support that has exceeded established objectives. The department is acknowledged as an institutional leader in expanding NIH clinical research activities by 25% and commercial clinical research by 50%.

Knaus currently leads a university-wide project for bioinformatics integration with the potential for statewide integration. He has developed an integrated clinical and administrative data repository to support research and management efforts throughout the university’s school of medicine and health system. He also has led the development of a new master’s program in health evaluation sciences that is currently the second largest graduate degree program at the University of Virginia School of Arts and Sciences and has prompted development of a new university-wide integrated master’s of public health.

He has been acknowledged by the University of Virginia as bringing extremely valuable leadership and intellectual force both within this institution and internationally.

A graduate of Widener University, he received his medical degree from the West Virginia University School of Medicine in 1972. Prominent among Knaus’s many national and international awards is his election to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences in 2000. He received the 2004 Distinguished Investigator Award from the American College of Critical Care Medicine.
Myra J. Christopher
Myra J. Christopher is founding president and chief executive officer of the 20-year-old Center for Practical Bioethics in Kansas City. Formerly the Midwest Bioethics Center, it is a freestanding organization with the mission of raising and responding to ethical issues in health and healthcare. In addition to leading the center’s expanding agenda. Christopher served as national program officer of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s National Program Office for State-based Initiatives to Improve End-of-Life Care. Both roles have allowed her to continue a lifelong mission of improving care for seriously ill people and their families.

An author and frequent speaker on bioethical issues, Christopher has made presentations to such prestigious national organizations as the American Hospital Association, Group Health Association of America, the National Health Lawyers Association, AARP, and the American Philosophical Association.

Because of Christopher’s involvement with the Nancy Beth Cruzan case, Missouri Senator John Danforth sought her assistance in drafting and introducing the Patient Self-Determination Act. In 1991, she was appointed vice-chair of the Kansas Commission on the Future of Health Care by the governor and served in that capacity until 1994. She also consults with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations on patients’ rights and standards for organizational ethics.

It was inevitable that nursing and Christopher should intersect. If a degree in philosophy and bioethics from the University of Missouri didn’t signal this, working as a patient representative at University of Kansas Medical Center certainly did. Over the past 20 years, as her pioneering work in healthcare ethics has broadened and deepened, so has her friendship with nurses and the nursing profession.

Myra Christopher came to AACN’s attention in the 1990s as the board of directors sought to embed a visible ethical dimension in every aspect of the association’s work. Neither a nurse nor a member, her appointment to the Ethics Integration Committee made her instrumental in developing the association’s ethics-related texture and agenda. It was second nature for her to make bioethics understandable and accessible, especially for experienced professionals who knew where they wanted to go, even if not exactly how to get there.

Serving on the advisory board of the International Leadership Institute of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, Christopher generously gave of her practical wisdom to influence the organization’s expanding global activities. In recognition of her dedication to nursing, in 2003 she was recognized as an honorary alumna by the University of Kansas School of Nursing.

Christopher is a member of the American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging, the National Advisory Board for the Duke Institute for Care at the End-of-Life, the expert panel for the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Human Development and the advisory board for the Federation of State Medical Boards.

An honorary member of Alpha Sigma Nu, the honor society to advance the core principles of Jesuit education—scholarship, loyalty and service—in 2000 she was chosen one of the “Top 150” citizens of Kansas City in celebration of the city’s sesquicentennial. Her deep commitment and outstanding work to improve palliative and end-of-life care for African Americans was honored in 2004 with the Marian Grey Secundy Sankofa Award. Anchored in the West African Sankofa tradition of “looking back to the past,” the award is named for the former director of the Tuskegee University National Center for Bioethics in Research and Health Care.

Scene and Heard

AACN continues to seek visibility for our profession and the organization. Following is an update on recent outreach efforts.

Our Voice in the Media
Yahoo News (Jan. 19, 2006)—“Emergency Nurses Encourage President Bush to Increase Federal Investment in Nursing Education.” Americans for Nursing Shortage Relief, a coalition of nursing organizations that includes AACN, recently issued a letter to President George W. Bush encouraging the allocation of increased federal funding for Nursing Workforce Development programs authorized by Title VIII of the Public Health Service Act.

Missourian (Jan. 26, 2006)—“Grant Provides Heart Patients With Pillows” included a reference to AACN’s Essentials of Critical Care Orientation. The Boone Hospital Foundation, Columbia, Mo. has allocated funds to implement the ECCO program. Nancy Schuenemeyer, a training and development educator, said, “Experienced nurses can buzz through for an update, while new nurses can go slower, click to get more information on certain things and print out further resource information. Plus the program is updated whenever there is new information.”

ONCC News (December 2005)—“President’s Message: Subspecialty Certification—Is Now the Right Time?” The article reported that “recently, some credentialing organizations such as AACN Certification Corporation … have begun to offer options for subspecialty certification. AACN has developed two new subspecialty certification examinations to recognize subspecialty expertise in cardiac medicine and cardiac surgery.” The newsletter also asked readers to share their opinions about subspecialty certification.

Voice of Nursing Leadership (January 2006)—“AONE News and Notes: The Nurse Manager Inventory Tool” noted that “recognizing the widespread, expressed need for nurse manager leadership development, AONE, AACN and AORN formed an alliance—the Nurse Manager Leadership Collaborative—to direct their combined knowledge, expertise and resources toward effectively fulfilling this need.”

AAOHN Journal, Occupational Health Nursing (January 2006)—The “2004 Practice Analysis Report” referenced AACN’s white paper, “Safeguarding the Patient and the Profession: The Value of Critical Care Nurse Certification,” noting that the “value and benefits of nursing specialty certification continue to be demonstrated.”

Munroe News (Jan. 9, 2006)—“Munroe Regional Medical Center Earns Beacon Award for Critical Care Excellence” quoted Helen Dalton, chief nursing officer at Munroe, as saying, “The Beacon Award for excellence in our intensive care unit recognizes the quality of our nursing and medical care to our patients. I am extremely proud of our nurses and staff in the achievement of this prestigious award.”

NurseWeek (Jan. 9, 2006)—“First Comprehensive Survey of Critical Care Units Released” stated that AACN “announced the results Jan. 4 of its national survey of critical care units. The survey conducted among 300 critical care units … represents the first effort ever to comprehensively assess nursing and patient care data unique to critical care units.” The announcement also noted that a summary is featured in the January issue of the American Journal of Critical Care and listed the online link (www.ajcc.aacnjournals.org).

Nursing Spectrum (Jan. 16, 2006)—“Inova Fairfax Hospital Unit Earns Beacon Award.” According to the article “The MSICU is proud to announce that it has earned the Beacon Award for Critical Care Excellence, an award given by AACN and specifically designated to recognize the nation’s top hospital critical care units.”

Nurses.com Newsletter (Jan. 20, 2006)—Top news stories for the week included “AACN and VitalSmarts Partner to Improve Patient Safety With New Training Program for Critical Care Nurses” and “Krames and AACN Donate Patient Education System to Nursing School,” both with links to the media releases on AACN’s Web site.

Winston-Salem Journal (Jan. 29, 2006)—“Business Milestones” announced that Janice Gasaway, RN, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, N.C., received a 2006 Excellence in Leadership award from AACN.

Our Voice at the Table

Justine Medina, RN, MS, AACN director of Professional Practice and Programs, represented AACN at the annual Promoting Palliative Care Excellence in Intensive Care meeting in Big Sky, Mont. Promoting Excellence is a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which is dedicated to long-term changes in healthcare institutions to substantially improve end-of-life care. Through the work of innovative demonstration projects and national work groups, program participants strive to address challenges to existing models of hospice and palliative care. AACN was invited to discuss its initiatives and resources, which address palliative and end-of-life issues, with the demonstration units and the Promoting Excellence stakeholders.


Nancy Munro, RN, MN, MS, CCRN, ACNP, APRN, a past member of the AACN Board of Directors, and Marilyn Petterson, AACN marketing communications manager, attended the National Healthy Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. Sponsored by AcademyHealth and the Health Affairs journal, the general sessions featured high-level White House and congressional representatives discussing health policy agendas. Peter Buerhaus, RN, PhD, FAAN, an AACN Pioneering Spirit Award recipient and a past NTI keynote speaker, was among those presented the AcademyHealth Health Services Research Impact Award for work on an article titled “The Business Case for Nurse Staffing” that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Denise Buonocore, RN, MSN, CCRN, APRN, BC, AACN board member, and fellow AACN member Meredith Heyde, RN, MSN, APRN, NP, presented “Know Your Numbers of Diabetes” at the City of Bridgeport, Conn. Mayor’s Diabetes Initiative, as part of a citywide campaign to raise awareness of diabetes and diabetes-related illnesses.

Buonocore represented AACN at the Inpatient Management of Diabetes Mellitus and Hyperglycemia Consensus Conference in Washington, D.C. The American Diabetes Association, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and the American College of Endocrinology brought together this group of stakeholders in the clinical management of hospital patients to reach consensus on the implementation of improved glycemic control. Improving glycemic control can decrease morbidity and mortality rates and be fiscally prudent. Buonocore served as a member of the team that wrote the consensus document. Hanson

Dave Hanson, RN, MSN, CCRN, CNS, past AACN board treasurer, represented AACN at the American Nurses Association’s Congress on Nursing Practice & Economics in Washington, D.C. The congress brings together the diverse perspectives of ANA members to focus on establishing nursing’s approach to emerging trends in the healthcare industry, identifying issues and recommending policy alternatives to the ANA Board of Directors. AACN is an organizational affiliate of the CNPE and the first specialty nursing organization to become a member of the congress.

AACN President Debbie Brinker, RN, MSN, CCRN, CCNS, toured the three Clarian Health System hospitals, Methodist Medical Center, Indiana University Health Center and Riley Hospital for Children, in Indianapolis. She learned how members of the Healthy Work Environment Committee are working to outline a framework for implementation and evaluation across their network. Also in Indianapolis, Brinker visited Wishard Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department, ICUs and Progressive Care Units and spoke with nurses who are committed to making their work environments healthier.

Brinker shared her keynote address, “Engage and Transform,” and gave a talk on interdisciplinary collaboration at the Sacramento Chapter Symposium. At the end of her presentation participants discussed how they are facilitating collaboration in their work environments. Many innovative models and ideas were presented, including ways that hospitals are implementing rapid response teams and collaborative practice in e-ICUs. Brinker and the chapter leadership were photographed with chapter member Sandy Poteet, RN, BA, MSN, who designed an“Engage and Transform” quilt. Also in attendance was Billie Ann Case, RN, BSN, MBA, CCRN, who passed the CCRN exam the first year it was offered. She said she's been “engaging and transforming” with AACN ever since. Case was invited to attend the 30-year reunion at NTI this year.

Brinker toured the Pediatric ICU at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, speaking with nurses and physicians about their collaborative practices and discussing initiatives that support the certification of all nurses.

Janie Heath, RN, MS, CCRN, ANP, ACNP, immediate past AACN board director, represented AACN at the American College of Nurse Practitioners’ 2006 National Nurse Practitioner Summit in Washington, D.C. The focus of the summit was to empower nurse practitioners in leadership, practice and healthcare policy. ACNP’s leading policy initiatives include raising legislative awareness for using “neutral language” when describing healthcare providers and increasing NP reimbursement to 100%.
If you or your chapter has reached out to the media or other groups to promote AACN and critical care nursing, we’d like to know. E-mail your information to Judy.Wilkin@aacn.org.

Critical Links Drive Nears 4,000 Mark
Annual Campaign Ended March 31

Sonia Astle, RN, MS, MSN, CCRN, CCNS, Burke, Va., more than doubled her total during February to take the lead in AACN’s Critical Links membership campaign. The 39 new members she recruited during the month brought her total to 71, 19 more than Ann J. Brorsen, RN, MS, AAS, CCRN, Sun City, Calif., who had held the lead.

Other top recruiters as of the end of February were Mary Beth Reid, RN, CNS, PhD, CCRN, CEN, Little Elk, Texas, with 36 new members recruited; Marianne E. Kraemer, RN, BSN, MPA, CCRN, Marlton, N.J., with 31; Kathleen Richuso, RN, MSN, Chapel Hill, N.C., with 27; Lydia Bautista, RN, BN, BS, CCRN, ACNP-C, Jacksonville, Fla., with 26; Ngozi Moneke, RN, BSN, CCRN-CMC, RN-BC, Freeport, N.Y., with 23; Matthew Choate, BS, BSN, CEN, EMT, Lebanon, N.H., with 21; and Caroline Axt, RN, MSN, Oakland, Calif., and Jackie Yon, RN, MN, AAS, CCRN, CCNS, APRN, both with 20.

Also posting impressive totals as they debuted in the drive in February were Morelle M. Breckenridge, RN, ADN, AA, Englewood, Tenn., with 11 new members recruited and Shawna Young, RN, Oklahoma City, Okla., with 10.

With one month to go, nearly 4,000 new members had been recruited by 932 individuals and chapters. (See page 13 for chapter totals.) The campaign, which began May 1, ended March 31. The new campaign gets under way May 1.

The Rewards
Participation offers recruiters the opportunity to receive valuable rewards, including a $100 American Express gift check awarded in a monthly drawing to members who have recruited five or more members during that month. Victoria A. Ramik, RN, MS, MSN, CCRN, APRN, CRN, RN-BC, New Haven, Conn., won the gift certificate in the January drawing.
All individual recruiters receive a $25 AACN gift check when they reach the five-new-member level and a $50 AACN gift certificate when they reach the 10-new-member level. They are also eligible for a monthly drawing to receive a $100 American Express gift check in any month they recruit at least one new member.

The top recruiter at the end of the campaign receives a $1,000 American Express gift check. He or she is also eligible for the Grand Prize drawing for a $500 American Express gift check. A total of three grand prizes will be drawn, with anyone recruiting five or more new members during the campaign entered into all three drawings.

Other Recruiters
Other members who have recruited five or more new members during the campaign as of the end of February are:

Philip Abenojar, Angela Bentley, Laura Bergman, Zenaida Blanco, Betty Blevins, Toni Boldy, Cheryl Bond, Paul Brattan, Morelle Breckenridge, Jeannine Brennan, Marylee Bressie, Deborah Brown, Yolanda Carilimdiliman, Kathryn Clark, Lucy Clevenger, Phyllis Coley, Joyce Colobong, Bettielou Conerly, Carmen Davis, Jeanne DiLorenzo, Laura Dolloff, Elizabeth Dunning

Deborah Erickson, Teresa Evans, Dorothy Flowers, John Forrant, Melinda Foster, Deslin Francois, Carla Freeman, Barbara Frey, Ariana Gross, Lisa Guy, Karen Haigh, Debbie Hansen, Susan Huber, Karen Jeffries, Amy Jones, Lauretta Joseph, Michelle Jurgensen, Kathleen King, Alex Koutsos, Cristine Kramer, Cynthia LaFond, Camia Las Dulce, Maria Laxina, Lynn Loftis, Clark Luhrs, Paula Lusardi

Christina MacLean, Laura Madden, Jill Markle, Kathleen McCarthy, L. Jennifer McFarlane, Vicki McKimmey, Julie Miller, Alice Moulton, Shelly Moulton, Paulita Narag, Nancy Neal, Maria Nicasio, Vivian Norman, Linda Novak, Linda Nylander-Housholder, Benilda Oliquino, Editha Pammit, Phillip Parcon, Ellen Peller, Iveline Pennie, Kathryn Pettett, Lynelle Pierce, Emma Pounders, Kathleen Quattrocchi, Coleen Rakers, Martha Reed, Susan Roberti, Elin Roberts, Cheryl Rockwell, Catherine Rodgers, Kimberly Rupp

Donna Sabash, Carrie Saia, Debra Santisteven, Joyce Schmaltz, Lee Ann Schulz, Cathy Schuster, Charlene Schwinne, Jamie Sicard, Linda Smiley, Kathryn Snow, Cheryl Stacy, Christine Stinson, Leslie Swadener-Culpepper, Jan Teal, Linda Thomas, Bonnie Wiggins, Maria Wild, Shawna Young, Faith Young-Gouda, Cynthia Zaletel, Pam Zinnecker.

The complete list of recruiters is available at www.aacn.org > Membership .

Monthly Super Savers from AACN’s Catalog Products

These Super Saver prices are valid through May 31, 2006. To be eligible for the Super Saver price, orders must be received or postmarked by May 31.

Aging Abdomen: The Elder With Abdominal Pain
#NCE1292705C—audio CD*

Discusses differential diagnosis, evaluation and management. Topics include abdominal aortic dissection and aneurysm; small bowel obstruction; malignancy; infectious processes: diverticulitis, cholecystitis and appendicitis; perforation, ischemic bowel and constipation.

Regular Price: $10
(both cassette and CD)

Super Saver Price: $8
(both cassette and CD)

Central Venous Oxygen Saturation (ScvO2) Monitoring in the Critically Ill
#NCE1652705C—audio CD*

Introduces the critical care practitioner to a modified central venous catheter for the measurement of ScvO2. Discusses the clinical application and identifies clinical indications for the use of this new technology.

Regular price: $10
(both cassette and CD)

Super Saver Price: $8
(both cassette and CD)

CCNS Review Course on Audio CD

This course, presented by clinical nurse specialists, articulates the eight nurse dimensions of the Synergy Model for Patient Care: clinical judgment, advocacy/moral agency, caring practices, facilitation of learning, collaboration, systems thinking, response to diversity and clinical inquiry. Case scenarios of actual nurse-patient interactions are presented, allowing for discussion of each dimension in detail. The discussion includes how the clinical nurse specialist can actualize that dimension in everyday practice. Examples, based on the examination blueprint and the case scenarios, are related to achieving patient-family nurse system outcomes. Sample test questions that relate to the particular dimension are included. In addition, the course provides real-life examples of clinical nurse specialists putting the Synergy Model into practice. Includesd are CDs, a syllabus and 8.0 contact hours of CE credit.

Regular Price
Member: $79
Nonmember: $99

Super Saver Price
Member: $71
Nonmember: $89

* Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery from National Nursing Network. Direct questions to (800) 373-2952.

Check out more special products in the 2006 Bookstore Catalog.

In Memory

Dana Reeve died March 7 of lung cancer. AACN members will remember the widow of Christopher Reeve as a keynote speaker at NTI 2002 in Atlanta, Ga. A singer and actor in her own right, Mrs. Reeve was a cofounder with her husband of the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, which encourages and supports research to develop effective treatments and a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and other central nervous system disorders.

Annual AACN Awards Recognize Excellence

July 15, 2006, is the deadline to nominate yourself or a colleague for an AACN Circle of Excellence Award for 2007. Chapter awards are also available. Following is brief information about these awards.

Practice and Research Awards
3M Health Care Excellence in Clinical Practice Award—Sponsored by 3M Health Care, this award recognizes acute and critical care nurses who embody, exemplify and excel at the clinical skills and principles that are required in their practice.
AACN Value of Certification Award—Sponsored by AACN Certification Corporation, this award recognizes contributions that support and foster the advancement of certified nursing practice in critical care.
Baxter Excellence in Patient Safety Award—Sponsored by Baxter Healthcare, this award recognizes patient-care teams that have made significant contributions toward patient and caregiver safety in acute and critical care. Recipients describe innovative approaches used to develop new and revised processes that encompass safety and improve the quality of care at the unit, hospital or health system level. They show clear evidence of active collaboration among team members validating their success by presenting evidence-based outcomes.
Dale Medical Products Excellent Clinical Nurse Specialist Award—This award recognizes CCNS-certified clinical nurse specialists in acute and critical care. Applicants also must demonstrate the key components of advanced practice nursing and illustrate how they have been a catalyst for successful change.

Excellence in Caring Practices Award—Presented in honor of John Wilson Rodgers, this award recognizes nurses whose caring practices embody AACN’s vision of a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients and families. Recipients demonstrate how they have encompassed AACN’s values and ethic of care in their practice.

Excellence in Clinical Practice—Non-Traditional Setting—This award is designed to recognize excellence in the care of critically ill patients in environments outside the traditional ICU/CCU setting. Eligible applicants include, but are not limited to, nurses working in home healthcare, progressive care, telemetry, catheterization labs and emergency departments.

Excellent Nurse Practitioner Award—This award recognizes acute and critical care nurses who function as nurse practitioners. Applicants must be ACNP certified. In addition to demonstrating the key components of advanced practice nursing, recipients illustrate how they have served as a catalyst for successful change.

Excellent Nursing Student Award—This award recognizes nursing students whose activities during nursing school have promoted the value of nursing and reflect the AACN vision of creating a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients and families, where critical care nurses make their optimal contribution. Individual students or groups of students are eligible to apply.

Excellence in Research Award—This award recognizes nurse researchers who are furthering the mission, vision and research priorities of AACN. Recipients of AACN research grants or NTI research abstract award recipients are not eligible for this award.

Research Abstract Award—This award recognizes research abstracts that display outstanding merit and particular relevance to critical care nursing. Recipients are selected from among the research and research utilization abstracts submitted for the NTI. Abstract submissions must be received by Sept. 1.

Leadership Awards
Datascope Excellence in Collaboration Awards—Sponsored by Datascope, these awards honor innovative contributions to collaborative practice by nurses who care for acutely and critically ill patients and their families. At least one of the collaborators must be an active AACN member. Applications are accepted in four categories: Nurse-Physician Collaboration, Nurse-Administration Collaboration, Nurse-Family Collaboration and Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration

Excellence in Leadership Award—This award recognizes nurses who demonstrate the leadership competencies of empowerment, effective communication and continuous learning, and the effective management of change.

Excellence in Education Award—This award recognizes nurse educators who facilitate the acquisition and advancement of the knowledge and skills required for competent practice and positive patient outcomes in the care of acutely and critically ill patients and their families.
Eli Lilly & Company Excellent Preceptor Award—Sponsored by Eli Lilly & Company, this award recognizes preceptors who demonstrate the key components of the preceptor role, including teacher, clinical role model, consultant and friend/advocate.

Excellent Nurse Manager Award—This award recognizes nurse managers who demonstrate excellence in coordination of available resources to efficiently and effectively care for acutely or critically ill patients and their families.

AACN Community Service Award—This award recognizes significant service by acute and critical care nurses, as individuals or in groups, in making a contribution to their communities that also projects a positive image of critical care nursing.

Media Award—This award recognizes broadcast and Web-based media excellence in the portrayal of healthcare providers, especially acute and critical care nurses, contributing to a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients and families. Successful entries present relevant nursing and healthcare topics to large audiences of consumers, including the general public, patients and families.

Mentoring Award—This award recognizes individuals or groups who develop and enhance another’s intellectual and technical skills, acculturating them to the professional nursing community, and modeling a way of life and professional achievement.

Awards for Chapters
Chapter Collaboration Award—This award recognizes chapters that exemplify collaboration in any aspect of their operations. The collaboration must include at least two entities, including an AACN chapter and an outside group, such as a hospital, college or community.

Chapter Community Education and Public Service Award—This award recognizes chapters that have made an outstanding public service contribution in their local communities through community education and involvement.

Chapter Value of Certification Award—This award will recognize contributions that support and foster the advancement of certified nursing practice in critical care.

Outstanding Chapter Educational Program Award—This award recognizes chapters that have done an outstanding job in providing quality educational programming to their members and other constituents while actively supporting AACN’s mission, vision and values. Chapters should demonstrate how their programming has met educational standards in assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.

Sharon Connor Excellence in Chapter Leadership Development Award—This award recognizes excellence in chapter leadership development and succession planning while actively supporting AACN’s mission, vision and values. Applicants should demonstrate how they implemented an effective chapter leadership structure that provides guidance, strategic planning and continuity for their chapters.

President’s Award for Chapters—This award recognizes chapter(s) that best exemplify the AACN president’s annual theme. President-elect Mary Fran Tracy, RN, PhD, CCNS, CCRN, FAAN, will announce her theme at NTI 2006 in Anaheim, Calif. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2007.

To obtain a Circle of Excellence Awards application, call (800) 899-2226 or visit the AACN Web site.

AACN Thanks Its Donors for Their Generosity
In Support of the AACN Scholarship Endowment

$7,500 and Above
Northwest Chicago Area Chapter-AACN

Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Freeman Decorating Company

Connie Barden (In Honor of the AACN Villagers—Wanda Johanson, Ramon Lavandero, Dana Woods), Maria Christine Lavandero (In Memory of Col. Ramón A. and Josephine B. Lavandero), Wanda Johanson, Barbara Gill MacArthur, Metropolitan Orlando Chapter-AACN

Mindy Hecker, Northern New Jersey Chapter-AACN, Atlanta Area Chapter-AACN, Nancy Blake

Debra Brinker, Karen Cuipylo, Marla De Jong, Beth Martin, Kathleen McCauley (Includes gifts in honor of Wanda Johanson), South Bay Chapter-AACN, Doron Stadlan, Mary Fran Tracy

Diane Albert, JoAnn Alspach, Betty Alsup, Karen Badellino In Memory of Edwin Louis Otto Jr., Jane Bareng-Werner, Anka Barsano, Jaime Bauer, Randy Bauler, Arlene Bautista, Marcia Belcher (In Memory of Edwin R. Messenger and in Honor of Christine Warbis and all CCRNs), Daphne Bramble, Brooklyn Chapter-AACN, Denise Buonocore, Suzanne Burns, Carolyn Caldwell, Central New York Chapter-AACN, Dianne Christopherson, Amy Clemens, June Como, Jane Coon, Delmarva Chapter-AACN, John Dixon, Mary Donahue, Mary Dunn, Elaine Fellows, Janet Foster (In Memory of Vic Davison), Ernestina Francisco, Ellen French, Marjorie Funk (In Honor of Sandra B. Dunbar), Deborah Gilbert, Caryl Goodyear-Bruch, Greater Birmingham Chapter-AACN, Greater Louisville Chapter-AACN, Greater Miami Area Chapter-AACN, Deborah Greenlaw (Includes gifts in Honor of Janie Heath), Naomi Gumienny, M. Beth Hammer, Carol Hartigan (In Memory of Mary Alice Hartigan and Wells F. Harvey Jr.), Kim Hawkins (In Memory of Joyce Rogers), Dawna Hawksworth, Janie Heath (In Honor of Dorrie Fontaine), Mary Holtschneider, Jennifer Horlacher, Maureen Hunter, Donna Jensen, Debbie Jessell (In Memory of Peg Reichardt), Deborah Johnson-Lanholm (In Memory of Benjamin Sparks), Rebecca Katz, Mary Kerrigan (In Memory of Callahan-Brennan-Kerrigan families), Amanda Kingston, Yoon Kyoung Tiffany Kwak (Includes gifts made in honor of the CCU Nurses at Northwest Medical Center, Springdale, Ark.), Joanne LaQuaglia, Patricia Latona, Deborah Lupek-Bobrowicz, Mildred Madsen, Evelyn Melchiorre (In Memory of her parents), Linda Miller, Marthe Moseley, Mignon Muirhead, Jodi Mullen, Diana Mustacchio, Mary Nichols, Myra Nichols Cone, Elizabeth Nolan (In Honor of Wanda Johanson), Pacific Crest Regional Chapter-AACN, Pioneer Valley Chapter-AACN, Judith Ramos-Casellas, Kevin Reed, RaChelle Reiersgord, Rose Rivers, Marjorie Ryan, Teryl Schawk (In Memory of Joan Butera), Sherrill Shepler, Cristina Shoukry (In Memory of Betty Nash), Melinda Smyth, Mary Stewart, Tennessee Valley Chapter-AACN, Barbara Thompson, Denise Thornby, Triangle Chapter-AACN, Susan Tufford, Deborah Tuggle, Mary Urbane, Amerfino Villano, Lois Watkins, Nick Weitzel (In Memory of Agnes Humrick), Kathleen White, Michael Williams, Deborah Williams (In Memory of Paul and Dorothy Zorilo), Bernice Williams-Winslow, Judith Wilson, Pamela Winter, Donna Young

Katherine Abriam-Yago, Nancy Albert, Samuel Allton, Abcedemata Arrogante, Wayne Babcock, Shirley Barlow, Sara Bassett-Carroll (In Honor of Critical Care Nurses at St. Joseph Hospital, Atlanta, Ga. and Northside Forsyth, Cumming, Ga., Anne Bedlek, Linda Bell, Patricia Bishop, Penelope Blake, Lynn Blanke, Frances Blayney, Donna Bliss, Patricia Blissitt, Cheryl Borden, Dympna Bowers, Cheryl Branch, Brevard Chapter-AACN, Leah Brown, Elizabeth Burlew, Lenette Burrell, Debra Byram, Diane Byrum, Rheta Campbell Sherman (In Honor of Beth Hines and Don Staats), Denae Case, Rose Chapman-Rodriguez, Angela Collini (In Memory of Robert Tryzinski), Martha Conti, Cindi Correa, Adalia Cruz, Marianne Davino, Lori Dellinger, Beth Diehl-Svrjcek, Ruth DiMarzo, Tsinina Duncan (Includes gifts made in Memory of Frank W. Bancraft), Catherine Eagar, Angela Edwards (In Memory of Gloria J. Edwards), Ann Evans, Paul Felice, Charles Fisher (In Memory of Raymond Campbell), Joe Flores, Salome Florida, Dorrie Fontaine, Judith Gardiner, Beth Glassford, Todd Grivetti, Margaret Gruetzemacher, Donna Hare, Mary Hartzell, Cathy Haut, Annette Haynes (In Honor of Wayne and Ruth Quinn), MaryBeth Hegedus, Cheryl Herrmann, Rosanne Hughes (In Honor of Kathleen McCauley), Gertrude Hutchinson, Cynthia Janacek, Patricia Jordan, Dianne Junker, Thelma Jutare-Cerwin (In Memory of Tim E. White), Jennifer Kawi, Edna Keller, Sandra Kirkpatrick, Musette Kotcher, Monica Kramer, Jennifer Kremer, Raymond Kronenbitter, Imsook Kwak, Donald Lamendola, Judith Lang, Ramón Lavandero (In Memory of Wells F. Harvey Jr.), Cindy Lefton, Cynthia Leipold, Patricia Lewis, Jill Lucca, Carol MacKenzie, Sandra Mahanes, Mary Beth Makic, Karin Mann, Donna Marko, Sandra Marshall, William Mausser, Carol McClellan, Jennifer McCurdy, Kathy McGee, Karen McQuillan, James Mears, Sharon Millan, Susan Miner, Laura Mitchell, Mobile Bay Area Chapter-AACN, Mary Moncrief, Valerie Montomery, Donna-Lee Moore-Stout, Heidi Nelson, S. Kay Nichols, Joan O'Brien, Tamara Pegram, Diane Pemberton, Lauri Pemberton, David Pennington, JoAnne Phillips, John Pozar, Helen Psaltis, Carol Puz, Jane Renfro, Judi Robinson, Ruthie Robinson, Patricia Ross, Anne Ruppert, Christine Ryan, Margery Samsel, Brenda Schmitz, Judith Sherman, Maria Shirey, Lynn Smith, Betsy Smith, Maureen Smith (In Memory of Mary McGinty), Marcia Stahovich, Jean Stark, Susan Stash, Robert Steffens, Kathleen Strassell, Suzanne Stuebe, Linda Tamburri (In Memory of Thomas J. Kumbatovic), Mary Tate, Sara Toscano, Pamela Turner, Lisa Valencia-Villaire, Kathleen Wagner, Josephine Wai Ling, Patricia Wendling, Jane Whalen, Editha Wickerham, Clareen Wiencek, Lorie Wild, Polly Willis, Malgorzata Witczak, Carolann Wolek, Consuelo Yokum, Anita Young, Polly Zahrt, Karol Zsarnay (In Memory of John H. Eaken)

Up to $49
Ma Ana Fe Abarca, Elisabeth Abel, Bernhardine Abernathy, Sandy Acquaviva, Helen Adamson, Sandra Adap, Yisau Adebayo, Latimer Aguilar, Lillian Aguirre, Sergio Aguirre, Lisa Alderman, Ardyth Alexander, Vivien Aligada, Alma Alina, Karl Magnus Allansson, Kevin Altmiller, Lolita Alvarez, Carol Ames, Angela Amig, Paulita Amigo, Susan Anders, Ginger Andersen, Rhonda Anderson, JoAnn Anderson, Macie Anderson, Danielle Anderson, Daniel Anderson, Gena Anderson, Eileen Andry, Menodora Angeles, Marie Lou Angulo, Annie Anonas-Ternate, Raymundo Apellido, Carolyn Applebee, Priscilla Appleby, Joyce Aragoni, Reichelle Araula, Deborah Ardente, Carolyn Areffi, Berta Arevalo, Ronan James Armada, Gayle Arneson, Christopher Arnold, Valerie Arth, Susan Asche, Augustus Asenguah, Lourdes Asinas, Cheryl Atkins, Robert Auen, Michele Avila-Emerson, Aurora Aviles-Reyes, Cathy Axberg, Corrine Ayton, Gregory Babcock, William Back, Teresa Bacon, Frances Bagby, Lorna Baker, Shelley Baland, Edita Balaz, Katherine Balkema, Jill Ballantine, Latisha Balogh, Vickie Balsley, Susan Bankhead, Caroline Barbini, Tara Barnes, Dennis Barrette, Corazon Barrios, Denise Bartlett, Shannon Barton, Carolyn Bartos, Kim Basco, Lina Basile, Diann Batchan, Mika Bates, Mary Batoha, Donna Baudendistel, Tamara Bauer, Rose Bawing-Nabert, Kathi Beardshaw, Cecilia Beauprie, Nancy Beck, Susan Becker, Jodie Becker, Isata Beckett, Irene Beckwith, Jean Bedenbaugh, Karen Beegle, Marisa Begley, Carolynn Behne, Tess Behonek, Gena Beliveau, Kimberly Belk, Amy Bell, Aaron Bellow, Danilo Beltran, Frieda Bendeck, Susan Benjamin-Mlynarczuk (In Memory of Kenneth Benjamin), Frances Bennett, Mary Berczy, Wendy Berke, Tobi Berry, Meg Bessey, Margaret Beyer, Ellen Beyerlein, Patrice Bibeau, Betty Bigham, Diane Billings, Gloria Bindelglass, Rachel Binneveld, Melodie Bishop, Gloria Bitner-Burley, Jayne Blackburn, Rosyln Blackman, Debbora Blakesley, Kimberly Bochtler, Marilynn Boedicker-Benson, Nancy Boeing, Connie Bolton, Kathryn Bommer, Joy Bongat, Kathryn Booth, Susan Borglund, Charles Borgstrom, Jenifer Borruel-Rector, Ann Botik, Carole Boucher, Catherine Bourgeois, Christine Bowman, Regina Boyd, Peggy Boyd, Diana Boyer, Yvonne Boyer, Darlene Bradley, Janet Bradley, Barbara Bradley, Debra Brady, Jarrod Brandon, Rhonda Brassil, Theresa Brasuell, Mary Bratton, Marcy Bregman, Marie Brennan, Marguerite Brenner, Leanne Breshears, Angela Brewer, Masako Bridges, Christine Brietzke, Patricia Briggs, Diane Broadley, Lynne Brooks, Sharon Brooks, Juilet Brooks, Randi Brower, Cindy Brown, Cynthia Brown, Carol Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Gwenn Brown, Mary Brown, Robin Brown, Dawn Brown, Elveria Brown-Goolsby, Sandra Brown-Holmes, Sandra Browning, Gail Brunet, Steven Buck, Erica Buck-Khaleeli, Vernon Buntin, Michele Buratti, Linda Burnette, Jeremy Burns, Linda Burton, Harriet Buss, Josie Butlig, Carolyn Byrd, Sofia Caabay, Adela Cabarios, Alma Cabredo, Karen Calhoun, Vicki Calomino, Barbara Camp, Cindy Campbell, Joanne Campbell, Valorie Campbell-Holman, T. Mark Candelaria, Leisa Cantrell, Elva Cantu, Lueda Canuela, Fely Caoili, Shannon Carefoot, Alice Carlin, Patricia Carmody, Marie Carnley, Jeffrey Carpenter, Eloiuse Carriere, Kent Carrington, Michele Carron, Sarah Carruthers, Nancy Carson, Elizabeth Carson, Marie Carter, Rebecca Carter, Linda Cassano, Karen Cassaro, Paige Castello, Francine Cataldi, Rebecca Catri, Margaret Cavinder, Lisa Cedeno, Marilyn Chalberg, Candice Chaney, Patchara Chansmorn, Jill Chaperon, Ronnie Chapleau, Elizabeth Chappell, Karen Charters, Kathy Chastain, Michael Chatterton, Belinda Childers, Amanda Childress, Tracy Chin, Frank Chisholm, Mary Chun, Julie Cianciulli, Maragaret Cicutti, Cheryl Ciocca-Howard, Keri Clapper, Pamela Clark, Sandra Clarke, Mary Clarke, Terri Clarkson, Anne Clay, Ashley Clegg, Vita Clements, Coleen Clennon, Debra Cloninger, Clare Close, Kim Cobb, Donna Cochran, Virginia Cockrell, Evelyn Codd, Mary-Margaret Codelka, Paula Coe, Karen Coffland, Kathryn Coffy, Elaine Coke, Russell Colahan, 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DePanfilis (In Memory of Mildred Stratman), Nancy Derby, Cassandra Deseve, Cassie Deshotels, Shelia Desranleau, Jill Devine, Graciela Diaz, Vanessa Diaz, Diane Dick, Marnie Dickens, Michelle Dickey, Paul Dickinson, Joy Dihayco-Dent, Tammy Dingee, Gladys Dinglasan, Jeanne Dinh, Ruth Directo-Arreza, Maryann DiRenzo, Beate Dirska, Patricia Ditoro, Bernadine Dixon, May Dizon, Andrea Dobkin, Barbara Doerr, Karen Dolnick, Amalia Domingo, Sharon Donlon, Michael Donnelly, Janet Donoghue, Christine Dorman, Phalisa Dorsey, Sharon Dorsey, Wendy Doudrick, Karen Douglas, Linda Douglas, Mary Rosanne Dowdy, Paula Doyle, Ashley Drake, Lashelle Draper, Anne Drolet, Arnold Drown, Criselda Druker, Linda Duncan, Jesusa Duncan, Kimberly Dunch, Nancy Duran, Loraine Durmann, Annette Dwyer, Renee Eaton, Oru Eben, Donna Ecton, Natrisha Edberg, Victoria Edmonds, Charles Edmonson, Linda Edwards, Jennifer Ehlert, Hope Ehrensberger, Melissa Eichele, Suzanne Elie, Denise Elliott, Opal Elliott, Anne Ellis, Kristi Ellison, Evelyn Ello, Peggy Emery, Jean Endryck, Rosemarie Eneria, Elizabeth Enright, Alma Enteria, Sherry Epstein, Nancy Erman, Michelle Ernzen, John Estabrook, Brenda Estes, Joselito Estrella, Hayley Estrem, Jacqueline Euchaski, Julie Evanish, Debbie Evans, Anne Evans, Mary Eve, Alexandra Fairey, Marilyn Falk, Britt Fargo, Jessica Fashant, Zuzana Faustka, Sharon Feder, Felicia Feldkamp, Debbie Ferguson, Pacita Fernandez, Elaine Fetzer, Cynthia Fielders, Marie Filipponi, Christopher Finch, Kristin Finn, Doris Finney, Debora Fishel, Gloria Fishel, Terry Flake, Lauren Flanagan, Donna Fleshman, Dee Florent, Susan Flynn, Glenn Forrest, Pamela Frantz, Stephanie Fraser, Gail Fredenburgh, Nanci Fredrich, Carla French, Kathleen Frengel, Mary Fricker, Lisa Friedman, Ute Friedrich-Hofer, Allen Friend, Esther Fuchita, Kathleen Fuller, Russ Fulton, Sally Fung, Elaine Fyfe, Anna Gabriel, Patricia Gabucci, Jacqueline Galbiati, Kathie Galias, Amy Gallagher, Moya Gallagher, Linda Gamboa, Faith 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Hodges, Debra Hoekstra, La Nora Holcombe, Elizabeth Holland, Susan Holland, Tina Holmes, Charlcy Holtzendorff, Joyce Holubec, Cynthia Honess, Greselda Hontucan, Lana Hood, Tracie Hopkins, Gloria Hoppler, Taunya Horn, Martha Hornschemeier, Vickie Horton, Mary Hostetter, Mary Ann House-Fancher, Linda Houston, Mary Lee Howard, Daniel Howe, William Howie, Charlene Howland, Marilyn Hravnak, Ho Lin Hsiao, Diane Hubers, Bonnie Hudson, Shirley Huffman, Karen Hull, Cynthia Humble, Amanda Hundley, Judith Hunter, Mia Hunter, Cristina Hunyadi, Billie Hutter, Donna Huttner, Janet Ibrahim, Pauline Ignacio, Patricia Inman, Claudia Irmiere, Ivy Isaac, Linda Iserman, Caroline Iverson, Christine Iwanicki, Seketha Jackson, Dawn Jackson, Patricia Jackson, Anne Jacoby, Teresa Jahn, Karen Janos, Jocelyn Javellana, Anne Marie Jay, Marilyn Jay, Jeannette Jefferies, Judith Jennrich, Margaret Jensen, Eva Jerome, Melody Johns, Alicia Johnson, Doris Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Robert Johnson, Donna Johnson, Donald Johnson, Vicki Johnson, Yvonne Johnson, Maryanne Johnson, Debra Johnstin, Jo Ann Jones, Kasey Jones, Dorothy Jones, Jean Jones, Linda Jones, Marie Joseph, Gwendolyn Joseph, Leena Joseph, Susan Josselyn, Ngoc Jucha, Elizabeth Kaczmarek, Lisa Kalafus, Jennifer Kaliff, Peggy Kalowes, Bina Kandziora, Catherine Kane, Helen Kantz, Mary Kasten, Izabela Kazana, Mary Kearney, Eileen Kelleher, Joanne Kellie, Lacy Kelly, Janice Kerr, Kimberly Kessler, Marcia Kessler, James Kesterson, Donna Ketelsen, Lisa Keys, Jovita Khamdet, Hourig Kherlopian, Kellie Kidd, Rachel Kilgore, Rachel Kilgore, Mabel Kim, Son Kim, Faye Kimball, Heather Kimberlin, Lori Kimmel, Kelly Kirkpatrick, Teri Kiss, Gregory Klaus, Charles Kline, Janet Kloos, Emily Klosky, Catherine Klotz, Lynda Knight, Cynthia Kociszewski, William Koncaba, Cathi Koneru, Anna Konuch, Jessica Koskinen, June Kostick, Cathleen Kress, Cassandra Krinski, Jane Krolewski, Karen Krowl-Denham, Mary Kruger, Barbara Krumbach, Christine Kruskamp, Lori 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In Support of the AACN Scholarship Endowment
In the Circle: Excellence in Clinical Practice—Non-Traditional Setting Award

Editor’s note: Part of the AACN Circle of Excellence recognition program, the Excellence in Clinical Practice—Non-Traditional Setting Award honors excellence in the care of critically ill patients in environments outside the traditional ICU/CCU setting. Following are excerpts from exemplars submitted in connection with this award for 2005.
Capt. Darcy Mortimer, RN, MSN, CCRN
Verona, N.J.
Wilford Hall Medical Center
My experience as an intensive care nurse was invaluable during one of my first flights as a critical care air transport nurse. At the Baghdad field hospital, the patient was a 24-year-old soldier severely injured in a car bomb explosion. His injuries included bilateral, below-the-knee amputations, an eye injury and second/third degree burns to his face and arm. I have never seen a person so severely injured, let alone one of our soldiers. But I couldn’t think about it. He was hypotensive, tachycardic, hypovolemic and anemic.

Air transport was very challenging because inherently it placed the patient at risk for complications. This soldier was ventilated with a stable respiratory status, but he was too unstable to tolerate altitude changes with his severe anemia. He needed blood immediately. The field hospital’s blood supply was depleted, so a call was made for blood donations. While I started the patient on a vasopressor and fentanyl drip, two soldiers donated blood. I considered the need for the patient to be in a hospital versus our mobile environment with his unstable hemodynamic status, anticipated possible in-flight complications and considered my limited medications/supplies.

The whole blood, still warm, was handed to me. My internal nursing red flags went up. I considered whether I could support him in the event of an in-flight blood transfusion reaction. Was this transport safe? The answer was “yes” to all these questions, and we could support him. The patient improved during the eight hours we cared for him.

Upon reflection, I am thankful for my nursing experience and knowledge base. It helped me to use the principles behind the practice to be successful in this unique environment. I must be vigilant to be a true patient advocate in uncertain and chaotic situations because others may lose focus of the patient. I am proud to have served this man who serves his country.

Note: Capt. Mortimer also received the 3M Excellence in Clinical Practice Award.
Susan M. Wright, RN, BSN, CCRN
Dexter, Mich.
University of Michigan Health System
A pleasant surprise I have experienced as a ventricular assist device coordinator has been learning about the elderly living with VADs. At age 79, Mr. F was in a randomized clinical trial for long-term therapy versus continued medical therapy. He was randomized to the LVAD, beginning our three-year journey.

Because Mr. F has been living alone, he arranged to live with family members, who were taught about LVAD operations and emergency procedures. Managing the LVAD turned out to be doable for Mr. F. What was difficult was adjusting his life to living with his children.

Eventually, Mr. F found an assisted living center near the hospital where he could live independently and where he was happy. Staff training included everyone from administrators to the chief, in case an emergency arose. A few emergencies did arise, with one being the most serious of LVAD alarms—the “red heart,” indicating device end-of-life. Mr. F executed his LVAD training beautifully, until he was transported to our emergency room.

Eventually Mr. F became frail and lost interest in activities that he had enjoyed. Despite his LVAD, his overall condition deteriorated and he chose to have hospice care until his death. I learned a great deal from Mr. F. I learned how to manage patients from a great distance. I also learned how to overcome staff resistance to new technology, such as an LVAD, and to expand my advocacy skills. I learned that the elderly are capable of managing new technology. Most of all, Mr. F reinforced the value of listening to the patient and taking into account all aspects of the patient’s health, not just his or her age.
Critical Care Air Transport Team
Lackland AFB, Texas
Wilford Hall Medical Center
(59th Medical Wing)
Our critical care air transport teams consist of a critical care nurse, a respiratory therapist and a critical care physician. CCATT nurses work in environments unlike any other. We begin our “shifts” with an alert page, and provide nursing care in an environment that tilts, vibrates and often is pitch black to thwart enemy ground fire. Our ICUs are inside Air Force cargo aircraft, departing austere locations such as Afghanistan or Iraq via rigorous tactical take-off maneuvers. Our patients may have experienced multiple traumas, including head injuries, severe burns, traumatic amputations and abdominal injuries, and might have been victims of rocket-propelled grenades or improvised explosive devices.

We accept our critically injured patients, up to six at a time, either directly from helicopters or field hospitals. We enable the journey for our wounded warriors to the next echelon of care to begin very soon after their initial injuries, allowing brave soldiers, marines and airmen to begin the recovery process and see their families sooner. With sometimes only an hour to anticipate needs and prepare for the long flight to definitive care facilities, our nurses must often improvise and employ ingenuity to compensate for the conveniences of traditional ICUs.

Our CCATT nurses are an important link in a caring chain that begins in the Middle East and ends back on U.S. soil. At times, situations tested our emotions, as it’s never easy to see one of your own in the patient role. It is always moving to see the sights and sounds of Air Force aircraft opening to reveal their most precious cargo – America’s sons and daughters in the caring hands of CCATT nurses. Although we likely may never see our patients again after our missions, their faces and these experiences are ingrained in us forever.

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April 13 “Ethical Dilemmas and Moral Distress” in acute and critical care audio conference from 12:30 to 2 p.m. (EDT). To register for this event, cosponsored by
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May 19-25 National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition, Anaheim, Calif. For more information, visit the AACN Web site.

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