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Vol. 23, No. 2, FEBRUARY 2006

Don’t Miss Out on These Certification Highlights at the NTI

Certification is prominent at AACN’s annual National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition. This year, the NTI is scheduled for May 20 through 25 in Anaheim, Calif. Following are a few of the certification highlights you won’t want to miss:

Celebration Dinner
AACN Certification Corporation will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the CCRN certification program at the annual Certification Celebration dinner on Wednesday, May 24, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Current certificants with the following credentials are invited to attend: CCRN, CMC, CSC, PCCN, CCNS, ACNP and CCRN Alumni. Comedian Taylor Mason will serve as master of ceremonies for the evening’s events, which will include recognition, prize drawings and free CEs on a CD-ROM. Tickets may be purchased in advance in conjunction with NTI registration or on site at the NTI registration desk. The dinner is cosponsored by Hill-Rom and Children’s Hospital of Orange County, in partnership with AACN Certification Corporation. Atrium Medical Corporation will again sponsor memento mugs.

Paper-and-Pencil Exams
Paper-and-pencil versions of the CCRN, CCNS and PCCN specialty exams, as well as the new CMC and CSC subspecialty exams, will be offered on Monday, May 22, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Preregistration is required. Applications are available online at www.certcorp.com > What’s New or by calling (800) 899-2226 (specify CCNS, CCRN, PCCN, CMC or CSC exam at NTI). The application deadline is Tuesday, April 4.

Concurrent Sessions

• A session titled “Nursing Outcomes Research: CalNOC—The First Decade” will be presented on Monday, May 22. Copresenters Nancy Donaldson, RN, DNSc, FAAN, and Linda Burnes Bolton, RN, DrPH, FAAN, will synthesize a decade of nursing quality measurement conducted by the nation’s largest statewide nursing quality research and development project, CalNOC, and relate the data to nurse staffing, certification and patient outcomes.
• On Wednesday, May 24, Denise Thornby, RN, MS, CNAA, will present a session titled “Raising the Bar and Moving Beyond the Barriers to Certification.” Challenging and supporting nurses in achieving specialty certification is a key strategy to raise the bar of professional practice and improve the quality of patient care. This session is for those who want to promote and support certification.

Certification Oasis
The Certification Oasis, co-sponsored by Clarian Health Partners and AACN Certification Corporation, is a place where certified nurses attending NTI can catch a quiet moment or two between sessions, enjoy light refreshments and converse with colleagues. Information sessions will also be held in the Oasis throughout the week, with updates on specialty and subspecialty nursing certifications and renewal by CERPs programs. Individuals interested in learning more about certification are invited to stop by and meet AACN Certification Corporation representatives.

For more information and to register for the NTI, visit the AACN Web site.

Progressive Care Exam Achieves NCCA Accreditation

The National Commission on Certifying Agencies has granted accreditation to AACN Certification Corporation’s PCCN Certification Examination program through Aug. 31, 2009.

The PCCN exam was launched in the paper-and-pencil format in conjunction with the NTI in May 2004 in Orlando, Fla. Computer-based testing began in August 2004.

The PCCN program joins the CCRN and CCNS programs among the NCCA-accredited certification examination programs offered by AACN Certification Corporation. Accreditation applications for the new cardiac subspecialty exams—CMC (cardiac medicine) and CSC (cardiac surgery)—will be submitted when volume or time offered requirements have been met. A new certification program (one that has not previously received NCCA accreditation) may apply for accreditation after one year of administration of the assessment instrument or when at least 500 candidates have been assessed with that instrument, whichever comes first.

NCCA accredits certification organizations complying with its standards. The mission of NCCA is to help ensure the health, welfare and safety of the public through the accreditation of certification programs or organizations that assess professional competence. The NCCA uses a peer-review process to establish accreditation standards, to evaluate compliance with these standards, to recognize organizations or programs that demonstrate compliance and to serve as a resource on quality certification. The purpose of NCCA accreditation is to provide the public and other stakeholders the means by which to identify certification programs that serve their competency assurance needs. NCCA’s standards exceed the requirements set forth by the American Psychological Association and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Progressive Care Exam Achieves NCCA Accreditation
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Task Force

In November 2005, AACN Certification Corporation assembled a nationa
task force to develop an acute care nurse practitioner test plan based
on data from the most recent Comprehensive Study of Practice. Members
of the task force included (from left, seated) Linda Prinkey-Briggs, board
liaison Judy Verger, staff liaison Karen Harvey, Susan Yeager and Peggy
Kirkwood and (from left, standing) Nicole Grim, Randy Caine, Debbie Becker,
Nancy Munro, staff liaison Carol Hartigan and Linda Baas.

Apply for Paper-and-Pencil Exams at Trends by March 16

The application deadline for exams offered at the Spring Trends Conference is Thursday, March 16, 2006. The exam date is Thursday, April 27, 2006, in Philadelphia, Pa. All AACN Certification Corporation exams except the CCNS exam will be offered.

For special Trends Exam Handbook and Application, visit the AACN Certification Corporation Web site at www.certcorp.org > What’s New or call (800) 899-2226.

Congratulations to Newly Certified CCRNs!

Michelle E. Abaya, Tatiana Abbundi, Vivian C. Abella, Alvin P. Abella, Marietta Kaye Abernathy, Hayat N. Aberra, Gideon M. Abraham, Sharon B. Acanto, Ernesto A. Acebo, Janice Anderson Aceto, Julie D. Acosta, Sherry K. Adair, Brigette R. Adair, Adam H. Adame, Katherine L. Adamo, Suzanne J. Adams, Danyel D. Adams, Kevin A. Adams, Grace C. Adams, Stephaine H. Adams, Miranda Renee Adams, Gisella C. Adum, Alma Z. Agulto, Loretta O. Agusiegbe, Sandra M. Ahlswede, Melanie R. Ahrens, Kimberly Lorene Ahrens, Kerri L. Ahrens, Levia Airall, Yvonne R. Ajuz, Patricia Sue Akers

Helen A. Alarid, Joseph L. Albano, Diane K. Albert, Teri Yvonne Alberty, Ernest S. Alcantara, Maria Scarlet FAlfonso, Yvette O. Alfonso, Ethel T. Alimbuyao, Darrell N. Alinea, Clayton Randolph Allen, Angela R. Allen, Sarah Matern Alles, Michelle Rae Alley, Carolyn Allison, Ramiro Almaguer, Betty M. Alphonse, Robert A. Altiero, Rachel Aluis, Aurorita Meriel Amador, Anita Aman, Sarah Marie Amendola, Penny Amornvut, Lillian An, Emilienne K. Anderson, Kathryn Corrinne Anderson, Maureen Susanne Anderson, Alisha Nicole Anderson, Betty Louise Anderson, Deborah B. Andrews, Irina O. Andrews, Emmanuel R. Angeles, Natalie Wright Angelle, Ellen J. Angelo, Diane Ankrom, Shobhana Rosemary Antony, Jill E. Apple, Navina L. Aranha, Louie Dunton Arcenas, Tara Kaye Archer, Joseph Arcieri, Rebecca Arellano, Angelie Iguet Arenson, Sharon Pelly Argenbright, Suzanne M. Ariza, Ronan James Armada, Mary J. Armendariz, Lisa Armstrong, Michelle C. Armstrong, Dennis Wayne Armstrong, Christine Elizabeth Armstrong, Justin Paul Arnold, Becky L. Arnold, Martha Arredondo, Joseph M. Arrington, Roderick A. Articulo, Mercedes Ascano, Joy E. Aschettino, Ralph K. Ascione, Larry G. Ashby, Angela Stephanie Asher, Caroline H. Assmann, Sarah Aston, Marcelo Octavio Astudillo, Sharon Nataline Athaide, Jennifer Marvel Atiba-Davies, Anne Aubry, Tracie Lavette Augusta, Lori W. Austin, Jennifer Lynn Austin, Lance Avants, Susanne Averbeck, James L. Avery, Amanda C. Avery, Alicia Avitia, Brian G. Aydell, Diane Midori Ayers, Sarah E. Ayres, Marvin B. Azares

Samuel Kofi Baah, Salome Ceniza Babanto, Kari Lynn Babbitt, Linda Bacalso, Leslie S. Bachar, David J. Bachert, Brian A. Badeaux, Margot R. Baida, Terry L. Bailey, David P. Bailey, Mary Ann Bailey, Lisa Dawn Bailey, Greg S. Baird, Diane E. Bajada, Sherry L. Baker, Tonya D. Baker, Howard LeRoy Baker, Julie N. Baker, Grant Theodore Balbarin, Elizabeth A. Baldwin, Maricar Balite, Krystal Judith Ball, Robert W. Ball, John C. Ballard, Jean Frances Ballenthin, Carl Gene Bally, Maria Mila Balo, Anthony J. Balukoff, Maria Milagros Bandalan, Ellen Banerjea, Joel C. Bangen, Ronald Banilbo, Ruth Banilbo, Carolyn M. Banyash, Stephanie Marie Baranko, Lynne Marie Baranowski, Martha L. Barca, Tracie D. Bardwell, Rachel D. Barham, Joanne Macaranas Baribal, Wendy C. Barker, Elizabeth B. Barnby, Eric E. Barnes, Marlene P. Barnett, Adam Jude Barney, Annette Rose Barone, Joan M. Barrera, Elizabeth V. Barrett, Wilma A. Barrientos-Elumir, James D. Barringer Jr., James D. Barringer III, Sheila Balladares Barshes, Vernon Bartholomew, Jeffrey J. Bartkowiak, Brendan P. Barto, Cindy J. Barto, Andrea Rose Barton-VanRy, Sarah C. Barty, Edlene G. Basan, Robin A. Bashore, Sally R. Baskett, Leslie A. Basor, Beth L. Bassin, Lee Y. Bastian, John Joseph Bates, Lydia E. Battey, Andrea Lynn Baumann, Mia C. Bausell, Phoebe H. Bautista, Theresa Maria Bautista, Natalie E. Baxter, Tamara Lyn Baxter, Amy B. Bayse

Suzanne M. Beach, Bonnie J. Beach, Randall Dean Beadle, Rebecca L. Beals, Lisa Joan Beaver, Alice M. Beck, Lorna C. Beckford, William Guy Beckworth, Ellen L Beeghly, Kimberly Renee Beeler, Darla L. Beers, Meaghan Mary Beerson, Sandra Kay Beidler, William G. Belden, Jennifer A Belitz, Jeronical D. Bell, Deborah Kay Bell, Kathleen Elizabeth Bell, Marcy Nicole Bell, Candelaria P. Benadero, Sheila M. Bender, Mary J. Benedict, Amy Janae Benedict, Yolanda L. Benito, Lori Anne Bennett, JoAnn Hilary Bennett, Cynthia L. Benton, Catherine J. Bereza, Beth Ann Berg, Debra F. Bergland, Emily Erin Bergstrom, Christine E. Berling, Jennifer R. Bernard, Nancy J. Berndt, Lynda J. Bernier, Amy E. Berno, Judy Lee Berry, Jimmy Buenafe Bersamin, Jeannie M. Bessett, Mary Jane Best, Susan Slaughter Bettis

Grace A. Bianco, Stacey A. Bigenho, Martha J. Binkard, Wendy Lou Bird, James Patrick Birkemose, Cristy J. Bishop, Caroline Mary Blachford, Kelly J. Black, Nicholas P. Black, Pamela J. Blackburn, Kristi L. Blair, Dana Elizabeth Blake, Averyl G. Blake-Fraites, David Andrew Blaker, Teresa Gale Blanc, Pamela Blanding, Pamela B. Blaney, Tracy Anne Blecha, Terry Blight, Michael J. Blomquist, Debra C. Blum, Randy Alan Blumanhourst, Paul Steven Blumreich, Loretta A. Blyshak, Paul Christopher Boackle, Patrick L. Bodden, Jack S. Bogart, Darren J. Boivin, Monica L. Bologna, Carlita S. Bongolan, Matthew Bonser, Linda K. Bontrager, Paula Suzanne Booth, Susan E. Booton, Myra Borden, John William Bordwine, Cynthia G. Borgeson, Gail P. Boston, Julie Boudreaux Harris, Timothy Chanho Bougie, Darlene Joan Bourgeois, Junia Bourgoin, Laura R. Boutros, Charles K. Bowden, Kimberly J. Bowe, Robert J. Bowen, Ryan C. Bowers, Patricia J. Bowker, Kathleen N. Bowman, Theresa J. Bowman, Karen I. Boxell, Trisha L. Boyd, Susan M. Boydstun, Donald J. Boydstun, Jeanne M. Boyer, Rose A. Boyer-Wilcox, Theresa L. Boyle, Marcy L. Boyle

Katherine A. Bradbury, Monty Bradford, Martha J. Bradley, Maureen Patricia Brami, Charlotte Aldy Branch, Rebekah M. Brandon, Jarrod D. Brandon, Laura Elizabeth Brannigan, Surinder K. Brar, Jade E. Brashear, Rebeca B. Braswell, Laura Joanne Bratcher, Zachary X. Breaux, Lisa Marie Breece, Patricia E. Breedlove, Suzanne B. Breedlove, John W. Breen, Dawn M. Brefczynski, Lorraine Lopez Brenner, Sonya Marie Bressler, Chrystal A. Brezel, Lisa Ann Bridwell Robinson, Shawn Dale Bright, Susan H. Brillantes, Candace L. Brim, Joel Pamintuan Briones, Kevin Glenn Brister, Gloria Brizan, Kristen Marie Brock, Rhiannon Brock, Alexandra J. Brock, Mary Lauren Brodie, Judith Ann Brohm, Sue Ann Bromley, Dianne W. Bronkie, Jami Patrice Brooks, Juilet A. Brooks, Yvette M. Brooks, Michele Anne Brooks, G.Anne Brooks, Nicholas Paul Broussard, Sandra K. Browder, Pamela Larue Brown, Tamika R. Brown, Chrystal Celeste Brown, Tamera Lynn Brown, Nicole R. Brown, Kara L Brown, Teresa Renee Brown, Benjamin Bryan Brown, Nathan W. Brown, Nicole Jeanine Broyer, Kari J. Brudevold, Bonnie M. Brummer, Shane Aaron Brunges, Megan E. Brunson, Rhonda Lynn Bruyn, Linda Bryan, Carol M. Bryant, Joseph M. Bucher, Emilie Mueller Budd, Michelle Mccleaf Buie, Cathy Ann Bullick, Juliet C. Bunker, Deborah D. Bunton, Jennifer Burak, Wilma R. Burchett, Jonathan Bryan Burge, Kelly A. Burk, Mary P. Burke, Melissa D. Burkett, Maureen K. Burkhart, Amy C. Burlar, Kevin Peter Burman, Sarah K. Burns, Stephanie V. Burroughs, Richard Burrow, Lisa A. Busher, Maria K. Buss, Jennifer Lynn Butcher, Byron Mark Buthman, Doris L. Butler, Brian M. Butler, Muhammad U. Butt, Craig A. Button, Lindsey Nichole Buxton, Leah M. Byerly, Jacqueline B. Byrd, John Randall Byrd, Janet Byrnes

Eduardo T. Cabahug, Stephanie E. Cabana, John Cabatu, Valori B. Cable, Marlly Cadavid, Sara A. Caito, Kristi Lee Caldera, Luis M. Calderon, Diane L. Calhoun, Valerie Ann Calkin, Sarah Bianca Callander, Tim G. Callaway, Angela S. Calvert, Corina D. Calvin, Jose Benigno V. Camano, Cheryl L. Cameron, Rey Christian P. Cameros, Staci Michelle Cammuse, Marie G. Campbell, Jessica R. Campbell-Groves, Christie M. Candelaria, Alejandro Victor Cando, Debra J Cannatti, Tom Cannon, Colleen M. Cansler, Christina McCarter Cantey, Jane L. Cantoni, Manuela C. Cantu, Roy C. Caparroso, Karen Elizabeth Capen, Trinidad C. Capre, Erika A Capri, David Caraballo, Elizabeth L. Cardiel, Shannon L. Carefoot, Lisa J. Carey, April Lynn Carlin, Tanya Carlino, Barbara Ann Carlson, Martha A Carlstead, Avelyne Pearl Caronan, Dawn L. Carpenter, Jason Evan Carr, Kathleen Ann Carr, Francisco J. Carrillo, Beatriz Carrillo-Blanco, Mary L. Carter, Cynthia Mae Carter, Kristyna B. Carter, Heidi L. Carter, Cynthia D. Carter, Tricia Lea Carver, Theresa Lynn Cary, Kara E. Case, Janet Casey, Colleen Marie Casey, Patricia Ann Casnellie Wiest, Diane Christine Cassady, Linda F. Cassidy, Erin E. Cassidy-Lunman, Laura K. Castellanos, Mary K. Castillo, Nina Tallafer Castro, Stefanie M. Cave, Doris J. Cavlovich, Michele R. Cecil, Mary Beth Centinaro, Stephanie Renee Cerny, Laura Cervantes, Kristina L. Cervantes, Danica Chadwick, Ameera Anna Chakravarthy, Lisa Chalfin, Deanna P. Chambers

Janet Claire Chambers, Rodney Q. Chan, Jeannie Chanacki, Robert Allen Chapman, Bethany Anne Charron, Ada Jane Chase, Robin Lettica Chase, Paula Ann Chatfield, Elena C. Chatham, Quyen Chau, Grace Chau, Keely Cheff, Liyun Chen, Shu-hui Chen, Jade H. Cheng, Siew Lee Cheng, Jincy Cherian, Sally Ann Chiado, Ronald J. Chiapusio, Eric Ching, Kathleen Anne Chitty, Beena Tojo Chorath, Linda Chorba, Rebecca Jane Chow, Ruby Z. Chu, John Chung, Theresa F. Chupein, Dianne Cicio, Kimberly D. Cipriano, Olivia Anne Clarin, Elizabeth Ann Clark, Elizabeth D. Clark, Terry Lynn Clark, Laird Ian Clark, Michele A. Clarke, J. Neal Clayton, Charles M. Clayton, Joseph P. Clement, Sandra Mary Cliche, Norma Louise Clifford, Melissa L. Cliver, Lisa A. Close, Clare Withington Close, Paula J. Coate, Kristin L. Cody, Shannon L. Cole, Shelly M. Cole, Regina Coleman, Kimberly Ann Coleman, Joseph Luke T. Coleongco, Nancy Collado, Timothy Shawn Colley, Anne M. Collier, Greta V. Collier, John A. Collins, Katherine Page Collins, Page L. Collins, Randy W. Collins, Therese M. Collins, Nicholas A. Collins, Tylor J. Collins, Nathaniel D. Collins, Tammy S. Collins, Scott C. Colombo, Jamie Michelle Combs, Dara Michele Commons, Patricia Cone, Robert Wilton Cone, April L. Connelly, Rachel Deborah Conner, Mun C. Conners, Annie M. Connor, Kathleen Ann Connor, Laura Connors, Patrick Conroy, Jamie Conroy, Anne Marie Constant, Eve Marie Conversa, Patricia J. Cook, Nancy E. Cook, Andrea Michelle Cook, Theresa M. Coons, John Copen, Nancy M. Corda, Matthew R. Corder, Pamela Cordero, Melinda L. Cordon, Janet M. Corley, Leslie Corn, Myra Coronel, Happy V. Coronel, Gil P. Corpin, Sara M. Corpuz, Michel D. Cosby, Barbara A. Cottrell, Deborah M. Coughlin, Lynne G. Coughlin, Amanda L. Coughlin, Lisa A. Courtney, Donna M. Cova, Susan B. Covert, Raymond S. Cowan, Scott Jay Cowan, Kirk Cromwell Cowan, Billy Boyd Cox, Michelle J. Cox-Porter, Gerard F. Coyle, Rhonda M. Coyle, Belynda Sue Crandall, Iracema M. Crawford, Rachel Jean Crawford, Robin A. Criswell, Susan Denise Crocker, Teresa S. Cronell, Stephanie L. Croom, June Belle Crow, M. Angelica Purgatorio Cruz, Thomas Culberson, Lisa L. Cummings, Meagan J. Cummings, Thomas Paul Cunningham, Teresa C. Cunningham, Golda P. Cupin, Cynthia E. Cuppernell, Jon D. Currie, Katina Jo Currin, Jill M. Curry, Yelena Sergeyevna Curtis, Laura Curtis, Claudia N. Curtis, Cynthia E. Cutler, Mary P. Cwiertniewicz, Sharon Czech-Siewert, Christopher J. Czepiel, Katie E. Daigle, Debra L. Dalbey, Harold E. Dalton, Mary Lu Daly, Mary Ann Daly, Rosario Q. Damian, Wendell G. Dancel, Marilou Dandoy, Jessica Lynn Dane, Mary M. Daniel, Regina G. Daniels, Ian E. Dashnay, Maria Socorro David, Liza Jill Davidov, Ann-Marie Davidson, Pamela G. Davis, Karel J. Davis, Kathleen Julieann Davis, Elizabeth M. Davis, Kristen M. Davis, Tara Lynne Davis, Steven Robert Davis, Tina R. Day, Michelle Culala Dayday, Lawrence P. De Vega, Sheila Mary Deakin, Anesia W. Deal, Cynthia Boyd Dear, Surane Debela, Todd W. Decuir, Michelle Ann Dedeo, Tina M. Dedo, Paula A. Defazzio, Melissa A. DeForge, Tara L. Degiorgio, Annierose J. DeGuzman, Jacq Susana S. Del Rosario, Annette Ambito Dela Cruz, Gail S. Delfin, Karen Delgado, Brian M. DelGrosso, Michelle A. Dellavalle, Kimberle S. Deller, Debra Elise Deloach, Pamela J. Dempewolf, Keith B. Denison, David L. Dennis, Lisa Ann Dennis, Debra L. Dennison, Carol Ann Dennison, Christina J. Denton, Catherine DePhillips, Sheila J. DeRiso, Angela S. DeSilva, Dolores R. Desmarais, Emily Marie Detrick, Jennifer V. Deveza, Amanda B. Dickert, Lorie Digilio, Leah Ann Dilley, Charles W. Dillmann, Rachelle Lee Dillon, Angela Marie Dillon, Elenita J. Dimarucut, Long T. Dinh, Kathleen Mary Dipino, Karen Dishong, Michael Douglas Dixon, Patrick W. Dixon, May C. Dizon, Judith C. Dobke, Patricia S. Doddridge, Karnadi Peter Doeve, Angeline E. Doherty, Geraldine M. Dolan, Olga Dolgova, Nelson D. Doma, Jeffrey Dominguez, Amy Kathryn Dondlinger, Darla Dooley, Carrole Dorcent, Paula D. Dorsey, Mitchell P. Dotson, Glenn Robert Doty, Laurel H. Douglas, Kim A. Downes,

Laurie L. Downs, Marci Louise Dowson, Ann L. Doyle, Michael Edward Doyle, Michelle R. Drabkin, Corinne A. Draves, Cynthia Lukas Drenan, Michele L. Drollette, Robert H. Droste, Jennifer Anne Drover, Arnold C. Drown, Hope Rachelle Droz, Melody S. Drwal, Victor A. Duarte, Edmond A. Dube, Michael Charles Duchschere, Leeda B. Dudley, Christopher L. Dugan, Petrail Ulaine Duke, Aimee B. Dumlao, Melissa Cate Dunavant, Marc Brandon Dunbar, Dawn G. Dunbar, Robert W. Duncan, Danielle C. Duncan, Tracie E. Duncan, Gina M. Dunn, George McCoy Dunn, Rowena M. Durand, Wendy Durant, Tammy Jessica Durban, Heather A. Durgin, Rebecca M. Durham, Karima M. Durrazai, Sarah Duryea, Cynthia D. Duschl, Judy Jo Duvall, Annette Dwyer, Michele Lee Dye, Mary Ann F. Dyer, Kimberly L. Eacott, Janet L. Eardley, Ginger C. Earnest, Michelle Marie Eckert, Erica K. Eckhardt, Donna Mae Ecton, Dawn Marie Eden, Keith Walter Edinger, Brooke N. Edwards, Anthony C. Edwards, Debra M. Edwards, Deborah S. Edwards, Jason S. Edwards, Tammy M. Edwards, Pauline Ann Edwards, Courtney R. Edwards, Erica E. Edwards, Patricia Egenton, Jennifer A. Ehlert, Shari M. Eichman, Susan C. Eilers, Vivian Marie Elbert, Shannon Eldridge, Christian G. Eledge, Patricia Marie Elias, Joel Evan Elliott, Kari Alison Elliott, Sarah L. Ellis, Gerri Ellis, Pamela Jean Ellis, John Curtis Elmore, Jeannine Kay Elmquist, Elizabeth A. Elsbree, Adrianne Linn Elsey-Whiton, Almaz T. Emiru, Brian J. Engel, Jeannine M. Engle, Jimmy C. Epperson, Deborah A. Erdman, Gloria Ervin, Heather A. Escudero, Sharon M. Esguerra, Elizabeth A. Essary, David A. Esson, Kristisa R. Estep, Michelle J. Estep, Stacy J. Ettinger, Karen E. Eudaly, Nancy R. Evans, Janie G. Evans, John Keith Evans, Derek Gwyn Evans, Kathleen M. Evaul, Mary L. Eve, Ashka Lanelle Everette, Lynn D. Everette, Patrick Michael Everling, Anne M. Ewers

Francis Palma Fabrigas, Bonnie Sue Faigeles, Allison K. Faiman, Deseiree Ellen Famarin, Gina M. Farinacci-Nugent, Rita L. Farmer, Stephanie Lacerda Farquhar, Kristoffer T. Farrell, Mary Beth Farrell, Susan M. Farrenkopf, Lawrence John Farris, Jennifer Marie Faulconer, Rosana Faustino, Ashley E. Fedan, Debra E. Feekes, Sherry Lynn Felix, Aida Margarita Felix, Carol Ann Felty, Jennifer Sands Femrite, Sharon Margaret Fenning, Gigi F. Fergus, Anne L. Ferguson, Carla Ferguson, Katherine Jennifer Feril, Alicia M. Fernandez, Gina Ann Ferrari, Diane F. Ferrarotti, Lisa Kaye Ferris, Robin H. Fichuk, Charla Fields, Sarah Fields, Kenneth Gerard Filas, Tracey Fillingame, Anne M. Fink, Nicholas R. Fiore, Kevin S. Firestone, Thomas Joseph Firneno, Darolyn Lee Fischer, Jillian C. Fisher, Kristin Leigh Fitzhugh, Terry A. Flake, Colleen Flanagan, Joanne Marie Flath, Lisa M. Fleury, Julie A. Fliam, Shannon Laura Floeter, David Michael Flood, George E. Flores, Vincent Anthony Flores, JoAnn Florez, Marjorie D. Florin, Kawaniee R. Flowe, Cody Lee Flowe, Katherine F. Flowers, Colin S. Fluharty, Lynnette S. Flynn, Holly Ann Flynn, Jacqueline M. Fobel, Irene A. Fokuo, Godfrey Anin Fokuo, Thomas L. Folsom, Wanda E. Foote, Jennifer A. Forcine, Samantha Louise Ford, Bari Lynn Ford, Amy Ruth Ford, Colleen M. Ford, Karen E. Forhane, Joseph Aaron Fortner, Sheila M. Foster, Brian E. Foster, Terry M. Foster, Kathryn Rose Foster, Angela Christine Foulk, Becky A. Foushee

Julia Anne France, Tory Linn Francis, Mark Lee Francis, Kimberly Jan Frank, Polly W. Frank, Francisca Ana Maria Frankel, Sheri Dee Franklin, Lori J. Frederick, John S. Frederick, Carol Ann Fredericks-Schrader, Kevin Ray Freeman, Monica French, Nicole Friel, Trisha Carol Fronczek, Christina E. Frost, Leah N. Fry, Kenneth E. Fryman, Gladys M. Fuertes, M Shane Fulkerson, Kelly Rochelle Fuller, Walter Allen Fuller, Jenniffer L. Funk-Weyant, Teresa Funtelar, Evie M. Furgeson, Greg S. Gaba, Susan Doherty Gabriel, Tabitha Gachiengu, Maureen L. Gagen, Adrian M. Gailey, Kristine M. Gaisford, Charles J. Gallagher, Melanie B. Galle, Sandra Dee Galvin, Lois L. Ganschow, Michael Garcia, Jennifer Ann Garcia, Cristina E. Garcia, Israel Garcia, Violet A. Gardener, Susan F. Garner, Bruce Dale Garwood, Jill E. Gash, Patricia A. Gaskin, Shannon C. Gattini, Erin L. Gavin, Timothy Gebhart, Martina O. Gecale, Teresa D. Geis, Lynn A. Geldert, Trena L. Gelfman, Kathleen Genito-Tamaray, Krystal M. Gennaria, James R. George, Leena George, Edwin B. George, Angela J. Geraets, Maria Victoria A. Gerra, Ronna Ellyn Gersh, Nancy Lynne Getz, Christopher Michael Giberson, David R. Gibson, Alana C. Gibson, Jonathan Gifford, Cathy S. Gilbertson, Lorna Lynn Gill, Sheri D. Gilleland, Stephanie L. Gilliand, Mary C. Gilliland, Mary Elizabeth Ginn, Theresa C. Glibert, Mila L. Glodoveza, Barbara Lynn Glodowski, Elizabeth N. Glover, Tammy L. Glynn, Kristie Danielle Gober, Diann Marie Godby, Patra P. Golab, Maureen M. Gold, David Gold, Erena Goldberg, Allison A. Goldfarb, William Gompert, Tom Gonczi, Mari-Len P. Gonzales, Sandra Gonzalez, Ellis Goodman, Kitty K. Goodright, Demetria Patrice Goodwin, Claudia V. Gordon, Michelle Ann Gorham, Monica Jean Gork, Tricia Anne Goshey, Natalie Gail Gosselin, Patricia A. Gould, Patrice Gowan

Elizabeth Ann Grace, Melinda G. Graf, Margaret E. Graham, Kimberley A. Graham, Amanda J. Graham, Robert J.W. Grain, Kelley Ann Gramstorff, Ana Elizabeth Grantham, Christine D. Grass, Jessica Gratzer, Todd Gray, Amanda J. Green, Nicholas Michael Green, Ese P. Green, Pamela A. Greene, Susan L. Greene, Jeffery James Gresham, Kimberly Sue Grevenstuk, Ramona J. Griffin, Lance David Griffin, Shara A. Griffis, Jennifer L. Griffis, Robert Lynn Griffith, Hilary D. Griffiths, Teri D. Grimes, Linda D. Grinestaff, Sarah Maria Grivicic, Julie A. Groen, Aaron A. Gross, Linda Rae Grossman, Judy A. Grosvenor, Ellen M. Guarini, Maria Catherine G. Guico, Virginia L. Guillory, Elizabeth C. Guncsaga, Marcella O. Gustafson, David A. Gustin, Thomas Gutchewsky, Mindy A. Gutmann, Denise Gutwein

Robert Joseph Haag, Sarah E. Haas, Angela C Habel, Traci R. Haberman, Harald Haeffner, Cynthia Marie Hailey-Moore, Richard Salvatore Haire, Ann K. Hakenson, Nancy N. Hall, Joan F. Hall, Amanda G. Hall, Heather L. Halle, Roy Hamett, Kelly Hamilton, Allie M. Hamilton, Fred Lester Hamlin, Dawn M. Hammock, Darcy Jo Hamre, Mira Han, Nancy E. Han, Anne Estelle Handley, Christopher J. Hanle, Kerry M. Hannifin, Candace M. Hanrahan, John C. Hansen, Amanda B. Hanslik, Peter B. Hanson, Erik Douglas Hanson, Kimberly Ann Hanson, Rick J. Harbus, Susan E. Harpole, Bradley R. Harrell, Billy H. Harris, Gloria Fay Harris, Gerri A. Harris, Nancy L. Harris, Stephen A. Harrison, Ryan Jay Harshburger, Susan L. Hartford, Suzanne L. Hartmann, Vicki L. Hartmann, Stephanie L. Hastings, Trisha S. Haugen, Amy L. Hawkinson, Charles E. Hayes, Sherri Sherrice Hayes, Christopher Shane Hayslip, Nancy A. Headrick, Rachel L. Heard, Kara Doggett Hearn, Martha L. Heaton, Natasha B. Hebert, Kimberlyn Ann Heckford, Tonya R. Heffelfinger, Rebecca J. Hegarty, Leda Anne Heidenreich, Margaret A. Heilman, Alva J. Heilmann, Julie A. Heim, Norma J. Heinrichs, Stacey Jo Helle, Nicole B. Hellman, Lauretta F. Helmich, Matt A. Helwig, Janice Lynn Henderson, Jennifer R. Henderson, Jamie L. Hendricks, Juanita Marie Hendrickson, Rebekah Hendry, Nicole U. Henley, Carol M. Henry, Jessica Kate Henry, Peter J. Hensler, Mark D. Hensley, Jeffrey B Hensley, Ryan C. Hentges, Johanna W. Heppler, Kristine A. Hering, Chad Gabriel Hermes, Susan M. Hernandez, Rachael L. Hernandez, Olivia Hernando, Amy Lynn Herrick, Kimberli J. Herring, Laura Beth Hessel, Susan A. Hessman, DaNine LaShae Hester-Harris, Maria Hevery, Michelle L. Hickey, Dana E Hickey, Nancy J. Hickman, Andria S. Hicks, Sandra K. Hicks, Crisciel Paez Hidalgo, David Warren Higgins, Jill Renee Higgins, Chaz Higgs, Jennifer Hight, Belen A. Hilario, Julia A. Hilbish, Tammy S. Hildebrandt, Bretton S. Hill, Brian A. Hill, Ingrid M. Hill, Raquel D. Hill, Linda M. Hindman, Christine M. Hinebaugh, Terri Hirjak, Tracy A. Hitchner

Lora Jean Hiti, Karen Elaine Hoang, Anita Christine Hoch, Tracy A. Hodge, Lori Anne Hodge, Mary Katheryn Hodges, Elisa Hoevelman, Jo C. Hoffman, Patricia Hogan, Sharon L. Holden, Erin L. Holladay, Charles Eric Holland, Elizabeth Ann Hollar, Denise M. Holloway, Kelly D. Holly, Kelly Nicole Holt, Sarah K. Holthe, Melissa C. Holton, Judith B. Holzigal, Andrea L. Hone, Joosun Hong, Greselda R. Hontucan, Courtney LaShea Hood, Stephanie Hopkins, Tricia K. Hopp, Donald K. Horn, Jason T. Horn, Sarah R. Horner, Benjamin W. Hoste, Stephanie Lynn Hotop, Kimberly A. Houchin, Bruce Lance House, Kelly Lynn Houser, Beverly Y. Howard, Jill E. Howard, Patricia A. Howard, Bernetta M. Howard, Melody L. Howarth, Sharon K. Howe, Anne Taylor Howell, Francie L. Howell, Wendy A. Howell, Shu-Ying Hsieh, Dora I. Hsu, Gerry S. Huber, Victoria R. Hudak, Dawn Lynn Hudson, Colleen M. Hughes, Sharon M. Hughes, Anne C. Hughes, Elizabeth A. Hunnicutt, Supapan Hunsajarupun, Cheryce G. Hunsinger, Cheryl A. Hunt, JoAnn Marie Hunt, Lagrimas S. Hurd, Jeri D. Hutchison, Eunhye Hwang, Cynthia Kay Hyde, Lisa R. Iannuzzi, Scott E. Ibister, Veronica Ignacio, Christopher C. Imes, Delmar Imperial-Aubin, John E. Indrehus, Kimberly A Ingram, Beverly L.G. Inocencio, Brenda Venable Insley, Suzanne M. Ioli, Kelli Marie Irwin, Johnny L. Isenberger, Tina Issac, Eriko Iwata

Martha Lynn Jackman-Lowe, Samantha A. Jackson, Cathlean R. Jackson, Melissa S. Jacobs, Wendy Anne Jacobs, Lynn Ann Jacobs, Katherine M. Jacobsen, Amy Marie Jacobus, Annies James, Stacy Healy James, Stephen D. Jameson, Jennifer Ann Jamison, Jacqueline A. Janicki, Nawal Jansen-Vorbach, Suzette N. Jay, Vansky Jean, Heather P. Jeffery, Michelle R. Jeffries, Karen A. Jen, Corinne M. Jenkins, Jennifer Ann Jenkins, Bernadette M. Jenkins, Todd M. Jensen, Jessica Jensen, Luticia Jevtovic, Seonggeun Jin, Christina M. Joder, Ambili Mary John, Andrea Nicole Johns, Ryan J. Johnson, Bonnie M. Johnson, Karen M. Johnson, Paulette A. Johnson, Mary Lou Johnson, Colleen Johnson, Heather L. Johnson, Theresa I. Johnson, Joyce O. Johnson, Anna Marie Johnson, Melissa Ann Johnson, Lella Jean Johnson, Ruby W. Johnson, Deborah K. Johnson, Lisa M. Johnston, Joel William Johnstun, Jenny L. Jolley, Diane Elizabeth Jolliffe, Rosy V. Jolly, Lisa G. Jones, Tera Lynne Jones, Robyn M. Jones, Ronal Lewis Jones, Delia S. Jones, Beth Ann Jones, Michael G. Jones, M. Charlene Jones, Brian Michael Jones, Jasmine M. Jones, Kriss Ann Jones, Diana B. Jones, Ann Marie Jones-Brown, Belinda D. Jordan, Benjamin D. Jorgensen, Smitha Jose, Jessy S. Joseph, Saramma Joseph, Lizy Joseph, Nancy Israel Joson, Ramola V. Jothikumar, M. Teresa Julich, Jeonghwa Jung, Albert Frank Jurowicz, Barbara E. Jusula, Megan Elizabeth Kabatt, Karen E. Kae, Erin Kathleen Kagel, Leeward Baens Kalingking, Dawn C. Kaliszewski, Carol I. Kallman, Devon Marie Kaltsis, Diana Ruth Kamara, Youjeong Kang, Mary M. Kanichirayil, Dawn M. Kappes, Melissa Ann Kar, Maasoumah Karamimoghadam, Kimberly Layne Karashin, Patricia A. Kardos, Jodi L. Kartes-Heino, Michael Robert Katsaros, Dino F. Kattato, Tina Renee Kauderer, Kristine Kaw, Courtney W. Kaylor, Colleen M. Kayser, Pamela A. Kean, Rhonda Keane, Christine Marie Keenan, Sharon E. Kees, Melissa Jane Keith, Todd Allen Kelcher, Timothy Brent Kell, Jeremy Glen Kellems, Bryan Keller, Kelly C. Keller, Brian F. Kelley, Patricia R. Kelley, Christopher G. Kelley, Cynthia Kelling, Lea A. Kellum, Elizabeth R Kelly, Martin J. Kelly, Jodie G. Kelly, Melissa A. Kemmerle, Tonia R. Kennedy, Michelle L. Kennedy

Kimberly Jean Kenney, Mindy R. Kenney, Lisa Rowan Keplinger, Jon M. Kerr, Susan E. Kerschner, Michael James Kettenring, Rebecca L. Keyes, Shahnaz S. Khan, Eleonora Khodova, Nohad Kiama, Mary E. Kieffer, Vicki Kiesau, Stephanie L. Kilroy, Miok Kim, Hae Ok Kim, Gyungsook Kim, Kristi Denise Kimpel, Donna D. Kincheloe, Eve Angela King, Joann J. King, Mary E. King, Georgia Nicole King, Michael G. Kingery, Melissa J. Kinsey, Patricia Gayle Kirk, Francine J. Kiser, Linda S. Kish, Jessica Lynn Klassen, Kate E. Klein, Sara A. Klein, Gina M. Klingberg, Diane S. Klotz, Jennifer Cathleen Knepper, Michelle L. Knight, Stephen E. Knippa, Joseph V. Kobialka, Kristen G. Koechert, Karl Robert Koehler, Andrea J. Koenker, Mariya Kogan, Candi L. Kohler, Dee Ann Komarnizki, Dorothy L. Komey, Kerry A. Konkov, Sherry Monique Kopplin, Kristina Kay Korpash, Kimberly K. Kort, Heidi R. Kosanke, Michele Kosinski, Jacqueline Rachelle Koslan, Deirdre Koulakis, Teri R. Kovac, Gigi J. Kozinski, Debra L. Kramlich, Leonard Krasner, Nicole L. Krause, Georgia R. Krein, Samantha Paige Kreitz, Jeff T.V. Kroeger, Jessica S. Kroner, Amy A. Krueger, Cassandra P. Krumpelmann, Shantel N. Kruse, Angela L. Kuchinski, Shelly L. Kuhns, Laura Ann Kukowski, Kelly Corbin Kumar, Laura Jean Kundysek, Susan Kunz, Carie Caye Kuras, Stephen E. Kushiner, Suzanne M. Kusic, Kristy Lee Kuzmiak, Sangsoo Kwak, Kelly Marie Kwasniewski

Paula Marie La Fortune, Christel Lynn Labarge, Deborah S. LaCalamito, Samantha Lach, Norman Selabao Lacsamana, Rochelle Lacy, Dorothy C. Ladd, Aimee F. Ladreyt, Audra L. LaFitte, Lucy Lagrone-Long, Tyson Jax Lahti, Jennifer L. Laign, Jicksy C. Laison, Tinh Hue Lam, Vivien J. Lamadrid, Kerry L. Lamar, Mary LaMartina, Christy R. Lamb, Sandra Timm Lamb, Jeanette Lambert, Stephanie D. Lambert, Shannon Lambremont, Peachola H. Lamkin, Patricia Katheryn Lamoreaux, Michael Lamorgese, Jennifer Elaine Landa, Jon E. Landis, Glenn J. Landry, Crystal Ann Landry, Susan H. Lane, Torina L. Lane, Daniel Alan Laney, Thomas C. Lang, Lisa M. Lang, Siphumelele Z. Langeni, Autumn Langford, Ashley D. Lanier, Amor Mercado Lanto, Brayson T. Lantz, Donna N. Lanzarotta, Jennifer A. Lanzillotta, James De La Rosa Lara, Kathleen L. Laragy, Joan Larmondin, Laura LaRoe, Linda S. LaRoe, Julie R. Larson, Brenda J. Lasorsa, Donna L. Lassere, Beverly A. Laster, Nancy Jo Laster, Laura E. Latzo, Walter A. Laukaitis, Monica G. Laurents, Kimberly Kay LaVoi, Kimbra Lee Lawson, Linda Lazusky, Dean Leahy, Brenda R. Leal, Cheryl D. Leatherman, Deborah L. Leddy, Rachel J. Ledesma, Richard A. Ledgend, Unkyu Kayla Lee, Rose K. Lee, Misty Ann Lee, Brandon Tyrone Lee, Jennifer R. Leer, Peachy Delaflor Legayada, Donna M. Leger, Lisa Marie Legner, Kevin C. Lehman, Brenda J. Leins, Cynthia Ann Leis, Rebecca LeMahieu, Jennifer Ann Lembas, Janice Carrol Lemme, Jenna Ann Lepisto, Keith Charles Lepsch, Marita Alice Lerwick, Amy B. Lesher, Jane L. Leung, Renee A. Levang, Kathy Michelle Levesque, Michele Lee Lewis, Sharon Lewis, Erik Clay Lewis, Jane Caroline Lewis, Sherri A. Lewis

Mika Li, Sonya Kay Liebendorfer, Brenda Marie Liermann, Margarete Anne Liles, Elizabeth Alison Lillo, Belen B. Lim, Regina Janette Limon, Laura Mae Lind, Ada E. Lindsay, Leonard Paul Linke, Melanie Ann Linsky, George A. Liptak, Sara Loreen Litecky, Guo Liu, Ming-Chu Liu, James Waldon Livingston, Melanie Lockhart, Kenneth M. Logan, Kathleen Logg, Sonja L. Logsdon, Sherry Ann Logue, Brenda Lomas, Shawna L. London, Carol Lynn Long, Ariel Gan Loo, Graciella S. Lopez, Jesse A. Lopez, Kylie A. Lorenzo, Timothy Joseph Loringer, Jennifer B. Losh, Darlene A. Loso, Sally Ann Lottig, Catherine J. Loughrey, Caroline Louis, Rebecca E. Love, Jennifer Lynne Loveless, Dannette Z. Lovina, Brian R. Lowdermilk, Suzanne L. Lowe, Gail M. Lowery, Jessica Lucio, Tammy M. Ludwig, Renee Patricia Lundberg, Tiffany Luong, Marilyn Luongo, Eillen C. Luster, Julianne Tuyet Ly, Sheila Margaret Lyle, William J. Lyle, Mary E. Lyman, Eileen Lynch, Kathleen D. Lynch

Thankamma Macaden, Judy D. Macansantos, Genevieve R. Macdonald, Lisa MacDougall, Brian W. Mace, Jeff Mackenzie, Julia A. MacMillan, Lara Elizabeth Macumber, Christy D. Madden, Tonya S. Madden, Guy B. Maddison, Robin M. Madera, Candace M. Madick, Graciela Magana, Jim E. Magee, Deborah A. Magee, Reggie Eugene Maggard, Michael Thomas Maguire, Christine D. Mahoney, Tara Lenora Mahramus, Joshua C. Mahute, Heather L. Mailhot, Nichole M. Mailloux, Steven M. Malarchick, Jennifer Malarek, Louise Malbon, Liza J Malchiodi, Cerissa C. Malinosky, Joel Wilvir C. Mallari, Claire Ann Mallari-Valladolid, Kathleen Ann Malone, Maureen L. Maloney-Poldek, Edward A. Malooly, Ana Marie Belonio Malunhao, Edmundo Manalastas, Jennifer Ann Mancina, Nicole Mancini, Julie Lynn Mandart, Mellisa Mangers, Manju K. Mani, Franco Joseph Maniscalco, Susan A. Manisera, Brian K. Manley, Rodney D. Mann, John D. Mannheimer, Kimberly A. Manning, Frances Manning, Sandra M. Manning, Saleena Manojkumar, Maureen A. Mansfield, Judith Theresa Mapalo, David Andrew Maple, Rosemarie Mar, Eva S. Mardones, Jenny E. Marfell, Dorinda R. Marik, Maribeth R Markle, Ana P. Marques, Judy A. Marriott, Sandra L. Marshal, Brian W. Marshall, Lee Taylor Marshall, Christine M. Marsiello, Andrew Elliott Marston, Charles Dee Martin, Cathy M. Martin, Marilyn Marie Martin, Lori Ann Martin, Margaret E. Martin, Inomarie Martinez, Elizabeth H. Martinez, Christina Martinez, Iris Martinez, Catherine M. Martin-Frederick, Kirk Allan Martinson, Rebecca Ann Marx, Crisanta P. Masilang, Sarah S. Masters, Brian P. Masters, Vanita Masters, Vijayamma Mathew, David C. Matney, Sheila Matosky, Amy May Mattingly, Carol Faith Mattison, Wendy J. Mattlin, Martha C. Mattson, Tiare Elaine Maturin, Emily Ellen Maurer, David B. Maver, Elizabeth A. Maxey, Dorothea A Maxey, Marjorie Elizebeth May, Trisha L. Mayberry, Monika Mayer, Peggy Ann Mayfield, Hayley Jule Mayich, Robin E. Maynard, Patricia L. Mazza

Todd Kenneth McAllister, Michelle D. McAloose, Kristin E. McAreavy, Sheri Kathleen McAteer, Wendy Ruth McCarthy, Michelle Y. McCaster, Jason A. McClara, Jennifer L. McClintock, Melanie McClure, Kristina Marie McCollem, Nicole E McColley, Gerald S. McCollum, Barry K. McConnell, Emily Sue McConnell, Georgann McCoy, Connie S. McCullick, Sarah K. McDaniel, Julie L. McDaniel, Jill L. McDow, Diedre McEachin-Adams, Lili McElrea, Susan Judith McGahn, William L. McGee, Dolores Bautista McGee, Melissa A. McGhee, Mayra Cristina McGladrey, Angeli Abayan McGovern, Kathleen E. McGovern, Steve McGowen, Mary H. McGreal, Gregory M. McGunigle, Christopher McIntosh, Kristen Regina McKelvie, Miriah Lee McKenna, Mary L. McKinley, Tammy McKinney, Dorothy McKnight, John Henry McLain, Julia McLaughlin, Michelle Margret McLaughlin, Kathleen Patricia Mclaughlin, Karen L. McLaughlin, Cordie Shannon McLeod, Christi L. McManus, Angelina C. McMurray, Timothy E. McMurry, Allison McNamara, Donna Sue McNeil, Patrick Michael McNulty, Stacey B. McNutt, Jane Marie McPhillips, Ann M. McRae, Ruth C. McRae, Leann M. McReynolds, Gordon McSherry, Jean R. McVay, Jennifer Lynn McWhorter, Shannon Beth Mead, Cynthia Meeker, Donald W. Meeks, Lucrecia P. Megano, Justina U. Megwa, Cory L. Mehlhaff, Katherine Ruth Meiners, Elsa Mejia, Ellen Marie Melcher, Deborah J. Meldrum, Mary Jean Mele, Melissa Ann Meloche, Christina M. Melotti, Alejandro Mendez, Rebekah Kathryn Mendoza, Christine Mercado, Aida J. Mercado, Tamara B. Merrill, Cara Y. Merriman, Michelle G. Merson, Tracey L. Messner, Jacqueline Mabry Meunier, Julie Ellen Meyer, Karen Sue Meyers

Connie M. Michael, Anna Marie Michael, Marianne Michaels, Jonathan Christopher Michaels, Silvanus Michel, June Lynn Middaugh, Shari Kay Miles, Marsha Anne Miles, Stephanie Marshall Miles, Beth Anne Miller, Lisa J. Miller, Russell C. Miller, Ginelle Lynette Miller, Lois A. Miller, Semico D. Miller, Suzanna L. Miller, Pamela L. Miller, Kevin C. Millet, JoAnn M. Milligan, Tammy D. Mills, Ronald E. Mills, Stacy J. Mills, Cori C. Minor, Amy Mirandon, Juanita Danielle Mitchell, Connie Ann Mitchell, Kristi M. Miura, Erin Mohan, Maria Reila Molina, Ana Liza Molina, Cynthia R. Moller, Janet Monaco, Ana M. Monteiro, Deborah Montgomery, Richard Alan Montgomery, Teresa J. Montoya, Robert Allan Moore, Kenneth Moore, Tammy Rene Moore, Karen M. Moore, Charles Michael Moore, William Curtiss Moore, Cecilia Mora, Barbara J. Morales, Adrian E. Morales, Helen H. Moran, Donna Maria Moran, Kay E. Moratz, Kevin P. Morgan, Laurin Morgan, Jessica Morris, Lisa M. Morris, Theresa D. Morris, Melody Lynn Morris, S

Congratulations New CCNSs!

Congratulations to the following CCNSs who achieved certification as clinical nurse specialists in adult, pediatric or neonatal critical care in 2005:

Andrew Baxter, Marcia E. Belcher, Mary Beth Bell, Lynn Blanke, Kathryn L. Brick, Sherry L. Brown, Danielle L. Brown, Jenny S. Burkett, Elizabeth C. Burlew, Cathleen A. Churbock, Linda C. Cole, Ann Marie Czarny, Bonnie L. Denega-Cala, Mary Ann F. Dyer, Susan J. Ehman, Robin M. Ferguson, Michael A. Frakes, Georgeanna L. Grant, Dennis J. Guidry, Patricia A. Henry, Robin M. Hill, Tammy Sue Hogue, Roxie Lee Jacobson, Kristi Denise Kimpel, Eira I. Klich-Heartt, Mary Beth Makic, Jeannine S. Malin, Elizabeth A. Mann, Laura J. McNamara, Margaret A. Morley, Margaret A. Murray, Theresa M. Murray, Michelle E. Nellett, Mary Louise E. Osevala, Karen M. Poor, Mary Ann Shinnick, Jamie Bell Sinks, Carrie S. Sona, Mary Jean Thomas, Belinda M. Toole, David W. Unkle, Esther-Mary Vossler, Katherine M. Walker, Clarissa D. Welbaum, Veronica J. Williams, Tanya D. Williams, Hope Marie Williamson.

Ruth M. Lebet, Sandra J. Lynch, Diane Brock Stewart.

Diane D. Ballweg, Jason D. Layton.

Congratulations to Newly Certified PCCNs!

Congratulations to the following PCCNs who achieved certification in progressive care nursing in 2005:

Cindy Lee Addis, Jennette Albayalde, Jessica L. Aller, Janet Islao Alojipan, Phyllis B. Anderson, Kim A. Andrews, Nydia Arjona, Karen A. Armbrister, Sandra K. Asplin, Sarah L. Atchison, Jennifer A Auslander, Ramona Bailey, Nancy Baith, Lynn M. Baker, Crystal Baker-Mayer, Teresa C. Baldwin, Lori D. Banks, Lisa T. Barile, Victoria L. Barrett, Susan G. Barry, Criselda Basha, Anne M. Bear, Karen Marie Beckner, Anabela Ben-Abraham, Alice lee A. Benjamin, Danielle Keller Bennett, Catherine E. Bennett, Imee Bermudo, Desiree M. Bertilrud, Amanda Ellen Beyer, Allison W. Bilton, Alison K. Bitney, Kathleen P. Biviano, Linda B. Boehlein, L.Carol Boyington, Heather J. Brandt, Melissa K. Brewer, Dawn D. Brooks, Debra A. Brooks, Anne T. Brown, Summer L. Browning, Catherine E. Bryan, Michele T. Brynelsen, Michelle J. Buchanan, Donna G. Butler, Tara J. Butterfield, Gladys Bwalya-Johnson, Susan L. Byrd

Crizaldy Y. Caliwag, Pamala Sue Cameron, Antonio D. Campodonico, Patricia M. Cannon, Judy Carino, Robert Hanna Carnahan, Kimberly D. Carroll, Christopher S. Chantler, Mary J. Charles, Le My Chau, Ashley Ann Chavers, Maisha D. Clark, Shantelle L Coke, Mary M. Collins, Melissa Sue Collins, Dianne L. Conard, Colleen M. Cook, Teresa L. Cornwell, Jo Ellen Craghead, Dana L. Crickenberger, Leigh F. Dangerfield, Melody K. Davidson, Mary Carol Davis, Tina B. Davis, Lee Anne Davis, Mary Grace B. De Guzman, Sharon Dear, Joseph Patrick Deggendorf, Jessa Pomar Dela Victoria, Joseph N. DeMarco, Nicole Renee Deterding, Shelley M. Dillon, Dustin B. Dodd, Barbara Angela Doty, Kristie F. Douglass, Patricia M. Draper, Ethel B. Duke, Barbara L. Durham, Janet Ann Durkee

Leslie Ellen Eads, Sharon A. East, Janet L. Eaton, Linda K. Ebersole, Mary M. Eisenhart, Tracie Jo Elkins, Linda B. Epstein, Paula F. Evans, Don H. Everly, Kimberly A. Feehan, Laree M. Fennell, Bernadette M. Fields, Julia L. Figg, Jean A. Fisher, Laurie J. Fishero, Nancy A. Fiske, Carla R. Flournoy, Lola M. Foberg, Fay D. Forst-Younger, Karen J. Franco, Ann M. Frank, Harriet C. Frazier, Gina M. Fritz, Elena Yena Fuchila, Jessica N. Garrett, Molly Ann Ginn, Mary B. Gleason, Willie J Goodwin, Karen R. Goulart, Eugenia P. Goyeneche, Valerie Ann Graham, Tammy L. Gray, Jane M. Grillo, Lois M. Grumbo, Carol J. Grysko, Harriet A. Guim

Christine A. Haedtke, Jennifer L. Hafner, Emily M. Hall, Theresa L. Hallowell, Margaritz B Hamilton, James B. Haney, Cathy L. Hannafin, Gerard B. Hannibal, Deborah F. Hargis, Margaret C. Harley, Eleanor Hart-McILhenny, Lisa M. Hayes, Leslie Jo Hazard, Ellan Hazeltine, Susan Heckman, Susan V. Helms, Carla T Herndon, Kimberly A. Heroff, Susan Elizabeth Herrholz, Rachel Herz, Jennifer Lyn Herzig, Michele K. Hess, Vickie C. Hettenbaugh, Antoinette L Higgins, Linda W. Higgins, Linda D. Hill, Amy E. Hilleren-Listerud, Benjamin A. Hocutt, Kay L. Hoppe, Mary Ann P. House-Fancher, Randall G. Humphries, Kristine L. Hungate, Barbara R. Hunter, Anh P. Huynh Nguyen, Jannette M. Infante, Georgia Ann Ingram

Marykutty Jacob, Jane Brinton Jacobs, Mary Anne Jarriel, Amy L. Jaward, Carmen Y. Johnson-Furlan, Laura L. Johnson, Erin P. Johnson, Barbara L. Jones, Julie Marie Jordan, Ann Jorgensen, Kenna C. Joyce, Jennifer P. Katarivas, Carrie A. Kazmirek, Katherine L. Kennedy, Zoila K. Kilian, Francis J. King, Kimberly S. Kirkbride, Jeanette Marie Klein, Teresa Lynn Kochera, Carol Ann Koelle, Donna K. Kruse, James R. Kurtz, Michele Ann Kuver, Maria L. Lacson, James A. LaFeir, Deborah Lee Lalinde, Amy A Lambert, Rebecca A. Lambert, Elizabeth Lamelza, Stephen LaRocque, Jeannie R. Lavoie, Thomas A. Layman, Julia Ann Lee, Mary L. Levzow, Yanxia Li, Myrna R. Lim, Candi A. Lincoln, Jean C. Little, Carol A. Long, Jacqueline A. Long, Nicole L. Lynch, Deroma A. Lynn, Bernadette Lynn

Laura Ruth Macel, Annette Maier, Michelle L. Malice, Mary M. Maloney, Laura R. Manire, Kristie Manjarrez, Angeline Mann, Jennifer L Marcellus, Deb L. Martchev, Kimberly Jean Mason, Rosalie I. Mathews, Kathleen M. McCarthy, Elizabeth M. McDermott, Lynn Ann McElroy, Laura L. McGowen, Teresa Elizabeth McLean, Jennifer P. McMeekin, Dawn P. McNeil, Tami Jean Meltsch, Jeffrey W. Meyer, Andrea Lee Meysenburg, Ashley Brooke Miller, Celia Mills, Christine Lynn Mitchell, Diane Louise Mitchell, Val F. Moller, Linda Sue Monroe, Jan L. Moore, Susan M. Moore, Young J. Moore, Susan Frances Morales, Amber J. Morris, Starr A. Morris, Heather Marie Morrison, April N. Morrison, Emily R. Mulla, Jennifer L. Murawski, Joan F. Murphy,

Amy Marie Nagle, Charles B. Neshat, Lynette M. Newell, Ann M. Newman, Roberta A. Niwa, Janet R. Norman, Mary Elizabeth Novak, Catherine I. Nwankwo, Anna Marie O’Leary, Anbuselvi Oliveros, Colette M. Ondera, Bronwen F. O’Neill, Linda M. O’Reilly, Charles Mack Parker, Sharon Gail Parrish, Robin T. Passman, Shella M. Payad, Nikole Peralta, Lynn M. Perry, Marva D. Pharis, Susan M. Pickel, Lorna Ruth Pickett, Kathrene M. Pierce, Ismaela Pilsudski, Lourdes Placeres, Christina Marie Pogue, Kathleen M. Polimeni, Alicia Ina Powell, Glinda D. Pressler, Catherine M. Price, Cassandra Lee Prokes, Christine M. Pyne, Christine E. Ragusa, Anupama Raju, Sookbassie C. Ramoutar, Janice Ramshur, Diane L. Razo, Dayna Elizabeth Reed, Donna L. Reid-Doyle, Eunhwa Rhodes, Deborah D. Rhoton, Teressa A. Rice, Heather Mahina Rideout, Karen C. Rider, Miraflor Roa, Cheryle Denise Robinson, Carmen Lynn Robinson, Hannah Ynzon Robles, AnnMarie E. Roetzer, Pamela D. Rona, Ann Marie B. Roque, Dottie M. Rose, Shannon L. Rowe, Roxanne L. Rowe, Lauren J. Rowe, Karen L. Rutledge, Ana Marie O. Ryan

Karen E. Sabo, Barry F. Salavon, Cherry D. Samson, Heidi Cyros Sanborn, Andrea L. Sanford, Anthony L. Sapino, Amy L. Sauschuck, Erin A. Sayess, Kathleen A. Schilling, Diane C. Schubert, Karen J. Schumacher, Denise Lynn Schuster, Shirley Sebastian, Bridgett Byrd Sellars, Shelley R. Sexton, Tamara Sue Shaffer, Karen P. Shapiro, Mary J. Sheldon, LeeAnn Sievers, Maria Teresa Silva, Anne Marie Silva, Colley R. Singer, Cynthia Delle Site, Neviska D. Smith, Danielle M. Smith, Lynn V. Snyder, Susan C. Solomon, LuAnn Sowers, Michael H. Sprague, Kathleen M. Stacy, Sheila J. Starr, Anna M. Stoutland, Eric P. Stubbe, Kathleen A. Subjek, Sneha S. Suchak, Jack B. Sugarman, Maryann Suszynski, Audrey J. Swan, Douglas L. Swehla, Jennifer M. Sylvester

Liza Talamayan, Janet K. Taubert, R. Natasha Taylor, Maria Corazon F. Terrado, Cathi J. Titzer Pardon, Cynthia A. Tjoflat, Mike S. Torres, Samuel Torres, Harmony L. Trassare, Darlene Dimaano Tubera, Victoria Joy Tyson, Colleen Ulrich, Marisol Vega, Patricia Christine Verpaele, Norma S. Vesey, Regina Villalobos, Cherry Villanueva, Traci Wakefield, Kathy Washburn, Rae Anne Watson, Vicki L Wehrle, Robyn G. Weilbacher, Patricia L. Weinstein, Barb Wernke, Anne E. Whiteman, Kelly Lee Whitlock, Patrick W. Wilcox, Cortney A. Winkler, Amy H. Wise, Alana K. Wohlrab, Julie A. Wolfgram, Caroline E. Woodier, Terri A. Wratchford, Amelia L. Wuellner, Clare M. Xuereb, Bruce W. Young, Yana Zhitnikov, Sheila M. Zimmerman, Christine E. Zoerner.

Congratulations New CMCs!

Congratulations to the following nurses who achieved cardiac medicine certification (CMC) in 2005:

Helen A. Alarid, Dawn A. Albury, Ethel T. Alimbuyao, David T. Allen, Lesley Anne Andrew, Kathleen M. Barta, Nancy J. Baxter, Summer Beausoleil, Susan M. Benjamin-Mlynarczuk, Heather B. Bland, Kathy L. Boothby, Andrew J. Bowman, Patricia E. Brady, Deborah L. Briese, Donald H. Bucher, Gregory B. Burchett, Connie M. Burdick, Frank J. Burgert, Vanessa J. Butcher, Marilyn L. Byrne, Phyllis A. Cameron, Helen M. Camp, Clint P. Cardinas, Morgan M. Carroll, Lyne Chamberlain, Kristy S. Chunta, Laura M. Clement, Kathy J. Cleveland, Gary P. Closas, Lanny R. Coberly, Christina Marie Colucci, Tony Contreras, Patricia A. Daansen

Enid Daley-Espeut, Cynthia J. DeVine, Beth L. Dewey, Angela C. Edgar, Erica E. Edwards, Florian Domingo F. Estive, Carol P. Etrie, Don H. Everly, James Odell Ezell, Jo Ann T. Folse, Ronda D. Gaither, Girlyn Garcia, Maria Haydee Ramirez Garcia, Kristine Ann Gardner, Denise S. Gerig, Diane M. Glowacki, Rosita S. Godoy, Diane D. Gorman, Rhonda L. Grose, Kristie L. Hankins, Kelly Jane Harris, Jenilene J. Hatulan, Colleen A. Heafey, Binu Jacob, Kimberly A. Herman, Bretton S. Hill, Kimberly S. Hodge, Lagrimas S. Hurd, Christine A. Hylton
Susan M. Isaacs, Lisa A. Jennings, Diane M. Kemper, Katherine L. Kennedy, Hwa S. Kim, Sue Ellen King, David A. Klausen, Jennifer Cathleen Knepper, Jane H. Koher, Jean T. Kopsky, Colleen Kowalchuk, Donna K. Kruse, Judith E. Kuhn, Nicole L. Kupchik, Hongan Le, Barbe J. Lenhard, Steve P. Lindquist, Tina M. LoGiudice, Larry J. Manganello, Ana P. Marques, Philip R. Martinez, Emily M. McLean, Marion E. McRae, Ellen Marie Melcher, Sandra M. Michaud, Ann L. Miller, Monica M. Mills, Barbara A. Mohay, Ngozi I. Moneke, Jerryl D. Morgan, Genalin Moscoso, Jacob M. Mwero, Julie C. Nelson, Benita F. Nelson, Jessie V. Nguyen, Lisa H. Nicoletti, Tracy C. Norton, Neilofer M. Osterman, Nancy A. Otovic, Ed S. Park, Deena L. Peters, Lynn M. Phillips, Erin L. Podgorny, Patricia C. Poserina, Barbara F. Pottlitzer, Denise M. Prindle, John E. Purinton

Roslyn E. Raymond, Karen Anne Reagan, Christine M. Recker-Herman, Carolyn A. Reif, Lyla C. Rhoades, James P. Rhudy, Susan Mary Ripper, Catherine P. Rodgers, Alexander S. Rodriguez, Ronda L. Roth, Barbara L. Rozewicz, Tanya G. Schlemmer, Tracy C. Schneider, Angela Sekosan, Diane C. Shelton, Meredith N. Shermer, Yakov Shleymovich, Susan C. Solomon, John Soltermann, Diwata V. Somera, Mary E. Steding, Douglas L. Swehla, John R. Swircek, Jeanine N. Swygman, Jill R. Taylor, Julie A. Thornton, Michelle S. Tobing, Michelle M. Trzesniowski, Heherson I. Ubaldo, Krystal M. VanBuren, Valerie K. VanValkenburg, Amy Kristen Veenstra, Kevin M. Waterman, Jean V. Watson, Eileen V. Weatherby, Jennifer L. Wessol, Kathy S. Zeilinger.

Congratulations New CSCs!

Congratulations to the following nurses who achieved cardiac surgery certification (CSC) in 2005:

Dawn A. Albury, Ethel T. Alimbuyao, Kym B. Arter, Deborah J. Audette, Phyllis M. Avella, Lisa R. Ayers, Susan A. Baimbridge, Byung-Ran Baird, Jean Muir Balaguras, Alice G. Baloun, Kirstan T. Baxter, Malika J. Bean, Stacy C. Bebee, Bonnie D. Behling, Risa M. Benoit, Jack S. Bogart, Barbara A. Bradbury, Cathy A. Bradish, Rosemary A. Bray, Donald H. Bucher, Christina K. Burgess, Kevin Wayne Butler, Shelly M. Button-Kollpainter, Marilyn L. Byrne

Kristine M. Caldwell, Marinila Bernadette T. Canoy, Elsa Caraballo, Robert Angelo J. Carambas, Christine Carlton, Mary E. Carroll-Ambrose, Constance M. Castleberry, Robert B. Castro, Rogelio V. Chavera, Rosanne V. Chiachi, Patricia Lynn Clark, Elizabeth I. Clark, Tina M. Closson, Leslie A. Collins, Jean M. Conway, Jacqueline V. Core, Stephanie Cupp, Elaine M. Curtis, Cynthia A. Dantro, Melinda L. Darrigo, Joannikia J.l. Dean, Margaret L. Deaver, Robert A. DeLuca, Cynthia J. DeVine, Richard A. Dingwall, Mihaela Dumitru Dinut, Fae-Marie Donathan, Catherine S. Eaton, Pauline Ann Edwards, Jill Renee Engel, Joanna F. Entrekin-Callahan, Carol P. Etrie

April I. Faas, Nancy J. Fariello, Christopher A. Farwell, Richard D. Fennell, Sonja M. Fick, Kenneth Gerard Filas, Jane E. Flaherty, Paula Cooper Fritz, Gladys M. Fuertes, Thelma M. Fujan, Ronald M. Furtah, Darrow Darlene Gantt, Girlyn Garcia, Scott Griffin, Jodi L. Gunther, Suzette M. Hahn, Denise D. Hannesschlager, Danette F. Hanson, Kelly Jane Harris, Pamela Hartsell, Karen L. Harvey, Jenilene J. Hatulan, Charles E. Hayes, Sheila R. Haynes, Dawn M. Heath, Almira C. Hermoso, Cheryl D. Herrmann, Tracy A. Hodge, Karen G. Houghton, Mary Ann P. House-Fancher, Alice A. Howell, Karen D. Hughes, Elizabeth Ann Hundt, Laura C. Inghilterra, Todd L. Isbell

Cynthia D. Jacobs, Laiju James, Anne C. Johnson, Jennifer M. Joiner, Michelle M. Jonas, Marianne T. Jud, Dinah Lee Katt, Kristen R. Kendall, Diana M. Knoth, Nancy A. Kohl, Diane M. Krause, Donna K. Kruse, Kimberly M. Kuphal, Donna M. Lakatosh, Lisa G. Lambert, Malinda E. Langley, Donald L. Larsen, Deborah A. Lawler, Christine R. Layer, Jennifer R. Leer, Pamela P. Leonard, Pres Lorenzo, Janice M. Mahan, Rhoda B. Mahan, Kathleen Coyte Manley, Patricia E. Manocchi, Carla Marcello, Judith A. Marshall, Tori Lyn Mason, Elizabeth A. Mattox, Harriet L. McGinnis, Christine E. McGloin, Cindy A. McLane, Timothy E. McMurry, Keith A. McNeely, Marion E. McRae, Heather G. Menzies, Robyn A. Messina, LeAnne P. Meyer, Kathy L. Micale, Margaret A. Miklas, Pamela Ann Monge, Paul M. Montpas, Vicki D. Moore, Susan L. Mozako, Margaret A. Murray, Jacqueline M. Myers

Benita F. Nelson, Jessie V. Nguyen, Cynthia Nixon, Tracy C. Norton, Jennifer L. Nuara, Florabel E. Ocampo, Melinda Clark Offer, Joel M. Oyama, Maria-Elena V. Pamoti, Ed S. Park, Nancy M. Paroly, Michael Pasquale, Maria V. Pena, Patricia S. Pendry, Ann M. Petlin, Jackie R. Pfeifer, Alisa M. Phillips, Amber R. Ralston, Christine M. Recker-Herman, Bette L. Reed, James P. Rhudy, Michaeleen C. Richoux, Cynthia E. Rider, Charles T. Rigsbee, Susan Mary Ripper, Marina E. Rivers, Jeanette K. Roberts, Theresa L. Rodino, Debra L. Rodriguez, Lisa Ann Marie Rolnicki, Brian W. Rosene

Dennis Carmelo G. Samson, Sonia A. Sanchez, Rhodora D. Sancho, Daysy M. Sandoval, Michelle L. Schaffer, Nancy P. Schake, Annette M. Schenck, Lisa A. Schmedlin, Christine M. Schreyer, Stephanie M. Schuldt, Angela Sekosan, Julie L. Shannon, Mary Ann Shinnick, Francis A. Shlegle, Linda S. Sibert, Kevin Sloan, Melody A. Snoddy, Lana J. Snyder, Rhonda L. Somnitz, Constance L. Spencer, Angela A. St. John, Mary M. Summerhays, Mildred M. Swan, Douglas L. Swehla, Marzena A. Szafran, Bernadette Tafoya, Jill R. Taylor, Amy H. Thorpe, Rosemary A. Timmerman, Heherson I. Ubaldo, Mary A. Unger, William C. Wall, Angela E. Watson, Susan C. Weingartner, Barbara M. Wendt, Patricia L. Wheeler, Carey A. Wickum, Sandra Ann Williams, Michael G. Williams, Marjorie S. Wilson, Susan E. Wright, Lorna A. Yabut, Cathy A. Yee, Kim W. Yirinec, Kimberly R. Zeroske.

July 1 Deadline to Make Up CNS Clinical Hours

After July 1, 2006, CCNS candidates must have had 500 clock hours of supervised clinical practice as part of their CNS program, without exception. At that time, the opportunity to make up hours through transcripted clinical practice will no longer be available.

Exam Fees Discounted for Groups of 10 or More

AACN Certification Corporation offers discounted exam application fees to institutional or chapter groups submitting 10 or more applications together in one packet.
This discount must be requested at least two months in advance of desired testing dates and is good for initial CCRN, PCCN, CMC and CSC certification exams to be taken via computer-based testing at an AMP Assessment Center. This offer does not extend to the CCNS exam.

Additional information is available at www.certcorp.org > What’s New or by calling (800) 394-5995, ext. 268; certification@aacn.org.
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