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Vol. 23, No. 7, JULY 2006

To Chapter Leaders: Reconnect to Core Values
Speaker Motivates Participants at Annual Workshop

Building on the NTI 2006 theme of “Engage and Transform,” motivational speaker Eric Klein presented the keynote address at the daylong Chapter Leadership Development Workshop at NTI.

Klein told participants that leadership has nothing to do with a person’s position, job category, age or history. Instead, leadership involves the choices people make, their sense of clarity about what matters most and what they want to happen in their world.

“Leadership is creating your preferred future,” he told the chapter leaders. “You are the leader you have been waiting for.”

Sustain Leadership
He said that the true essence of leadership involves using both a high-performance and a high-fulfillment mindset. When leaders work toward achieving results, joy and integrity in their lives, they sustain leadership and empower themselves to ultimately change their workplace.

Klein noted a recent University of Michigan study about leadership and change, which concluded that 85% of all change efforts fail to realize their intended results. He attributed this failure rate to the fact that people often ignore critical aspects of the change experience, choosing to focus attention solely on external experiences instead of on the internal tools needed to achieve change.

Self-knowledge is needed to engage and transform, he explained. Reflection is the missing ingredient for most change efforts.

“Reflection fuels personal engagement,” Klein said.
Authentic leadership, he continued, only happens by living a high-performance and high-fulfillment life. To successfully navigate the mindset of authentic leadership, people need to develop an inner guidance system and to know and use their core values, gifts and calling.

Core Values
Core values are the source of one’s passion and purpose, he said. It is important that chapter leaders reflect and understand their experiences of high performance and high fulfillment.

“Leadership means intentionally creating those conditions,” he said. Chapter leaders, he added, need to know their core values, gifts and calling to become “alive in their work.”

“Start listening in a way to transform and do your best work,” he said.

People often get so involved in reacting to daily experiences, he noted, that they do not always remember what they already know.

The Chapter Leadership Development Workshop was sponsored by Nellcor Puritan Bennett/Tyco Healthcare.

President’s Award for Chapters

Five chapters were recipients of the AACN Circle of Excellence President’s Award for Chapters for 2006. The annual award is presented to the chapter or chapters that best exemplify the yearlong theme of the AACN president.

Recognized for their efforts to embrace the “Engage and Transform” theme promoted by 2005-06 AACN President Debbie Brinker, RN, MSN, CCRN, CCNS, were:

Charlestowne Chapter
South Carolina

Greater Akron Area Chapter

Greater Washington Area Chapter
District of Columbia

Oklahoma City Area Chapter

Southwest Georgia Chapter

“Powered by Insight” is the theme of 2006-07 AACN President Mary Fran Tracy, RN, PhD, CCNS, CCRN, FAAN. March 1, 2007, is the deadline for chapters to apply for the award for 2007.

Chapters Reach Out to Members of New Orleans Host Chapter

Members of the Greater New Orleans Area Chapter who attended NTI 2006 in Anaheim, Calif., were guests at a reception also attended by representatives of the AACN chapters that helped bring them to NTI.

The donation drive was sparked by a challenge from the Charlestowne Chapter in Charleston, S.C. In all, 35 AACN chapters throughout the country donated a total of $19,000 to bring New Orleans chapter members to NTI this year.

Chapters contributing were: Bitterroot, Central Indiana, Central Minnesota Area, Charlestowne, Dallas County, Greater Cincinnati, Greater Kansas City, Greater Memphis Area, Greater Milwaukee Area, Greater Phoenix Area, Greater Portland, Greater Raleigh Area, Greater Richmond Area, Greater St. Louis, Greater Toledo Area, Greater Washington Area, Heart of the Piedmont, Jersey Shoreline, Metropolitan Orlando, Northern New Jersey, Northwest Chicago Area, Pee Dee Area, Peninsula, San Diego Area, San Fernando Valley, Southeast Michigan, Southeast Nebraska, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Greater East Texas, Susquehanna Valley, Greater Long Beach Orange County, Inland Empire, Connecticut, Metro East Illinois, Northern Connecticut and Western Connecticut.

The New Orleans members were also recognized at the NTI opening session.

The assistance provided to the New Orleans area nurses was intended to show appreciation for their hospitality as members of the host chapter for NTI 2005, which was in their city.

Members of the Greater New Orleans Area Chapter were applauded
by participants at NTI 2006.

Actress and Author Praises Nurses

The year after Louise Ashby lost her mother to cancer, she nearly lost her own life in a serious car accident. It was not the way the beautiful, young, aspiring actress imagined her life would turn out. If not for the compassion of critical care nurses, Ashby said she could not have made it.

“It’s such an honor for me to be in a room with all of you; if it weren’t for all of you, I wouldn’t be here today,” Ashby told an invited group of nurses at the annual Chapter Presidents Luncheon during NTI. “Life can change in just one moment.”

All-Night Vigil
At 22, Ashby moved from London to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of acting. She was in the City of Angels Hospital for two months after a man driving on the wrong side of the road hit her car head on. Her face impacted the upper frame of her car’s windshield, crushing the left side of her skull and exposing her brain. Since the accident, Ashby has undergone two brain surgeries and 18 reconstructive facial procedures.

“I was meant to die, basically,” she said. Having spent a lot of time in London in and out of hospitals because of her mother’s battle with leukemia, she praised American nurses for their bedside manner. “The critical care nurses who were in the hospital with me in the ICU were incredible,” Ashby said.

Nurses were always there for her, she said. They calmed her down prior to surgery. Once when she had trouble sleeping in the ICU, Ashby said one nurse in particular spent an entire night by her bedside sharing stories of loss; both the nurse and Ashby had lost their mothers. The nurse told her that Ashby went through her life-altering experience for a reason, which comforted her.

“The doctors and the nurses that I met going through these experiences have been unbelievable, and had it not been for those relationships, I really wouldn’t have got through it the way that I did,” Ashby said.

You Are Remarkable
“You’re all remarkable individuals and thank you for everything that you do, for all of us, as patients,” she said.

Today, Ashby dedicates her life to charity work. She co-founded the Facing Forward Foundation, a charity for children with disfigurement, and, more recently, the Louise Ashby Children's Fund. The latter organization assists several children’s charities and does not limit its services to those with facial disfigurements. Ashby has written two books, including The Magic of the Mask. She has appeared in several independent films, including “Facade” and the television show, “Party of Five.”

The Chapter Presidents Luncheon was sponsored by Nellcor/Tyco Healthcare.

What's on Tap

The South Florida Gold Coast Chapter will present “Wealth of Knowledge 2006” on July 27 and 28 at the Signature Grand, Fort Lauderdale. For more information, contact Patricia Bishop at (305) 758-8117; patbis@infionline.net.

The Northwest Chicago Area Chapter will present “The Cardiovascular Surgery Patient: Emergency Care on the Telemetry/Stepdown Unit” on Sept. 20 at Northwest Community Hospital, Arlington Heights. For more information, contact Joyce Maly at (708) 216-6904; jmaly@lumc.edu.

Is your chapter planning a program or special event? Submit your information online at www.aacn.org > About AACN > Chapters > Chapter Resource Center > Chapter Forms.
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