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Vol. 23, No. 3, MARCH 2006

Chapters Come on Strong in Annual Membership Drive

With the end of the AACN Critical Links membership campaign looming on March 31, the Greater Washington Area Chapter took a commanding lead. During January, the chapter recruited 31 new members to boost its total to 50 new members recruited, overtaking the Greater Portland Area Chapter by 14 members. In fact, the six new members recruited by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter in January placed it in a tie for second place with the Greater Portland Area Chapter. Both had recruited 36 new members by the end of January.

Other leading recruiters among chapters were the Atlanta Area Chapter, with 35 new members recruited; the San Diego Area Chapter, with 25; and the Houston Gulf Coast Chapter, with 32.

Through January, 217 chapters had recruited a total of 1,659 new members since the campaign began May 1. Their efforts combined with those of individual recruiters brought the total to 3,360 at the end of January.

Participating chapters are eligible for valuable rewards, including complimentary NTI registration in a monthly drawing among chapters that recruit one member during that month. Receiving the reward in January was the Greater Louisville Chapter.

The 2005-2006 campaign offers chapters a revamped list of prizes that aligns with individual rewards.

This year, the chapter recruiting the most new members will receive a $1,000 honorarium check toward its treasury. In addition, each chapter that recruits five or more new members during the campaign will be entered into three drawings for $500 honorarium checks.

Note: For the chapter to qualify for prizes and drawings, new members must include the chapter name on the “referred by” line of the application. Chapters must be in good standing to be considered for prizes.

Other Recruiters
Other chapters that have recruited five or more new members as of the end of January are:

Alameda Contra Costa Chapter, Albuquerque Chapter, Blue Ridge Chapter, Bluegrass Chapter, Brooklyn Chapter, Broward County Chapter, Central Arkansas Chapter, Central Indiana Chapter, Central Minnesota Area Chapter, Central New York Chapter, Central Ohio Chapter, Central Pennsylvania Chapter, Central San Joaquin Valley Chapter, Central Savannah River Chapter, Charlestowne Chapter, Chattanooga Scenic City Chapter, Chesapeake Bay Chapter, Coastal Bend Chapter, Dallas County Chapter, Delmarva Chapter, Denver Chapter, East Central Illinois Chapter, East River Mountain Chapter, Emerald Coast Chapter, First Coast Chapter

Galveston Island Chapter, Grapevine Area Chapter, Greater Akron Area Chapter, Greater Austin Area Chapter, Greater Birmingham Chapter, Greater Boston Chapter, Greater Chicago Area Chapter, Greater Cincinnati Chapter, Greater East Texas Chapter, Greater Evansville Chapter, Greater Flint Area Chapter, Greater Fort Worth Area Chapter, Greater Fredericksburg Area Chapter, Greater Kansas City Chapter, Greater Long Beach Orange County Chapter, Greater Louisville Chapter, Greater Memphis Area Chapter, Greater Miami Area Chapter, Greater Milwaukee Area Chapter, Greater New Orleans Chapter, Greater North Texas Chapter, Greater Phoenix Area Chapter, Greater Raleigh Area Chapter, Greater Richmond Area Chapter, Greater Rochester Finger Lakes Chapter, Greater St. Louis Chapter, Greater Tampa Bay Chapter, Greater Toledo Area Chapter, Greater Tulsa Area Chapter, Greater Twin Cities Area Chapter, Hawaiian Islands Chapter, Heart of Acadiana Chapter, Heart of Illinois Chapter, Heart of the Piedmont Chapter, High Sierra Chapter, Hill City Chapter, Lake Erie Chapter, Metropolitan Orlando Chapter, Mobile Bay Area Chapter, Montana Big Sky Chapter, Monticello Chapter, Nassau County Chapter, New York City Chapter, North Central Florida Chapter, North Central West Virginia Chapter, North Central Wisconsin Chapter, Northeast Georgia Chapter, Northeast Indiana Chapter, Northeast Tennessee Chapter, Northeastern Ohio Chapter, Northern Connecticut Chapter, Northern Illinois Chapter, Northern New Jersey Chapter, Northwest Chicago Area Chapter

Ocean State Chapter, Oklahoma City Area Chapter, Old Salem Chapter, Palm Beach County Chapter, Palmetto Chapter, Pee Dee Chapter, Piedmont Carolinas Chapter, Pioneer Valley Chapter, Puget Sound Chapter, Sacramento Area Chapter, San Antonio Chapter, San Fernando Valley Chapter, San Francisco Chapter, South Bay Chapter, South Central Connecticut Chapter, South Central Wisconsin Chapter, Southeast Michigan Chapter, Southern Arizona Chapter, Southern Maine Chapter, Southern New Hampshire Chapter, Southern Shore Chapter, Southwest Georgia Chapter, Spokane Chapter, Suffolk County Chapter, Suncoast Chapter, Susquehanna Valley Chapter, Three Rivers Chapter, Tidewater Chapter, Total Referred Members, Triangle Chapter, Volusia Flagler Chapter, West Houston Chapter, West Michigan Chapter and West Texas Chapter.

Chapter Sponsors Its First Leadership Workshop

What do colorful tablecloths, playing cards, popsicles and a cookout have in common? They were all part of the first Nuts and Bolts of Leadership day sponsored by AACN’s Piedmont Carolinas Chapter, Charlotte, N.C. The current board conducted this leadership workshop to provide leadership training, to introduce exciting new standards and tools and to promote interest in leadership positions on the local board of directors.

To encourage attendance, a flyer was distributed and a day filled with fun and informative activities was planned. As participants entered the meeting room, they sat at tables decorated with brightly colored tablecloths, Monopoly money, colorful bags, boxes and folders, playing cards, erasers and candy, all of which were used throughout the day.

The first topic on the agenda was a discussion of the AACN Standards for Establishing and Sustaining Healthy Work Environments, which was led by Beth Martin, RN, MSN, CNRN, CCNS, AACN Certification Corporation board member. She challenged participants to “act boldly” by identifying the most pressing challenges in their work environments, by initiating “crucial conversations” with their colleagues and to find solutions, and by remaining actively involved until the solutions had been proven effective.

In another session speaker Janet Handy, RN, MSN, CNAA, AVP Patient Care Services at CMC-Mercy, discussed skills from the best-selling book Crucial Conversations and helped participants apply them through “real-life” role playing. Three additional presentations, focused on the skills needed for managing change, generational diversity and handling stress, were co-presented by Trish Bleynat, MSN, RN-BC, owner of Innovative Solutions, and Diane Byrum, RN, MSN, CCRN, CCNS, FCCM, clinical nurse specialist in the acute/critical care division at Carolinas Medical Center.

During lunch, an old-fashioned cookout, local AACN board members presented information on leadership opportunities available at the chapter level and participants completed an information sheet indicating what roles they were interested in.

What's on Tap

The First Coast Chapter will present “Cruisin’ for Knowledge” April 27 through May 1 aboard the Carnival Cruise Ship Celebration. For more information, contact Michele Wilgis at (904) 399-6962; michele.wilgis@hcahealthcare.com.

The Greater Fox Valley Chapter will present a “PCCN Review Course” on April 10 and 11 at Edwards Hospital, Naperville, Ill. For more information, contact Vicki Bergquist at (630) 215-3034; Vvickister@aol.com.

The Greater Chicago Area Chapter will present its monthly educational program on April 11 at Resurrection Medical Center, Chicago. For more information, contact Lori Marcantonio at (847) 722-4354; gcac_aacn@yahoo.com.

North Carolina
The Albemarle Chapter will present “Critical Links” on April 6 and 7 at the Kermit E. White Center at Elizabeth City State University, Elizabeth City. For more information, contact Shelia Duncan, RN, at (252) 384-4505; sduncan@albemarlehosp.org.

The Pacific Crest Regional Chapter will present “Spring Potpourri, the Pump and Plumbing: Maintenance, Repair and Replacement—Cardiac, Renal and Transplant Update” on April 28 at Rogue Valley Medical Center, Medford. For more information, contact Judy Lang at (541) 488-1218.

The Central Pennsylvania Chapter will present its “Annual Critical Care Update” on April 11 at the Casino at Lakemont Park. For more information, contact Charlene Trimeloni, RN, MSN, PCCN, at (814) 534-3402; CentralPA.info@aacn.org

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter will present “Trends in Trauma and Cardiovascular Nursing” April 24 through 27 at the Valley Forge Convention Center, King of Prussia. For more information, contact Monika Cornelius at (714) 377-7564 or (800) 394-5995, ext. 239; monika.cornelius@aacn.org or trends@aacn.org.

The West Houston Chapter will present a “CCRN Review Course” April 27 and 28 at the Cinco Ranch Country Club, Katy. For more information, contact Celeste Smith at (281) 693-0446; ks2cs2ce@houston.rr.com.

The Greater Richmond Area Chapter will present a “CCRN Test Prep” April 25 and 26 at the Cultural Arts Center, Glen Allen. For more information, contact Phyllis Turner at (804) 289-4828; Phyllis.Turner@HCAhealthcare.com.

The North Central Wisconsin Chapter will present a “Comprehensive Critical and Progressive Care Nursing Review Course” April 4 through 6 at Hawthorne Inn and Suites, Oshkosh. For more information, contact Kimberly Kuphal at (715) 296-0923; kuphal@sbcglobal.net.

Is your chapter planning a program or special event? Submit your information online at www.aacn.org > About AACN > Chapters > Chapter Resource Center > Chapter Forms.

Congratulations to Chapter Circle of Excellence Recipients!

Congratulations to the recipients of AACN Circle of Excellence recognition awards for chapters. Following is information about these awards and the recipients
for 2006.

Chapter Community Education and Public Service Award
This award recognizes chapters that have made an outstanding public service contribution in their local communities through community education and involvement. Recipients of this award are:

Suffolk County Chapter
New York

Suncoast Chapter

Siouxland Chapter
South Dakota

Outstanding Chapter Educational Program Award
This award recognizes chapters that have done an outstanding job in providing quality educational programming to their members and other constituents while actively supporting AACN's mission, vision and values. The recipients are:

Houston-Gulf Coast Chapter

Three Rivers Chapter

Greater Richmond Area Chapter

Sharon Connor Excellence in Chapter Leadership Development Award
This award recognizes excellence in chapter leadership development and succession planning while actively supporting AACN’s mission, vision and values. Recipients are:

Atlanta Area Chapter

Northwest Chicago Area Chapter

Apply for 2007 Awards
Nominations are now being accepted for Circle of Excellence awards for 2007. The deadline to submit nominations is July 15, 2006.

Nominations are also being accepted for the following additional awards:

President’s Award for Chapters
This award will go to the chapter or chapters that best exemplify the theme of Mary Fran Tracy, RN, PhD, CCNS, CCRN, FAAN, the 2006-07 AACN president. Her theme will be announced at NTI 2006 in Anaheim. The deadline to apply for this award is March 1, 2007. (Note: The recipient(s of this award for 2006 will be announced later.)

Chapter Collaboration Award
This award will recognize chapters that exemplify collaboration in any aspect of their operations. The collaboration must include at least two entities, including an AACN chapter and an outside group such as a hospital, college or community. Recipients will receive a personalized plaque, be announced in AACN News and be honored at the NTI in Atlanta, Ga., in May 2007. Up to three awards of $1,000 each will be given.

Chapter Value of Certification Award
This award will recognize contributions that support and foster the advancement of certified nursing practice in critical care. Recipients will receive a personalized plaque, will be announced in AACN News and will be honored at the NTI. Up to three awards of $1,000 each will be given.

Waiting to Welcome You to Southern California

Board Members of the Greater Long Beach Orange
County Chapter, the host chapter for the 2006 NTI in
Anaheim, Calif., include Sara McMannus, hospital
liaison; Vivian Norman, communications; Rosemarie
Hirsch, director at large; Carla Wilson, membership;
Yvonne Scannell, treasurer; Linda DeStefano, president;
and Laurie Baumgartner, programs. Other members
who are not pictured are Gayla Smith, president-elect;
Victoria Randazzo, treasurer-elect; Alice Rehm, secretary;
and Past-President Danielle Beaulieu, programs. The host
chapter booth, which will be located in the Resource Center
at NTI, will be the place to purchase the official NTI T-shirt
and to find out more about what to do and see in Southern
California. The booth will also serve as the lost and found.
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