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Vol. 23, No. 9, SEPTEMBER 2006

Wall of Honor

St. Barnabas Hospital in Bronx, N.Y. recently dedicated a “Wall of Honor”
to its 16 certified critical care nurses. Hospital administrators established
the wall to acknowledge the vital role CCRNs play in patient care. Gathered
for the dedication were (from left, kneeling) Lorelie Belardo, Nhurunejar
Pegarido, Sonia Rivadelo, and Carmen Sullano and (from left, middle row)
Catherine Graham, Othilyn Gonzales, Lyn Kemp, Josefina Rodriguez,
Adolfa Mutia, Ron Ciubotaru, Evelyn Castillo, Hyacinth Brown, Brigitte
Cypress, Agnes Lucero, Susan Tina and (from left, back row) Cris Grantham,
Richard Stumacker, Vijarao Edla, Pauline Francis Lattery and Milagros Briu.
CCRNs who were unable to attend the event are Theresa Bullicer, Marietta
Castorico, Anita Nacario, Brenda Obleada and Katherine Rodriguez.

Take Note!

Participants who attended the Certification Celebration Dinner in May during the NTI were given a special task: Write a message of encouragement to those who might be considering certification. Postcards with these handwritten messages are being included in exam handbooks and other certification preparation materials ordered in the next few months. In last month’s AACN News, we featured some of these messages. Following are more encouraging excerpts:

To a most awesome and talented critical care nurse! You are making a very generous and compassionate contribution to your patients, their families, our colleagues and, most importantly, yourself! You have already proven that you are awesome, just by stepping into critical care nursing but now you are raising the bar, using your bold voice, and transforming the future of critical care. Thank you for joining me, and all of the rest of the world in your professional commitment to lifelong learning.

Certification is an awesome and powerful way to reinforce your skills and abilities to make a difference in the lives of your patients and your professional nursing career. Go for it!

The value of certification sends a strong message to patients, families, your employer and your colleagues about your knowledge & skills. It is truly a gift to yourself that keeps on giving. Yes, I truly do know what I am doing and yes, I will take excellent care of you and your family. Hold your head up and be proud of what you have accomplished.

Be bold! Go for it. You have everything you need inside you to be successful. I'm proud of you for taking this step. It's a huge commitment to excellence and patient care. Let me know how you do!

Hooray for you to be considering taking a certification exam! It is well worth the time and effort you put into it. The personal satisfaction you will feel in knowing you are a certified nurse is beyond any words I can say. You will be proud to know you are giving the best care possible to patients and their families. And your patients will rest comfortably in the knowledge that you are certified. Take that last step and join the thousands of certified nurses who are changing the world of healthcare!

Dear Nurse, you need to take the test! You know you've been thinking about it. You are smart! You know your stuff! Sure you're nervous, that's just a sign that you care. When you pass you'll feel great! You'll be an inspiration to others! You'll wish you'd have taken the exam a long time ago! Take courage and go for it! God bless you.

The gratification of achieving certification is so wonderful—for one’s self, for community and for nursing. You’ll have ever more reason to hold your head high because you're a nurse… and a certified one at that.

Believe in yourself. Know that you can do this. Validate your knowledge with certification. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your patients and their loved ones. You can do it

Dear RN, because you have expressed interest in certification, you are receiving this note which carries my personal encouragement to you to pursue becoming certified. I have been certified as a CCRN for many years. It is one of my accomplishments that I am perhaps the most proud of. It tells my patients, my families, and my colleagues that I care deeply about delivering optimal patient care.

Dear Fellow Nurse, congratulations on making the decision to take the certification exam. You already have the skills and knowledge to deliver excellent nursing care. This exam will validate that. Anxiety, fear, nervousness…all of that you will feel. But nothing will compare to the joy and exhilaration when you pass...and you will pass! Study for the exam, work as usual, and celebrate being a nurse. Blessings to you on the day of your exam.

Survey Seeks Insight Into Certification Numbers Hike

With the number of certification exam candidates increasing 44% in the past year, AACN Certification Corporation surveyed 2,376 CCRN and PCCN certificants to learn more about the increase. The response rate was 27%. Following is a summary of some of the responses:

• Both groups of CCRNs and PCCNs strongly agree with the statements that certification:
—provides personal challenge
—demonstrates pride and commitment to specialty
—furthers knowledge and education
• Commitment to the specialty is the highest rated reason for becoming certified. Professional development and ability to measure skills and knowledge against a national standard were also highly rated in both groups.
• Half the newly certified CCRNs worked for facilities that have clinical ladder systems as part of their professional development and advancement programs. Sixty percent of the recently certified PCCNs work for hospitals with clinical ladders.
• Recently certified PCCNs report twice as many of their hospitals recognize both specialty and subspecialty certifications than the newly certified CCRNs report.
• Thirty-five percent of nurses responding report obtaining a higher salary as a result of specialty certification.

Celebrating 30 Years of CCRN Certification

These dedicated nurses have consistently maintained their CCRNs for three decades. In their own words, they describe what certification means to them.

J. Michael Beaty, RN, BS, MN, CCRN, CCNS
Having and keeping the CCRN has meant verification of a level of professionalism.

Eileen J. Frame, RN, CCRN
Certification is a way of measuring myself with others. When first taken there were few classes and textbooks on critical care.

My CCRN has opened doors to other opportunities which eventually led me to be one of the first to sit for the ACNP test 10 years ago.

Marlene Barcelona-Oberfoell, RN, BSN, CCRN
I considered it my professional responsibility to challenge/update myself. Keeping up my certification is a professional commitment I made the year I passed the exam.

Congratulations to CCRNs Who Have Reached 20-Year Milestone

Congratulations to CCRNs who have been certified for 20 consecutive years! The following list acknowledges these dedicated nurses who reached this milestone in the past year:
Shirley A. Abraham, Sosamma Abraham, Edna C Acquavella, Jane D. Addison, Mimi P. Afable, Patricia E. Aguiar, Ampai Dana Aimsiri, Gladys B. Alarva, Judi M. Allman, Rowena H. Ament, Nancy L. Ancona, Jane S. Anderson, Craig E. Andrews, Eva Anzano, Richard B. Arbour, Myrna Joy A. Arellano-Valdellon, Mary M. Atha, Marissa T. Aurellano, Rodora S. Aurellano, Ann Marie Axford, Sandra D. Axt

Remedios A. Babanto, Jane F. Bacon, Barbara R. Baez, Nicola M. Bain, Richard J. Baisley, Catalina Baldia, Patricia Ann Baranowski, Margaret Barnett, Debra A. Barrett, Patricia C. Bauder, Marilou L. Bautista, Cecelyn A. Beckford, Lynn A. Beeler, Kathleen B. Begley-Pritzker, Ma. Angelina C. Begonia, Glenda A. Bell, Patricia L. Bellamy, Diane A. Bemboom, Sally K. Bender, Janice M Bennett-Phipps, Linda A. Benson, Marilyn J. Berkowitz, Kim B. Bernhardt-Tindal, Pamela S. Bessler, Ann M. Betting, LeAnne C. Betts, Ron Biehl, Patricia L. Birmingham, Tamara L. Blake, Patricia A. Blissitt

Rictoria L. Bober, Corazon T. Boquiren, Minerva R. Bordeaux, Elaine B. Boseman, Kahren L. Bossart, Carole A. Boucher, Anna J. Bowen, Connie R. Bowen, Donna J. Boyd, Peggy G. Brewer, Emily T. Bridges, Caralee K. Bromme, Constance S. Brooks, Sharon K. Broscious, Carolyn S. Brown, Sherry A. Brown, Roberta R. Brunk, Kathryn S. Brzoska, Mary Lou Bumgarner, Cynthia M. Burch, Margaret M. Burke, Karen L. Burris, Amy Lou Bush, Susan B. Butler

Marites D. Cajayon, Maria A. H. Cajulao, Cindy J. Campbell, Karen L. Campbell, Melody R. Campbell, Deborah L. Cantrell, Darla J. Cardin, Karen D. Carlson, Susan K. Carns, Annie L. Carroll, Carina E. Cassim, Rouel A. Castillon, Edith E. Chandler, Ina Christina Chandler, Lolita E. Ching, Suzanne V. Chretien, Denise A. Christensen, Sheila M. Christian, Teresa Jema C. Chua, Teresa A. Cima, Virginia R. Clifford, Sandra L. Coakley, Mary K. Coenen, Teresa M. Colette, Karen M. Condon, Dale R. Connolly, Donna Lee Cooper, Michael B. Cox, Sue Cox, Melissa Sue Crawford, Joyce M. Curtis, Debra M. Cutler

Jesusa R. Daranciang, Lilian V. Dasig, Mary E. David, Brenda R. Davis, Alicia M. DeLong, Diane L. DeLong, Dorothy E. Denny, Victoria R. Desimone, Linda H. Desmond, Kathleen M. Devine, Gretchen M. Dezelick, Jane Dilliard, Shirley A. Dishaw-Beck, Karen J. Doblin, Linda K. Dodrill, Susan E. Dollar, Colleen A. Donley, Vanita A. Dotson, Linda E. Douglas, Virginia E. Downey, Marcia K. D'Oyly, Darlene A. Dubay, Ellen O. Duell, Eileen M. Duff, Wendy J.G. Dufour, Debborah J. Duncan, Anne C. Dunn, Charlotte A. Dunn, Maureen T. Durocher
Jo-Ann Eastwood, Nenita M. Ebalo, Erna A. Edejer-Lacebal, Michael S. Ellis, Karen Eltringham, Patricia A. Empie, Jean Sue Endsley, Theresa P. Espina, Jeannette A. Essix, Irma Durant Estrada, Julie S. Evans, Irene G. Faber, Jocelyn A. Farrar, Bette J. Fegan, Jacqueline A. Fellenz, Christiane M. Ferguson, Judith E. Ferrell, Marie T. Fisher, Desiree A. Fleck, Joyce L. Fleming, Ann Marie Flood, Jo Ann T. Folse, Nancy J. Foran, Sara M. Foster, Celeste L. Franklin, Susan F. Frazier, Nancy L. Frederiksen, Geneva R. French, June G. Fultz, Meg Furukawa

Debra J. Gardill, Wendy M. Garretson, Sara A. Gates, Carolyn M. George, Anastasia M. Gibas, Lynette E. Gibbons, Patricia A. Gibbs, Scott G. Gillham, Maria E. Gleisner, Barbara J. Glenn, Beryl E. Green, Marjorie E. Greenhill, Karen J. Griffin, Hazel F. Griggs, Jerry A. Gronberg, Kathleen A. Gross, Genevieve Guanci, Leah Y. Guardino, Vincent Guardino
Joan Haedrich, Sheila M. Hagerman, Farah E. Haghighat, Ronald L. Hall, Dorothy J. Hamilton, Susan L. Hanslovan, Mary E. Hanson, Leigh B. Hart, Ellen M. Harvey, Terri L. Harvey, Cindy G. Harwi, Rebecca D. Hebert, Kathleen Ross Henderson, Priscilla Anne Henry, Melvin D. Herman, Toni R. Hodges, Patricia A. Hoffman, Margaret L. Hollinger, Michelle M. Hopper, Leslie L. Horton, Kimberly P. Howe, Diane L. Howell, Ivadene E. Howell, William O. Howie, Frederick Huicochea, Kelly C. Hulsey, Yolanda Hunter, Tanya R. Hutchins
Douglas M. Ingram, Susan M. Isaacs, Karen K. Isbell, Judith A. Isherwood, Barbara L. Jackson, Ann Jambor, Susan E. Jock, Christopher W. Johnson, Lydia A. Johnson, Erin A. Jolly, Kay E. Jones, Linda L. Jones, Margaret Ann Jones, Rosemarie R. Jones, Margaret L. Jong, Elizabeth M. Jordan, Ilona A. Kalin, Jacquelyn S. Karsanac, Risa N. Katz, Barbara M. Keefe, Elizabeth G. Keller, Mary G. Kennedy, Debra J. Kent, Joni S. Kent, Stephanie J. Kieselhorst, Diane M. Kil, Patrice E. King, Arlinda K. Kinkead, Ruth M. Kleinpell, Katherine L. Klos, Rebecca O. Knight, Li Kong, Joyce A. Kowatch, Teresa Kurdziel

Therese M. Lahnstein, Joan W. Lancaster, Jane T. Lanzos, Susan R. Larson, Joyce Ann Lasseter, Denise C. Laub, Lynn L. Laughlin, Lorelei E. Laurencio, Marianne Lavine, Ann L. Lawrence, Barbara E. Lawrence, Maria A. Laxina, Mary C. Lemp, Gloria J. Lenz, Eileen M. Lenze, Ann Marie LePine, Romarico A. Lijauco, Marilyn D. Lim, Diane M. Limoge, Anne E. Logan, Teresa A. Long, Rita Whitcomb Lopez, Cathy L. Lott, Julie Loudamy, Cindy N. Lowenstein, Diane L. Lucas, Elizabeth L. Lucht, Ann F. Lueck, Marsha E. Lungrin, Naomi L. Lungstrom, Carol A. Lybarger, Ruth S. Lyons

Ann Marie Madden, Jane Ellen Maher, Carol L. Main-Benner, Charlotte M. Martin, Kathleen D. Martin, Rhonda K. Martin, Barbara J. Martindale, Rita B. Martinez, Donna L. Mathews-Holman, Jean M. Matsko, Maria Elena C. Maxino, Carolyn D. Mayer, Catherine E. McCarthy, Gwenn L. McCulloch, Dee Stephanie McGuffey, Anthony W. McGuire, Mary T. McMahon, Mary Anne S. McNamee, Lynda R. McQuaig, Jeffrey A. McRoberts, Gerri A. McWilliams, Vicki L. Mears, Holly Meis, Beatriz B. Mendez, Brenda J. Michalek, Jenny L. Miller, Elizabeth M. Mills, Ella M. Milner, Vicki Mithoug, Sharon A. Moore, Linda Morgan, Bridget Carmel Morin

Elvessa Narvasa, Christina M. Nasraway-Juarez, Linda L. Nasworthy, Aileen B. Nathan, Deborah E. Neff, Patricia A. Nelson, Amando N. Nera, Cheryl L. Newton, Susan Karen Odom, Melinda Clark Offer, Deborah Ann Ohrt, Karen E. Olivero, Valorie J. O’Mara, Nancy D. Onyett, Sally A. Owen

Cynthia J. Palmer, Geny P. Panaligan-Ke, Marjorie E. Parcells, Laura Cannon Parker, Gloria J. Patterson, Chris G. Pena, Leanne R. Perez, Patricia J. Perrell, Dixie M. Petree, Deborah A. Pezzella, Dixie D. Phillips, Saundra S. Pittman, Carolyn F. Plemmons, Ellen L. Poole, Eileen A. Pospisil, Susan C. Prather, Therese C. Prentice, Gail L. Priestley, Karin A. Prussak
Mary C. Quinn-Dollar, Carol Ann Rajda, Jay C. Ramsey, Sheryl L. Reichenbach, Kathryn B. Reid, Ruth E. Renna, Nancy R. Rhodan, Harriett L. Rice, H. Daniel Richards, Patricia A. Richardson, Barbara T. Robbins, Gail Lyon Roberts, Jill A. Roberts, Pearl A. Roberts, Darlene D. Rock, Kathy L. Rodgers, Isabel S. Romena, Donna M. Rondeau-Marzullo, Susan E. Rosa, Phyllis J. Rose, Susan J. Rosenberg, Lorraine M. Rowser, Carol M. Ruback, Bonnie J. Ruby

Zaida D. Sacdalan, Cynthia B. Santoro, Kimberly J. Sapp, Mary Lou Sarkissian, Stephanie Schaeffer, Kathleen M. Schanbeck, Kathleen A. Schillaci, Susan M. Scollan-Boring, Vickie R. Sears, Martha Kay Seiger, Lynn A. Sekeres, Donna K. Self, Nancy L. Seymour, Alisa T. Shackelford, Dawn E. Shaddinger, Karen A. Shaubach, Melanie Shipley, Mary C. Siler, Geraldine D. Simkins, Bobbie J. Simlin, Laila C. Singh, Divina C. Sirokie

Diane H. Sletten, Elizabeth A. Smith, Mary A. Smith, Mary Lou Smith, Neesha A. Smith, Patricia E. Smith, Patricia L. Smith, Andrea T. Snyder, Audrey E. Snyder, Kristin M. Snyder, Rhonda L. Somnitz, Patricia E. Sorge, Jaqueline Sorrento, Julia P. Spring, Sandy K. Staggs, Stacey A. Staman, Debra D. Stambaugh, Maryanne S. Stanley, Carol A. Steele, Kathleen E. Stehmeyer, Janine L. Stene, TammyJo Stetler, Bonita Lynn Strohschein, Patricia M. Strumble, Remy G. Sunga, Sharon K. Surber

Lynn R. Tamanaha, Jovena D Tecson, Cindy L. Teegarden, Sandra J. Tegeler, Suzanne Temple, Chelita D. Thomas, Denise R. Turner Thomas, Jan E. Thomas, Janet A. Thomas, Drema R. Thompson, Leslie W. Thompson, Louise Thompson-Zielke, Robin M. Tidwell, Ann Marie Tilley, Myranda L. Tringale, Lisa A. Tucci, Robin R. Turner, Rose M. Turner, Elaine T. Uhler, Susan R. Van Pelt, Kandice M. Vancura, Ronald F. Vasquez, Emerita K. Ventocilla, Candace A. Vezendan, Anna M. Vicklund, Yolanda R. Villaveza

Rita A. Wall, Anna L. Ward, Shirley A Watkins, Andrea J. Watkinson, Doris Webster, Tonia L. Welch, Marilyn R. Wheeler, Amy Lynn White, Kimberly A. Whiteman, Diana Lee Whittiker, Thomas D. Wilkinson, Glenn A. Willde, Donna M. Williams, Sharilyn L. Williams, Judy A. Willon, Rasammal Winters, Nancy E. Wisecarver, Saisunee Wongtareo, Patricia A. Wood, Jo Anne M. Wozniak, Carol J. Wynne, Jane S. Yip, Marian E. Yoakum, Linda Marie Youngblood, Denise R. Yuko, Barbara R. Zinner, Denise Zolnowski.

Mark the Milestone

CCRN 20-Year Milestone Pins can be purchased through AACN’s Resource Catalog or by calling (800) 899-2226. Request Product #402160.

For the Record

Maria Scarlet F. Alfonso achieved the cardiac medicine certification (CMC) in 2005. Her name was incorrect in a listing of newly certified CMCs that appeared in AACN News.
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