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Vol. 24, No. 4, APRIL 2007

AACN Certification Corporation Launches CCRN-E Certification Renewal Program

CCRN-E is a renewal-only category approved for CCRNs who work exclusively or primarily in the remote ICU environment (432 hours in the remote ICU environment with 144 of those hours accrued in the preceding year; but less than 432 hours in direct bedside care of acutely/critically ill patients). This is a renewal credential only, not an initial certification category.

Since the introduction of remote ICU technology in 2000, the AACN Certification Corporation has been receiving calls from CCRNs working in this environment who wanted to renew their CCRN certification without traditional bedside clinical hours. As the concept of the remote ICU has expanded dramatically, a job analysis was conducted to determine the differences between the practice of the bedside CCRN and the nurse working in the remote ICU environment.

As a result of the 2006 Virtual ICU Study of Practice, a separate renewal category was established for CCRNs working primarily or exclusively in the remote ICU environment. It was also determined that renewal requirements would reflect the differences in practice found in the Study of Practice. Following are key points about CCRN-E certification.

If you work exclusively or primarily in the remote ICU environment:
You may renew as a CCRN-E at your next renewal cycle, provided you meet renewal requirements for CCRN-E.

• If your CCRN certification expired because you have been employed full-time in the remote ICU environment and have been unable to meet the direct bedside clinical hour renewal requirement, you may petition through the CCRN Review and Appeal process to have your CCRN status reinstated in the CCRN-E category, provided you would have met the CCRN-E requirements at the time your CCRN expired. You must apply by December 31, 2007.

• If you have inactive status because of not being able to meet the bedside hour requirement, you may apply for CCRN-E status when you have met the CCRN-E renewal requirements.
• You may renew with either CERPs program (CCRN-E Renewal by CERPs or CCRN-E Renewal by Synergy CERPs). The CCRN-E Renewal by Synergy CERPs program will differ slightly from the CCRN Synergy CERPs Program in that the percentage weight for the 100 required CERPs for CCRN-E will be 70% Category A; 5% Category B; and 25% Category C. Documentation of CERPs will accompany all renewals for CCRN-E.

• If you work both in the remote ICU environment and directly at the bedside in critical care:

• If you qualify to renew as a CCRN, it is suggested you renew as a CCRN.

• Only one renewal designation will be used.

CCRN-E Certification Renewal Q&A

I’m working in both the remote ICU environment and direct bedside in critical care. Should I renew as a CCRN-E?
If you qualify for CCRN renewal, renew as a CCRN. CCRN-E is a designation for those nurses working exclusively or primarily in the remote ICU environment who do not meet the direct bedside hours for CCRN renewal. CCRN-E is a renewal designation, not a certification.

If I qualify for both CCRN and CCRN-E can I apply for both renewals?
No. If you qualify for CCRN renewal, we recommend that you renew as a CCRN. Only one credential will be used. If you do not meet the CCRN renewal requirements but meet the CCRN-E requirements, apply for CCRN-E renewal.

I’ve never had my CCRN, but have been working exclusively in the remote ICU environment. Can I obtain my CCRN-E credential?
You must first obtain a CCRN credential. This is the certification mechanism that assures patient safety because nurses with a CCRN credential have had the direct bedside hours and passed the CCRN exam before renewing as a CCRN-E.

I had to let my CCRN certification expire because I have been employed full-time in the remote ICU environment and have not met the direct bedside clinical hour renewal requirement. What should I do?
You may petition through the CCRN Review and Appeal Process to have your CCRN status reinstated in the CCRN-E category, provided you would have met CCRN-E requirements at the time of your CCRN expiration. Proof of continued employment in the remote ICU setting is a required component of a successful petition, as is submission of CERPs documentation. The date of reinstatement would be the date approved for reinstatement and any intervening time since expiration would be considered inactive rather than expired.

Is there a deadline by which to apply for CCRN-E if I’ve let my CCRN expire due to not meeting the direct bedside hours?
Yes. If your CCRN has expired you must apply for CCRN-E by Dec. 30, 2007.

I am due to renew my certification and have been working exclusively in the remote ICU environment. I meet the clinical hour requirement for the CCRN-E but do not yet meet the CERPs requirements for CCRN-E. What should I do?
Because you would not be able to renew as a CCRN, apply for inactive status until you can meet the CCRN-E renewal requirements.

I’ve been working primarily in the remote ICU environment and want to return to direct beside care, but I do not meet the direct bedside hour requirement for CCRN renewal. What should I do?
Whether you are a CCRN or a CCRN-E desiring to go back to CCRN status, when you are due to renew, you may apply for CCRN inactive status and work on getting enough direct bedside hours for CCRN renewal. When you have met the renewal eligibility requirements to renew as a CCRN (432 bedside hours with 144 within the last year and either the CCRN Renewal by CERPs or CCRN Renewal by Synergy CERPs requirements) you may renew as a CCRN.

For more information about CCRN-E, see the CCRN-E Renewal Handbook I at www.certcorp.org> What’s New.

Acknowledge Progressive Care Nurses With These PCCN Recognition Products

We’ve added several new PCCN logo/recognition products for our growing number of PCCNs.

PCCN I.D. Pin (1 dozen)
Attach this small, gold-plated pin to a name badge, scrub shirt, or lab coat. Tie-tack backing. Actual size 3/4" x 3/16". Sold by the dozen. Product #402507

PCCN Roster Plaque*
This 10" x 14" walnut plaque proudly displays a laser-engraved PCCN logo topped with gold foil, recognition message, and 18 brass plates** for PCCN names. Recognition Message: We are proud to recognize that the following nurses have achieved PCCN certification by AACN Certifiction Corporation. PCCN status is granted for three years and may be renewed.
*Engraving not available through AACN.
**Please note that there is a clear plastic film over each brass plate that is to be removed by the engraver. Sometimes this film is wrinkled, which gives the illusion that the plate is scratched.
Product #402506

PCCN Lunch Tote
Sturdy insulated lunch tote in maroon with extended carrying strap in black. Features PCCN logo in white. Actual size 6 1/2" x 8 5/8" x 6 3/4"
Product #402508.

PCCN Sweatshirts
Maroon pullover sweatshirt with PCCN logo embroidered in white. 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. Product #402509-402512, depending on size.

For pricing and order information, visit www.aacn.org>Bookstore.

Important Certification Events at NTI 2007

May 21 Paper-and-Pencil Certification Exams-2-6 p.m. (Check-in 1 p.m.)

May 22 Certification Roundtable (ticketed session-4:15-5:15 p.m.)

May 22 Certification Celebration Reception (5:45-6:45 p.m.) and Dinner (6:45-8 p.m.)

May 23 Certified Nurses Improve Outcomes of Cardiac Surgery Patients Session (noon-1:15 p.m.)

Check for a schedule of Information Sessions and opportunities to meet the AACN Certification Board of Directors posted at the NTI Certification Oasis.

Congratulations, Newly Certified CCRNPs

The following nurses received their CCRNP certification in 2006.
Evangelina Acebo
Annette L. Adams
Teri L. Aguirre
Vicky M. Albit
James Ronald Allard
Lori A. Allen
Melyrose E. Allen
Kathleen Marie Anderson
Sara Ann Anderson
Rhoda Sheila H. Arancon
Katherine M. Arroyo
Lori K. Atchley
Lori R. Avaiusini
Kimberly Sue Bailey
Christy M. Bailey
Susette F. Ball
Susan Annette Bankhead
Erma M. Barbon
Andrea Bauer
Desiree M. Beaulieu
Kelly J. Behrendt
Nancy Benenson Krug
Cynthia L. Benton
Toni Renee Bittner
Martine Bouzi
Jeannette Breedlove
Heather R. Brophy
Kathryn M. Brothers
Brandi N. Brown
Whitney S. Burkey
Nancy Lange Burnett
Thomas John Burwell
Dawn M. Bustanoby
Christian J. Cain
Tammy L. Camelli
Nilsa Campos
Rachel S. Caplan
Michele E. Carron
Stephanie Marie Carter
Tessa R. Chapple
Geri Lynn Ching
LeeAnn M. Christie
Lori K. Clark
Elena J. Cobleigh
Barbara E. Coffel
Elizabeth A. Colglazier
Floyd E. Collins, III
Sarah M. Conrad
Janelle L. Cooney
Corinne M. Costley
Lacie M. Crone
Tracie L. Cullen
Katie Cyprus
Marina E. Dackman
Rachel A. Dalgleish
Jeremy J. Daniell
Theresa L. Deck
Kimberly M. Deckett
Lisa-Ann DeMarco
Dara Lynn DeVinney
Christine Heaven Dillingham
Michele F. Dillman
Patricia Jean Dillon
Deborah Lynn Dobbelhoff
Suzanne H. Donahue
Kathleen A. Durkan
Whitney Ann Elton
Scott C. England
Lynee Diane Epp
Patti Elizabeth Evans
Jami D. Ezell
Teri Ferris
Joan P. Ferry
Kathleen Filippini
Stacy L. Flanders
Marie Foland
Beth A. Fournier
Mary E. Frederick
Jane Fredericks
Kristi Lynn French
Sorah N. Fromowitz
Winona Y. Furgison
David Scott Galyon
Jo Ann J. Gamez
Diane Lynn Gates
Heidi D. Geary
Chih-Li Gelinas
Heidi E. Gilroy
Sandra Glenn-Vernon
Maryann Godshall
Patricia E. Goetz
Lee Rachelle Goldman
Darrell Griswold
Mary Ann Groeschen
Kari L. Guffey
Martin M. Hair
Maryanne J. Halligan
Tracy L. Hardy
Jodi L. Hargis
Heather A. Hawk
Jacob R .Heesch
Leslie C. Hege
Tina L. Henry
Shekinah S. Hensley
Ami F. Herberg
Kimberly S. Hiatt
Amy Sue Hickman
Karen L. Hill
Ingrid H. Hires
Alison Elizabeth Hitt
Christina M. Hoade
Shannon L. Holland
Holly Ann Hollenbaugh-Fogle
Elizabeth M. Horwitz
Selina D. Howard
Sherese M. Howell
Jennifer R. Hughes
Amber Renee Hughes-Schalk
Beverly L.G. Inocencio
Luanne Ivanow
Sheryl A. Ivey
Lori J. Jackson
Connie L. Jackson
Melissa L. Jehlicka
Kristin M. Jensen
Ramany John
Lisa Ann Johnson
Mary Jo Johnson
Stephanie G. Jullien
Carol Sheppard Kaplan
Marybeth C. Kearney
Debbie Keefer
Karen S. Kelly
Fereshteh Kiani
Tiffany Leigh Kidd
Tracey L. Kiesau
Johanna Klink
Jim A. Kubecka
Melanie K. Kuelbs
Keyatta M. Lackey
Ruth M. Lebet
Gloria J Leyba
Diane W. Liles
Denise Limerick
Amy Jo Lisanti
Angela Little
Louela B. Liwanag
Jacqueline Lundgren
Lisa D. Macias
Stephanie Melissa Magness
Douglas A. Markley
Theresa K. Martinez
Leesa R. Massey
Sarita Ann Mathew
Stacy L. Mccarthy
Jenny Lee Mccauley
Ann C. McGrath
Courteney K. McKinley
Amanda M. McKinney
Erin R. McNulty
Kelly G Merrill
Joanne E. Mikol
Tiffany Ann Miller
Arie J. Miller
Sherri E. Moore
Pamela A. Mori-Howell
Sally B. Morris
Leslie Ann Murphy
Diane Nell
Kasey Nelson
Leslie F. Newell
Shannon M. Newton
Cheri Melissa Nicolson
Marcia L. O’Connor
Connie Oliver
Danielle N. Olson
Debbie A. Orcutt
Maree E. O’Sullivan
Whitney S. Partin
Patricia Pascucci
Catherine Elizabeth Passero
Diane D. Pelant
Todd Jonathan Pelletier
Christina Ann Pickford
Jaime T. Pietras
Claire Y. Piette
Lyndsey M. Piland
Wendy A. Ploegstra
Ashley Elizabeth Powell
Patricia Phayer Prause
Kelly Anne Pruden
James Russell Pryor
Clara K. Raaymakers
Janice Rama
John Ward Ratcliff
Kristine M. Ratliff
Helen E. Reed
Lisa Jane Reichter
Susan B. Reynolds
Lisa A. Richard
Karen M. Rivoir
Jason Edward Robertson
Susan R. Rosa
Theresa Marie Rose
Pamela L. Rubenstein

Is Your Unit a Beacon of Excellence?

The AACN Beacon Award for Critical Care Excellence shines national recognition on units that attain high standards for quality, exceptional care of patients, and healthy, humane and healing work environments.
The Web-based application process asks you to evaluate your critical care unit in six areas:
• Recruitment and retention
• Education, training and mentoring
• Evidence-based practices
• Patient outcomes
• Healing environments
• Leadership and organizational ethics
Applications, which may be submitted at any time, are evaluated on a quarterly basis. Awards are granted twice a year. The application fee is $1,000 per unit.
For more information, visit the AACN Web site at www.aacn.org.
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