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Vol. 24, No. 7, JULY 2007

Congratulations to Research Grant Recipients

The following nurses were awarded grants to fund specific research projects in 2006 and 2007. Congratulations to all recipients.

2006 Medtronic Physio-Control AACN Small Grant

Priscilla Gazarian, RN, MS, PhD (c)
West Newton, Mass.
“Nurse Decision Making and the Prevention of Adverse Events: A Description of Nurses’ Judgments and Decision Making in Preventing In-Hospital Cardiopulmonary Arrest”

2006 AACN Clinical Inquiry Grant

Leslie Montgomery RN, MS, CCRN
Springfield, Ill.
“Evaluation of a Vascular Surgery Education Package to Enhance Patient Knowledge Retention of Discharge Instructions”

Susan B. Fowler, RN, PhD, CNRN, FAHA
Metuchen, N.J.
“Barcode Technology for Medications Administration: Medication Errors and Nurse Satisfaction”

Cheryl Dumont, RN, PhD
Winchester, Va.
“Management of Hyperglycemia With Intravenous Insulin in Intensive Care”

2007 AACN Clinical Inquiry Grant

Barbara E. Lee-Grasso, RN, APRN, MA, MScN, PCCN
Morris Township, N.J.
“The Use of a ‘Heart Pillow’ in Open Heart Surgery Patients”

2007 AACN Critical Care Grant

Sharon McKinley, RN, PhD
Willoughby, NSW, Australia
“Anxiety and In-Hospital Complications After Acute Coronary Syndrome”

2006 AACN Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Grant

Linda L. Hannan, RN, MS, CCRN
Troy, N.Y.
“An Evidence-Based Practice Project to Reduce Pressure Ulcer Prevalence in Adult Intensive Care Units”

2007 AACN Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Grant

Joan M. Duda, RN, APRN, MS, CCRN, APN
Chicago, Ill.
“Enhanced Communication in Family Centered Conferences”

2006 AACN–Sigma Theta Tau Critical Care Grantn

Shannon McCord, RN, APRN, MS, CCRN, PNP
Houston, Texas
“Comparison of Negative Wound Pressures in Children”

2007 AACN Mentorship Grant

Meg Gambrell Zomorodi, RN, BSN
Durham, N.C.
“Instrument Development: Nursing Competence With End of Life Care in the ICU”

2007 AACN-Philips Medical Systems Clinical Outcomes Grant

Sandra L. Jarr, RN, MSN
Chapel Hill, N.C.
“Virtual Reality Intervention for Women With Breast Cancer”

Kristin Sandau, RN, PhD
Roseville, Minn.
“National Survey of U.S. Cardiologists’ Perceptions and Use of Continuous ST-Segment Monitoring among Hospitalized Patients”

M. Cecilia Wendler, RN, PhD, CCRN
Springfield, Ill.
“Impact of Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Bowel Management Protocol (BMP) on Selected Patient Outcomes in Critical Care”

2006 AACN-Edwards Lifesciences Nurse-Driven Clinical Practice Outcomes Grant

Albert Minjock, RN, CNS, MS
Mars, Pa.
“Decreasing Length of Stay & Improving Outcomes in the Surgical ICU Utilizing Nurse-Driven Therapies”

2007 AACN-Edwards Lifesciences Nurse-Driven Clinical Practice Outcomes Grant

Frank Lyerla, RN, MS
Bethalto, Ill.
“Prompting Semirecumbent Positioning of Mechanically Ventilated Patients via a Nursing Clinical Decision Support System”

2007 AACN Clinical Practice Grant

Judith Tate, MSN, RN
Bethel Park, Pa.
“Clinician Management of Psycho-Behavioral
Responses in Mechanically Ventilated Patients”

Oct. 1 is the deadline to apply for these AACN nursing research grants

AACN Clinical Practice Grant
This $6,000 grant supports research on one or more AACN research priorities. Research conducted in fulfillment of an academic degree is acceptable.

AACN-Sigma Theta Tau Critical Care Grant
AACN and Sigma Theta Tau International co-sponsor this $10,000 grant, which may be used to fund research for an academic degree. Principal investigators must be members of AACN and/or of Sigma Theta Tau International.

AACN Evidence-based Clinical Practice Grant
This grant funds six awards of up to $1,000 each to stimulate the use of patient-focused data or previously generated research findings to develop, implement and evaluate changes in acute and critical care nursing practice.

AACN-Philips Medical Systems Outcomes for Excellence Research Grant in Memory of Carla C. Joliat
This grant, co-sponsored by AACN and Philips Medical Systems, funds three awards of up to $10,000 each to support research to achieve improved outcomes and/or system efficiencies in the care of acutely or critically ill patients.

AACN-Edwards Lifesciences Nurse-Driven Clinical Practice Outcomes Grant
This grant, co-sponsored by AACN and Edwards Lifesciences, funds two awards of up to $5,000. Each grant supports a nurse experienced in research who is conducting a clearly articulated research study that relates to the use of nurse-driven, protocol-based care.

To find out more about AACN’s research priorities and grant opportunities, visit the Research area of the AACN Web site at www.aacn.org > Research > Grants or e-mail research@aacn.org.
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