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Vol. 24, No. 3, MARCH 2007

Excellence in Chapter Leadership Development Award

Editor’s note: Part of the AACN Circle of Excellence recognition program, the Sharon Connor Excellence in Chapter Leadership Development Award recognizes excellence in chapter leadership development and succession planning while actively supporting AACN’s mission, vision and values. Following are excerpts from exemplars submitted in connection with this award for 2006.

Atlanta Area Chapter
The Atlanta Area Chapter is committed to recruiting and developing chapter leaders. Drawing leadership from throughout our sprawling metropolitan area offers opportunities to reach out to nurses who work in urban and suburban hospitals. Each chapter officer is encouraged and expected to recruit at least one new member to the board of directors and find the new “elect.” The chapter year begins on a Saturday in June with a transition retreat for all board members. The retreat is an opportunity to review the job description and responsibilities for each position and ensure they are well understood and accurately reflect the duties. In addition, outgoing and incoming officers meet to review the position. The outgoing officer transfers any resources needed to the incoming officer. Most new officers held an “elect” position for the preceding year and are very familiar with the position they are assuming. Most of the current leadership joined the board of directors casually, because they were invited to attend board meetings and offer their suggestions. As members become more active, they are given increased responsibility and encouraged to assume an “elect” position related to their interests and skills. New members provide enthusiasm and fresh ideas that invigorate the chapter and keep the board in touch with the needs of our members. In exchange, board members are nurtured into leadership roles and learn invaluable skills.

Northwest Chicago Area Chapter
Since the initial charter 32 years ago the mission of the NWCAC has been to provide quality educational programs for our members. We hold eight monthly educational chapter meetings and the Midwest Conference, a nationally known four-day conference. To maintain this educational commitment, NWCAC recognizes the need for strong leadership. In late winter, a slate of candidates is developed for our 13-member board of directors. In July, after the elections, all board members meet for a daylong transition meeting. Mentoring of new members includes a review of the previous year’s achievements, suggestions for the upcoming year, development of new work plans and a budget review. Our “board learning partners” program was initiated to help chapter members learn more about serving on the board. Each December, a leadership dinner is held. The speaker’s topic promotes leadership skills, and the event also offers time for informal networking, which is a crucial part of chapter leadership development. NWCAC maintains strong ties with our chapter advisory team member, other local chapters, area schools of nursing and the national AACN office. Many board members attend regional and national meetings each year. Speaker development is another key leadership activity for NWCAC. Many members have spoken at local and national levels and are always willing to share their skills. Each year, one chapter meeting is devoted to case studies presented by our members. Our chapter is very fortunate to have so many committed leaders. Their experience and skills provide opportunities for growth and development and are important resources.

Outstanding Chapter Educational Program Award

Editor’s note: Part of the AACN Circle of Excellence recognition program, the Outstanding Chapter Educational Program Award recognizes chapters that have done an outstanding job in providing quality educational programming to their members and other constituents while actively supporting AACN’s mission, vision and values. Following are excerpts from exemplars submitted in connection with this award for 2006. Additional exemplars will appear in future issues of AACN News.

Houston Gulf Coast Chapter
The Houston Gulf Coast Chapter (HGCC), founded over 25 years ago by leaders in our nursing community, continues to be a leading source of knowledge and education. A comprehensive educational assessment was completed by our dedicated and motivated nurses to provide for the learning needs of critical care nurses in Houston for 2004-2005. The initial evaluation showed a wide span of topics of interest from hemodynamic monitoring to patient safety. A general objective was set based on AACN’s mission of providing the highest quality resources to maximize nurses’ contributions to caring for and improving the healthcare of critically ill patients and their families. Resources as defined by our group were terms of education and knowledge, which HGCC has consistently provided to the local community. An annual multidisciplinary seminar regarding management of the acutely ill patient is conducted with physicians, critical care nurses and respiratory therapists in attendance. It covers issues pertaining to heart failure and COPD. The development of the educational apprentice program where a member could join the educational team was crucial to the success of implementing our plan. Inherent in our educational apprentice model are the AACN core values of accountability, collaboration, leadership, lifelong learning, excellence, innovation and commitment to the passion of our mission. After identifying our core group of apprentices, we set strategies to motivate adult learners, such as social relationships, external expectations and personal advancement. The chapter has been a key resource for providing cutting-edge topics for critical care in the Houston community. Our attendance and membership involvement has increased an average of 21% annually in the last five years.

Three Rivers Chapter
Our chapter conducted an educational assessment of the members to determine their needs and interests. We reviewed previous chapter program evaluations, developed a plan of action and established programs for the year, each with goals and outcomes. Our first program was “Acute Coronary Syndrome – Treatment Options and Outcomes.” Many chapter members attended, and we advised them of upcoming events so they could plan accordingly. Our next project was an Erie Winery bus tour. We collaborated with the newly established Presque Isle Chapter and met with them for lunch and a brief program. In December, we held a program on organ donation, and a speaker from CORE discussed “Updates on Transplantation.” To meet the needs of members who requested a morning program, we held a Cardiology Workshop on a Saturday morning in February. There was a great turnout and we used the program evaluations and assessments for future planning. We have also expanded our educational programs to reach out to local nursing schools, and attended several job fairs at local nursing schools. One of our representatives addresses the group, educating them on the benefits of national and local AACN memberships. We also held a Critical Care Workshop and were privileged to have the national president, Kathy McCauley, address our chapter. The program was well attended and received. Along with the Central PA Chapter, we will have a CCRN Review at the Seven Springs Resort in Laurel Highlands in September. We expect nurses from the entire region to attend..

A Warm Southern Welcome From the NTI 2007 Host Chapter

Welcoming you to NTI Atlanta are host chapter members (left to right, standing) Megan Brunson, president; Jessica Murphy, co-director of education; Tara Garcia, treasurer-elect; Orlando Scott, treasurer; Lynda Liles, communications director; (left to right, seated) Amy Lightsey, membership director; and Haley Gordon, co-director of education. Not pictured: Emilie Wyble, president-elect and PR director; and Jennifer Perry, secretary.

The Atlanta Area Chapter welcomes you with open arms to the 34th annual National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition. Our local board of directors and members look forward to sharing our Southern hospitality with you during your stay in a city known for its rich heritage and culture. You will be Powered by Insight as you connect with old friends, meet new ones, share accomplishments and exchange ideas. There is much to enjoy at this year’s meeting. Please visit our booth, where you can purchase the official NTI T-shirt, locate a missing item in the Lost and Found or ask us about sightseeing in our beautiful city. We’re here to help.

Put Your Chapter in the Circle of Excellence

AACN Circle of Excellence Awards for chapters applaud the accomplishments of chapters in helping to bring the association’s mission, vision and standards-setting expertise to hospitals, nursing schools and local communities.
The nominating process for these awards for 2008 opens March 15. The deadline to submit nominations is July 15, 2007. The exception is the President’s Award for Chapters, for which the deadline is March 1, 2008.
Unless otherwise noted, chapters selected for these awards receive an honorarium of $1,000 each. All receive a personalized plaque, are announced in AACN News and on the AACN Web site, and are recognized at the National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition.
Following are brief descriptions about the chapter awards. Details are described in the Circle of Excellence Awards Guide, available online at www.aacn.org > Awards, Grants & Scholarships.

Excellence in Chapter Collaboration Award
Recognizes chapters that exemplify collaboration in any aspect of their operations while actively supporting AACN’s mission, vision and values. Chapter collaboration must represent the efforts of at least two entities, one the chapter and the other an outside group such as a hospital, college or university, other nursing organization, or community. Successful applicants will demonstrate how chapter collaboration resulted in desirable outcomes that were mutually beneficial.

Sharon Connor Excellence in Chapter
Leadership Development Award
Recognizes excellence in chapter leadership development and succession planning while actively supporting AACN’s mission, vision and values. Successful candidates will demonstrate how the chapter has implemented an effective chapter leadership structure that provides guidance, strategic planning and continuity for the chapter. They will also demonstrate how programs resulted in desirable outcomes.

Outstanding Chapter Community
Education and Public Service Award
Recognizes chapters that have made an outstanding public service contribution in their local communities through community education and involvement while actively supporting AACN’s mission, vision and values. Successful applicants will describe how their chapter has effectively communicated and disseminated knowledge about, and promoted AACN and the critical care nursing profession, to the local community.

Outstanding Chapter
Educational Program Award
Recognizes chapters that have done an outstanding job in providing quality educational programming to their members and other constituents while actively supporting AACN’s mission, vision and values. Successful applicants will demonstrate how chapter educational programming met the educational standards of education assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation for one or more programs in the past year.
President’s Award for Chapters
Recognizes the chapter or chapters that best exemplify the theme of the AACN president. The theme of incoming 2007-08 President Dave Hanson, RN, MSN, CCRN, CNS, will be announced at NTI 2007 in Atlanta, Ga. Successful applicants will demonstrate how their chapters have exemplified the president’s theme throughout the year. Chapters will be evaluated on programs and activities that were completed from July 1 to date of submission. Up to $4,000 will be awarded to one or more chapters. Deadline to submit application materials is March 1, 2008.

Attention, Chapter Members:

Register for NTI 2007 and Receive a $75 Rebate

This year, chapter members can apply for a $75 rebate after registering for NTI 2007. Here’s more good news: You no longer need a group of four or more chapter members to qualify for the discount. NTI registrants eligible for this program must be current members of National AACN and current members of their local AACN chapter and registered for the NTI Main Conference in Atlanta, Ga. May 21 through May 24. This offer cannot be combined with any other AACN discount/rebate program.

To find out more and to download the rebate application form, please visit www.aacn.org>Chapters>Chapter Resource Center> Chapter Forms>NTI Chapter Rebate Form or call (800) 899-2226.

What’s on Tap?

The Northwest Florida Chapter will present a “CCRN Review” March 22 and 23 at West Florida Hospital, Pensacola. For more information, contact Susan Veazey at (850) 494-4164; susan.veazey@hcahealthcare.com.

The Broward County Chapter will present “Powered by Broward: Critical Insights” April 13 and 14 at Holy Cross Hospital, Fort Lauderdale. For more information, contact Patty Kelly at (954) 722-8020; pattykelly7@comcast.net.

The Southwest Georgia Chapter will present “Creating and Sustaining a Healthy Work Environment” March 16 in Albany. For more information, contact Cindi Noe at (229) 312-5211; cnoe@ppmh.org.

The Atlanta Area Chapter will present “Setting the Pace 2007: Emerging Trends in Cardiovascular Nursing” April 10 and 11 at the Emory Conference Center Hotel. For more information, contact Mary Zellinger at (404) 712-4661; mary.zellinger@emoryhealthcare.org, or Carolyn Brown at (404) 712-4368; carolyn.brown@emoryhealthcare.org.

The Northern Illinois Chapter will present “Second Annual Trauma Symposium” April 18 at the Venetian Club, Rockford. For more information, contact Laura Padron at (815) 877-0071; lgpadron@aol.com.

The Greater St. Louis Chapter will present “Critical Care Trends” March 15 and 16 at the America’s Center, St. Louis Downtown Convention Center. For more information, contact Karen Jahn at kkz@sbcglobal.net.

The Greater Akron Chapter will present, in cosponsorship with the Canton-Akron Chapter of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals and the Aultman Heart Center, the “5th Annual Celebrating Excellence in Cardiac and Critical Care” April 11 through 13 at Kent State University, North Canton. For more information, contact Karen Marzlin at (330) 244-8575; caacvp@yahoo.com.

The Greater Portland Chapter will present a “CCRN Review” April 12 and 13 at the Doubletree Hotel. For more information, contact Donna Hunter at gpcsupport@comcast.net.

The Three Rivers and Central Pennsylvania chapters will present a “CCRN/PCCN Review” March 19 through 21 at the Seven Springs Resort, Champion. For more information, contact Lori Cox at (814) 534-3887; loricrnp@atlanticbb.net.

The Southeaster Pennsylvania Chapter will present “Trends in Trauma and Cardiovascular Nursing 2007” April 17 through 20 at the Valley Forge Convention Center, King of Prussia. For more information, contact Monika Cornelius at (800) 394-5995, ext. 239; trends@aacn.org.
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