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Vol. 24, No. 9, SEPTEMBER 2007

Preparation for Critical and Progressive Care Certification:
Linking Academics and Practice

By Catherine Nosek, PhD, RN, and Roberta Bumann, MSN, RN
Winona State University Department of Nursing

Nurses who were instrumental in developing the CCRN Certification Review Course are (from left) Catherine Nosek, Karlene Olson and Roberta Bumann.

Sparking an Interest
How can academics and practicing nurses work together to enhance knowledge of critical and progressive care nursing practice? How does a new academic course come to fruition? In mid-November 2005, Karlene Olson, MS, RN, from Mayo Clinic-Rochester Minnesota, contacted the Winona State University (WSU) Department of Nursing. She explained that her nursing unit was planning to apply for the Beacon Award for Critical Care Excellence. In an effort to support nursing staff seeking national certification, she asked us about developing a course to prepare nurses for the adult CCRN certification exam, and that was just the beginning!

Getting Started and Obtaining Support
Offering a new academic course requires more than just an expressed interest. It requires faculty expertise, administrative and departmental support, funding for development and enough interest from nurses to make the course economically feasible. With our combined critical care experience of more than 49 years, we jumped at the chance to develop a specialized course for adult critical care nurses. The goal was to offer the course beginning in the spring semester 2006. Since only three weeks remained in the fall semester 2005, time was of the essence if the proposal, funding support and recruitment were to happen.

With a grant from the Center for Integrated Health Science Education and Practice (CIHSEP), we developed a proposal for a two-credit semester course called “CCRN Certification Review Course.” The CIHSEP supports projects that create a collaborative model of engagement for health science education and practice, as well as increase the quality and sustainability of healthcare education and practice. Using the AACN Synergy Model for Patient Care and certification exam test plans established by AACN Certification Corporation, the course was designed to meet knowledge requirements for practice and/or certification in adult critical care nursing. Initial course design included classroom time with e-learning support. By January 2007, 36 critical care nurses had registered. After they completed the course, they took the adult CCRN examination.

Achieving Success and Expanding an Idea
How was the course received by the nurses? How many nurses passed the exam? Feedback and evaluation data indicated overwhelming satisfaction with the course and preparation for the CCRN examination. Comments from nurse managers and physicians have indicated a positive change in the way RNs who participated in the course practice critical care nursing. Thirty-two RNs took the CCRN certification examination with a 97% pass rate; evidence that the course was successful. The evaluation data, interest in future offerings and the personal experience of teaching the course provided us with the incentive and evidence for course development.

Based on evidence, interest and additional CIHSEP support, the course was revised to include progressive care content and thus increase enrollment. The redesign was also intended to supplement elective course requirement options for WSU RN-BSN degree students, or nurses interested in satisfying CERP requirements. With a new title “Advanced Critical and Progressive Care Nursing,” the course was offered for a second time during spring semester 2007.

Reaching Out
Interest continues to grow. In order to reach out to registered nurses in rural and urban areas in southeast Minnesota and western Wisconsin, the course will offer an online section beginning spring semester 2008.

In summary, everyone in the continuum of care benefits from knowledgeable and certified nurses including patients, families, employers and nurses themselves. In addition, certification validates to patients and employers that a nurse is qualified, competent and has met rigorous requirements to achieve the certification. As partners, it is important that academics and practicing nurses continue working together to achieve and maintain the most up-to-date knowledge, thereby promoting continuing excellence in the nursing profession.

For more information on the CCRN Certification Review Course, contact the authors, CMNosek@winona.edu or RBumann@winona.edud

Soldiers Study for CCRN in Iraq

By Major David Cassella, Chief Nurse, 240th Forward Surgical Team/Head Nurses, ICU2, and Major Angela Stone, Head Nurse, ICU1, 28th CSH, Baghdad, Iraq

Thirteen nurses who work at the 28th Combat Support Hospital in Baghdad recently sat for their CCRN exam. For almost four months, they attended weekly lectures and studied for many hours in preparation for the exam. They also formed study groups to enhance their knowledge and test-taking ability. 2nd Lt. Revenia Buck said, “For me, studying for the CCRN forced me to study all areas of critical care. Combat nurses don’t always see the full gamut of critical care patients.”
Scheduling the exam was fairly simple. After contacting AACN to set up a test date, the next step was coordinating their plans with a DANTES test representative. The tests arrived just in time for the exam date.
The dedication of these highly motivated nurses has been inspiring, and many other Army Nurse Corps nurses have scheduled exams for when they return home.

Revised CCRN Self-Assessment Practice Exam (SAE) Now Available

An updated CCRN Adult Self-Assessment Practice Exam (SAE) is online and available for purchase for $50. The 60-item test provides timely and essential feedback to candidates preparing for the CCRN certification exam. It may also be used once during a renewal period by current CCRNs as one measure of continued competence. A current CCRN passing the SAE with a score of 70 percent or more may count 15 Category A CERPs (Continuing Education Recognition Points) toward renewal either by CERPs or Synergy CERPs. The CCRN SAE is not offered for CE credit. To purchase, go to http://store.lxr.com/product.aspx?id=341.

Do You Qualify for CCRN-E Status?

If your CCRN expired due to not meeting direct bedside hours because you were working exclusively or primarily in the remote ICU (virtual ICU) environment, you have until Dec. 31, 2007 to apply through the Review and Appeals Process to be reinstated under the CCRN-E status. For more information, refer to the CCRN-E Renewal Handbook at www.certcorp.org > What’s New.

CCRNs Celebrate 20-Year Milestone

Congratulations to the following CCRNs who have been certified for 20 consecutive years

Janice L. Ables
Cynthia J. Aclaro
Teresa G. Acosta
April A. Adams
Sharon Lee Agnew
Corazon A. Albano
Marilyn S. Alexander
Diane Lynn Allen
Marian J. Allen
Patricia M. Andersen
Karen M. Anderson
Marlene M. Anderson
Milissa S. Andrews
Vickie R. Andrews
Lilia V. Angeles
Barbara L. Antonaccio-Pino
Armi Elena A. Aragon
Myrna Aragon
Karen C. Arahovites
Rosario B. Arao
Julieta M. Arceo
Christine L. Archer-Chicko
Deborah A. Armentano
Mary L. Arola
Estrellita R. Arreza
Eloisa C. Asilo
Mary Ann Asnaashari
Brigida J. Aure
Angie O. Aurellano
Carolyn G. Aust
Naomi D. Bacerra
Tammi M. Backer
Adelita A. Bacus
Juliet U. Baican
Anne T. Bailey
Toni J. Bailey
Bernice Baird-Hollis
Sharon A. Balkhi
Glenda S. Ball
Betty A. Balster
Anne Lauren Banda
Elizabeth B. Barandon
Mary Helen Barletti
Jeanette M. Barnes
Petronella R. Barnes
Bruce J. Barnhart
Ma. Rosario M. Barnido
Kathleen Barrett-Corbett
Pamela J. Barry
Linda H. Bartalot
Pamela D. Bartley
Joan Marie Bartolacci
Victoria L. Base-Smith
Katy J. Bassett
Rosaida Q. Bauzon
Greta R. Beam
Nancy J. Bekken
Susan M. Bench
Jesusa B. Benedicto
Aleyamma K. Benjamin
Suzanne Bennett
Denise R. Benton
Marcia K. Benton
Peggy Jo Bentz
Elaine M. Bergman
Lynn M. Berkshire
Patricia B. Bernero
Shelley J. Berthiaume
Lori A Besselman
Barbara A. Best
Patrice Drapeau Bibeau
Brenda Ayers Biggs
Margaret M. Biliter
Nancy L. Billy
Susan T. Bionat
Linda B. Bishop
Cheryl L. Bittel
Ann V. Blake
Nancy T. Blake
Christina M. Blau
Rita J. Blaugrund
Phoebe J. Blauvelt
Mary Beth F. Bobyarchick
Mellie V. Bolen
Deborah J. Borelli
Elizabeth A. Bornstein
Lawrence P. Borrelli
Wendy C. Borsari
Georgene A. Bosaw
Janis E. Boterf
Ann L. Bouck
Jeanne M. Boudrieau
Thomas Bourbeau
Gloria J. Bowin
Susan S. Brack
Mary B. Brady
Debra K. Brandt
Kandie L. Brantley
Dale D. Bray
Rosemary A. Bray
Cathianne Breckner
Jeannine C. Brennan
Pamela S. Brewer
Debrah M. Bridges
Anne F Briscoe
Suzanne M. Broderick
Carol Ann Brooks
Kimberly Anne Brounce
Gloria L. Brumbaugh
Kathryn A. Brush
Peter Brust
Patricia A. Bryant
Susan A. Bucino
Theresa J. Bullicer
Lynette S. Bunde Jensen
Bethsaida A. Bunyi
Nita R. Burcham
Jeanne M. Burdett
Carol E. Burke
Jeanne M. Burke
Deborah A. Burkhead
Susan C. Burnett
Suzanne M. Burns
Sandra A. Burns-Bradley
Nancy M. Burruss
Jean M. Burton
Kathy M. Butler
Chrisanda Button
Marilyn J. Byington
Diane Byrum
Judith D. Cacal
Christy S. Calhoun-Miller
Jill A. Calkins
Phyllis A. Cameron
Willie J. Cansler
Donna M. Cantalupi
Brenda G. Capps
Wilhelmina A. Carbonel-Mason
Susan C Carey
Jean R. Carlson
Sara E. Carnes
Coreen Carr
Patricia M. Caruso
Burell Kay Carvalho
Brenda P. Casey
Jane Casovan
Barbara L. Cathcart
Mary T. Cavanaugh
Sue Ann Cefola
Terese F. Cerrato
Teresa M. Chambers
Anne Chan
Jennifer C. Chandler
Chi Ying Chang
Christina Chauvel-Morse
Suzanne J. Cherrington
Rosanne V. Chiachi
Nancy E. Christiansen
Herminia S. Chua
Ann H. Chung
Laura M. Ciampoli
Ann E. Cinotti
Paulette Cirillo
Michele L. Clark
Susan L. Clark
Valerie M. Clark
Walter L. Clemmons
Lynnette Lee Climer
Tina M. Closson
S. Diane Coen
Patricia A. Cohan
Christine M. Cole
Karen S. Cole
Sherry F. Cole
Ellen V. Colglazier
Janny L. Colip
Donna B. Collier
Marie Lorraine Commiskey
Jo Ann W. Congdon
Patrick T. Connor Jr.
Susan E. Connor
Anne R. Conrad
Kathleen Conry
Merlita F. Consolacion
Suzanne L. Conticelli
Christina R. Conway
Barbara C. Cooke
Deborah Cooke
Katherine L. Coon
Dinah L. Cooper
Mary R. Cooper
Constance A. Cornett
Babetha A. Corpuz
Natalie J. Correll-Yoder
Lesley E. Costa
Karen E. Coughlin
Linda D. Cowles
Christine D. Cox
Sandra L. Coye
Elizabeth B. Crabtree
Carol L. Crenshaw
Denise L. Cribbs
Marijo M. Cruz
Lucy Z. Cumbest
Marilyn J. Cunnington
Claire C. Curran
Maria M. Cvach
Barbara J. Cypher
Joanne L. Dachel
Elizabeth A. D'Alesio
Joanne M. D'Angelo
Mary Ellen Daniel
Nanette I. Danielson
Natalie A. Dant
Threse R. Deane
Diane S. Deason
Patricia L. Deaton
Cynthia K. Decker
Joanne E. Decker
Kathy Dedrickson
Margaret A. DeForest
Adair L. Deicke
Alan R. Dekerlegand
Maria Edna DeLeon
Paula M. Delfino
Julie Delianides
Cathy Lea Demby
Kathleen M. Dennis
Ann E. DePoe
Madoline D. Deramos
Cynthia L. Derk
Paul L. Desmarais
Laurel A. Despins
Stephanie E. Devik
Gisela I. Diercks
Susan M. Diggins
Melissa L. Dillon
Deanna K. Dillow
Janet M. Dion
Beate U. Dirska
Danette A. DiRubbio
Bernadine C. Dixon
Alan D. Dobler
Geraldine K. Doherty
Nadine M. Domingo
Janet E. Doms
Jill K. Donaldson
Mary Ann Donnelly
Paulette S. Dorney
Donald G. Dow
Daniel F. Downey
Marilyn E. Doyle
Mary J. Drell
Anne M. Drolet
Teresa E. Dromgoole
Charlotte M. Drone
Judy A. Duersch
Floro B. Dumlao
Donna L. Duncan
Joanne Duncan
Jane Ann Dunham-Hinson
Nhung K. Duong-Coburn
Erica V. Duray
Marilyn E. Durbin
Shelba D. Durston
Mary K. Dvorak
Patricia A. Eades
Darla J. Eakerns
Mary Beth Earley
Presade B. Edralin
Cynthia E. Edwards
Vicki L. Edwards
Geralyn M. Ehrmann
Barbara G. Eilers
Maureen Eisele
Vicki Layne Endsley
Joan L. Ensley-Heller
Lorraine F. Entrikin
Frank R. Estrada
Eleanor M. Evenson
Margaret L. Eyes
Marilou M. Fabro
Kathleen M. Fahey
Linda S. Fallen
Debra K. Famuliner
Nancy J. Fariello
Jeanne M. Farmer
Maureen L. Farr
Kathleen Farrell
Charlotte D. Farris
William J. Fawcett
Joyce E. Fee
Marie C. Feiter
Anne L. Fekete
Maria Ana Maxino Feliciano
Shelly A. Fields-Ryan
Janice E. Finch
Mary A. Fischer
Shirley A. Fitz
Louise R. Fitzpatrick
Elizabeth B. Flexer
Emilia C. Flores
Katherine K. Folckemer
Dawn K. Follett
Angela Yee Fong
Evangelina V. Ford
Norma Jean Forsythe
Carol Marie Fox
Victoria F. Franco
Beverley C. Franklin
MaryAnne M. Franklin
Suzanne E. Frazier
Nanci L. Fredrich
Rhonda K. French
Helen Friedlander
Allison J. Fuehrer
Eileen M. Fuessel
Zena E. Fuhrmann
Diane M. Fuka
Carol S. Fuller
Susan M. Fuller
Jen M. Fung
Arleen R. Funk
Dolores A. Gallagher
Madeleine D. Garganta
Cecilia D. Garrison
Sharon A. Garvey
Mark R. Gates
Lori Geisler
Celia C. Gelle
Christina L. Getz
Stephanie M. Gillespie
Jody A. Gilman
Patricia A. Glasgow
Carol A. Golden
Portia A. Gomez
Patricia Mae Gong
Paula T. Gonzalez
Rosalia C. Gonzalez
Suzette K. Good
Diane M. Goodman
Cynthia A. Goodrich
D. Allen Gould
Loretta Sue Gradus
John E. Granger
Linda A. Graves
Mary B. Gray
Alice F. Grayson
Pamela R Green
Tracy A. Grogan
Joann H. Grohol
Dolores A. Grosso
Christine M. Grove
Barbara A. Gruenburg
Edward Guardia
Josephine S. Guevarra
Alice K. Gunter-Bergfalk
Micaela G. Gutierrez
Kathy Ann Haase
Sharon Sue Hagen
Kathy L. Hageseth
Catherine D. Hall
Heidi A. Hall
Margo Anne Halm
Roper O. Halverson
Deborah R. Hamilton
Joy E. Hamilton
Laurie S. Hamrick
Tamara K. Hand
Judy E. Hanks
Lorraine E. Hannah
Bess E. Hannigan
Becky Sue Hansen
June V. Hanson
Sandy R. Hanson
Jacqueline Harbour
Kamala Hariharan
Sarah E. Harne-Britner
Cindy A. Harper
June L. Harris
Karen E. Harris
Patricia A. Harris
Estrella C. Harrison
Trudy Ellen Harrison
Mimi Germelina Harron
Theresa E. Harvey
Michelle M. Haun-Hood
Alanna M. Haven
Anne M. Hawkins
Regina A. Hawkins
Frances P. Heeter
Judith Louise Heitman
Karen A. Hendrickson
Thelma L. Henriquez
Kay C. Herndon
Sandra J. Herrin
Susan I. Hess
Rita E. Hester
Timothy J. Hickey
Barbara A. Hightower
Bradley E. Hildebrand
Mary Jo Hildenbrand
Sherrie L. Hill
Denise J. Hinchcliff
Nancy Marie Hiteshew
Maria Lourdes Hocbo
Melba J. Hogue
Thomas L. Hohenberger
Patricia M. Holderbach
Doris L. Hollis
Joyce M. Holm
Melinda Ceniza Holt
Sarah J. Hondrum
Susan Mary Hone
Emily L. Honig
Ann M. Hooker
Eugenie G. Hostetter
Jennifer J. Hostutler
Julie L. Houghton
Sheryl A. Howard
Maureen E. Howell
Yush-Chye Hu
Lucinda M. Huben
Joan F. Huber
Susan L. Hucke
Linda Kay Hudder
Margaret C. Huff
Tanya A. Huff
Dianne Y. Huffman
Patricia A. Hughes
Mary A. Huie
Carol S. Hurt
Lorraine E. Incarnato
Ann P. Jackson
Theresa D. Jackson West
Christina M. Jacoby
Heather Mary Jameson
Janine L. Jandrey
Shirley M. Javier
Priscilla R. Jeansonne
Linda L. Jensen
Debbie K. Jessell
Gloria V. Johnson
Vicki D. Johnson
Yvetta M. Johnson
April M. Jones
Carole Jones
Gwyneth Jones
Janeen K. Jones
Tracy L. Jones
Sandra M. Jones-Yapp
Georgina D. Joya
Mary Lou I. Juachon
Karen Sue Judd
Glenda J. Kaalakea
Evelyn J. Kammin
Kathleen J. Kawalek
Jennifer Y. Kawasaki
Madelyn J. Keller
Mary J. Keller
Nancy K. Kelly
Michele Y. Kermani-Sutton
Susan J. Kern
Regina Mae Ketts
Hwa S. Kim
Jay Lynne Kimball
Vicki Lee Kimpton
David A. King
Genevieve G. King
Kathleen M. King
Lawrence E. King
Ann L. Kingman
Debra Rastetter Klein
Evan W. Klein
Vicki J. Klemm
Sandra L. Klinikowski
Kathleen Hooven Knapp
Kimberly L. Knouse
Margareta I. Knutsson
Cynthia E. Kociszewski
Mary Lou Kohli
Christine L. Kokoris
Sandra K. Koopman
Mary Ellen Kopp
Donna S. Koster
Jennie Ann Kostmayer
Pauline V. Kovich
Marianne E. Kraemer
George Ella Krawczyk
Donna W. Krueger
Marie T. Krupar
Kathleen M. Kubler
Jolynn M. Kuehr
Sharon K. Kumm
Mary Ann B. Kunicki
Mary Kurian
Charlene G. Kurtz
Elisabeth J. La Rosa
Joline L. Labbe
Maria G. Lahey
Barbara J. Lambert
Gwendolyn L. Lancaster
Carolyn H. Land
Nancy S. Lane
Mary S. Langford
Linda C. Langlois
Jennifer S. Lanham
Kimberley A. Laos
Karen E. Lapinski
Kathleen G. Larosch
Anna P. Lashbrook
Susan M. Latocha
Cathy A. Laurie
Carmen L. Lavadia
Susan L. Lavin
Lisa Lavorato
Veronica O. Lawrence
Raedelle J. Lawrence-Wallace
Christine R. Layer
Robert B. Lear
Hazel A. Lee
Jeanne P. Lee
Shirley Y. Lee
Tai Hsin Lee
Carol S. Leidner
Judith L Leinenbach
Catherine G. Leipold
Cordula Lemke
Katherine S. Lentz
Ramona Marie Leopold
Janet Leventhal
David R. Levy
Rosemary A. Lewandowski
Roberta F. Lewis
Lorraine A. Lind
Melvina Joy Linda
Jeanette M. Lindquist
Pamela A. Lindsay
Kathleen Schwing Linehan
Grace S. Lingad
Deborah L. Lipetri
Linda R. Littlejohns
Susana R. Llagono-Sicat
Mary C. Lockett
Cynthia Lockhart-Rickey
Dorothy J. Lollis
Barbara R. Lome
Deborah K. Lookingbill
Diana K. Lopez
Louis L. Lopez
Yolanda Lora
Mary G. Lord
Francine A. LoRusso
Mary L. Lovelace
Melanie S. Lowery
Robert Mark Luckadoo
Barbara C. Ludwicki
Karen T. Luft
Suzanne A. Lukin
Emelita U. Magbiro
Nerea M.B. Maghuyop
Diana M. Magpusao
Linda A. Maguire
Judith A. Malatesta
Susan J. Malkemes
Patsy G. Malone
Linda D. Manchester
Esmeralda A. Mangalino-Pasa
Mary Jo Mann
Joanne K. Mansfield
Fely F Manubay
Karen S. March
Carol A. Marchegiani
Magdalena G. Mariano
Suzanne Marrion
Audrey Martin
Bevolie B. Martin
Debra J. Martin
Elizabeth M. Martin
Sharon K. Martin
Shirley M. Martin
Susan F. Massatt
Debra D. Masters-Fletcher
Robert J. Masterson
Alma A. Matarlo
Eleanor A. Matczynski
Daisamma A. Mathew
Judith E. Matsumoto
Susan L. Mautz
Mary Ellen May
William M. McBride
Amanda D. McCall
Beth S. McCarthy
Barbara A. McClain
Constance A. McClintock
Terry R. McCormack
Janet L McCoy
Judith L. McCoy
Patricia McCoy
Elizabeth T. McDaniel
Addie R McElyea
Gloria R McGee
Kenneth H. McGill
Pauline A. McGlashan
Faith K. McGovern
Janie M. McGrew
Terri L. McGuire
Linda C. McIntosh
Catherine L. McMichael
Mary Alice McNab
Mercedes L. McNamara
Pamela S. McQuade
Deborah B. Medley
Maundy S. Melville
Sheila D. Menard
Kendra J. Menzies
Beverly Merian
Cherry Sue Merrill
Sabrina C. Messer
Susan A. Metcalf
Carl S. Metzger
Gail T. Meunier
Kimberly M. Meyers
Laura F. Michael
Catherine L. Middleton
Susan M. Mikolajczyk
Deborah L. Miles
Donna F. Miller
Francine Miller
Julie S. Miller
Leanna R. Miller
Susan A. Miller
Martha J. Mills
Radine A. Mills
Hilda L. Mitchell
Alice Marie Monaghan
Karen J. Mondino
Paul K. Moon
Debbie Moore
Mary Lou Moore
Renee A. Moore
Kathleen Morabito-Peters
Martha Morales
Vicki C. Morelock
Debra D Morris
Anne E. Morrissey
Candence L. Mortenson-Klimpel
Marthe J. Moseley
Diane K. Murphy
Diane L. Murphy
Tamara H. Murphy
Tamara H. Murphy
Estella M. Murray
Priscilla Murray
Leta Vital Myers
Loretta Ann Naab
Rachel Nace
Rowena Namit
Lou Jean V. Napoli
Mary C. Nash
Rebecca C. Neal
Paige Ann Nees
Michael W. Neft
Maija R. Nemati
Kimberly J. Neumiller
Barbara W. Nicholas
Rebecca G. Nicholls
Judy N. Nichols
Esther A. Nickols
Alma Nlemadim
Carol L. Noll
Beverly A. Nowlan
Jonpen Nuangchamnong
Steve D. Nyeholt
Mary C. Nypaver
Gloria H. Obleton
Margaret M. O'Connell Mahmoud
Patricia A. O'Connor
Kathleen J. O'Hanlon
Rosa S. Ohno
Terry Lin Olson
Jeanne H. O'Neil
Ma Teresa S. Ongsuco
Eileen O'Reilly-McCullough
Barbara J. Orr
Nancy P. Orr-Bothwell
Catherine A. Osika Landreth
Mary A. Ostrowski
Prudence M. Osunero-Lanuza
Jean S. Otto
Gail A. Overton
Linda R. Ozekcin
Cheryl A. Pack
Lorraine E Pagni-Kiefer
Laurie M. Paletta
Victoria A. Palomar
Lourdes S. Panes
Marie J. Pansacola-Rouchon
Carolyn L. Pantekoek
John F. Paoletti
Robert M. Paris Jr.
Marcelina U. Parks
Karen S. Parr-Day
Pamela V. Partin
Maryellen S. Paton
Kathryn A. Patti
Mimi B. Paudan
Jaime O. Paulate
Theresa M. Payne
Grace E. Pearce-Neff
Lucy A. Pelleriti
Elizabeth A. Pelletier
Mariaelena E. Perowski
Diane Marie Pestolesi
Renee A. Petersen
Kenneth J. Peterson
Carol A. Pettrey
Sandra K. Petty
Bruce W. Petzel
Rachelamma K. Philip
Cynthia A. Phillips
Kathleen M. Picard
Susan M. Piehl
Sheila A. Pierce
Denise M. Pimintel
Carol Ann Pitts
Jose Mapalad M. Planillo
Jo R. Polch
Pacita N. Policarpio
Donn L. Polson
Ashley V. Polucci
Wilma L. Popplewell
Rita L. Potter
Ruth A. Pottinger
Arthur A. Powell
Johanna M. Powell
Santha K. Prakash
Eileen M. Prendergast
Terry Promarug
Dona M. Prophitt
Barbara J. Pryzby
Catherine E. Pusey
Cheryl J. Rabe
Jean M Rader
Ramiro T Ramos
Salvacion J. Ramos
Beverly J. Ramsey
Sandra A. Rankin
Sandra R. Rapp
Deborah L. Rasmussen
Maureen E. Rasmussen
Eileen Ann Ravert
Shawn E. Ray
Deborah K. Rayl
Diane Winters Raymond
Grace I. Razack
Susan L. Recker
Sue Ann Reese
Michaelle Rennix
Jill L. Repoley
Barbara Ann Reyburn
Elizabeth Reyes
Katherine M. Rhodes
Benita A. Rice
Georgianna J. Rice
Jackilynn B. Rice
Lynda K. Ridley
Lisa A. Riggs
Nela C. Ringon
Marina E. Rivers
Melanie Roberts
Stephen E. Roberts
Catherine A. Robinson
Donna Jane Robinson
Dioscoro P. Rochino Jr.
Sharon E Rogers
Sheree B. Rogers
Tita O. Romanillos
Vickie L. Roosa
Gene M. Rosales
Joanne Rosenberg
Lorraine A. Ross
Julie A. Rossie
Darlene A. Rourke
Theresa G. Rourke
Diana D. Rovira
Marsha L. Rowland
Christine M. Rubeck
Jean M. Ruhl
Araceli Ursal Ruiz
Kathleen E. Rushing
Nancy J. Russ
Michael D. Sadler
Sheri J. Saker
Diane M Salipante
Anne T. Salkas
Nancy E. Saltmarsh
Edward San Martin
Terri S. Sanchez
Mary A. Sand
Prasama Sangkachand
Andrea T. Sarkissian
Myrna P. Sarmiento
Robert A. Sattazahn
Laura J. Saunders
Dixie L. Savage
Marylin E. Schactman
Barbara E. Schaefer
Linda M. Scharp
Esther C. Schaub
Ann M. Schertz
Margery V. Schill
Debby S. Schlesinger
Sandra J. Schloth
Elke Schmidt-Bluth
Teresa A. Schneider
Patricia E. Schnepf
Melissa E. Scholz
Carole E. Schuh
Diana Schuman
Christine L. Scott
Theresa Scott
Paul Daniel Sedgwick
Cathy J. See
Mary Jane Seipp
Victoria Selby
Barbara J. Selvek
Susan B. Sepples
Minerva S. Serzo
Susan L. Severson
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Nelia F. Valera
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Elizabeth A. Vandermyn
Dorothy M. Vandervoort
Deborah A. Vandevender
Carol I. Vandrey
Paula V. Vanover
Marian E. Vargo
Leatina R. Vernooij
Sharon L Vida
Dina R. Villaluz
Julie L. Villar
Cecilia E. Villazor
Valerie S. Vogeler
Phyllis J. Vos
David W. Voss
Marina Manestar Vrnoga
Charlotte D. Wachtman
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Andrea M. Warner
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Barbara Jean Waters
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Carolyn Wong
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Catherine E. Wright
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Mei Sai Wu
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Ninfa E. Yap
Diana L. Yates
SeChin Yeh
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