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Vol. 25, No. 2, FEBRUARY 2008

Chambersburg Hospital: Proud of CCRN Accomplishment

In the past, a few nurses working in the Critical Care Unit at Chambersburg Hospital had earned their CCRN certification, and with that, clinical manager Colleen Kylor, RN, BSN, CCRN, created a display case with information about their accomplishments. Plaques with the names of nurses who have received their certification are hung on the unit wall. In the past year, eight more members of the hospital’s nursing staff received CCRN certification, bringing the total number of CCRN certified nurses to 18 – more than 50 percent of the unit’s nursing staff. We are very proud of the accomplishments of our dedicated staff in the Critical Care Unit, as we continue the tradition of nursing excellence at Chambersburg Hospital.

Certified nurses at Chambersburg Hospital include (front row, from left) Ali Lensbower, Joan Lahr, Amy L. Pensinger, Deborah Nunemaker, (back row) Constance Miller, Karen Semple, Lori Dellinger, Colleen Kylor, Tammy Maclay, Robert Rynecki, Dawn Rheam, Barbara Peterson, Susan Lynch and Cheryl Cook.

Certification Events at NTI

Certification Celebration Reception and Dinner

AACN Certification Corporation will celebrate certified nurses at our annual dinner. Nurses who hold current certification as an ACNPC, ACNP, CCNS, CCRN, PCCN, CMC or CSC, and CCRN Alumni may attend. A cash bar will open at 5:45 p.m. to give you a chance to relax, chat with colleagues and enjoy a beverage before the dinner festivities start. The celebration dinner will be held May 6, from 6:45 to 8 p.m. The event will include recognition, prize drawings and more. Tickets can be purchased with NTI registration or on-site at the registration desk. The dinner will be co-sponsored by Hill-Rom, in partnership with AACN Certification Corporation. Casual business attire is appropriate for the Certification Celebration.

CCRN, CCNS, PCCN, CMC and CSC Exam Reviews
AACN will be offering preconferences to help participants prepare for the CCRN, CCNS, PCCN, CSC and CMC examinations. Two-day Adult CCRN, Pediatric/Neonatal CCRN, PCCN, CSC and CMC exam review courses will be offered May 3 and May 4. The CCNS exam review course will be held May 4.

Paper and Pencil Certification Exams
A paper and pencil version of the CCRN, PCCN, CCNS and ACNPC exams, as well as the CMC and CSC subspecialty exams, will be offered May 5 from 2 to 6 p.m., with a 1 p.m. check-in. Preregistration using a special NTI exam application is required. The application is available online at www.certcorp.org > What’s New or by calling (800) 899-2226 and requesting the special NTI exam application via e-mail or mail. To be eligible, your special NTI exam application must be postmarked by March 18.

Certification Oasis
Sponsored by Clarian Health Partners in partnership with AACN Certification Corporation, the Certification Oasis provides ACNPC, ACNP, CCNS, CCRN, PCCN, CMC and CSC certified nurses and CCRN Alumni with a place to catch a quiet moment between sessions and enjoy light refreshments and conversation with colleagues. Individuals interested in attaining certification are welcome to stop by and speak with certified nurses and representatives of AACN Certification Corporation about updates on our specialty and subspecialty nursing certifications, Renewal by Synergy CERPs and Renewal by CERPs programs and other questions you may have about certification.

Creating a Culture of Certification: Best Practice Roundtable
Ticketed session; limited to 60 participants
Join the AACN Certification Corporation board of directors and staff May 6, from 4 to 5:15 p.m. for this interactive session designed to facilitate sharing of best practices in creating a culture of certification. Participants learn from one another about which strategies have been most successful in moving organizations and individuals to excellence through specialty nursing certification. Board and staff members will also participate, sharing what they have learned from chapters, ambassadors and institutions across the country that has led successful efforts to rally support for certification and a resulting increase in the number of certified nurses in their sphere of influence. If you have implemented a program that has shown promising results, please attend this session and share your experience with others.
Differences in Perceptions of Empowerment: Certified vs. Non-Certified Nurses

Nurses’ perceptions of their work environment have been considered an important factor in enhancing retention and job satisfaction. Individuals’ perceptions that they have high degrees of power in the organization have been related to higher levels of motivation, commitment and work effectiveness. On May 5, Joyce Fitzpatrick, PhD, RN, FAAN, will present preliminary findings of her research on differences between specialty and subspecialty certified nurses and non-certified nurses in (1) empowerment; and (2) intent to leave their current position and the profession.

Intensive Power Units: Healthy Work
On May 6, Milisa Manojlovich, PhD, RN, CCRN, and Greta Krapohl, RN, MSN, will co-present a session titled “Intensive Power Units: Healthy Work.” This presentation demonstrates how healthy work environments foster characteristics that contribute to empowered nurses, who in turn are able to gain specialty certification. Key topics for this session include: a discussion of healthy work environment characteristics that promote nurse empowerment; strategies to build powerful work environments and strategies to support nursing staff in certification efforts. A case study will be used to highlight strategies that build healthy work environments that are also powerful, and demonstrate how the transformation to powerful work environments can promote certification. This session will be of special interest to managers, directors, clinical nurse specialists and staff leaders seeking to create healthy, powerful work environments, and promote specialty certification. The session has two prerequisites: a passionate commitment to building powerful work environments and the conviction that specialty certification is worth the investment.

Certification References

The American Board or Nursing Specialties (ABNS) has announced that an updated nursing certification bibliography is now available on its Web site at www.nursingcertification.org.

AACN Certification Corporation also lists a brief summary of studies and articles related to certification and outcomes (patient, nursing or system) at www.certcorp.org > Value of Certification/Evidence Supporting Certification.

Congratulations Newly Certified Nurses

Congratulations to the following nurses who received their certification in 2007.

ACNPC Brian Hegarty

CCNS Adult
Clay Adam, Tawnya Adkisson, Lillian Aguirre, Tom Ahrens, Allison Andersen, Patricia Baker, Rebecca Barnes, Claudia Barone, Susan Becker, Debra Berry, Kimberlie Biever, Susan Blomquist, Jennifer Breslawski, Caroline Broden, Carol Budgin, Karen Carroll, Stephanie Chirico, Kathryn Clancy, Diane Clark, Greta Collier, Wendy Cook, Dawn Cooper, Earl Cornwell, Kim Devilbiss, Leaf Edmondson, Ingrid Ekstrom-Patton, Teresa Etter, Susan Fischbach, Debra Fraley, Eunice Fuchs, Sue Fuhrman, Anne Fulling, Marites Gonzaga, Eileen Gornell, Vivian Gowan, Megan Greenman, Gary Gusick, Tammy Hayes, Marcia Hodge, Vincent Holly, June Howland-Gradman, Melissa Hutchinson, Juliane Jablonski, Paula James, Scott Jessie, Alexia Johnson, Alexander Johnson, Shannon Johnson, Kimmith Jones, Victoria Kark, Judy Kilpatrick, Anna Krupp, Anita Langston, Sheryl Leary, Vicki Lindgren, Evelyn Lopez, Connie Lowry, Stephanie Maillie, Natalie Mailloux, Tiare Maturin, Lesley Meiman, Sarah Miller, Sherry Miller, Jane Miller, Zahra Mohseni, Michelle Murphy, Monica Nelson, Beth Nelson, Denise O'Sullivan-Wright, Tracy Ostrom, Sarah Pangarakis, Patrice Parrott, Lena Patterson, Jackie Pfeifer, Aleksandra Radovanovich, Stephen Risch, Barbara Rose, Linda Ross, Maureen Roussel, Stephanie Sanderson, Lindsey Siewert, Joan Smith, Lynn Smith, Dawn Specht, Elaine Stack, Kathleen Stacy, Jena Stewart, Sharon Sweeney, Rebecca Thomas, Rosemary Timmerman, Susan Tocco, Joanne Turner, Mary Warren, Carol Whiteman, Marlot Wigginton, Darleen Williams, Patricia Wilson, Regina Wilson, Shannon Womble

CCNS Neonatal
Jennifer DeVries, Karen Goeke, Jennifer Heck, Sarah Mears, Mandie Renner, Janelle Rhoderick, Carla Weber

CCNS Pediatric
Cindy Carter, Michael Gotcher, Christine Hauck, Deborah Soetenga

CCRN Adult
Larry Aaron, Michele Abbott, Dahab Abdukkaliq, Joycelyn Abellera, Jamie Abernathy, Dennea Abrenica, Nora Acance, Elizabeth Accornero, Celina Acevedo-Adams, Jessica Acheson, Charles Achziger, Daylene Ackerman, Mariette Ackerman, Kimberly Ackerson, Rebecca Acosta, Lynn Acree, Frances Adamo, Timothy Adamovich, Anna Adams, Delcie Adams, Yumi Adams, Helen Adams, Christine Adams, Sandra Adap, Edith Adeleke, Bonita Aderman, Rivka Admony, Elizabeth Adomanis, Fatemeh Afsari, Mahshid Agahi, Christiana Agahiu, Regino Agliam, Alan Agodong, Maria Agopian, Colleen Agostini, Arlene Aguilar, Amy Aguillard, Gabriela Aguirre, Ricki Agulia, Mark Agustin, Barbara Ahlstrin, Rasheeda Ahmed, Joel Airhart, Aderonke Akapo, Carolina Al-Sheikh, Rabiatu Al-hassan, Rezaul Alam, Corinne Albarella, Kristin Albers, Denise Alberts, Joanne Albertson, Karla Albino, Lydia Albuquerque, Jennifer Aldape, Michele Aldoretta, Heather Aldrich, Chandra Alexander, Bonnie Alexander, Shibbi Alexander, Rosario Alfaro, Melinda Alford, Joanna Alfredson, Rena Ali, Eulalia Aljayoushi, Nora Allard, Rachel Allen, Nancy Allen, Gwendolyn Allen, Elizabeth Allen, Douglas Allen, Sara Allen, Tonya Allen, Jake Allred, Heidi Allred, William Allsop, Kathryn Almaraz, Sara Almero, Sherwin Alop, Roy Alsobrook, Jason Altman, Kristie Alvey, Barbara Amato, Regitha Ambattu, Erica Ambers, Silah Ameka, Revrey Amey, Diane Amini, Rowena Amistad, Wendy Amorim, Addievi Amper, Joy Amundson, Emily Ann Andaya, Shane Anders, Lindsey Andersen, Marlo Anderson, Cassandra Anderson, Brian Anderson, Jessamy Anderson, Dana Anderson, JoAnn Anderson, Kimberly Anderson, Jennifer Anderson, Rachel Anderson, Albert Anderson, Linda Anderson, Laura Anderson, Donna Anderson, Lisa Anderson, Liwayway Andrade, Melinda Andrade, Christopher Andre, Diana Andreozzi, Victoria Andrews, Lois Andrews, Tracy Andrews, Coca Anghelache, Grace Angus, Eric Anketell, Angela Ankin, Christina Ankney, Imelda Anonuevo, Rochelle Anthony, Susan Anton, Corazon Antonio, Marianne Anudon, Justina Anyanwu, Katherin Aoki, Michelle Apgar, Jessica Appel, Katherine Apple, Sherr Arabit, Teodoro Araneta, Ramon Arcega, Jr., Matthew Arceneaux, Emily Archibald, Monique Ardoin, Maryjo Arehart, Arnel Arguelles, Julie Armatas, Deborah Armay, Rebecca Armbruster, Randall Arnold, Jennie Arnold, Richard Arnold, Victoria Aroworade, Paula Arquitt, Carol Arrendell, Jeane Asel, Sefanit Asfaw, Kristen Ashby, Elizabeth Asher, Anne Ashton, Lourdes Asinas, Shelly Aspacio, Aberash Assefa, Leana Aston, Alice Atcher, Donna Atwood, Kristin Aubuchon, Katie Augustine, Cassandra Ault, Sharon Aultman, Jamie Austin, Francesca Austin, Stacy Austin, Bobbie Avery, Andre Avsyanik, Chadi Awad, Evelyn Awuah, Amy Axline, Esther Axtell, Kelly Ayala, Fatima Ayuba, Gregory Azarch, Ela Azcueta, Wael Azer, Gregory Babcock, Diana Babumba, Annabel Bacani, Robert Bacheler, Justin Baecht, Angelica Bagdasarova, Roselle Baggayan, Ali Baghai, Helen Bagshaw, Slade Bahls, Beverly Bahr, Keith Bailey, Susan Bailey, Kimberly Bailey, Theresa Bailey, Jamie Bailey, Brian Bailey, Matthew Bailey, Jennifer Baker, Julie Baker, Deborah Baker, Janice Baker, Elizabeth Baker, Arthur Baker, Nataliya Baketova, Ivy Balanlayos, Michelle Balcar, Trisha Baldree, Jennifer Baldwin, Angela Balistrieri, Lee Ball, Marissa Ball, Nicole Baltich, Blaine Banay, Ruth Bangs, Shannon Bannister, Jennifer Baranowski, Jeanie Barber, Adriana Barboza, Cielito Barcellano, Ronda Barclay, Amy Barczynski, Jeffrey Baria, Jean Barido, Debra Barker, Anita Barker-Warner, Amanda Barkley, Michael Barksdale, Sarah Barnes, Susan Barnes, Laura Barnes, Diane Barnett, Dawn Barnhart, Barry Barnhill, Jamie Barnhisel, Raymund Barolo, Anna Baroutoglou, Jamie Barr, Patricia Barrera, Rita Barrett, David Barrett, Mary Barth, Daisy Bartholomew, Jenna Barto, Bruce Barton, Susan Bartos, Cynthia Bascara, Desiree Bascombe, Annalyn Baso, Donnalyn Basuel, Elsie Batara, David Bateman, Moira Bateman, Robin Batson, Becky Battin, Cynthia Bauer, Tracy Baugher, Ruth Baumann, Robin Baumann, Marybeth Baumberger, Kiana Bayani, Steven Bea, Melissa Beasley, David Beaton,
Beth Beatty, Chad Beaver, Julie Beavers, Jeri Beck, Linda Beckman, Mayola Bedden, Margo Beemer, Erin Beesley, Marilyn Behm, Theresa Behrens, Dagmawit Belaineh, Sara Belajonas, Amanda Belanger, Robin Belcher, Paul Beliveau, Lyndon Bell, Samia Bell, Jennifer Bell, Winifred Bell, Terry Bellevou, Mary Bellew, Sheridan Bellis, Amy Belt, Charmaine Belto-Mills, Walter Benati, Kayla Bendele, Jane Benedict, Jami Benfante, Fredrick Beninger, Cynthia Bennani, Kimberly Bennett, Amy Bennett, Colleen Bennett, Nicole Bennett, Michele Benoit, Brandon Benoit, Casie Benton, Nate Bentz, Fernando Bergado, Callie Bergeron, Leah Bergman, Andrew Bergman, Fe Estelita Bernardo, Marianita Bernardo, Kristie Bernstein, Kourtnie Berry, Stephanie Best, Michael Bevers, Daniel Bevington, Ofelia Biagan, Jennifer Bialk, Christopher Bibro, Wayne Bichler, Terri Bickham, Brian Bidan, Ann Bigger, Gregory Bingaman, Raymond Birmingham, Brandon Bishop, Toni Bishop-McWain, Paula Bitner, Dawn Bittman, Mark Bjornstad, Elaine Black, Barbara Black, Melanie Black, Levi Black, Kristine Black, Lynne Black, Sarah Blackmon, Lynne Blackwell, Nicole Blackwell, Kaitlyn Blackwell, Meredith Bladecki, Lisa Blake, Traci Blanchard, Loretta Blanchard, Niccole Blanchet, Breanne Blanchette, Glenna Blankenship, Paulette Blankinship, Joan Blatz, Rachel Blauch, Stephen Blay, Susan Blest, Suzanne Blevins, Emily Blevins Parks, Douglas Block, Elaine Bloniasz, Jennifer Bloom, James Bloomfield, Alan Bloor, Cecelia Blume, Andrey BoBrovnikov, Michaelene Boatwright, Christopher Bobcowski, Deborah Bobst, Peter Bockmeyer, Suzanne Bodily, Ewa Bogacz, Teri Boggess, Darlene Bohl, Mark Bohn, Tamara Boisselle, Linda Bokros, Hiram Boland, Brian Boland, Lorie Bolden-Freeman, Alisha Bolis, Linda Boller, Rhonda Bombagetti, Anthony Bona, Tara Bonanno, Leanna Bonczkowski, Cynthia Bond, Amanda Bonde, Nicole Bonfoey, John Boniakowski, Katherine Bonn, Robin Booth, Elizabeth Booton, Jennifer Borba, Dawn Border, Ada Bordon, Kristyn Boss, Laura Bossingham, Laura Bouchard, Kathy Boucher, Alana Boudreaux, Nichole Bourgeois, Christopher Bourn, Dawn Bourne, Charmaine Bovell, Shawn Bowdoin, Beth Bowen, Brenda Bowen, Kirsten Bowen, Leigh Bowie, Latona Bowkamp, Mary Jane Bowles, Leslie Bowser, Joseph Box, Anna Boyce, Marissa Boyce, Linden Boyd, Misty Boyer, Patricia Boylan, Mary Bozzo, Barbara Bradley, Diane Bradley, Susan Bradshaw, Kieth Bradshaw, Sharon Bradtke, Shanna Brady, Chad Braham, Lucy Brakeall, Melanie Braley, Aileene Brana, Bonnielou Brandmeir, Brian Brandser, Lisa Brangers, Sara Brannigan, Sonya Branning, Tommy Bratcher, Natalie Braun, Diane Brauns, Clifford Bray, Dustin Brazil, Cary Breidenthal, Eric Breland, Anna Brennan, Diane Brenner, Elaine Brent, Rory Breslin, Christopher Brett, Jared Brickson, Tracy Bridgen, Marsha Bridges, Kim Bridges, Jeremy Briggs, Ethel Leah Brillantes, Libby Brindley, Lyndsay Brock, Johnna Brockell, Christine Brockway, Wendy Brohel, Kimberly Brohmann, Phillip Bromley, Victoria Brooks, Christin Brooks, Misty Brooks, Jacqueline Brophy, Barbara Brossok, Michelle Brouillet, Courtney Broussard, Shannon Broussard, Greg Broussard, Dustin Broussard, Cindy Brouwer, Barbara Brown, Lori Brown, Misty Brown, Julie Brown, Angela Brown, Michelle Brown, Belinda Brown, Darcy Brown, Ashley Brown, Megan Brown, David Brown, Jennifer Brown, Mary Brown, Liz Browne, Jennifer Browne, Yvonne Browning, Carly Brueggestrat, Jane Brugman, Jennifer Brumley, Michelle Brunton, Mary Bruster, Crystal Bryan, Anita Bryant, Courtney Bryant, Tanya Bryndzia, Jacey Bryson, Melissa Bubbenmoyer, Richard Buchanan, Jody Buchmann, Liesel Buchner, Lynnette Buck, Revenia Buck, Judy Buckley, Patricia Buckley, Gary Buckner, Tekekee Buckner, Cynthia Bucy, Marcee Buecker, Nemia Buera-Sunga, Denise Buffington, Stephanie Buffone, Douglas Bufkin, Charito Bugayong, Stan Bui, Elizabeth Buiocchi, Jennielyn Bulan, Allan Bulkley, Casey Buller, Kathleen Bulson, Stacey Bumpus, Buffy Bunce, James Bundrant, Sandra Bunn, Michele Buraczewski, Anthony Burch, Brian Burdick, Maureen Burger, Bridgett Burgess, Deborah Burgess, Julia Burgess, Jos
eph Burke, Kathleen Burke, Barbara Burke, Lynn Burke, Melody Burks, William Burlingame, Cynthia Burnett, Michelle Burnette Gara, Jennifer Burnham, Sandra Burns, Melissa Burns, Michele Burns, Cara Burris, Jeffery Burris, Jennifer Burrows, Jennifer Burton, Linda-Marie Burton, Carol Bush, Sheila Bush, Linda Bush, Joshua Bush, Kathryn Bushell, Katie Bussard, Frederica Bussey, Norma Bustamante, Joyce Butler, James Butler, Susan Butler, Jill Butson, Cynthia Butterfield, John Buttice, Magdalena Butts, Valerie Buxeron, Jeana Buxton, Matthew Byars, David Byers, Scott Byington, Jody Byler, Annette Byrd, Martia Caballero, Ma. Barbara Cabanag, Edita Cabanillas, Marbella Cabildo, Sheri Cabral, Marysol Cacciata, Nancy Cadigan, Sally Cadman, Amy Caffee, Romacel Caguiat, Ludmila Cahana, Jill Cahill, Wangzhen Cai, Karen Cain, Katie Calabresa, Francisco Calara, Reynaldo Calaro, Alice Calderon, Lizette Calderon, Jan Caldwell, Nelson Caldwell, Maria Cale, Kendra Calhoun, Meredith Calhoun, Krista Calhoun, Julie Califano, Jane Call, Jason Calomadre, Hayley Caltrider, Dimas Calvachi, Carrie Camacho, Vanessa Cambria-Mengel, Trent Cameron, Vickie Camilli, Janel Campbell, Anthony Campbell, Stacey Camposagrado, Laura Canada, Timothy Candelaria, Sarah Canero, Heidi Cannan, Hugo Cantu, John Paul Caoleng, Kelly Capan, Nancy Capito, Tammy Caprio, Romuel Carantes, Constance Carbone, Marie Carbonell, Carolyn Carchidi, Humberto Cardenas, Karen Cardoza, Irma Carlos, Laura Carlson, Joan Carnosso, Tammy Carpenter, Paula Carpenter, Kimberlee Carpenter, Timothy Carpenter, Linda Carpenter, Maricel Carpio, Rachel Carraway, Heather Carrico, Vickie Carrier, Melissa Carrigan, Cathy Carringer, Catherine Carroll, Barbara Carroll, Constance Carruthers, Sadie Carson, Tammy Carson, Susan Carter, Mitchell Carter, Tammy Carter, Chekena Carter, Mary Cartner, Elizabeth Caruso, Verity Caruso, Wendy Carvalis, Sandra Carwell, Lindsey Casella, Domeka Casey, Cherry Cason, Megan Cassell, Vicki Cassidy, Brandy Casteel, Howard Castillo, Abigail Caswell, Michael Cavacos, Jeremy Cavalier, Fernando Cayabyab, Carmela Cayanan, Chantal Cayo, Matthew Cazier, Susan Cearley, Christine Celaya, Paulino Daniel Cepeda, Susan Cepil, Dana Cermak, Krystal Cersley, Reni Chacko-Roy, Michael Champion, Jane Champion, Roxanne Chan, Lisa Chan, Kelly Chandler, Donelle Chandler, Pamela Chandler, Su Kyoung Chang, Maribel Chang-Alloy, Julie Chapacharis, Lacey Chaplin, Jennifer Chapman, Jeanna Chaput, Kathleen Charbonnier, Pierre-Luc Charland, Andrew Chase-Ziolek, Tammy Chastain, Wai-Sze Chau-Fong, Nicholas Cheatham, Lucy Chege, Dimple Chelagiri, Blake Chelf, Leo Chen, Beth Chenevey, Renee Cherry, Cindy Cheung, Raquel Chi, Mein-Ling Chiang, David Chiesa, ShaurYing Chin, Willy Ching, Rita Chioma, Asha Chirakandathil, Seohee Cho, Soon Nahm Cho, Sun Mi Cho, Myung Choi, Christine Choisser, Randall Choka, Abbie Choleva, Nancy Cholka, Orawan Chompoochan, Hye Yeon Chon, Daniel Chow, Andrea Chrisman, Matthew Chrisman, Stephanie Christian-Lobley, Barbara Christiano, Sara Christiansen, Karen Christiansen, Connie Chu, Vicky Chung, Sun Chung, Yoo Chung, Lori Chunko, Leigh Ciabattoni, Rachel Cicci, Teresa Cichosz, Erika Cisneros, Kathryn Clancy, Deana Clapper, Kristine Clark, Kristy Clark, Alicia Clark, Richard Clark, Jason Clark, Roslyn Clark, Diane Clark, Cynthia Clark-Wadkins, Bryan Clarke, Valerie Clarke, Sara Clarke, Robert Clarke, Sherri Clarke, Patricio Clavecillas, Carri Claycomb, Beverly Clayton, Judith Cleary, Kimberly Clements, Tiffanie Clemmons, Valerie Cleveland, Genevieve Clifford, Mary Cline, William Cloud, Sonia Cloutior, Zenaida Co, Steven Cobb, Kimberly Cobble, Brandon Coburn, Sungsil Cocco, Mary Cochran, Bonnie Cochrane, Mary-Margaret Codelka, Emily Coe, Catherine Coffman, Michael Coggins, James Coke, Anissa Coker, Elisabeth Colacino, Samantha Cole, Myra Cole, Melissa Coleman, Mylene Colinco, Mary Collier, Carla Colling, Margo Collins, Frances Collins, Cindy Collins, Deborah Collins, Kristine Collins, Elizabeth Collora, Erin Colmar, Casey Colson, Tracy Coltharp, Alicia Combs, Lorna Combs, Patricia Compton, Charles Compton, Nicole Comstock, Angela Conklin, Linda Conley, Laura Conley, Timothy Conley, Paula Conley, Jodi Conlin, Lawrence Conn, Beverley Connell, Kim Connelly, Joyce Conner, Meghan Connolly, Kimberly Connors, Karen Conover, Jeanette Conrad, Marisa Conry, Julia Consolini, Gabriela Constantinescu, Irene Conte, Barbara Conti, John Conway, Michael Conway, Amber Cook, Lisa Cook, Anthony Cook, Stephen Cook, Frances Cooks, Michael Cooley, Kathryn Coon, Hollye Cooper, Sonia Cooper, Summer Cooper, 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Cruz, Corazon Cuaresma, Bernadette Cuasay, Madonna Cuasay, Susan Cubelo, Michael Jesus Cuizon, Jane Cummings, April Cunningham, Kelly Curbow, Angela Curler, Kimberly Curtin, Angela Curtis, Kelly Cuscaden, Nancy Cusick, Gina Cymbor, Caroline Cyr, Wendy Czapeczka, Kristine D'Agostino, John D'Lugos, Pegah Daher, Patrice Dahl, Jeannine Dahl, Mai Dahmas, Teri Dahn, Marion Daku, Ann Dalisay, Luis Dalogdog, Kimberly Daloia, Jennifer Dammeyer, Derek Damon, Andrew Dand, Patrick Dandaneau, Gary Daniels, Joshua Daniels, Hind Daou, Cresencia Daquipil, Jennifer Daria, Stacy Dashiell, Suzanne Daubner, Melissa Davey, Beverly Davey, Annou Davi, Dorel David, Elizabeth Davidson, Richard Davidson, Patrick Davidson, Beth Davidson, Jeffery Davies, Lucy Davies, Latonya Davis, Jeannine Davis, Steven Davis, Teddy Davis, Christopher Davis, Brad Davis, Larry Davis, John Davis, LaTonya Davis, Leslie Davis, Crystal Davis, Shaundra Davis, Amanda Davis, Melinda Davis, Alison Davis, Autumn Davis, Kerry Davis, Sara 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Denne, Amy Dennerlein, Christina Dennis, Heather Dennis, Catherine Dennis, Scott Densley, Patti Densmore, Sean Dent, Dina Dent, Gary Dent, Cynthia Deoliveira, Kelly Depaoli, Simone Dermont-Hollis, Monica Derosier, Laila Derrick, Emily Des Champs, Sonali Deshmukh, Sharmella Joy Deslate, Dave Desoto, Siraye Dessie, Jennifer Desy, Priti Devers, Laurie Devin, Kelly Devlin, Eileen Devoy, Elizabeth Dewalch, Meghan Dexter, Deborah Dezutter, Dhanya Dharmaraj, Srimathi-Prabha Dhayalan, Jasjeet Dhillon, Promila Dhingra, Dawn DiBenedetto, Jennifer DiFilippo, Janet DiSilvestro, James Dial, Maila Diamante-Cosico, Regina Diaz, Nirsa Diaz, Claire Dibiase, Jayson Dick, Spencer Dickens, Andrew Dickerson, Leah Dickerson, Jamie Dickson, Kathleen Dieffenbaugher, Christy Diemer, Charlotte Dietrich, Laura Dietrich-Lake, Dara Dilger, Jeff Dillard, Elisabeth Dillon, Melissa Dimartino, Misty Dineen, Kai Dinehart, Nancy Dines, Ying Ding, Dorothi Dion, Hollie Dipiero, Michelle Dipple, Lise Disbury, Lynn Dishman, 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Duculan, Lindsey Dudrey, Cori Duellman Wallerich, Margaret Duffy, Jennifer Duffy, Jean Duffy, Christopher Duke, Melissa Dunbar, Pamela Duncan, Jessica Dunivan, R Dunne, Penny Dunne, Cheryl Dunnington, Katherine Dunstan, Jacob Duplechain, Donna Duran, Dianne Duran, Leah Durden, Christine Durham, Patricia Durlacher, Dionne Durosaro, Dannett Durphy, Barbara Durso, Julie Dutton, Lovie Duval, Sylwia Dyba, Kathleen Dye, Matthew Dyer, Joshua Dyke, Alicia Dykstra, Rachel Dykstra, Alex Dzierba, John Earles, Oru Eben, Anjelle Ebright-Harmon, Militza Echeona, Jane Echols, Clinton Echols, Laura Eckert, Erin Eckhart, Jane Eckman, Janel Eckroth, Natrisha Edberg, Alan Eddison, Jennifer Eddy, M Eden, Christopher Edmiston, Gregory Edmonds, Jennifer Edmunds, Bradley Edwardes, Travis Edwards, Jullett Edwards, Heidi Edwards, Jill Edwardson, Heather Eger, Ann Eggersgluss, Joy Egharevba, Jessica Ehrenreich, Shirley Ehrlich, Jennifer Eichhorn, Renee Eisenhauer, Keith Ekstrom, Ingrid Ekstrom-Patton, Ruby Joy Elevera, Kevin Elkins, Karen Elkins, Jennifer Ellefson, Raegina Ellerbee, Jennifer Elliott, Donna Ellis, Deborah Ellis, Julie Ellison, Timothy Ellison, Elmer Jones Elma, Mary Elsesser, Roxanne Elston, Tina Emberton, Donna Embry, Chris Embury, Perliza Emde, Fenina Encabo, Agnes Encarnacion, Kathryn Engdahl, Denise Engel, Erin Engel-Fauske, Janice Engemann, Lesley English, Nickette Enright, Crystal Enstad, Zelda Epperson, Melanie Epperson, Megan Erbes, Brian Erdrich, Erica Erickson, Candace Erikson, Paul Errington, Kathryn Escalera, Mary Eschel, Maria Escobar, Mark Esposito, Jonathan Esposito, Natalie Essak, Bonnie Essay, Nathan Estep, Sonia Estes, Daphne Estrada, Geralyn Esworthy, Angela Etchen, Leonida Ethridge, Eileen Evangelista, Sarah Evans, Mary Evans, Laura Evenson, Laura Everett, Carolyn Ewald, Blair Ewen, Robyn Ewing, Ryan Eyberg, Olujimi Faminu, Vanessa Fabela, Mindy Faber, Daisy Ann Fabian, Myrna Fabian, Tonya Fagan, Sarah Fagan, Sarah Fahey, Reyleth Joy Fajardo, Darlene Falco, Jason Falconer, Sharon Faleska, Lorraine Fallon, Adam Faltersack, Michael Fanelli, Elizabeth Fanning, Jenny Fanning, Dolores Farina, Melanie Farley, Traci Farmer, Sandra Farnan, Jennifer Farney, Genevieve Farr, Nicole Farrell, Dennis Farrell, Claire Farren, Erin Farrington, Janet Faulkner, Steven Faulkner, Jennifer Favor, Margaret Fawcett, Fe Fe, Monica Fearnow, Amber Featherston, Julie Feeback, Christy Feigenbutz, Tegist Fekede, Elaine Feld, Patricia Felder, Kerri Feldhaus, Barry Feldman, Leah Felger, Kimberly Felicetti, Kathryn Felter, Lenora Felts, John Ferebee, Kelly Ferguson, Marilou Fernandez, Aldercy Fernandez, John Fernau, Shaun Ferrie, Phillip Ferris, Gloria Festin, Abiga
il Fett, Angela Fetter, Peggy Fetterhoff, Nicole Fetzer, Anita Fetzick, Dadriane Fice, Jennifer Fielding, Andrea Fields, Christina Fields, Kathleen Figueroa, Mary Fimian-Frayser, Cliff Fincher, Niki Fincher, Donna Fink, Gerry Finkelston, Leandra Finney, Jaime Fiordalis, Monica Fischels, Albert Fischer, Callie Fischer, Roger Fisher, Cara Fisk, Tessa Fisler, Deborah Fitzgerald Harney, Richard Fitzgibbon, Jackie Fitzsimmons, Sean Fitzsimmons, Amy Flagstad, Karen Flaherty, Gregory Fleck, Rose Flederbach, Belinda Fleming, Melissa Flemister, Catherine Fletcher, Lacey Flick, Sarah Florence, Norma Flores, Emily Flores, Jose Flores, Gonzalo Flores, Valerie Flowers, Melissa Floyd, Julie Flynn, Lynn Folan, Christine Foley, Cynthia Folk, Judy Fong, Barbara Fontaine, Michael Fontana, Cheree Fontenot, Carrie Foran, Catherine Foran, Alison Forbes, Mary Ford, Jana Ford, Joyce Foresman-Capuzzi, Traci Forman, Tina Forman, Vicki Forrest, JoLane Forrester, Gary Forseth, Holly Fortner, Matthew Fosnot, Josh Foster, Laurel Foster, Melinda Foster, Megan Foureman, Nikenge Fowler, Stacy Fowler, Leanne Fowler, Candace Fox, Nancy Fox, Rachel Fox, Melissa Fradette, David Frampton, Nick Francia, Danielle Francis, Neena Francis, Nathania Francis, Linda Franco, Monina Franco-Tantuico, Jill Franklin, Janis Franklin, Kristen Franks, Laura Franks, Mary Frantz, Shawn Frapp, Cathleen Frasinetti Sanderson, Patricia Frawley, Michelle Frazelle, Cynthia Frazier, Donald Frechette, Katherine Fredin, Beth Freed, Cassandra Freeland, Grace Freeman, Kenya Freeman, Kathleen Freundl, Susan Frey, Meredith Frey, Christopher Frey, Steven Friedlander, Tonya Fritchen, Stacey Fritz, David Fritzler, Alison Frommelt, Richard Frone, Megan Fruetel, Eunice Fuchs, Rachelle Fudge, Alyssa Fuell, Angie Fuentes, Tammy Fuller, Andrew Fuller, Carol Fuller, Cathryn Fuller, Linda Fultz, Alton Funderburk, Emily Funk, Brandy Funni, Gillian Furlong, Lori Furlong, Stephen Furman, Kimberley Furrow, Cindy Fusco, Elizabeth Fuselier, Kirk Fuss, Kelli Gabel, Jeanne Gaber, Sarah Gabion, Jennifer Gable, Corey Gabric, Paula Gabriel, Daryl Jane Gabriel, Catherine Gadbaw, Jill Gaddes, Matthew Gaddis, Jeanne Gademan, Jeffrey Gainok, Michele Galan, Denise Gale, Abdon Galera, Jennifer Gallagher, Lisa Gallagher, Bethany Gallant, Rene Gallardo, Fely Catherine Gallardo, Brian Galle, Deborah Galloway, Kerri Gambrel, Jude Gamel, Heather Gammon, Lynette Gammon, Concepcion Gan, Keith Ganly, Lariza Gaoiran, Autumn Garber, Noel Garcera, Helen Garcia, Luzcorazon Garcia, Lydia Garcia, Rosa Garcia, Alexandra Garcia, Jessica Garcia, Julius Garcia, Mindy Garcia, Nicole Garcia, Maria Garcia, Susan Gardiner, Melody Gardner, Angela Gardner, Diane Gardner, Christy Gariepy, Ariel Garl, Amy Garrett, Joseph Garrett, Consuelo Garrett, Maria Garrido, Patricia Garrison, Megan Garrity, Danielle Garrity, Michelle Garson, Kristina Gartner, Trudy Garwood, Takasha Gary, Allen Gast, Megan Gates, Damon Gates, Debora Gatewood, Gregory Gatlin, Minerva Gatpo-Diaz, Linda Gatsios, Julie Gattis, Renee Gaudette, Barbara Gaudinier, Chad Gautreaux, Traci Gaynier, Maria Geangan, Kelli Gear, Summer Gebauer, Michele Gebhardt, Lauren Gebrian, Xennia Gede-Y, Christina Gegg, Heather Geiger, Lonnie Gellner, Anne Gelsthorpe, Patrica Gendreau, Rebecca Gentry, Thomas Gentry, Bindu George, Shani George, Rosily George, Angela George, Joey Gerhardt, Arlene Geronimo, Josephine Gerweck, Katherine Gesiakowski, Judith Gettings, Alicia Giacalone, Marcelo Giarelli, William Gibboney, Holly Gibbs, Monica Gibbs, Erin Gibson, Catherine Gieseke, Karin Gilbert, Elizabeth Gilcrease, Elizabeth Gilger, Angela Gill, Dustin Gill, Mary Terese Gill, Gregory Gill, Stephanie Gilliam, Tanika Gilmore, Julie Gilmore, Tamara Ginter, Doris Gipson, Glen Giroir, Stephanie Giuffre, Lisa Givens, Margaret Glascott, James Glass, Tammy Glass, Jocelyn Glath, Grace Glaves, Erika Gleeson, Shelli Glenn, Rebecca Glista, Christina Glockner, Amy Gnagey, Corazon Gobenciong, Jeffrey Goble, Kelly Goddard, Tonya Godden, Keisha Godfrey, Stuart Godwin, Arthur Godwin, Shari Goeden, Susan Goedken, Lindsey Goehring, Emily Goerke, Sergey Gofstein, Christina Goldberg, Stephanie Goldner, Mary Jo Golightly, Jesus Gomez, Stephanie Gomez, Vincent Gonzales, Christmas Gonzales, Robert Gonzales, Heidi Gonzales, Maria Gonzales, Marisol Gonzalez, Donna Gonzalez, Anthony Gonzalez, Kenneth Gooch, Julie Goodale, Christopher Goodenough, Casey Goodman, Brent Goodrich, Cynthia Goodrich, Whitney Goodwyn, Leslie Goolsby, Alysson Gordon, Tamara Gordon, Harriett Gordon, Jeannette Gore, Alric Gorham, Joan Gorman, Douglas Gorney, Michele Gosling, Sarah Goss, Glenda Gossett, Michelle Gossip, Andrea Gouaux, Nina Grabon, Stephanie Grace, Mary Graf, Timothy Graff, Cynthia Graham, Debbie Graham, Patrick Grant, Tammy Grasso, Leah Graves, Anne-Marie Gray, LaShonda Gray, Helena Gray, Terrance Gray, Glenda Gray, Kristin Gray, Jacqueline Green, Jessica Green, Suzanne Green, Blake Green, Kortney Green, Dawn Green, Carol Green, Paula Green, Jennifer Greenberg, Erin Greene, Richard Greene, Matthew Greene, Lucy Greenfield, James Greer, Julie Greer, Tracy Gregoire, Christina Greig, Brandon Gremminger, Abigail Gretter, Teresa Griffin, Andrea Griffin, Christopher Griffin, Michele Griffin, Jill Griffin, Barbara Griffith, Deborah Griffith, Joanne Grill, Katherine Grill, Margaret Grimball, Connie Grimm, Benjamin Grimmett, Brenda Grissom, Molly Groban, Lisa Groom, Mary Grooms, Cynthia Grooms, Melissa Grootendorst, Leroy Groover, Brenda Gross, Tatiana Groza, Kimberly Grubbs, Rachelle Gruis, Huifang Gu, Hugo Guadian, Dulce Guevara, Silvia Guevara, Marjut Guigui, Beverly Guinen, Valerie Guitreau, Arulkumar Gunasekaran, Heather Gunter, Ritu Gupta, Linda Gural, Kyle Gurney, Karen Gurule, Dorothy Gusa, Amanda Gustin, Tracey Gustitus, David Guthrie, Catherine Gutshall, Char Gutt, Cassandra Gutzmer, Lori Gwizdala, Kami Gwynn, Pamela Haala, Vivian Hackney, Anita Hadley, Marci Hageman, Melinda Hager, Seung Hahn, Thomas Hahn Jr, Carol Hainbach, Clarissa Hake, Hasna Hakim, Margaret Halaska, Sarah Hale, Laurie Haley, Amber Hall, Edward Hall, Claudette Hall, Sarah Hall, Carla Hall, Rebecca Hall, Nancy Hall, Leah Hallam, Grant Haller, Kelli Halvorson, Sandi Hamilton, Diane Hamilton, Rebeka Hamilton, Sherry Hammock, Allynda Hammond, Erin Hammond, Ashley Hammons, Mark Hammons, Keri Hampton, Theresa Hamway, Amanda Han, Christopher Hancock, William Hancock, Noah Haner, Kimberly Hankenhoff, Kim Hanks, Julie Hanley, Linda Hanna, Suzanne Hannah, Becci Hannigan, Konni Hansen, Beth Hansen, Lisa Hansen, Zongyin Hao, Tammy Hardeman, Calvin Harder, Danielle Hardin, Jennifer Hardisty, Sara Hardy, Susan Hare, Kendra Hargrave, Philip Hargreaves, Russell Hargrove, Jessica Harkey, Cassidy Harman, Jackie Harmon, Ivy Harmon, Maria Harms, Tina Harper, Jane Harper, Jo Harper, Brenda Harpole, Heather Harrell, Noel Harrington, Wesley Harris, Mary Harris, Barbara Harris, Carol Harris, Brenda Harris, Brandi-Ann Harris, Crystal Harris, Anne Harris, Stacy Harrison, Hayley Harrison-Floyd, Joyce Hart, Kristie Hart, Gregory Hart, Stephanie Harter, Melissa Hartsell, Donna Harty, Kimberly Harvey, Douglas Harwood, Jennifer Haselman, Jaclyn Hassfurther, Christine Hastings, Catharine Hatcher, Jacalyn Haugen, Mary Haugh, Julia Haupt, Karen Havreberg, Denis Hawkins, Dale Hayes, Carmen Hayes, Rebecca Hayes, Lisa Hayes, Schuylor Hayley, Keith Haynie, Denielle Headley, Lawrence Healey, James Heath, Carol Hebbeler, Dulce Hebert, Lynda Heeps, Laura Heggem, Garrett Heidebrink, Jon Heil, Ann Heilig, Charles Heilman, Janelle Heineman, Jamie Held, Arden Helgeson, Susan Hellervik, Shannon Helm, Kimberly Henderson, Angela Henderson, Susanne Henderson, Kristen Henderson, Sonja Henderson, Toni Henderson, Mary Hendren, Sydney Hendricks, Gehan Henien, Cathy Henline, Shyla Henry, Aaron Henry, Karen Henry, Andria Henry, Robin Hensarling, Kimberly Henson, Jacinth Henton, Kacie Herman, Editha Hernandez, Catherine Hernandez, Albert Hernandez, Gwendolyn Hernandez, John Hernandez, Maricel Hernandez, Melissa Hernandez, Heidi Herndier, Joan Herr, Farah Herrera, Meredith Herrera, Tiffiny Herring, Charles Herring, Harold Herschlag, Elizabet
h Hershner, Michelle Hert, Christine Hess, Kandace Hettich, Sandra Hewitt, Robert Heyn, Lorene Hickman, Ruth Hicks, Maxine Hicks, Carri Hicks, Rosemary Hicks, Nancy Higgins, Marshall Higgins, Jean Higgins, Guy Higgins, Colin Higgs, Mark Hildreth, James Hilfiger, Linda Hill, Melissa Hill, Kelley Hill, Linda Hill, Dona Hill, Heather Hill, Isabel Hillberg, Hannah Hillebrand, Robyn Hiller, Reginald Hills, Jennifer Hillsgrove, Destiny Hilmoe, Joseph Hinahon, Andrew Hinckley, Terra Hines, Jessica Hinrichs, Adam Hinrikus, Cynthia Hinshaw, Kara Hinson, Delia Hipos, E Hirsch, Manuela Hitz, Christine Hitzman, Brenda Hixon-Vermillion, Russell Hobby, Lauren Hocker, Tiffany Hodge, R Hodge, Robert Hodge, Jennifer Hodges, Teresa Hoffman, Colleen Hoffmann, Daniel Hogan, Jamie Hogan, Dawn Hogeboom, Lori Hogue, Ursula Hohman, Natalie Holcomb, Stephen Holcomb, Sandra Holcombe, Shari Holland, Amanda Hollandsworth, Katherine Hollebeek, Amy Hollenbach, Marci Hollis, Michael Holloway, Carol Holm, Michele Holman, Deborah Holman, Kimberley Holmes, Rebecca Holmstrom, Emily Holsomback, Lara Holst, Amy Holstege, Kimberly Holtvoigt, Susan Holum, Kimberly Honan, Hyunjung Hong, Heather Hontz, Paul Hooge, Lacy Hook, Grace Hooker, Salome Hoorzuk, Beth Hooven, Elizabeth Hoover Papendick, Maureen Hope, Rena Hopkins, Elisabeth Hopkins, Rhonda Hopwood, Allison Horgan, Jeff Horner, Mary Horsman, Alissa Horton, Kathleen Horvath, Jackie Hoskins, Lisa Hoskins, Kimberly Hostetter, Barbara Houser, Theresa Houston, Wendy Hovden, Robyn Howard, Donna Howard, Melinda Howe, Brian Howe, Kelly Howe, Elizabeth Howell, Laura Howell, Mary Howell, Nicole Howell, Karen Howell, John Howerter, Erma Howerzyl, Molly Howsare, Yvonne Hrobuchak, Beatriz Hsieh, Chyong Hwa Hsien, Yi-Min Hsu, Ming-Shiow Hsu, Xiaobo Hu, Ginger Hubbard, Jenna Hubbard, Laurel Hubbard, Lauren Huber, Nancy Hudnall, Julie Hudson, Felecia Hudson, Laura Huesman, Raina Huey, Susan Huff, Kerri Hufford, Barbara Huggins, Cole Hughes, Stephanie Hughes, Leah Hughes, Melissa Hughes, Matthew Hughs, Daisy Huisentruit, Linda Hull, Eric Humphrey, Just Humphrey, William Humphries, Patricia Hums, Chris Humston, Jessica Hungerford, Carole Hunnewell, Donna Hunsberger, Beth Hunt

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