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Vol. 25, No. 3, MARCH 2008

Keynote Speaker Announced for NTI 2008 Leadership Development Workshop

Stacy D. Nelson of VitalSmarts has been announced as the keynote speaker for the ninth annual Leadership Development Workshop (LDW) at NTI 2008 in Chicago. His presentation will be on Crucial Confrontations. A valued and active member of the 2006 VitalSmarts Facilitator Faculty, Nelson is involved in delivering VitalSmarts training solutions to organizations around the globe. Stacy received his Master Certification status in Crucial Conversations in 2004 and has since completed his Master Certification to teach Crucial Confrontations. Nelson has facilitated training workshops as well as taught certification courses in both crucial skills arenas throughout the United States and abroad.

In addition to his expertise in Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations, Nelson is considered a leading expert in the VitalSmarts research study, Silence Kills: The Seven Crucial Conversations for Healthcare. Serving as a leadership consultant for many hospitals, corporations and education institutions, Nelson is often invited to be a keynote speaker for local and national conventions. A passionate and gifted presenter, he has taken the Silence Kills message to hundreds of healthcare organizations, corporations, educational institutions and other community and ecumenical groups across the nation.

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Chapter Listserv Hot Topic Good Standing Requirements

One of the requirements for all chapters is to maintain “good standing” status. This means that chapter officers have a responsibility to their chapter members and to the National AACN office to complete and submit various chapter financial reports, audits, and forms by specified dates. This was recently a hot topic on the Chapter Listserv. It’s a topic that affects all chapters. We’d like to share the discussion about this with you. Clareen Wiencek, chapter adviser for Region 16, initiated this discussion by posting the following:

“I am interested in hearing how chapters keep up with the requirements to remain in good standing, specifically, completing and submitting the various reports. I truly believe that the intent is good but perhaps barriers or other obstacles exist. Please share successful strategies your chapter utilizes to submit reports on time and remain in good standing. Thank you.”

The Houston Gulf Coast Chapter president is responsible for assuring that all reports are sent to national by the due date. The president keeps a calendar when reports are due and sends e-mail to the committee responsible for the report one month prior to due date; at the monthly meeting as part of the reports, this is also included. We implemented the process this year and we are now much better at reporting on time.

Wanda Lewis, Parliamentarian
Houston Gulf Coast Chapter

Every year our chapter officers have binders with information about AACN and the dates of deadlines for submission required by National, and responsibilities of each chapter officer. With each monthly meeting we discuss deadlines, keeping the books, and financial statements. You really have to elect a good and dedicated treasurer like we have right now. All reports needed by National are updated by her. She really knows her stuff.

Yolanda Carilimdiliman,
Greater East Texas Chapter

I like the way you guys do this and I think I will try it with our chapter. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Thomas
Carolina Dogwood Chapter

In addition to the responses shared on the Chapter Listserv, Jacquette Ward from the South Bay Chapter in California shared with us that their chapter meets the financial reporting deadlines because they are blessed with a very meticulous, organized and experienced treasurer, Marilyn Moser. Another way they meet deadlines is the South Bay Timeline. This is made in July at our transitional meeting. It has everyone's important deadlines on it plus dates of our membership meetings, our programs and NTI. It is finalized in August and sent to our Leadership Team. Lynn Taylor, our secretary, suggested this a few years ago.

You can see from this discussion that the Chapter Listserv is an excellent resource for chapters all across the United States, as well as international chapters, to network with your chapter peers. If you have chapter issues or concerns that you need help with, or you have great ideas and best practices you want to share with other chapters, we encourage you to use the Chapter Listserv. Other resources available to you include your Chapter Advisory Team (CATs) and the Governance Department staff at the National AACN office. Contact us at chapters@aacn.org or call (800) 394-5995, ext. 365 or 313.

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NTI Chapter Rebate Available to Members

AACN will again be offering a $75 rebate to chapter members who register to attend NTI in Chicago, May 5-8, 2008. Watch for the mail-in rebate form on AACN’s NTI Web page under the section for Chapters.

Here’s what you need to know about the rebate:
• The $75 rebate on the NTI registration fee is available to any chapter member.
• Application requirements have been significantly decreased this year. Simply complete the rebate form and attach proof of your chapter membership. (Proof of chapter membership is required, because National no longer requires the chapters to report their membership list on an annual basis.)
• Submit your rebate application anytime after you receive confirmation that your NTI registration has been processed. You do not need to wait until after NTI. In fact, by submitting your rebate application early, you might receive your rebate before NTI.
• You’ll receive your rebate in the same payment form that you paid for the conference. If you paid with a credit card, the rebate will be credited to your card account; if you paid by check, the rebate will sent to you as a check.
• We’ll process your rebate as soon as possible, but because we need to process NTI applications that are also arriving during this time frame, it may take up to 12 weeks.
• The deadline to submit your rebate is June 1, 2008 (all rebates must be postmarked by this date).
If you have additional questions, please submit them to chapters@aacn.org. We look forward to seeing you at NTI 2008 in Chicago.

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AACN Welcomes Two New Chapters

Western North Carolina Chapter
356 East Glenview Street
Marion, NC 28752
What’s on Tap? Blue Ridge Chapter
78 Medical Drive
Fishersville, VA 22939
Chapter Officers: Gina Campbell, president; Linda Alger, president-elect; Lamar Harrison, secretary; Betty Wenger, treasurer

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What’s on Tap?

Region 1
Region 1 Chapters (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont) will present “Horizons 2008” April 9 through 11 in Hartford, Conn. For more information, contact Barb Phelan at (203) 393-8937; bap@snet.net.

The Southern Arizona Chapter will present its “Critical Care Spring Conference” March 19 at the Sheraton Hotel, Tucson. For more information, contact Janice Allen at (520) 574-8203; janleea@earthlink.net.

The Metro Orlando Chapter will present a “CCRN Review Course” March 27 and 28 at Orlando Regional Medical Center. For more information, contact Med-Ed Seminars at (800) 763-3332.

The Greater Miami Area Chapter will present its “2008 Miami Teaching Institute” March 28 at the Tree Top Ballroom, Jungle Island. For more information, contact Joan Baker at (305) 243-3298 or Yvonne Thelwell at (305) 256-9442.

The Broward County Chapter will present “Reclaiming Our Priorities” April 12 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Hollywood. For more information, contact Patty Kelly at (954) 722-8020; pattykelly7@comcast.net.

The Chesapeake Bay Chapter will present an “Adult CCRN & PCCN Combination Review Course” April 15 through 17 at the Conference Center at Sheppard Pratt, Towson. For more information, contact Karen Droter at (410) 248-9353; mdroter@aol.com.

The Greater St. Louis Chapter will present its “Emerging Trends in Critical Care Spring Symposium” March 19 and 20 at the St. Charles Convention Center, St. Charles. For more information, contact Jean Greco at (314) 406-3930; jcg1954@hotmail.com.

North Carolina
The Piedmont Carolinas Chapter will present a “CCRN/PCCN Review Course” April 1 and 2 at the Queens University of Charlotte - Withers House, Charlotte. For more information, contact Queens University at (704) 337-2537.

The Piedmont Carolinas Chapter will present a “Cardiac Medicine and Cardiac Surgery Certification Review” April 3 and 4 at the Queens University of Charlotte - Withers House, Charlotte. For more information, contact Queens
University at (704) 337-2537.

The Northeastern Ohio Chapter will present “Venous Thromboembolic Disease” March 18 at Finnegan Auditorium, Youngstown. For more information, contact Barbara Erickson at (330) 549-0172; Berickson@msn.com.

The Greater Akron Chapter and the Canton-Akron Chapter of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals will present the “6th Annual Celebrating Excellence in Cardiac and Critical Care Symposium” April 10 and 11 at Kent State University, Canton. For more information, contact Karen Marzlin at (330) 244-8575; CAACVP@yahoo.com.

The Northeastern Ohio Chapter will present “Heart Sounds in Critical Care Units” April 16 at Finnegan Auditorium, Youngstown. For more information, contact Barbara Erickson at (330) 549-0172; Berickson@msn.com.

The Oklahoma City Area Chapter will present a “CCRN Exam Review Course” March 27 and 28 at Integris Baptist Medical Center. For more information, e-mail Pamela.McNatt@integris-health.com.

The Cumberland Valley Chapter will present “Enhancing Your Acute Care Skills” April 2 at The Orchards, Chambersburg. For more information, contact Robert Rynecki at (717) 267-2006.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter will present “Trends in Trauma and Cardiovascular Nursing” April 7 through 10 at the Valley Forge Convention Center, King of Prussia. For more information, call (610) 526-9140; sepaaacn@verizon.net or visit www.aacn.org/trends.

The Greater Memphis Area Chapter will present “Spring Seminar: Reclaiming Our Priorities” April 11 at Holiday Inn, University of Memphis. For more information, contact Janet Mulroy at (901) 682-5478; jfmulroy@comcast.net.

The Greater Austin Area Chapter will present its annual Critical Care Symposium April 18 at North Austin Medical Center, Austin. For more information, call Holly Weber Johnson at (512) 544-4307.

The Greater Richmond Area Chapter will present “2008 Odyssey on Critical Care Conference” March 17 and 18 at Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Is your chapter planning a program or special event? Submit your information online at www.aacn.org > About AACN > Chapters > Chapter Resource Center > Chapter Forms.

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AACN Member Receives Awards for Courage

Michael Barnes, RN, PCCN, was recently recognized by the Royal Rangers, where he has volunteered his time weekly for about 10 years. This Christian-based ministry’ goals are to help young men develop spiritually, socially, mentally and physically. Barnes received the Medal of Courage in 2007 for helping to rescue an 11-year-old boy in asthmatic crisis at camp. The boy was in great distress, and Barnes was with him through the whole process. He administered oxygen and emergency inhalers and stabilized the patient before transport to the local hospital.

In 2000, Barnes received the Medal of Honor, the highest award given by the Royal Rangers, for helping to save three lives while risking his own. He had been first on scene at an automobile accident. An SUV with a father, mother and child had been struck by another vehicle. There was a lot of traffic, and great risk because of a fuel leak and the dangers from the overturned SUV. “It was amazing to be a part of the whole EMS activity,” he said.

He attributes his training in nursing to being able to assist his fellow citizens. He said, “As nurses we are always on duty. Not because we are nurses, but because we have been given the gift of healing hands.”

Barnes has been an RN for almost 18 years and an LPN for three years before that. He recently earned his PCCN certification after attending the Trends conference, which is co-sponsored by AACN and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter (SePA). He said, “This was a great affirmation to me. These wonderful nursing experiences no doubt have guided me in my volunteerism. I am a member of AACN and my local chapter (SePA). Plus, I love nursing.”

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