Retired Status

The Retired designations are intended to recognize a certified nurse's years of service caring for acutely and/or critically ill patients and to acknowledge their dedication to having been certified.

Retirement from clinical practice can take place for many reasons including illness or disability, career change or choice. Many nurses would like to stay connected, no matter which path they choose. The Retired designations are points on a career map that allow a nurse to demonstrate their professional value.

"Retired CCRN," "Retired CCRN-K," "Retired CCRN-E," "Retired PCCN" or "Retired PCCN-K" written out, may be used on your resume or below your name and credentials on a business card, but may not be used after your signature or on a name badge. 

The Retired designations are renewable every three years. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Retiring from nursing, with no plans to return or renew CCRN, CCRN-K, CCRN-E, PCCN or PCCN-K certification. The retired nurse must not be working in any type of position that requires the possession of an RN license.
  • Have been certified as a CCRN, CCRN-K, CCRN-E, PCCN or PCCN-K at some time in your career
  • Submission of a completed application and fee.


  • A wall certificate denoting Retired status
  • Monthly issues of AACN Bold Voices to keep you well-informed of organizational activities and the evolving profession of nursing
  • Eligible to attend the Certification Celebration at NTI


Retired Status – Initial  
AACN Members $75
Nonmembers $90
Retired Status – Renewal  
AACN Members $45
Nonmembers $60

Payable in U.S. Funds. Fees are subject to change without notice.

For further information please contact AACN Customer Care at (800) 899-2226.

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