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Certification Exam Policy Handbook

This handbook outlines rules and policies for all AACN certification exam programs and includes such information as testing site and scheduling information, day of exam rules, recognition and use of credentials, obtaining a duplicate score report and name or address changes.

Details about the individual certification programs can be found in the corresponding handbook listed below.

Initial Exam Handbooks

The exam handbooks are resources for nurses who are interested in obtaining an AACN certification. They feature detailed information about each certification exam, including everything nurses need to apply: eligibility requirements, application guidelines, application forms, honor statements, test plans, study bibliographies, sample questions and fees.

 This handbook is for certified ACNPs who wish to obtain ACNPC Certification by Endorsement. It contains application guidelines, application forms and information about eligibility for the two endorsement options, both of which require a current unencumbered RN or APRN license and current adult ACNP certification.

Renewal Handbooks

The renewal handbooks are an invaluable source of information for nurses preparing to renew their certification. The handbooks contain details about eligibility, renewal options (CERPs, CE Points, CEs) and fees, as well as renewal applications and honor statements.

Renewal Brochures

The renewal brochures provide details about Renewal by Synergy CERPs (Categories A, B & C), examples of topics and activities for each category, how to calculate and document CERPs, as well as renewal eligibility requirements.

Other Documents

The Group Discount Exam Application is for candidates submitting their AACN certification exam application in the same envelope with a group of 10 or more via the Group Discount Program. Included in this document is a cover sheet for group coordinators/contact persons submitting the applications. ACNPC, ACNPC-AG, CCNS and  ACCNS candidates, also eligible for the group discount, may use the standard exam application in the handbook linked above.

The Bulk Discount Exam Voucher Request Form is for employers interested in obtaining prepaid certification exam vouchers at a discounted bulk rate. A minimum purchase of 30 vouchers is needed to participate in the Bulk Discount Program; any combination of CCRN, CCRN-E, CCRN-K, PCCN, CMC or CSC vouchers may be ordered.

The Alumnus and Retired Status Applications are for CCRNs, CCRN-Es, CCRN-Ks and PCCNs who are retiring or no longer meet the clinical hour requirements for active certification. Detailed information about these alternate designations can be found in the applicable renewal handbook.

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