Chapter Contracts and Grants

Chapters often enter into contracts with speakers, vendors/exhibitors, sponsors or facilities when planning various programs. Before signing any contracts, including contracts for items not related to chapter programs, chapters are required to submit to National AACN the following contracts for review and approval so that we can ensure the chapters and AACN, are protected: 

  • Grants – all contracts.
  • Exhibits/Vendor – all contracts.
  • Sponsorship – all contracts.
  • Hotel/Facility – all contracts with a financial obligation greater than $5,000.
  • Speakers – all contracts with a financial obligation greater than $1,000.
  • Co-sponsored programs – submit all agreements to National.
    • National AACN recommends a "letter of agreement" among chapters collaborating on programs and special projects that outline each chapter's responsibilities and commitments along with a performance timeline.
  • Any other contract or lease, including property or equipment leases – submit all other types of contracts or leases.
  • Any financial commitments, regardless of the amount, which obligate the chapter for longer than one year.

Please allow up to two weeks for review and approval of your contracts. 

If your contract does not need to be reviewed by National, it is recommended that the chapter conduct its own review.

Submit your contracts to

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