Courses for Individuals

Below is a brief description of each E-Learning course we currently offer for individuals, independent of their employers. If you would like more detailed information on course content, please click on the name of the course below.

Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation40 CE

Eight modules, broken into three units covering business management, effective leadership and personal development, teach essential skills for those in leadership roles or looking to enter management. Developed in partnership with the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE).

Basic ECG Interpretation (ECG)6.5 CE

Two modules divided into 10 lessons provide practice in dysrhythmia analysis and interpretation using a step-by-step approach. The course covers cardiac anatomy and physiology, ECG equipment, lead placement, ECG waveforms and intervals and troubleshooting pacemakers. Ideal for critical care nurses, cardiac technicians and any healthcare professional working with monitored patients.

The Preceptor Challenge3.5 CE

Using virtual characters in realistic hospital settings, this course provides opportunities for nurses to apply theory-based practices in real-life interactive scenarios. You get to walk through essential skills, test your knowledge and be prepared before day one for your new role as a preceptor.

Promoting Excellence in Palliative and End-of-Life Care3.5 CE

Using a virtual environment, this course simulates the experience of being in the room with patients and their family members. By accurately conveying the complexity of symptom management and the proper palliative care in a variety of situations, the course allows nurses to practice different approaches without affecting real patients and families.

AACN: Acute and Critical Care Pharmacology12 CE

Authored by clinical experts in the nursing, pharmacy, transfusion and cellular therapies fields, this course covers safe administration of medications commonly used in acute and critical care. A brief review of pharmacology is followed by an in-depth look at how medications used to treat acutely and critically ill patients work to achieve the desired effect.

Optimizing Care for Acutely Ill Older Adults  4 CE

Based on real-world patient scenarios, this course teaches acute and critical care nurses to differentiate between symptoms of usual aging and those arising from illness. The course is organized around the three typical processes of caring for acutely ill older adults — assessment, treatment and care, and transition — with the goal of recognizing change to help patients maintain and regain function.



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