Central Indiana Chapter

Excellence in Chapter Collaboration

The Central Indiana Chapter of AACN (CIC-AACN) is committed to collaboration in program planning, community service and education as we implement the core values of our organization to promote nursing, membership, critical care certification, excellence in practice and healthy work environments.

CIC-AACN Sponsors Critical Care Bowl Game

In an effort to make our chapter appealing and enjoyable, we use the month of September to promote awareness of the chapter and recruit new members by sponsoring a Critical Care Bowl Game. For 20 years, the CIC-AACN has championed this in conjunction with a local hospital. Area hospitals rotate sponsorship as teams compete.

Critical Care Bowl is a “friendly” competition between local hospital staff nurse teams where a "Jeopardy"-like game is used to test the knowledge of adult critical care nurses. Questions cover anything from basic physiology and certification review to spelling and acronyms. Contestants test their critical care and AACN knowledge. There is a progressive elimination of teams until one is named champion.

This event not only involves all the area hospitals but vendors provide prizes for the contestants. This is the single largest event held each year and normally draws teams from six or more area hospitals and crowds of 80-100 people rooting for their favorite team.

Each member of the winning team traditionally receives a gift certificate in addition to the team winning a plaque for display in their hospital. If neither playing team knows the correct response to a particular question, that question is then used allowing someone in the audience answering to compete for a door prize. Many contestants use this event to assist in their comprehension and preparation for certification.

CIC-AACN Co-Sponsors Certification Review

CIC-AACN is planning to work with another Indiana chapter to sponsor a certification review to benefit both of our memberships. We feel that pooling our resources will enable both chapters to offer an even more dynamic course. With both chapter memberships participating, we anticipate a robust attendance while being able to share program expenses thus enabling us to keep the course fees reasonable for attendees.

CIC-AACN Hosts Annual Conference and Education Programs

CIC-AACN provides monthly educational programs for our membership, where we partner with vendor and industry colleagues. Vendor sponsored dinner programs provide the latest information and research related to acute and critical care topics.

In addition, we host an annual conference that provides the latest on hot topics like palliative care in critical care, H1N1, and progressive mobility. Keynote speakers represent nationally well-known individuals from our nursing community. Our speakers denote a broad base of local hospitals. Vendors support for this event is strong and we are able to have an exhibition area for vendor tables and information.

CIC-AACN Co-Hosts Healthy Work Environment Summit

Last year, CIC-AACN collaborated with the Alpha Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International to provide a Healthy Work Environment Summit. Diverse and rich speakers were from our nursing community as well as another Indiana chapter.

Program evaluations rated the summit highly. This well attended event expanded CIC-AACN’s influence in the nursing community. Our recent membership needs assessment reinforced the need to get Healthy Work Environment information out to nurses. Program planning has already begun for a second summit.

CIC-AACN Delivers on Commitment to Community Service

In addition to collaboration in program planning and education, CIC-AACN is committed to community service and outreach. For several years, we participated in a spotlight on nursing at the local children’s museum. Sponsored by the children’s museum and Nursing 2000, this annual event highlights nursing’s diversity and is an opportunity to promote our profession, presenting such topics to children as gun safety, fire safety and hand hygiene.

Additionally, each dinner meeting features a community organization or charity. Donations of money and items are sought. Members have generously brought canned food, diapers, body lotions, etc., to meetings. We value community service in such a way that a board position is designated to coordinate these mutually beneficial projects.

During the last year, CIC-AACN has joined with other local nursing organizations to collect 5,000 pairs of gloves for Coats for Kids program. In October, Coats for Kids, will distribute thousands of coats to local children.

The local chapters of the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN), National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS), Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) and AACN have joined together to collect these gloves to be distributed with each coat.

Throughout the year at each monthly service organization donation, members have collected gloves for this collaborative project.

All of these projects and collaboration demonstrate CIC-AACN’s commitment to excellence in partnership, programming and outreach. We as a chapter are able to do more, offer more and contribute more to our community and membership because of the valuable alliances we have nurtured and embraced.

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