Greater Long Beach Orange County Chapter

Excellence in Chapter Educational Programming

Greater Long Beach & Orange County Chapter has demonstrated excellence in providing quality educational programming on a monthly basis to their members and others within the community while continuously supporting AACN’s mission, vision and values.

Chapter Uses Needs Assessment Tool to Develop Programs

At the beginning of each year, our board of directors distributes a comprehensive Needs Assessment Tool to the entire membership of the chapter. The results of this education assessment are then used to determine the learning needs and interests of our members. It is with this information in mind that all of the programs are then arranged throughout the year.

Journal Club Discusses Evidence-Based Topics

The program director analyzes the Needs Assessment Tool data gathered from the membership. Programs were sought out that meet the educational and professional goals of the membership. Prior to the scheduled program, the board of directors select a pertinent journal article that can provide evidence-based information related to the critical care topic that will be presented at the next meeting. By sending out a journal article, we were able to meet our member’s professional goal of attending a “journal club”. At the beginning of the meeting, one of the board members acts as facilitator, and starts off the discussion. Members can share best practices and challenges from their work environments. This sharing of information is very satisfying to our members.

The speaker portion of the meeting is always interactive. Attendees are welcome to ask questions and comment throughout the presentation. Having recently read a related article ensures that the audience has some base knowledge and often leads to a robust discussion. By having a professionally sponsored speaker, we are able to provide our members with a high quality educational program in an excellent venue with a wonderful meal provided. We respect that our members lead busy lives, and are honored to have as many as 100 nurses attend our monthly meetings.

Members Stay Engaged Through Social Media

The monthly journal club meetings and educational programs are evaluated continuously by the board of directors and the membership. Members are encouraged to discuss the overall effectiveness and enjoyment of the meetings on our chapters Facebook page via the “comments” section. This ongoing feedback provides information related to our members' educational and professional goal attainment and is critical to the planning of subsequent meeting locations, educational offerings, topics and speaker choice.

Members are kept apprised of monthly chapter events on Facebook and email so they are able to easily rejoin the group if they miss a few meetings. Photographs of our members are posted on our Facebook page, and tagged to the member’s pages to keep members feeling connected to the group and aware of the planned events. The outcome of better quality member-focused programs has lead to a doubling of our meeting attendance, total membership and satisfaction.

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