2008 Distinguished Research Lecture
Anna Gawlinski, RN, DNSc, CS, ACNP, CCRN, FAAN

Dr. Anna Gawlinski is Director of Evidence-based Practice at the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center and adjunct professor at the UCLA School of Nursing. Dr. Gawlinski has developed and implemented an infrastructure that supports research and evidence-based practice initiatives in the Department of Nursing. As a mentor to staff and advanced practice nurses she helps clinicians to apply research findings that improve patient outcomes in daily clinical practice.

Coupled with her clinical expertise in cardiovascular care and expert knowledge of research methodology, Dr. Gawlinski's pragmatic approach to clinical problem solving engages clinicians at every level. Her ability to clarify difficult research concepts and apply them in a meaningful way has helped clinicians become involved in research studies to test interventions that can improve patient care. Few clinicians or researchers have this ability which is essential for integrating nursing research into care.

The 2008 Distinguished Research Lecture describes infrastructures that can ensure and sustain research-based practices while unleashing the talent and creativity of clinicians as they question practice and ponder the merits of current research. Fostering participation in such clinical inquiry will summon professional growth, influence the lives of patients, and help each nurse develop a unique personal professional legacy.

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