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Hello. My name is Stan Tall; I'm a cousin of Flat Stanley. You may know of him. He has traveled all around the world. You can Google my famous cousin to learn more. There are pictures and videos of him from around the globe.

President-elect Kristine Peterson invited me to join AACN as part of the association's new theme, "Stand Tall." How could I turn her down? I helped to introduce the theme at the 2010 National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition and became an instant celebrity with my own Facebook page,

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Use me to help you—


  • Illustrate what the theme Stand Tall means to you as a nurse.
  • Show what you Stand Tall for
  • Show where nurses Stand Tallest.
  • Show what nurses should take a Stand on.


What else can I be used for?


  • When you need a break, take me with you to relax whether you’re outside for a breath of fresh air or on your well-deserved vacation.
  • Take me to your Chapter meeting for a photo opportunity.
  • Take me along when you celebrate passing your certification exam.
  • Send me to other nurses around the country for pictures in their settings.


Cut me out and dress me up to your liking. Color me in, draw on me—even add nursing accessories that I need. Then take me with you to interesting places. Record your adventures using your camera, video camera or cell phone. Then post amazing stories and images to my Facebook page at

Stan Tall

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Stand Tall

About Stand Tall

Stand Tall is the AACN president's theme for 2010-2011. The theme was unveiled at the NTI in Washington, D.C., on May 19, 2010.

Stand Tall means to recognize the unique and indispensable role nurses play. Recognize it, understand it, articulate it, own it, accept responsibility for it, and celebrate it.

Stand Tall — be proud of what you do.

Stand Tall — speak up.

Stand Tall — together we can do more.

Stand Tall — own the outcomes of your work.

Stand Tall — enjoy what you do.

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