MICU Team Multidisciplinary Care Conference - Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Massachusetts General Hospital, Medical ICU Project: MICU Team Multidisciplinary Care Conference

Grid and progress sheet to record the care plan developed by the multidisciplinary team in the intensive care unit.

Clinical Care Tools - Care Plan

Massachusetts General Hospital
Palliative Care Services
55 Fruit Street
Boston MA 02114

J. Andrew Billings, M.D.

How the grantee used this instrument:
The grid tracks issues and actions in the areas of: clinical goals and obstacles, pain and physical distress, delirium and cognitive deficits, anxiety and depression, psychosocial, spiritual, family coping, communication and information, communication, and other areas of care of the intensive care patient. Progress notes are taken on the second sheet.

assessment, inpatient, care coordination, care plan, care planning, continuity of care, protocols, emotional well-being, spiritual assessment, function, health status

To use this tool:
You may download and use this tool from this site. Please credit the source.

Developed specifically for this project by the project team.

To view this tool:

Multidisciplenary Care Conference Chart - 2 page PDF
(Viewing PDF files requires downloading and installation of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Posted: July 2006

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