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University of Washington/Harborview Medical Center - Integrating Palliative and Critical Care Program: I ntegrating P alliative a nd C ritical C are - An ICU Intervention to Improve End-of-Life Care

A newsletter from IPACC program distributed to all hospital staff and critical care champions informing them of developments in improving end-of-life care.

Educational Tools - Clinician Education

University of Washington
Harborview Medical Center
325 9th Ave., Box 359762
Seattle WA 98104

Patsy D. Treece, RN, MN

How the grantee used this instrument:
The newsletter gave updates to ongoing intensive care/palliative care projects, educational opportunities, and upcoming lectures and grand rounds all pertaining to palliative and critical care.

hospital, clinical training, grand rounds, clinical information, champions, educational posters

To use this tool:
You may print and copy this tool from this site. The information contained therein is mostly site specific and will need to be adapted for your site.

Developed specifically for this project by the project team.

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Integrating Palliative and Critical Care - An ICU Intervention to Improve End-of-Life Care - 1 page PDF
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Posted: July 2006

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Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care was a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation dedicated to long-term changes in health care institutions to substantially improve care for dying people and their families.

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