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CA A 186

Maienschein (R)

Professions and Vocations: Military Spouses: Licenses

To enrollment

Establishes a temporary licensure process for specified licensed professions for an applicant who holds a current, active, or unrestricted license in another jurisdiction and supplies evidence of being married to or in a domestic partnership or other legal union with an active duty member of the Armed Forces who is assigned to a duty station in the state. Requires an applicant seeking a temporary license as an engineer, land surveyor, geologist, geophysicist or hydrogeologist to pass the state examination.

08/26/2014 :
  • In ASSEMBLY. ASSEMBLY concurred in SENATE amendments. To enrollment.
  • CA A 2155

    Ridley-Thomas S (D)

    Nurses and Certified Nurse Assistants Overtime

    To enrollment

    Prohibits a nurse employed by the state, in a state facility, from being compelled to work in excess of the regularly scheduled workweek or work shift, except under certain circumstances, including the occurrence of a catastrophic event in a state facility. Prohibits a state facility from discriminating, discharging, or making an employment decision adverse to the nurse or CNA for refusing to accept those additional hours. Requires consideration in a specified order of priority to fill additional staffing.

    08/27/2014 :
  • In ASSEMBLY. ASSEMBLY concurred in SENATE amendments. To enrollment.
  • CA A 2736

    Williams (D)

    Postsecondary Education: California State University

    To enrollment

    Amends existing law which requires that the Legislative Analyst's Office submit a report to the legislature including specified data relating to the State University Early Start Program. Changes the inoperative data for certain provisions regarding the Early Start Program. Deletes a requirement that an evaluation of the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program include information regarding public school and community college program partners. Relates to real property donation reporting. Relates to fees.

    08/27/2014 :
  • In ASSEMBLY. ASSEMBLY concurred in SENATE amendments. To enrollment.
  • CA S 455

    Hernandez E (D)

    General Acute Care Hospitals: Nurse to Patient Ratios

    To enrollment

    Requires, with respect to a patient classification system, that a committee for each general acute care hospital review the reliability of the system for validating staffing requirements to determine whether the system accurately measures patient care needs. Revises the committee makeup to require a minimum percentage be direct patient care nurses appointed by a bargaining agent or the nursing administrator.

    08/27/2014 :
  • In SENATE. SENATE concurred in ASSEMBLY amendments. To enrollment.
  • IL H 4525

    Tabares (D)

    Health Care Worker Background Check Act


    Amends the Health Care Worker Background Check Act; establishes the Voluntary FBI Fingerprint Demonstration Project, which shall be operated in accordance with certain provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act that provide grant money for such a program; provides any long-term care facility may voluntarily participate in the Project; defines direct access employee for the purposes of determining who shall be required to undergo a State and FBI criminal history check.

    08/25/2014 :
  • Signed by GOVERNOR.
  • Public Act No. 1041
  • MI H 4148

    Shirkey (R)

    Community Colleges Baccalaureate Degrees

    House Michigan Competitiveness Committee

    Allows the granting of baccalaureate degrees in nursing, ski area management, wastewater treatment technology, allied health, information technology, or manufacturing technology by community colleges.

    08/27/2014 :
  • Withdrawn from HOUSE Committee on EDUCATION.
  • NJ A 3591

    Conaway (D)

    Nurse Multistate Licensure Compact


    Enters New Jersey in Nurse Multistate Licensure Compact.

    08/04/2014 :
  • FILED.
  • RI S 3125

    Pichardo (D)

    Evaluation of Foreign Trained Professionals


    Creates a special senate task force to study the evaluation and certification of foreign-trained professionals.

    06/19/2014 :
  • Adopted by SENATE.
  • Resolution No. 2014-361

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