Web Resources

The Internet can be a useful source and tool for finding information regarding issues and legislation that you are interested in and communicating with your legislators. Use these steps to get started.

  1. Identify Your representatives
    United States Postal Service - Zip Code Look up
    *You will probably need your ZIP +4 to accurately identify your representatives. The US Postal Web site can tell you your Zip +4.
  2. Find Out if Congress Is Voting on Any Issues You Care About
    THOMAS - http://thomas.loc.gov
    Enter key words on the THOMAS home page to search for federal bills related to the issues you care about.
    *The Bill Summary & Status feature on THOMAS can tell you where the bill currently resides (which committee) and who will be voting on it.
  3. Download and Read the Bills
    Use the Bill Text feature to download copies of pending legislation.
    *Check out the Web sites of your representatives to see if they have posted their positions on the bills that you care about before you send e-mail.
  4. Send E-mail to Your Elected Officials
    AACN - Grassroots Activism
    Congress - http://www.congress.org
  5. How Did Your Representatives Vote?
    Project Vote Smart http://www.vote-smart.org/ce/
    THOMAS http://thomas.loc.gov
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