Poster Abstracts: General Information and FAQs

We are delighted that you are interested in presenting your work at NTI. The following information will provide you with preparation guidelines and general NTI information.

General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Presentation Materials / Equipment

Poster presentations are graphically illustrated, self-explanatory presentations of the findings from the research study or evidence-based intervention.

Authors illustrate their findings by displaying graphs, photographs, diagrams and text on a 4-feet-tall x 4-feet-wide poster display.

The actual poster size will be determined by the total number selected.

The final dimensions will be included in the information sent to the primary author of all accepted poster abstracts.

No product information or promotion may take place during your presentation or on your poster and no product materials may be at the poster display.

Application Requirements

Abstracts must be relevant to the acute, critical care nursing and/or patients.

Only completed research projects are eligible.

AACN will not accept abstracts that have been previously published.

Submission of an abstract constitutes the author's commitment to present the abstract if accepted.

Abstracts can be submitted only via the AACN website.

Submission Dates & Deadline

Program planning for the conference begins approximately nine months before the event and thus requires potential presenters to submit their abstracts by a predetermined deadline.

Submissions that fail to meet these deadlines will not be considered. 

Correcting a Submission

During the open Call for Research and Evidence-Based Poster Abstracts, you can make revisions to your application and abstract while the Call is still open.

Log into the Research and Evidence-Based On-line Application using your submission number.

You will see your list of abstract(s) already submitted.

Click on the title of the abstract that you wish to edit.

Make any changes within the content and resubmit abstract in full by selecting "Finish."

You will see a confirmation page with amendments.

Withdrawing Your Abstract

During the Call for Poster Abstracts, you may cancel or withdraw an abstract(s) any time during the open submission period.

Log into the On-line Application using your submission number.

You will see a list of your abstract(s) already submitted.

Click on the cancel area in front of the abstract you wish to withdraw or cancel.

The abstract will still appear in your list until the call is closed, allowing you to resubmit if you reconsider.

Selection Process

Submissions will be evaluated and selected using the following criteria:

Evidence-Based Solution abstracts are scored on creativity and/or innovation, clinical relevance and replication in nursing practice.

Research abstracts are scored on scientific merit, clinical relevance and data analysis.

Chapter abstracts are scored and selected based on creativity, clarity, relevance to chapters and to key initiatives of Certification, Healthy Work Environments or the Beacon Award for Excellence. 

Notification Letters

Notification of selections will be emailed to the Submitting Author no later than the first week of January of any given year. 

NTI Registration

All oral and poster presenters must register for the conference.

If you are presenting an Education Session AND a Research and/or Evidence-Based Solution Abstract, the registration discount for presentation will not apply. Because the registration for Educational Speakers is compensated, you may transfer your poster-registration discount to one of the additional authors of your abstract. 

Continuing Education

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

AACN has been approved as a provider of continuing education in nursing by the State Boards of Nursing of Alabama (#ABNP0062), California (#01036) and Louisiana (#ABN12).

AACN programming meets the standards for most other states requiring mandatory continuing education credit for relicensure.

AACN Contacts

AACN Staff are available for assistance for questions related to the Poster Abstracts at the following email address:

Can I ship my poster to the convention center ahead of time?

There is no staff available to accept personal shipments at the convention center.

We suggest that you have it shipped to your hotel and then carry it to the convention center.

Hotels are usually good with holding preshipped items as long as you write your name and arrival date on the package.

We recommend using FedEx or UPS so that it can be traced –— referencing on your package your arrival date and complete name.

Do I need to arrange for someone to introduce my oral presentation?

AACN will be providing individuals to introduce the oral presenters.

How do I know that my abstract submission was received?

All authors will receive an email confirmation of the abstract submission including the abstract number.

You may review and edit your abstract until the Call for Poster Abstracts closes. After that, no further changes will be allowed.

How many copies of the poster handout should I bring?

We recommend a couple hundred.

About 7,000 attendees visit the convention.

I am presenting a Poster and a session at the NTI, am I eligible for two (2) registration discounts?

No, Presenters who have multiple abstracts accepted will be eligible for only one (1) reduction in NTI registration.

If a colleague is also presenting an abstract, can we present together?

The size of the meeting and the number of presentations do not allow submitters to make special requests for abstract presentation.

Can I sell an interactive DVD of my presentation at my poster?

No product information or marketing materials may be at the poster presentation.

Is there a text limit on the length of my Poster Abstract?


The text/character length of each abstract section is indicated within the template.

The text/character limit includes spaces. 

Why do I receive an "Incorrect Username or Password" message when I try to log in?

You may have changed your password.

If you have forgotten your password, you can go to the main login screen (click onto the blue tab located at the upper left that says "Login") and select the "Password Help" button. Your user name and password will be emailed to you.

Why can't I submit table/graphs/charts/borders/bullets in my abstract?

The on-line database does not accommodate table, graphs, charts, borders and/or bullets.

Why do I have to use my own AACN member/customer number when submitting my abstract?

AACN's on-line database holds a record of the submitting (primary) author only. As a result, correspondence and the reduction discount for NTI registration is related to the primary applicant only.

Why is my email address listed at the bottom of the abstract?

Your email address is provided so that interested colleagues may contact you after the conference with any questions regarding your abstract.

Will there be a table to place my handout materials?

Any handout materials must be pre-approved by AACN and placed on the floor below the poster display. 

I have completed my disclosure but it still shows "Pending." Why?

If you have disclosed any affiliations or financial involvements, your status will show "Pending." This tells AACN we must review your disclosure, but it does not affect your abstract submission.

What format should citations be written in?

AACN uses American Medical Association (AMA) format.

May I list my institution in the text of the abstract?

No, do not list your institution in the text of your abstract.

Can a "thank you" to a company that donated a product for trial be included on the poster?

Yes, you can include a thank you on the poster.

Will I receive a confirmation email after I've checked the box that all the associated co-authors are registered to the website?

No, this action tells us all your co-authors have completed their documentation.

Additional Information

For more information, view our Poster Abstract Submission Guidelines or email

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