AACN Impact Research Grant

One award is funded up to $50,000 each year.

Program Information

The AACN Impact Research grant will support experienced clinicians and researchers in inquiry and systematic research, generating new knowledge. It is designed to assure AACN as a vital source of clinically relevant research for creating the evidence-based resources for and impact with acute and critical care nursing practice.

Areas of Inquiry

The program was designed to address gaps in acute and/or critical care areas of clinical research. The grants will ensure the pipeline for research that is vital to AACN’s research translation resources such as protocols and practice alerts. In evaluations of our evidence-based resources needed areas of future research are outlined and identified. In addition the new grant will facilitate research to support other AACN priorities such as describing the impact of family presence, influencing nurse certification or implementing standards for healthy work environments.

Knowledge from the funded research funded research studies will be disseminated in AACN vehicles such as the American Journal of Critical Care, National Teaching Institute presentations and posters, and the AACN website. This is aligned with the AACN research agenda culture of broad sharing.

Timeline of Research

Research projects should be completed in two to four years.

Review and Selection Criteria

Review and selection will be based on the AACN mission, vision and agenda for research, addressing the AACN research priorities areas.



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